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Character Name: Edward Equiste
Name Pronunciation: /ed-ward e-kIs-te/ ・ "ed-ward e-kis-te"
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 5
Age: 28
Origin: Ponomy City
Family Tree:
Clara Equiste – little sister (24)
Casimir Equiste – father
Esther Equiste – mother
Eclair Equiste – little sister (25)
Character Creation:
Height: 6’5”
Hair Color: Dark Gray
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Light tone
Facial Features: Edward has a scar on his right ear that he got from sparring with Eclair and he has a mole on his lower left chin
Hair Style: Often neatly comb to the sides to make him look professional
Face Appearance: Flat chin with squinted eyes; He has the solemn look of his father and the fierce of his mother
Body Build: He has built up muscles due to his childhood training as well and in order to keep up with Eclair when she was still his apprentice; Ever since his physical power deteriorated due to being sick most of the time, he still manage to save his endurance by running every morning and continues to spar with his little sisters if they have the chance
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Character Profile:
Personality: Edward is submissive when it comes to his little sisters; He’s kind when he wants it and fierce when he needed to be; He likes the company of women a lot; He’s also protective of his family especially when it comes to Eclair since he wants the best for the little sister who saved him from the grieving fate of being born in the Equiste Household
Fashion Sense: He prefers light clothes a lot but Eclair usually dresses him up formally most of the time – except when they spar where he prefers being shirtless
Likes: His little sisters, Books (especially military-related ones), Listening to Eclair’s violin play
Dislikes: Anyone who dislikes his little sisters, Sour food, cooking, anyone who looks down on him because of his health situation
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Animal: N/A
Hobbies: Running, Sparring with his little sisters and Ballroom dancing (with his little sisters)
Strengths: Edward is more inclined in the strategy planning side of the military force owning him a position of being an Advisor; He gives out quick and precise decisions and orders to soldiers and squad leaders; He has a quirky personality that attracts women and men alike and he’s being looked up upon with this; He always jokes about his health a lot making him forget his own situation to avoid self-pity
Weaknesses: He feels inferior to his little sisters because of his health; He feel guilty whenever Eclair goes into battle which makes him pretty much useless since his brain is full of worry instead of planning strategies; He will only be serious around his family and work is not included in his priority making him unstable
Favorite Line: “Don’t you dare lay a finger on my sister.” (With a siscom like him, he’d probably say this to every single creature he meets)
Character Backstory:
Edward was born as the first child of the House of Equiste and was named as the family’s heir the moment he came out of his mother’s womb. But due to his deteriorating physical situation, he was unable to uphold the tradition and the title was given to his little sister, Eclair, instead.

In order to keep up with the activities of a combat house, he still managed to maintain his fighting body in a pace recommended by their family doctor and at the same time, in order for him to keep his hobbies of sparring with his little sisters thinking that it was the only way that he could help them. And, of course, one of the reasons why he would still want to be in a fit fighter is to protect his precious family just in case danger suddenly comes up.

To cover for his loss of the title as the heir, Edward studied hard and focused more on out-of-the-site military activities such as planning strategies to counter their enemies. Most of the time, he often collaborates with the House of Cruciane and House of Fredeliz in order to improve their fighting power with their limited resources.

He was offered a spot as an Advisor when the Training Order has started in order to make full use of his talents for the betterment of the Force. Despite his health, he accepted the offer while thinking that it will be easier for him to look after his little sister and at the same time help her with the current system.
Loki Salvatore – his assistant
Abilities & Power:
Weapon: Sword


Valvor – A skill Edward refers to when he uses his weapon to create a combo attack of thrusting his weapon and creates an after-slash for a couple of times to deal damage; requires great agility and stresses his upper arm a lot

Outstrike – a skill Edward refers to when he uses his weapon to create multiple slashing attacks while turning his body to different directions; he usually uses it during mid-air battles; requires a lot of agility and stresses his upper body

Retract – a skill Edward refers to when he uses his weapon to slash the target’s body and immediately pulls back his weapon to the same direction it came from to create a massive damage and blood loss; he usually use it when encountering demons

Others: Edward specializes most of the time in tanking or directing enemy’s attention with his quirky movements to distract his enemy’s concentration.
  • Edward sees Eclair as his savior by taking over the heavy burden of the Equiste name and sworn to protect her even if it means he will die.
  • He once canceled Eclair’s marriage contract before since he didn’t like the guy that was paired up to his little sister.
  • He once fell in love with a woman whom he met at Tylon and is still bearing feelings for her up until today even though she is already dead due to an illness.
  • His greatest weak point is his mother. Despite Esther being a strict and upright kind of woman, she’s a loving mother to her children which earned so much love and affection from Edward as the eldest son. He was often comforted by his mother when the news came out that his body will not take the stress of being the leader of the combat house.
  • He actually feels guilty for endangering Eclair’s life by having his health problems.
  • He once owned a cat and sees it as his little sister, Clara, most of the time.
  • Edward was trained an all-rounder battle type but prefers to fight with swords for it is convenient for him to wield with one hand.
  • Edward is at his best whenever he fights with Eclair and they have the best combo as a duo so far.
  • Edward once joined an expedition lead by Eclair since he learned that it was a very dangerous one and he doesn’t want his little sister to do it alone.
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