Ileana Amedea
Location Ponomy City
Interests Dancing especially Ballet, swans and other birds, shopping for new dresses, killing demons
Character Backstory Ileana is the heir to the House of Amedea, the noble family responsible for the agricultural development and resource of Altrus. As the heir, she was trained from a young age by her parents on how to manage their business. She fancied becoming a ballerina since she was 5 but was always reprimanded by her parents, reminding her of her duty. Her parents have always emphasized the importance of their duty for the continent for they are the ones responsible of providing everyone's basic needs; food and clothing. Through the guidance of her parents, she and her siblings grew up with a great sense of responsibility. This
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Weapon Halberd (Cursed)
Deeks 36700
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birthday 30 Mar
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Last active 7:34 AM - Oct 10, 2018
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