Lucifer Salvatore
Interests Women, Kisara, Kickboxing, sparring with his twin.
Character Backstory Hailed from the village of Sabi, Lucifer is the second son of Rafael Salvatore and Gabriella Alexandria-Salvatore. The Salvatore family has close relations with the Alexandria Noble House, other than marriage connecting them, Lucifer’s father Rafael and past Head Enzo Alexandria were best of friends since boyhood.

The Salvatore family worked and manage the Trontell mines that are owned by the Alexandria Family. Since they were little children, Lucifer and his older twin, Loki, sometimes go to Polomy City when Rafael has some business with Enzo. He and Loki will play with the young heiress of the house, Kisara Alexandria, who is also their young distant cousin.
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Weapon Bracers (Holy)
Deeks 650
Commander [url=]Ileana Amedea[/url]
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