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Character Name: Eclair Equiste
Name Pronunciation: /ek-kleər e-kIs-te/ ・ "ek-kleyr e-kis-te"
Meaning: According to google, "English word éclair comes directly from a French word whose chief meaning is "lightning" or "flash of lightning.""
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 1
Age: 25
Origin: Ponomy City
Family Tree:
Clara Equiste – little sister (24)
Casimir Equiste – father
Esther Equiste – mother
Edward Equiste – older brother (28)
Character Creation:
Height: 5’6”
Hair Color: Dark Gray
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Light tone
Facial Features: none
Hair Style: Laid down with some front hair that touches her eyes
Face Appearance: Oval-shaped face, a little slanted eyes
Body Build: Slightly bulkier than average women in the continent due to her training since childhood.
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Character Profile:
Personality: Eclair thinks of herself as one of a royal for being a member of the House of Equiste; she’s strict when it comes to uniformity and formality due to her lessons since childhood; as much as she wants to have fun, she often holds herself back as a reflex of her thorough training.
Fashion Sense: Eclair has good taste in formal wear for being a noble has taught her how self-presentation had always offered good points despite being born in a combat house.
Likes: Polo shirts and neckties, music and violin
Dislikes: hot weather (makes her unable to wear her fashion), and impolite creatures
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Animal: Dog
Hobbies: Sword fight and ballroom dancing
Strengths: Her trained attitude that sometimes becomes her weapon against the elders who looks down on her; her keen observation that was honed ever since her childhood training by studying her instructors’ movements; and reasoning with herself that makes her give objective decisions
Weaknesses: She often mixes up work with social stuff resulting to her stern attitude towards others; she takes time thinking of strategies since she considers a lot of factors during expeditions; she refuses to rush herself for it destroys her poise
Favorite Line: “You are going to die.” (she says this both to her enemies and her trainees lol)
Ileana Amedea – first trainee; fellow general
Kisara Alexandria – second trainee (lawl); fellow general
Character Backstory:
Being born as the second child and the first female of the Combat House of Equiste, Eclair has been solely trained to become not as a female model of the house but to become the head of the Royal Guard that prioritizes the King’s safety due to Edward, her older brother, having a sickly body. Because of this, her childhood is nothing but full of training and was trapped inside their property up until she reached the age of 15 where she was titled to be the heir of the House and declared as the Royal Guard’s Head in public.

After the outbreak of the demons where the forbidden gate was opened, the King immediately shifted his army into protecting his people and dissolved the Royal Guard but made sure that Eclair remained the head of the combat group. Later, it was named as Altrus Military Force and she was entitled as a General with the accomplishment of defending the remaining property of Altrus and at the same time leading troops to push their enemies back from Triathos Village to where they came from.

As an appointed leader of the Military Force, she was forced to recruit more manpower in order to cover for the loss and at the same time to give Altrus another chance to stand up against their enemy once another breakout happens again and with the hope of no more major casualties, the Training Order was born and she, as the head of a combat house, was the first instructor for the future soldiers.
Abilities & Power:
Weapon: Mace


Curve Jolt – using a different stance than a normal attack, the user places the weapon in front then pulls it up towards the back in a quick movement to attack the enemy in front of her; works well during close fights but can damage enemy at a longest distance of ten meters; stuns the target for two seconds; See how it works - click

Hoversault – the user needs stretched his or her arms back while holding the mace and slash it vertically to the enemy at the front and jabs another attack after using the weapon as a support in an inverted stand to put more power into the second stab; a melee attack; See how it works - click

Requiem – using the weapon’s dark magic, a maximum of three waves of attack will deal damage to the target after the user slashed air at the direction of the target; works best from a distance and has a maximum range of 50 meters with a strong opening at 45 degrees

Weapon Property: With the use of sound as its main element, the mace can emit a special music that attracts demons and at the same time, makes them see the user as one of their kin for 60 seconds, making them unable to attack; See how it works - click

Others: Eclair can handle a sword and a set of bow and arrow due to childhood training when she was trying to know what weapon suits her best.
  • Eclair is actually very soft whenever her little sister, Clara, is concerned.
  • She was once arranged into marriage but her older brother, Edward, was against it and trashed the contract.
  • She almost has no friends but sees people who have helped her to reach her current position as important as her family - whether they are relatives or some soldiers.
  • She hates citrus and vegetables.
  • She easily gets attracted to men in formal suits.
  • She usually refuse party invitations from other houses unless the King would actually recommend her to go (because it gets really bad at night, iykwim).
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