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Character Name: Loki Salvatore
Meaning: “Loki: meaning unknown but name comes from the Trickster god of the norse mythology, “Salvatore” meaning Savior
Name Pronunciation: LOAK-ee * sahl-vah-TO-re
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 25
Age: 23
Origin: Sabi
Family Tree:
  • Father: Rafael Salvatore
  • Mother: Gabriella Alexandria-Salvatore
  • Brother: Lucifer Salvatore (twin)
  • Aunt: Selene Alexandria
  • Uncle: Enzo Alexandria
  • Cousin : Kisara Alexandria
Character Creation:
Height: 6’5 ft
Hair Color: Crimson Red
Eye Color: Amber Gold (It is a common color in the Alexandria House)
Skin Color: Medium White to Olive
Facial Features: Has scar that runs through his right eye. From his brow almost to his jawline
Hair Style: Shaggy a little spiky. Bangs covers the right eye.
Face Appearance: Has a strong jaw. Sharp eyes
Body Build: Athletic lean build
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Character Profile:
Personality: ISTJ: The LOGISTICIAN
The silent and serious type. He is very strict and always follow protocol because of his training from the Equiste family, but when it comes to his twin brother and cousin Kisara he can make some exceptions.
Fashion Sense: Fashionable and classy
Likes: Books about War and Battle Strategies, Classic Music.
Dislikes: Sweets and Mess (a closet clean freak also)
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Animal: Lion
Hobbies: Reading or Sparring
Soft Spot: For his twin and cousin who is also his former fiancee
Cruel Streak: When someone hurts or offends Lucifer or Kisara. And if someone pissed him off.
Strengths:Flawless tactical forecasting (been reading too much war books), Can easily make calm and relevant decisions even in times of hard and desperate scenarios.
Weaknesses: His weakness is always his twin brother and childhood friend, who happens to be his cousin, Kisara. He really loves them both and if anything happens to them….. (Well, you all get the idea)
Character Backstory:
Loki is the first born son of Rafael Salvatore and Gabriella Alexandria-Salvatore and the older twin of Lucifer. His family manages the mines in Trontell who are owned by the Alexandria House. They’re also have distant relations by blood in the noble house. His mother was the 1st cousin of the 4th Head, Enzo Alexandria; also his father’s best friend.

He and Lucifer has the privilege to go to the main manor of the Alexandria family and play with the young heiress Kisara. The little girl already captured the two young boys hearts with just her gentle smile in their first meeting. It even made Loki happy to hear that their parents agree of a betrothal between him and Kisara. But that agreement was cut short.

After the tragic night that struck the Alexandria family, Loki and his twin, sneaked away from their village to go to Polomy city to visit Kisara in the main mansion. They tried to comfort their bright angel but it was futile. The trauma was to tragic and she lost her former self and erected an emotional wall that is hard for them to break.

10 years had passed, Loki decline being the Salvatore heir and went to Military school when he was 16 years old and trained under the tutelage of the members of the Equiste House. He joined the Royal Guard and climb in it’s ranks through the short years until it was disbanded after the demon gate opened 2 years ago. During his time at the Royal Guard he occasionally sees Kisara when she was summoned by the King or if there balls and functions at the palace. But he can’t seem to approach her when he had the opportunity, he hasn't spoke to her since their betrothal was annulled when she requested it to the King.

Since the Royal Guard disbanded, Loki became the assistant of Edward Equiste, his senpai in the Guard and Commanding Officer. When Edward’s sister established the Training Order, He and Edward were requested to be Advisors for the new trainees. Loki didn’t hesitate to accept when he heard that one of the three appointed generals who will instruct the new trainees for the Order, is his cousin and former fiancee.

  • Lucifer[1] - twin brother
  • Kisara [2]- former fiancee and distant cousin
  • Edward[3] - Commanding Officer
Abilities & Power:
Weapon: Rapier

  • Sharp Nail - A Sword Skill that consists of an upward right to left diagonal slash, followed by a left to right horizontal slash, ending with a downward right to left diagonal slash. An alternative execution of the skills consists of three vertical slashes.
  • Crucifixion - A skill composed of six strikes, the first three being vertical thrusts, and the latter three being horizontal thrusts, creating a figure of a cross.
  • Flashing Penetrator - A high-level charge skill that produces a sonic boom and looks like a comet. Although the skill only hits one target, it blows away anyone else caught in the way. After the usage of the skill, the user is rendered in a considerably long post-motion delay effect.

Others: Loki is known for his tactical strategy in combat and on the battlefield.
  • He was once engaged to Kisara when they were children, Even with all the women whom he dated, the young heiress still holds a big place in his heart.
  • He loves sparring with his twin when he visits his village in Sabi. He sometimes joins those underground fights in the Mines.
  • Loki is the one who taught Lucifer on the basics of hand to hand combat. His twin got better every time they spar or fight in the mines.
  • Unlike his twin, Loki is more the reserve type and don’t express much of his feelings unless his illogical self takes over.
  • Loki is currently residing at the Equiste main home. Since it is convenient for him ever since he was assigned as Edward's assistant.
  • The scar on his eye, he got that when he fought off a group of organized bandits while he was escorting a carriage carrying some members of the Royal family to their estate outside the Capitol.
[1] Lucifer Salvatore
[2] Kisara Alexandria
[3] Edward Equiste
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