Altrus Military Force

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The Military Force follows an acknowledged hierarchy where the King Volent is the head.

Under him are the ones he has entitled as Generals[1] that wields different kinds of Cursed Weapons[2]. They are the ones that manages squads or teams or missions that was ordered by the King.

Every General is given Elite Soldiers[1] in order to assist them during missions and other aspects of their work and wields Holy Weapons[2].

Elite Soldiers are sometimes given the task to lead teams and squads and serves as a model to the other soldiers.

The remaining numbers of forces are divided into three units namely: Stationary Unit, Defense Unit and Front Line Unit.[1]

The Military Force also makes use of failed trainees into their tactics by making them deliver messages from one base to another which they tend to call Scouts[1].

[1] - Altrus Group Definition
[2] - Types of Weapons
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