[EVENT] The Graduation Ball

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Setting: wrote:Subjects: Soldiers and Staff
Guests: All Noble Houses and related personnel
Other People: Staff to assist guests
Time: Evening
Weather: Fine clear starry sky, moon a few days early to become full
Where: The Castle Ballroom
Volent shifts himself on his throne, prepared at the far innermost of the hall, as his eyes roam around his well-prepared room just for the occasion. Velvet curtains with lines of gold and silver running through its seams hovers tall windows that left nothing between the connection of the ceiling and the floor except for the allowance above, a few feet to cover sun's rays for any afternoon gatherings. Windows are fully polished and curtains tied at the sides with golden cloths cut in thinner sides, exposing nature through the wiped-clean glasses. The moon steadily shines among all stars and few clouds, not thick enough to cover anything behind it, flew by with the wind. It was a fair weather - perfect for a night of celebration - a night where everyone could enjoy a toast for the newly appointed soldiers that will be a part of their stronghold against their enemy.

The staff of the castle has even prepared as far as drinks - just light and cocktails for he doesn't want to have his men to be drowned in alcohol unless something comes up. He's a ware that their boundaries are still far in the east but nothing is wrong with being sure about their stand. After all, the demons created the gate out of nowhere and his castle grounds can also be that nowhere anytime as they will. Finger foods, a cake meant for a wedding in size is also displayed in one of their long tables that surrounds the whole room. A small ensemble playing different genre of music to match the mood and happenings, and a wide dance floor for anyone who wants to steal some time for the spotlight. If it's a ball, there should be some dancing that will happen and he doubts his new men in the military wouldn't think about that.

The King had personally invited the Five Noble Houses and those who are a part of their kin to witness this grand occasion. For the sake of formality, their representatives are standing along his sides. As far as he could see from his left, it seems that the House of Cruciane, the head and his wife is around, together with a few - two - no, three crafters, still with their identities covered only they decided to trash those boring gray and white robes and got themselves some green silk with swirling decorations that almost spanning the back of their robes and their hoods. Golden lines trailed the ends of their clothing and their inner garments also screamed like they were ready for the said event. It wasn't a usual sight for him for he knew the faces that are directly related to the Noble Houses only that there is a need to conceal their identity.

Together with the bunch of The House of Cruciane was The House of Fredeliz, flocking over each other. The head and his daughter who is said to be a temporary heir until they have given birth to a son. Although the houses are free to offer their daughters as their next leader, Fredeliz refuses to endanger their female genes with the risks of their experiments and heavier burdens. But with how Leandro's wife's health situation is after the birth of their six-year old daughter, the King doubts that there could be a son next or any other children that could follow their oldest. Aside from the two important figures from Fredeliz, they have another female who happens to be watching out for the daughter and two other figures who both wears glasses. Their black bags were properly put down to the floor, as near to them as possible. The King thinks that they contain any special or important files and materials that they might need during their own conversation which might happen later on or on later days. But as the house would often believe that being ready is better than having nothing.

To his right, the familiar faces of the head of the Houses of Equiste, Amedea and Alexandria are lined up together with their escorts. And some related personnel properly primed behind them, cussing their way to pass the time of waiting for this whole ordeal to start.

Knowing how their anxiety is piling up now, he finally decided to do his opening speech - like how he would start every gathering that happens within the castle at his presence. The musicians stopped at his sudden move and so did the chattering, killing the whole room into total silence. He likes how everyone would respect him by being silent. At his age now, he has gotten too used to it that it's becoming normal. But before, for the first few balls he had gotten himself after being crowned at the age of twenty-one, the silence at his actions was deafening that it would sometimes make him hesitate to speak or move even an inch. The attention towards him, the prying eyes, the whispers around him made him feel heavy and anxious and became conscious of his own actions in public. But now it's different. He sees their silence as his power. He is King after all. If not by ability but by rights and by words, he is the most powerful within Altrus.

The soldiers, properly dressed and lined up in a reserved distance from his post, kneel if not in unison but at almost the same time, folding one leg and bowed their heads upon his stand. Delighted at the sight, his lips curved. His new men and power are in front of him, ready to serve this continent as far as their abilities goes. Nothing more can honor what they have built to be mankind's last stand against their enemy.

He coughed out two times, his aged throat hindering his voice. His thoughts materializes in his head piece by piece, continue to flow and his mouth followed along.

"Good evening, my dear citizens. It sure is a sad thing that not all of you were able to stand in this hall but let us all recall what we have decided when we first entered this life-threatening ordeal and what we have learned along the way and not to loose sight of our goal. But," He paused, taking another round to look around him, "for tonight, we are here for a feast of delight! An evening where we don't have to think of goals and aims but just what we see, hear and feel within these walls. Please be at ease and enjoy yourselves! We have prepared what we could to welcome everyone."

As his words trailed a last echo at each corners of the walls, he extended both of his arms, cape fluttering behind him, exposing the regal decorations on his special attire for the night and medals and pins that shone almost like the stars in the sky.

"Let the ball begin!" He bellowed with glee.
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Eclair sighed. Another night of acting proper to the eyes of many. Although she knew that this is just a simple task of being the heir to the House of Equiste ever since it was decided that she will be the next head but she still can't get used to it. She still prefers staying at home, burying herself to some books and take her time playing her violin. Her fingers started to move at the seams of her close-to-golden yellow dress, properly pressed, as she imagines herself performing at the center instead of their newly appointed soldiers in line and her brother would be the most eager one to listen - as how things were.

She was never a woman of dresses hence, her mother was the one who picked up the dress for her. It was long and slim, careful enough to cover her bulks and curves from neck to toe. With a few colors of purple and red mixed on the lines to make it more "less boring" as what her little sister said to her an hour before she went to the castle. And Eclair had to agree. Seeing all colorful and bright clothes of the other attendees and even the staff also had their own proper clothing on, it was the best pick for the night. Her shoulders were exposed but the dress covers her upper arms up until just a little after her elbow and lagged down towards the tiled floor, reaching her feet. Edward was the one who nagged about simplicity when it comes to dresses - her dresses, while Clara gets all girly and frilly stuff that Eclair imagines that Ileana will be glad to see her too. But for tonight, it was only Esther and Edward who came along with her. Of course, Edward also had no choice either since he's part of this ordeal. Whereas Esther will not stop complaining of not seeing her own daughter at this... rare sight, being in a ball dress and all. Clara had to stay behind with their father for additional training. The House of Equiste doesn't rest, after all and even if Clara is not the head, she is still opted to train for being a daughter of such a house.

The bitterness of their own birth almost consumed her but she decided to divert her attention and looked at her left, her hand entangled to her brother. Edward's eyes were straight into the King's direction or to the other side. Eclair couldn't tell. She knew that her brother is linked well with the two houses at the other side but as the head of the combat house, her interactions with the Cruciane and Fredeliz is close to nothing except during her discussions about borrowing hands of help for the Training Order which mostly Edward was in charge of the "discussion". Not that she had any problems. She knew she could never work things out with the other two houses anyway so she mostly didn't bother either. If Edward could do the job, then she doesn't have to concern herself, does she?

"Those guys be better behave themselves." She muttered, just enough for her escort to hear. She doesn't even know why they needed an escort. They are Generals, they should be fine by themselves. But she guessed the King would just want to make it a "proper" party even though those who are closely connected to the Training Order are the only ones who are invited. Must say, something could even happen in this beautiful moonlit evening if not the worse.

She almost giggled at the thought of those people with their glasses who even went as far as bringing their own bags into a party of food and drinks and celebration. It's not that she hated the thought. She just didn't like it. As a woman who's etiquette is a must, seeing the people with the House of Fredeliz maker her inner self grim.

Her mouth begins to open again but stopped when the King finally stood. She wanted to complain how this chattering are buzzing her ears when they should be starting soon but her inner wishes came true as the King have said his initial words.

"You're Majesty," Eclair addressed as soon as the ball's start has been announced, bowing her head and tipped one of her toe a little for a small curtsy. "Before we shall start with food and drinks, allow me to introduce our new men into our stronghold." She pointed a hand towards the lined-up soldiers in front, a few meters away from the King's stage, with pride as she continued, "Best news are we have three Elites in our anchor and seven more soldiers with elemental weapons who each are already assigned to their respective units. It'll be a while to have them honed for actual battle but we in the Training Order expects them to do a good job soon enough."

Eclair couldn't help her combat's side's blood to boil at the sound of her own words. Even if she's a woman of etiquette, she is still the head of a combat house and a general. She still yearns for action in her life aside from a violin and a bow and one quiet room for herself.

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Ileana stood straight and prim with her hands folded neatly in her front, firmly ignoring her escort who happened to be an annoying distant relative of hers from the Terra-Desrochers branch.

"Hey, Ileana." Her cousin said from the corner of his mouth. "Ileanaaa. Come on, I graciously offered to be your escort for this night because I knew no one else would take you and all you can do is ignore me?"

Ileana's eye twitched and resisted the urge to stomp her foot onto one of his shiny shoes.

"Shut up, Arthur." She muttered. "I should've taken Jason instead." She groaned, "at least he knew when to keep his mouth shut."

She guessed Arthur was still sore about her rejection when his parents came to hers to discuss about betrothing their children together when they were 15. Ileana had been listening in on them and had rather dramatically rejected their proposal before her parents could say anything.

Arthur scoffed and was about to respond when the King stood up and announced the start of the ball. He shut his mouth and stood straighter making Ileana sigh. At least now he'd shut up.

She watched as Eclair spoke to the King intending to introduce their new soldiers. Not a lot, but they were specially trained. Ileana could gander that each of them would be worth 10 normal soldiers in terms of skills and power, maybe even more for some.

Ileana's eyes wandered the spot where Rylen stood and wondered if he was nervous to be introduced to the highest power in all Altrus.

Back then, Ileana had thought that he had given up his chance for a better life by coming after her. He'd put himself in very real danger because of his worry for her and she couldn't help but feel guilty.

But...if she played her cards right, she'll be able to keep him out of danger while still making sure he could make a name for himself and pull his family out of poverty. She even thought that maybe he'd catch the eye of one of the noble ladies attending tonight...

But now she'd have to scratch that off her list. He has Livi now.

At least Livi was also a soldier and would also have special privileges. They...could be successful together and once they've defeated their enemies...they would be hailed as heroes...

Ileana sighed. She could only hope for the best.
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Kisara trailed her golden gaze at the glittering grand ballroom of the palace. It's been a while since she went to this functions but she usually went alone and always in close proximity to the King because she was his ward at that time. But now she is here with Loki as her escort. Her hand tucked on his strong arm as they stood with the others in line.

She can feel the stares from the other guests in the ball. Kisara may have heard that annoying fake laugh of one the Petrova Triplets. Their father was not all to happy that she didn't chose Niklaus, his heir and only son, as her escort for this evening. She had to choose a former betrothed from a 'considerable' noble branch in the family. Kisara gave her uncle a little trim on his beard for that comment. That made him grovel and shut his stinking pie hole up.

She took a chance to look behind her, over her shoulder to see if anymore of wayward cousins of the Alexandria house are behaving in accord. When she seem satisfied, Kisara looked back at the row of the new graduates. It my not show in her face but her golden gaze gleamed with pride as she saw the fruits of their labor. Now I feel what Eclair felt when we finished our training and got our weapons and ranks as General. Kisara thought as she made a small unnoticeable smirk.

She looked at Ileana and saw her looking at Rylen. Kisara know a small bit of their history, being childhood friends and all. Rylen has shown great progress in training with Lucifer. That's why he is perfect under her unit. Also, only a fool wouldn't notice the feelings those two are showing in their body languages and also their actions. Kisara may not find love yet until she had made peace with her parents' death but it doesn't mean she can't help put a little push for her friends.

She boldly looked up at Loki and gazed at his taught face. The scar now visible from his newly clean cut hair. The bangs are still their but it was now shorter, proudly displaying that sharp scar of his. She hadn't had the chance to ask him on how he got it but she was also reluctant to ask for it may open some emotional wounds. Losing an eye is not easy and having to cope up with one working eye at least he wasn't deemed useless in the Military Force.

Kisara sighed heavily and tighten her grip on Loki's arm praying for the night to end soon. Dealing with more of my snaky cousins' gossips is for more troublesome than cleaving the head of demon. She thought. Let's hope that there won't be blood flowing this evening.

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Edward's lips curled when he saw familiar faces across them. He's been fairly close with the House of Fredeliz for years now ever since he has joined their group for research and the House of Cruciane for letting them use his knowledge about Altrus and the Military for their own development as well. When he was still in the Research Facility, he often see Leandro and Vladimir passing by halls and attending meetings here and there. They've also tried drinking together with the other researchers and crafters.
Eclair Equiste wrote:"Those guys be better behave themselves."
Edward scoffed mildly at the words of his sister beside him. Not that he can blame her. It was torture for them to work their way up to this moment. Their soldiers are now officially assigned and with their weapons successfully upgraded and more so - they are now in front of the King. If Edward has to think of a more prideful event, it'll be that time when Eclair was declared as the head of the House of Equiste. This one is second.

"Hey, they don't look too bad." He commented. Sincerely. Most of the trainees, their soldiers, were from families who could barely afford three meals a day yet they don't so much look like that now. Well, they were ordered to be in their best attire for the evening which is why he also got his suit ready.

He was a little bitter on his clothes a few hours ago when they were still at their home, preparing. The suit was made for the next head of the House of Equiste but meant for a male. It was said to have been worn by his father during his own deceleration.

Too bad I'm no head. He told to self.

But Casimir was kind enough to give him a few words - making Edward wear the suit despite not having the same title as he should have. And Eclair also insisted which gave him no other choice. Although the golden lines on by the neck makes him feel itchy than ever.

He worn the light yellow suit with gold and orange decorations all over the place that one couldn't even make sure if this was really meant for a formal attire or just simply for any floral kind of celebration. He couldn't even imagine his father wearing the same suit during his own declaration.

When the King finally spoke, Edward's eyes traveled from lavishly polished walls towards the center of the King's stage. He looked at the soldier for a moment and smiled to their direction. This was a celebration for them after all.

I wonder how they will react later. Edward thought childishly and grinned to himself. Balls are too boring now...

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Loki ran his free hand through his freshly cut hair. His scar now proudly showing for everyone to see. He kept the bangs but it is shorter than his usual long ones to hid his scar.

Loki is not that vain to hide his scar from the world but he have seen the look of discuss from some people. Mostly from the minor branches of the Alexandria House. They think their family is not worthy to be part of the prestigious noble house but that didn't stop his parents from having the life they wanted and deserved. But at least the Orosinis have the courtesy to invite him and his brother for the wedding with also a branch family, the Petrova.

So one of the triplets are getting married. He thought with a wince. I will pray for the Gods for Lucian's time with one of those harpies. Lucian had been close to Loki during his time in Military school but Lucian didn't join the Force after they graduated, his father has other plans for him. The Head of the Orosini did plan for Lucian to be betrothed to Kisara after she broke the betrothal agreement but that plan may have failed. A lot of times.

Loki looked at the Line up of the Graduates as the King gave his speech. He looked as his twin brother who also had his hair trimmed at the side but left a long side bang and kept his braided tail. Always the Rouge one. He thought and chuckled inwardly. Then he looked at his disciplines, Ria had been a wonderful student to teach. Faust is rough around the edges but he did had potential.

Then a flash of pink caught him at the corner of his eye. With a slight turn of the head he saw the Petrova triplets in their puffy pink, light blue, and lavender gowns. He shuddered inwardly as they eyed him with the predatory gleam on their eyes. This is one of the reasons why I avoid blonde and blue eyed women. Loki thought and winced when Kisara tightened her grip on his arm. Squishing her breast to his forearm. Loki had to stifle a cough with his free hand t hide his blush.
King Volent wrote: Let the ball begin!
With that the ball started. Every nobility started chatting and mingle around. The servants circling with silver try platters at their hands. Some serving champagne or wine. He looked at Kisara and said. "Kisa, why don't we get something to drink. I am sure there is some non-alcoholic wine or sparkling water for you." Loki lead them to the refreshment table.

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Lucifer tugged the turtle neck of the dress shirt of his suit. Kisara send it to him 2 nights before the ball. Now he know why since Loki is wearing a slight similar one and all 3 of them are wearing black in the glittering ballroom. Some did wear that color but with frills on the ends of their dress shirt.

Kisa did got Aunt Selene's fashion sense. Lucifer thought as he see the glittering nobility chattered and mingle around. He looked down at the Ria, who he is escorting. She looks a bit pale and tense even with the firm grip she has in his arm, Lucifer can sense it. He put his free hand over her hand on his arm. "Hey, just relax." He tried to reassure her like a brother to his little sister. "Parties like these are usually boring the only fun bit if some blackguard anger's a husband or two for sleeping with their wife. Or a cat fight maybe." He chuckled at the lame joke.

Then a a chill rushed up to his spine. He looked at his brother and see him looking at something. He followed the trail of his gaze on saw 3 identical blonde women who are at the same age as Kisara. Looking at Loki with a predatory gaze and then at him. He swallowed the huge lump in his throat and tugged the collar of his shirt again.
King Volent wrote:Let the ball begin!
Yes. Now I need to get as far away from the blond trio. Lucifer thought with determination but he looked at his companion for the evening. Being the gentleman that his father taught him that a ladies wants and needs always comes first.

"Ria, what would you want to do first?" He asked his blunette companion.

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The palace was all Rianne could imagine and more. She would've been lost staring at all the beautiful craftsmanship her eyes could see, the same way she was enamored by the beautiful craftsmanship put into her gown, that she never thought twice of getting it. All to realize too late that the gown meant for her collection of intricate craftsmanship and not for use, was bought using the sponsorship of the Military for the ball. She didn't had enough time to get her resources to get another gown and had to make do with what she had. Luckily for her the gown also fitted her just fine, but she felt very conscious wearing it. Her skin color melded with the shade of the silk that composes the gown's off shoulder neckline and sleeves, giving the illusion of a plunging neckline instead. She had to compromise using her hair to try and hide the bare factor. She had even drank enough wine before hand so she could steel her nerves for the night ahead.

The light intoxication did well to serve its purpose, Rianne managed to keep her tumultuous emotions in check, but it seems Lucifer was able to pick up her tension. And if not for her tall and handsome escort hand over hers, she might have already bolted when she saw Leandro and Vladimir standing near King Volent. She looked up to at the King, but in the corner of her eyes she could not stop but take a glimpse of her cousins and their family. She felt a pang of pain and fear. Would any of her remaining family including them would actually be happy and proud for her? Standing before King Volent as a soldier and elite protecting Altrus. Deep down she wanted to stand confident with her choices, but right now she was in a mess and needed to put herself together.

This ball is only once in a life time event where I actually could celebrate my hard work... I should just enjoy this! She tried telling herself, or rather her intoxicated self did I'll just worry tomorrow... She gave a light chuckle at Lucifer's joke "I agree with you on that one. I'll make things more interesting."

King Volent's declaration of the start of the ball felt like the first stroke of midnight in Cinderella's story. The last and final stroke came as soon as General Eclair's voice echoed with pride announcing the new soldiers of the training order. Rianne wanted to run away like Cinderella, but she wasn't that desperate to run wearing 6-inch heeled boots. She'd likely embarrass herself and sprain an ankle than simply losing a boot. And like the ending of that fairy tale, even if Cinderella ran away she was still found out by the prince and her family. So what's the use, both her and Cinderella share a similar ending. Rianne knew she was just running in circles and it had to stop sooner or later.

Despite being in her own dilemma, she noticed that Lucifer seemed rather anxious? He had been tugging his collar's shirt twice. And from the sight of it, three ladies in pink were to blame. I guess I'm not the only one who wants to avoid some people in the party. she thought, while gently squeezing her hand wrapped around his arm to get his attention. The small blunette then placed her own free hand over that one he placed on her other hand earlier and patted it gently, just to remind him she's still there, and will try too keep those ladies away. "Unwanted company?" she murmured as she discreetly looked at the three ladies, before turning to her red-head companion.

"Why don't we go somewhere private?" Rianne answered her companion's question, while looking up to him, with a determined look and equally cool tone. Somewhere far from the people we want to avoid bumping into... she mentally added.

"I'm just kidding!" The blunette quickly took back her suggestion, as her face became gentler and brighter. She gave a light laughter before adding her own joke "General Equiste will have our heads, if two of the three elites went missing during the party."

"Then care to join me with some round of drinks?" She asked, or rather suggested. If it was her she'd simply be content watching from the sideline and eating her fill of food and drinks. And maybe talk with Livi or hide behind the nearest column keeping herself away from her cousins. But that would just be unfair for her companion, now wouldn't it.

"Though I'd rather want to know what you have in mind for the party Lucifer." She genuinely asked him with a smile as she looked up to him for answers. Still her hands gently clasped on his arm.
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Niu got his suit from Catherine's Tailoring Shop. He asked Catherine for suggestions and let her choose for him. She was also the first to see his face. This oddly effeminate face. This should be the first time everyone had seen his face. He felt weird not wearing that scarf. Oddly no one reprimanded him for wearing one. He does understand that it might be a bit rude. The generals might have been lenient but the King may not be as lenient as them. And so he didn't wear it only for this occasion. He dressed up for the ball with his neatly combed wavy hair tied in a low ponytail to keep them in place.

After the ceremonious introduction of the king, the soldiers, elites and the generals each went on their own ways. A gathering of the important people within each major noble houses. Niu looked around familiarizing the faces of most people present in the ball. He noticed the Salvatore twins glance at someone from the crowd. Following their gaze it lead to the blonde triplets who seemed to be giggling.

Nobles gathering around, chatting. A sight that can be seen after the king has announced for the ball to begin. Being in the center of attention is something he disliked. Being observed from afar. Nobles looking at the soldiers who will soon be fighting life and death battles with demons.

Becoming an elite should be helpful in getting what he wanted. Information about demons. With his status being second to the generals, he should have the authority he needs.

Looking at his fellow graduates, it seems that everyone had come to the ball in pairs. Well most of them. Rianne and Lucifer, his fellow elites, was beside him. Listening in on their conversation, he also wanted to go somewhere private. He was thinking about it but hearing Rianne's remark about General Equiste getting mad if they were to go missing he shook his head. He decided to just blend in somewhere to avoid their sight. The two seemed to be headed to get more drinks.

Since Elerina was his training partner in their training days, he had become her escort for this ball. He then went to where Elerina was at the far almost end of their line.
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Such a grand event and she finally met the king in person. Livi stood dazed seeming to have forgotten the sadness she bears from her quarrel with Rylen. She looked at her fellow trainees that have graduated. Rianne had Lucifer as her escort. Her eyes searched for Rylen and saw him standing alone. Curious if someone would be with him.

She wanted to just spend the ball in the company of her fellow girls but they seem to have escorts of their own. ‘I wonder who Elerina’s escort would be? If she doesn't have any, I'll go approach her.’ She went to the food table and decided to get a drink of the juice served. “Well this tastes nice. Just hits the spot.” and drank some more.

She felt a knot in her heart. Unsure of what to feel. She doesn’t want to be anywhere near him but at the same time she was hoping that he would do something. It has been almost two months since they had their quarrel. She still couldn’t accept the fact that after all the time they spent together he only saw her as a friend. ‘What kind of friend would let you all those things?’ she was getting irritated at her thought. Unknowingly gripping the glass tightly with a scowl on her face, she looked at the glass and the content was rippling. Her hand was shaking from anger.

She shook her head and reminded herself that she was in a party. It is not a time of moping. So she put on her happy face. She turned her attention back to Rianne and wondered ‘Are they maybe something more? Their pairing is a bit funny.’ She mused to herself.

She just stood by the table and tasted some of the foods. It wasn't everyday she got to see these exquisite foods. She tried to also act in moderation since there were a lot of nobles present.
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