[F.A.Q.] Frequently Asked Questions

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Before submitting a new thread for Help & Support, please read this the F.A.Q. Thread since your question or problem could be found here.

If the question you have in mind is not found in this thread, feel free to create a new thread for your problem and we will be sure to answer to you as soon as we can.
Forum Board F.A.Q.
All Forum-related questions or minor problems are listed here with (possible) answers that could help you.

Role-Play F.A.Q.
All RP-related questions or minor problems are listed here with (possible) answers that could help you.

Altrus F.A.Q.
All Altrus-related questions and minor problems are listed here with (possible) answers that could help you.
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Q1: Is it okay for me to have multiple images in my signature?
A: Yes. As long as your signature size (overall) does not exceed the specified limit.

Q2: Am I allowed to have multiple accounts?
A: Yes. We allow for the same e-mail address to be used but as long as you are sure you can maintain your characters. But we do encourage to only have one per person.

Q3: Does the warning system works here?
A: Yes. So please be aware that your role-playing and general posting can affect your warning points.

Q4: I accidentally registered the wrong name. How can I change it?
A: Request a change name to the administration via editing your profile.

Q5: If I have a problem with forum-related stuff, to whom should I contact?
A: Any available moderators are fine for a personal message. We check our PM's often to assist you.
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Q1: What minor characters am I allowed to control?
A: You can control your (unregistered) family provided that they are still alive up to present, scouts or messengers, and your pet/s (if you have any outside of the dorms).

Q2: How will the story will move if we have restrictions on characters that we can control?
A: We have a Narrator that can control the flow of the story in a side which normal role-players can't control so the story could move forward.

Q3: Are we allowed to plot an initial setting when starting a role-play.
A: Yes. As long as it doesn't go beyond our current story or plot. Just make sure that the parties involved have already agreed to the initial setting. (i.e. For example if you want to start a thread where all of the related parties are already gathered around one table)

Q4: My partner in our private role-play is already inactive. What should I do?
A: Contact the Narrator so that he will give judgement in your thread and "exit" the other character to end the role-play. How the Narrator would end the role-play is up to him.

Q5: Am I allowed to "Exit" another person's character?
A: No. Contact the Narrator so he can do the job.

Q6: Am I allowed to create imaginary situations that are not mentioned in any threads in the Information Desk?
A: Yes as long as you notify any of the moderators for the information so we could modify the threads needed to add your setting/plot/addition to respective threads.

Q7: Am I allowed to have a face claim for my character?
A: Yes as long as you will have to modify certain features to make him or her your own. You can use characters from any available resources you have.

Q8: Can I request someone to draw my character if I can't find a face claim?
A: This will depend on your character creation description or sketches. We know that some artists out there has a lot of free time.

Q9: Who can update a thread's setting?
A: Updating a thread setting means the control of the roleplay inside of it. Therefore, we limit the controls to the thread starter and Narrator ONLY.

Q10: When will my character have his or her own skills?
A: Your character can have basic weapon skills but skills that will require the use of magic will have to wait until you are given an upgraded weapon which is going to be at the end of your training. Once you have decided for the set of skills, you can visit any of the generals at their office.
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Q1: Why Altrus?

Q2: What kind of Role Play Altrus falls under?
A: Fantasy and Magic.

Q3: Are trainees allowed to go outside of the Training Ground?
A: Yes but only to two places: Ponomy City, where the main base is found and your home village where you can visit your family (if alive) with permission from your instructor.

Q4: How do I get permission from an instructor?
A: We have a Dormitory Leave Notice where we record every student that goes home. Unless you go to Ponomy City, we have a scheduled transport for trainees with strict schedule.

Q5: Do we only have one instructor?
A: No. This will depends on the assignments and some missions that will be dispatched by the main base. If they need more manpower, instructor numbers will be limited.

Q6: If I don't pass into an Elite, am I allowed to re-take?
A: Yes. But you will have to notify your instructor by visiting his or her office at the Grand Hall and talk to them.

Q7: Am I allowed to apply as one of the Generals?
A: Yes. But this will depend on your loyalty to the military and your performance as an Elite and your records during your training. Proper judgement will be done by the Generals.

Q8: Am I allowed to become one of the High Houses?
A: This will be done under debate but at the mean time, no.

Q9: Am I allowed to join any of the five Houses?
A: Yes. But will have to undergo an official system that will be available soon.

Q10: Am I allowed to make my own family with the other RPers.
A: Of course.

Q11: Am I allowed to create a group for my fellow trainees/soldiers?
A: Yes. Send any moderator for a PM of Request and we can make a Joinable Group for you.

Q12: Is my character allowed to register for being a trainee even though my character is over 20 years old?
A: Yes. As long as he or she is 16 years old and above.
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