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Character Name: Ileana Amedea
Name Pronunciation: il-YAH-Nə a-me-dea
Ileana derives from the Ancient Greek: “Helenē (‘Ελενη) / Helénē (Ἑλένη)”, meaning “torch, flambeau, brilliant, shining light, the bright one. The name may be connected to “hēlios (ἥλιος)”, the personification of the Sun in Greek mythology.
Amedea is of Latin origin and it is used mainly in Italian. The name Amedea means 'love of God'. It is derived from amare which means 'to love' ; deus 'God'.
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 30
Age: 19
Origin: Ponomy City
Family Tree:
Melchiorre Amedea - Father (Died: 43)
Silvana Amedea - Mother (Died: 39)
Calandra Amedea - Sister (Died: 15)
Matteo Amedea - Brother (Died: 14)
Angelo Amedea - Brother (Died: 13)
Viviana Amedea - Sister (Died: 12)
Character Creation:
Height: 5’7”
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Teal
Skin Color: Light tone
Facial Features: 3 beauty marks; under lower lip left side, under left eye, above left eyebrow
Hair Style: Above the shoulders cut, curly and thick; used to be long, up to hip level
Face Appearance: Oval shaped face, down-turned eyes
Body Build: Hourglass figure (lol), toned from training
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Character Profile:
Personality: Due to her upbringing, Ileana has a great sense of responsibility. However, not many people see it because of her carefree attitude. She is usually optimistic and never lets anyone tell her whether something is possible or not. Because of this, she can become very confident, sometimes to the point of shamelessness or recklessness. And while she is very finicky when it comes to her fashion, she's actually very laid-back, not wanting to bother with things that are unimportant to her. As long as they don't impede her goals or work, other people's business do not interest her.

She can be very childish, impatient and stubborn, an unfortunate side effect to her parents' strict yet loving upbringing. She also doesn't like to overthink things. She may look like she just always recklessly rush ahead without thinking, but in truth, she just think things through faster than most do and is always prepared for the consequences of her actions, whether the results are good or not. Nowadays, her driving force in life is to slay all the demons responsible for her despair, even if it costs her her life (she's optimistic enough to hope it won't come to that though).

Fashion Sense: As someone from noble standing, Ileana is expected to dress appropriately. Her wardrobe mostly consists of dresses, however instead of expensive high-heeled shoes, she opts to wear boots because she tends to check up their farms with her parents. Nowadays, she wears flats because it is more comfortable for her. If Ileana has her way though, she would wear a ballet ensemble everywhere (preferably a Swan Lake theme).

Likes: Ballet, swans and other birds, winter (no crops = less work, more ballet!)
Dislikes: Heights, hot weather, demons
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Animal: Swan
Hobbies: Dancing (ballet), picking on her brothers(B.D.), shopping for dresses

Strengths: Her optimism in the face of odds and her confidence has always led her to be successful in everything she does. She is smart and can mostly detect if someone is lying to her face. She can also be very charismatic with her outgoing personality and go-getter attitude.

Weaknesses: Ileana's shameless attitude has caused verbal spats in the past. It has also caused scandal among the nobility that had her parents almost moving to another continent in shame. Her impatient nature has also caused her trouble more often than she would like to admit.

Favorite Line: “I'll live." (She's a front-liner and she often says this in response to others whenever they express doubts or worries)
Eclair - mentor, fellow general
Kisara - co-trainee, fellow general

Rylen Cotterill - a childhood friend
Character Backstory:
Ileana is the heir to the House of Amedea, the noble family responsible for the agricultural development and resource of Altrus. As the heir, she was trained from a young age by her parents on how to manage their business. She fancied becoming a ballerina since she was 5 but was always reprimanded by her parents, reminding her of her duty. Her parents have always emphasized the importance of their duty for the continent for they are the ones responsible of providing everyone's basic needs; food and clothing. Through the guidance of her parents, she and her siblings grew up with a great sense of responsibility. This never stopped Ileana from finding time to practice ballet though. Albeit in secret, for her parents greatly disapproves of this particular interest of hers.

Ileana and her family were on an expedition to Dafentall Land in order to find new farming grounds when the Demon Gate suddenly appeared in the area. They were caught off guard and her family was brutally killed in the encounter. By some miracle, Ileana managed to escape with her life along with her youngest sister Viviana. Unfortunately, Viviana died within a few days due to her grave injuries.

The death of her last remaining family sent Ileana into a debilitating state of depression. But her depression turned into determination when Eclair Equiste, the heir to the House of Equiste and the newly appointed general of the Training Order, offered to train her to become a part of the Continent’s Military Force. With hate for the demons coursing in her veins and the promise to avenge her family echoing in her heart, Ileana accepted and managed to finish her training in less than 2 years and was then promptly given a General title by King Volent.
Abilities & Power:
Weapon: Halberd

  • Nightfall - Calls upon the powers of darkness to blind foes for 3 seconds and deliver a deadly blow from above. Timing is essential for this skill because the user needs to be at a high place to deliver maximum force. If the attack successfully connects, the accumulated energy will be released in the immediate area and freeze extra enemies within 5 meters.
  • Wicked Whirl - Icicles form and spiral around the user (and anyone within 5 feet of the user) like a whirlwind. It forms a protective barrier that deals damage to multiple enemies. It can rapidly expand up to 10 meters before dissipating, making it useful to push back enemies whenever the user is surrounded. The skill can take up to 5 seconds to finish, the whirl expanding 2 meters per second. However, the user can cut the skill short if they wish. The skill will also be cut short if the user is attacked or distracted. The whirling icicles chill the area up to 5 meters away from the actual icicles, which in turn slows down foes. Slow is in effect for as long as the skill is active.
  • Cruel strike - Stab the foe using the spear end of the weapon and cause paralysis for 2 seconds. Usually used as a preemptive strike, the user must be able to quickly follow up with another attack.
Weapon Property: Unholy Feast - With the residual consciousness of the demon used to create this weapon, the user is able to summon a flock of demon birds for 1 minute that attack and peck foes to death. Extremely lethal and unstable, allies must keep a safe distance just in case. Takes a lot of energy so it can only be used up to 2 times a day with at least 3 hours of rest in between summons.

Others: Ileana is flexible from her endeavors as a would-be ballerina. She's also fast and is naturally graceful with a strong sense of balance. She also knows close-combat fighting even before her training with Eclair because her parents thought it would be safer for her to learn self-defense after she was successfully kidnapped once.
  • As an heir to one of the most powerful House in Altrus, Ileana has her fair share of suitors. However, her parents does not believe in arranging their children's marriages so they let Ileana decline the offers as she pleases
  • She has been branded as an "eccentric" many times in the past, a thing that greatly dismayed her parents but really did not bother her
  • Ileana prefers coffee more than tea
  • She is not picky with her food, something that her parents made sure of as a way to respect the hard work of the farmers who serve them
  • Despite her shamelessness, Ileana is actually very conservative when it comes to matters of the heart (intimacy) and gets easily flustered seeing public displays of affection
  • She had trouble with her cursed weapon at first because she couldn't get past the idea that it was made from demon remains (which she hated)
  • She only managed to accept it when she named her weapon "Odile" as a tribute to her favorite ballet play (Swan Lake)
  • Ileana purposefully chose water element just for its chilling effect. She wanted this particular effect so that she could just freeze her enemy's blood whenever she slices them open, preventing herself from being splattered by blood. In her defense, demon blood is hard to wash off (not to mention disgusting).
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