Forum Updates and Featured Character Poll

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Hi guys!

We have integrated a few stuff in the forum so please check them out and tell us what you think! (Made this board open for replies to all members too!)
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Profile Comment System

In case you didn't notice, the Profile Comment System was just installed in the forum a few hours ago. There might be some members who have received test messages. Although we can't delete messages yet. But admins can! so if you want a comment deleted, just send a PM to any admins or just simply shout in the chatbox!

Shoutbox Max Shouts Appended

Because some of you replies too fast on threads because you have so much free time, (I envies) decided to add more shouts to be viewed on the shoutbox below so you don't have to keep on checking archives just to read back!

Player Inventory Page

To be honest, I wanted the inventory page to be seen on your mini-profiles (profile you see on the left of your posts) as tiny icons but as you can see, your admins are pretty lazy so they thought of the easiest way!

There's a link to your mini-profile that leads you to your inventory. But only to those who have acquired items either via shops, buying from other players or by quests. So far, up to this announcement date, Volker and Kiran are the ones with items.

Updated The Emporium and The Flaming Forge's Descriptions

Please check The Emporium and The Flaming Forge's updated descriptions. Although they are just minor editing - enclosed them in spoilers - haha!

Updated Each Forum Board for Outskirts

Except Kyros Bridge (cause it has no... description lol). Thanks to Rianne's help, we were able to post a copy of the village description on top of each boards in the outskirts!

So when you click Altrus Port or Trontell Mines or any other places there, you can see the description immediately at the top with ease! You may find it weird at first but... yeah. It's convenient anyway.

Updated House of Fredeliz and House of Cruciane Descriptions

If you visit the residence threads of The House of Fredeliz and The House of Cruciane, we have updated the descriptions thanks to the opening of our Graduation Ball!

Congratulations for unlocking these information, players! Take note that more information are going to get unlocked as you go by events and quests and more items to be added in the world of Altrus!

Feature Character Poll!

The deadline is on May 31st, 2017! We need a new character feature to steal the spot of the king on left side bar. /coughs

Please proceed to this thread to cast your votes!
Not bad, right?

We might do some minor changes with the forum as time goes by too but we will make sure to inform you through announcement boards so you wouldn't miss any of them in case you won't notice.

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