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Their travel time back to the Main Base from Sabi gave her enough time to think about what had happened. Her actions at that time were embarrassing yet at the same time she felt relieved. Some parts of her memory was hazy but fortunately or unfortunately she remembered her direct approaches to them. The problem she’s been running away from was finally resolved.

In a ludicrous manner which made her laugh while remembering it. She’d also troubled Lucifer and General Kisara, “Ugh I better find the time to apologize to them. And also to General Ileana. Eek. What an unsightly conduct. As a soldier, I might be punished for starting a fight and causing a ruckus.” she sighed.

How could she have known that she would miss him and accidentally hit that big guy. “Though it was unintentional.” she chuckled. Thankfully, Lucifer intervened and they just, she guessed, escaped from the chaos. “Better have some control next time. Maybe only a bottle or two of vodka next time.” she mused in herself.

Now to get back to the main point. Things ended sourly between them. “Foolish girl. That was such a childish tantrum.” she consoled herself “It was a bit fun while it lasted.” She finally accepted that they were never going to be together. Pushing it further after that would be plain stupidity on her part. Plus it wasn’t like her to dwell on such things for too long. “It has gone on for a while now. I better end it properly this time… for myself… and for us.”

It wasn’t like the love story of her parents. Not that she actually knows it. They did leave out some parts. Their story was that father saved mother somehow and they ended up helping each other. Not much on the specifics but the important part was that they lived happily together. “I should ask Uncle Lyall if I get to see him.” She envied their love and wanted one of her own. She thought it would be him. But alas, it wasn’t.

She wanted to have a last talk with him and fix their messed up friendship. In their line of work where they could lose their lives at any moment, it was better to not have any regrets. “This might be the last time we’ll see each other.” she murmured. She thought back on how they almost lost their lives at Kyros Bridge. “I need to train more.” she resolved herself. This time, she’ll spend more time training than idling away.

At any time, she may be called to the frontlines and accompany General Ileana. So she should also clear up all misunderstandings she had with them. Livi had accepted that there is something more between the two of them. Confirmed or unconfirmed, she would not look at things blindly this time. No more running.

She saw Rylen from afar and approached him. “Hey Rylen, do you have a moment? I’d like to talk with you for a while?”

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Rylen walked briskly down the hall from his room, barely preventing himself from just sprinting all out because he did not want to cause a scene. His destination? Ileana’s office.

When they arrived from Sabi the night before, everyone was already so exhausted and had just dragged themselves into their own rooms. Rylen himself had blacked out the moment his head hit his pillow. He had originally planned to wake up early so he could still catch Ileana before she left the base but when he woke up the sun was already shining brightly.

He frowned to himself, hoping against hope that she hasn’t left yet. There was something he wanted to give her before she left for the frontlines again. He’d already promised her not to bother the scouts too much so he could only send his letters along if a scout is sent to the frontlines to deliver a message or supplies.

Upon reaching the grand hall, Rylen hesitated and stopped. He spied the smaller hallway that led to Ileana’s office and bit his lip. What if she’s already gone? What if she won’t like his gift? He had only ever given her a gift through his letters before so he didn’t feel as anxious then. But now, it would be in person...he would see her expression. What if she would just flat out reject his gift? What if...
Livi wrote:Hey Rylen, do you have a moment? I’d like to talk with you for a while?
Jolting out of his thoughts, Rylen turned and found Livi approaching him. He tensed and his knee jerked reflexively at the sight of his ex. He wanted to turn and leave...pretend he didn't hear her. But his morals and conscience won't let him. What did she want now? Perhaps she didn’t remember what he had said that night in the tavern? Gods, he didn’t want a repeat of that.

“Good morning, Livi...” Rylen greeted with a hesitant smile, “um, what did you want to talk about…?”

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Seeing his seemingly forced smile, Livi was taken back a bit. ‘Have I become that unpleasant to him?’ She was a bit hurt at his reaction but that was why she wanted to talk with him. To set things straight.

She wryly laughed and thought about what to say. Although she was here to straighten things up, she didn’t know where to start. She decided on talking first about what happened in Sabi. So she cleared her throat and said “Hmmm, I guess I could start about Sabi. I remembered most of what happened and that headache I got in the morning.” she joked.

She blinked and continued “I remembered about it. And I just want to straighten out our mess.” her heart was beating. She still felt some pain and was making her feel nervous. She did hold onto it for quite sometime. Something that didn’t exist. The bond between them was broken. He is someone special and she still cared for him so she wanted to fix it before it’s too late. She wanted them to at least be friends again.

Her hands was behind her back and she squeezed them together, “I wanted to apologize. I let this go on for too long. It was a stupid move of mine. I dragged you into my selfishness.” she sighed. She was silent for a while then asked. “Are you still upset with me?”

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Upon hearing her words, Rylen resisted the urge to sigh in relief. He wasn’t really sure what he’d have done if she said the same things as that night in the tavern.

He’d have probably bolted. Probably.

Rylen really did not want a repeat of that night. Ileana had gotten frosty with him when they got back to the inn and the whole journey back to the Main Base. That was why he wanted to catch her before she left and give her another gift he’d saved for her. He didn’t want his efforts this past few months to be undone. He’d been trying so hard to get her to drop the walls she built against him after he’d confessed to her...

“Oh.” Rylen answered instead and then immediately wanted to kick himself for his oh-so-intelligent response. “Er, I mean...” He cleared his throat, raising a hand to rub the back of his neck sheepishly, “it’s alright, Livi. I understand...I’m not upset with you or anything like that. Besides, you had a bit too much drink that night and well...” He shrugged helpless, not knowing what else to say.

“I...I’m just glad you’re...okay now?” Rylen said, “I mean! You’re okay now, right?” He asked awkwardly.

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She sighed seeing how he reacted, ‘This guy, really… It would be better if he’d be less timid. With how his acting, it might take a while for him to be more friendly with me.’ she thought as she wryly smiled. “No, that wasn’t really just the drinks. It’s something I’ve been bottling up and sort of… whoosh.” she gestured. “It’s good that I’ve gotten it out of me.” she chuckled.

“Though I’m kind of worried about what happened. Am I going to be in trouble? I’ll find out if I meet with my general. Though we didn’t have any discussion about it, on the way back.” she wondered ‘We were in a hurry back to make a report about the demon. That takes precedence after all.’

Seeing him act all reserved and timid with her, she couldn’t help but poke fun at him. “Actually…” then had a troubled look on her face “I’m not okay you see…” she prolonged it as though there was something really bothering her. “I remembered I tried to punch you, but I missed.” she sighed “I’d like to try another attempt.” then with a serious face she pulled back her right arm while looking at his stomach.

She swung her fist then stopped a few inches away from him and laughed. She held out her hand for a handshake. “Let’s just be good friends now.” she smiled.

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“Oh...” Rylen mumbled as he listened to Livi’s words, feeling guilty by the minute. Sure, he’d made it clear to her that he wasn’t interested in a relationship when they’d started and that he just agreed to date her to see if they could go anywhere...but he shouldn’t have let it go on for so long. Maybe she wouldn’t have been so hung up about it if he immediately stopped their relationship. Or just never agreed in the first place.

Curse his indecisiveness!

He sighed and shrugged, “I don’t know. But I’m sure you won’t be in that much trouble...” At least he hopes so...
Livi wrote:“Actually…”
Rylen’s gaze focused on her face, noting her troubled expression.
Livi wrote:“I’m not okay you see…”
“Um...” Rylen shifted uncomfortably.
Livi wrote:“I remembered I tried to punch you, but I missed.” she sighed “I’d like to try another attempt.”
Rylen’s muscles tensed as his instincts to block or evade kicked in upon seeing her swinging fist. He had to consciously stop his brain from sending signals into his muscles to move. If it would make Livi feel better, then he’d take her punch like a man and be done with this drama.

However, Livi stopped her fist before she hit him and laughed instead, holding out her hand...asking to be friends…

Rylen stared at her hand disbelievingly and then back to her face, searching for deceit or prank or any indication that he was just having a weird dream. “You...you want to be friends with me again...?” He clarified, still unsure whether he heard her right.

But when his senses told him that he was indeed wide awake and that it really was Livi right in front of her and not some doppelganger, his face slowly brightened as a relieved smile lit up his face. He chuckled and took Livi’s proffered hand in firm grip. “I’d like that.” He said, "no take backs, okay?" He added jokingly, though his eyes had unwittingly shifted into a more pleading/hopeful look.

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With his disbelieving face, she almost want to make another joke but just laughed it off. “Have you really come to dislike me that much?” she pouted. Since he had taken the handshake, she just smiled and quipped at him “Let’s see about that.” she winked at him and laughed.

Being able to laugh and talk normally with him again was kind of nostalgic for her. Their months of avoidance with another was very unpleasant to her. Leaving behind regrets is one of the things she doesn’t want to. Wanting him when he already wants someone else will not be good for her in the long run.

But then again, did she even love him? This question would sometimes appear in her head. Of course she did. Or was that a different kind of love. He was just very accommodating and gentle, he made her feel at ease. A soothing presence. But alas becoming lovers ruined that harmonious friendship. ‘Friends are better off as friends.’

She straightened herself and continued “No need to worry. I’m aware.” she implied “Well unless it came from you, it will only remain as a speculation.” There had been many rumors and the closeness that she witnessed in the Kyros bridge and in Sabi gave it more weight. That night in Sabi they came to the tavern together couldn't have been a coincidence. They could have met up before coming to the tavern or they just met first. However, it wasn’t like him to go to taverns. General Ileana might have invited her. Is she even the type to go to taverns?

“Well whoever it is that you love, I’ll just have to support like a good friend.” she sighed. “If you need help, I’ll be here. I might be closer to the one you love.” she winked at him and giggled.

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Livi wrote:“Have you really come to dislike me that much? Let’s see about that.”
“What? Of course not.” Rylen’s brows furrowed as he stared at her, “I don’t dislike you or anything...it’s just, well, I can’t help but feel bad about you...us, every time I see you. And I really thought you’re the one who hated me and wanted to avoid me so I just...” He sighed, shrugging and then shook his head.
Livi wrote:“No need to worry. I’m aware.” she implied “Well unless it came from you, it will only remain as a speculation.”
Rylen blinked, “w-what are you...”
Livi wrote:“Well whoever it is that you love, I’ll just have to support like a good friend. If you need help, I’ll be here. I might be closer to the one you love.”
He flushed in embarrassment and shook his head again. He hadn’t really made an effort to hide his intentions with Ileana but he didn’t think it had become common knowledge either. How did Livi know? Since when? He hadn’t expected her to talk about it right now either.

“I-it’s alright...no need for that. But, thank you, I guess?” He chuckled quietly. “Besides...she’s not interested anyway...” He mumbled, more to himself than to Livi, gaze falling to the spotless floor of the Grand Hall.

“She already rejected me a few times.” He chuckled again, though a bit drier now. “I’m the one who was just relentlessly pursuing her.” Was this how Livi felt in the past?

It was a bitter feeling, but he was still hopeful. Hopeful, because he felt...no, he knew Ileana’s rejection didn’t come from lack of feelings but because of something else. She said something about her duty but he didn’t believe it. She wasn’t one to let things like responsibilities stop her from doing what she wants. The same goes about her relatives.

Whatever her reason was, Rylen respected it. But that didn’t mean he was going to give up on her. He just had to make sure she knew that she would always have him. No matter what. No matter how many times she rejected him.

“Anyway...” Rylen looked up at Livi’s face again, “are you headed somewhere?” He asked curiously. “And um...do you happen to know if General Amedea has already left?”

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With his somewhat downtrodden reply, she just sighed. ‘Love can really be a complicated thing.’ Livi wanted to help out a bit but she doesn't know how or if she could even help out. Since they seem to have their own circumstances. ‘I’ll just keep an open ear and observe from the side. We just made up… properly I don’t want to get on his bad side this fast.’ she secretly smiled.

Hearing him say that he had always been rejected. Livi’s expression was one of disbelief. ‘The general clearly had feelings for him. Also when did he confess?’ She wondered. It had just been a few months since they… separated. ‘This guy actually… as soon as he, we had that fight and broke up.’ she mentally shook her head. Feelings of irritation was surfacing but she reasoned with herself. It was already over. ‘Maybe because the general thought it was too soon or that we still had something between us.’ As she pondered this, he had been looking down. He shouldn't have noticed her changing expressions. Since she’s decided to just observe from the side, she kept her piece for now.

He looked up and asked what she was here for. “I don't know if General Ileana has left but I actually wanted to meet her. You know, with what happened and…” she cleared her throat “there was also some matter I wanted to talk with her.”

After her talk with him, she wanted to visit her office. Then with sly smile she asked “You're looking for her? Why?” she asked in a teasingly.

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Ileana stared out her office window, seeing soldiers hurrying about in the courtyard as they went on about their various tasks. The sun was rising higher in the cloudless sky. Such a stark contrast to the weather she had endured only a few days ago in the Kyros Bridge[note]Re: The Unexpected | Rianne, Livi and Rylen[note]…

Teal eyes closed and Ileana turned away from the window, willing the memory of that day away. Or rather, one specific memory…and then many...

Shaking her head, Ileana walked to her table where she laid her weapon, eyeing the smooth, black staff and the seemingly innocent purple orb at the end. Berlin and Andre had really done a great job at modifying her weapon all those months ago[note]The Flaming Forge: De-clawing A Hostile Weapon[note]. Now it could pass as a staff rather than a halberd as it truly was.

Ileana sighed and took the weapon off the table, feeling the familiar and comforting weight in her hand. She could almost laugh. When did her weapon become so comforting? This weapon made from the very corpse of demons, her mortal enemies? The enemies who took everything away from her. The enemies who might take even more from her?

She must be losing her mind.

Her grip tightened on the shaft, feeling it grow cold in her grasp as a response.

“Still an insufferable bitch, aren’t you?” Ileana scoffed as she turned to walk towards the door. It was time to go. Time is of the essence and she couldn’t wait anymore. She still had to visit her estate before heading back to the front lines. She wasn’t very worried because Lucifer was already heading there but still….she didn’t want to miss any new developments either. The appearance of the Lanahar did not bode well.

So if he wasn’t going to come see her before she left then whatever. She had important things to do.

Slipping out of the room, she walked down the corridor and out towards the Grand Hall only to step back immediately when she spied two familiar figures a few meters away.

It was Livi and Rylen.

Ileana bit her lip as she strained her ears to listen to them. It seems they’d finally made up. She also felt weird listening in on them but at the same time she didn’t want to disturb them while they patch things up. At least they can finally move on with their lives. Not to mention be more amiable on missions together. She didn’t miss the awkward silence between them during their journey home...how much more when they were still heading to Kyros Bridge…?
Livi wrote:You're looking for her? Why?
Ileana jolted out of her thoughts and stood straighter. That was her cue. She stepped out into the Grand Hall and approached the two. “Miss Reinheld, perfect timing.” Ileana started, “I want you to pack up and be ready in 3 hours. You’re coming with me to the front lines.” She paused to let that sink in, “I still have to go somewhere else but wait for me at the gates by 10 o’clock sharp. That is all. Good day to both of you.” Without waiting for a response, Ileana briskly walked off, a bit faster than social decorum dictates but she didn’t care.

She suddenly had the biggest urge to get away from Rylen as fast as she could.

Or else she’d never be able to bring herself to leave.

Ileana enters and exits.

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