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About Agudia Forest [center]
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The forest property is governed by the noble House of Amedea [sup][ [url=]1 [/url]] [/sup] who is mainly in-charge of all agricultural activities within the continent. Agudia serves as the main source of agriculture and the cultivation of food and basic human needs for all people.

[spoiler=Read more:]Agudia Forest is with a true beauty of nature that has been preserved by the Amedeas as long as one can remember. Amadeo, the very first Amedea, took his duty to protect and cultivate the forest very seriously to the point of asking to be buried at the heart of the forest in order to protect it even in the "afterlife". This became a tradition and many more Amedea family members followed the founder's footsteps.

Because of this, the place has been revered as a holy place and is usually believed to be protected by a goddess who was moved by the Amedeas' dedication to the Forest, for after the first attack of demons, the Forest was unharmed.

Only a small community are allowed to live within the Agudia Forest, mostly made of relatives of Amedea and their workers. Permission must first be obtained before entering the forest. Trespassers caught will be punished accordingly.

[b] [color=#fe0]Some of the woods that are found in the forest are as follows: [/color] [/b]

[*] [b]Titanwood [/b]- one of the strongest wood that is said to be as hard as iron. Nearly impervious to flames but very dense and heavy. Even though it is found in abundance in Agudia, it is very expensive as it is a slow-growing tree and the man-power required to fell one is very demanding. Most commonly used by nobles and royals for their residences to ensure a relatively fireproof home.

[*] [b]Lignum wood [/b] - also considered as one of the strongest wood ever existed. It is almost as hard as ironwood but a bit more lighter in terms of weight. Rare and expensive, it is mostly used to create fine furniture, tools, and weapons.

[*] [b]Yew [/b] - an extremely flexible, yet strong wood, making it ideally suited for use in archery bows. Also used for furniture and musical instruments. Fairly common and inexpensive.

[*] [b]Marblewood [/b] - a type of wood that resembles marble. It is usually used for decorative furniture and flooring.

[*] [b]Oak [/b] - a common and fairly durable wood. Fairly inexpensive and commonly used by common folks for housing and furniture.

[*] [b]Cottonwood [/b]- a non-durable and cheap wood commonly used for utility purposes such as crates. It is also used by the more poorer folks in Altrus for their housing needs.

[b] [color=#fe0]Some of the games that are found in the forest are as follows: [/color] [/b]

[*] [b]White Hart [/b] - a very elusive animal now decreed by the Amedeas as endangered and can only be found within Agudia Forest. These beautiful creatures used to thrive throughout Altrus but has long since been hunted to near extinction due to their beautiful hide/pelt or decorative antlers. The rumors of these creatures being holy and that possessing one of its hooves would give protection against evil did not help its case. Hunting this creature is strictly prohibited.

[*] [b]Common Hart [/b] - a male adult red deer hunted for its hide, antlers and meat. Its antlers must have at least 10 tines to be viable for hunting. Its hide is very expensive because it produces the best leather which can be wet and dried over and over and will always conform back to its original condition. It can be used for almost any garment because of its soft and supple properties. The meat is also considered to be high quality and thus very expensive. Mostly afforded by nobles and royals.

[*] [b]Boar [/b] - commonly hunted for its meat and hide. Its hide ranges from high to medium cost and is a good alternative to deerskin. Meat is still fairly expensive for meat standards. Common folk usually buy it only on special occasions.

[*] [b]Alligators [/b]- commonly hunted for its hide. Fairly expensive. It produces top quality leather that is commonly used for armors and weapons as well as fine shoes and other accessories.

[*] [b]Snakes [/b]- commonly hunted for its hide. High to medium price. Commonly used for shoes and other accessories.

[*] [b]Bears [/b]- less commonly hunted because of the strict population control the Amedeas impose. Bears have low reproduction rate and irresponsible hunting might lead them to extinction. Because of this, their pelts are actually in demand and can get very expensive due to the fact that nobles and royals generally love having rare items to brag about. The House of Amedea only allows Bear Hunting for one month towards the end of autumn annually.

[*] [b]Wolves [/b]- commonly hunted for their skins, or as pets to protect livestock or properties. Its pelt also fetches a fair price especially in the colder months.

[*] [b]Exotic birds: Pheasants, quail, thrushes, etc. [/b] - commonly hunted for their meat. Considered a delicacy for the nobles [/list] [/spoiler]
[spoiler=List of Places and Landmarks]
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The Agudia Forest is currently divided into two estates between two branches of the Amedea House. These are the Eastern Estate and the Western Estate. The two estates work together to maintain the forest and protect it from trespassers like poachers, bandits and illegal loggers.

[list] [*] [b] [big] [color=#fe0]Agudia Forest Eastern Estate [/color] [/big] [/b]
Head: [b] [color=#090]Caithe Arbore-Montgomery [/color] [/b]

Located in the Eastern part of Agudia Forest which had more plain areas than the Western Part, this estate primarily deals with Farming and some Forestry.

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[*] [color=#090] [b]Villa Sole [/b] [/color]- Residence for the Amedea relatives in charge of the Agudia Forest Eastern Estate.
[*] [color=#090] [b]Sun Village [/b] [/color] - A tiny village surrounding Villa Sole, where workers of eastern estate are allowed to live.
[*] [color=#fe0] [b] [big]Agudia Forest Western Estate [/big] [/b] [/color]
Head: [b] [color=#090]Cassandra Landry-Solen, co-headed by Gilligan Solen [/color] [/b]

Located in the Western part of Agudia Forest which was more mountainous than the Eastern Part, this estate primarily deals with Forestry and Hunting.

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[list] [*] [color=#090] [b]Villa Luna [/b] [/color] - Residence for the Amedea relatives in charge of the Agudia Forest Western Estate.
[*] [color=#090] [b]Moon Village [/b] [/color] - A tiny village surrounding Villa Luna, where workers of western estate are allowed to live. [/list]
[*] [color=#090] [b]Mount Dejanira (day-hah-knee-rah) [/b] [/color]
The tallest mountain and volcano in Altrus named after the Altrusian Goddess of Earth and the patron goddess of Agudia. Its last eruption has been forgotten in time and is not recorded in any tomes. It is fronted by two smaller mountains named after the children of the goddess.

[*] [color=#090] [b]Mount Helia (hel-ya) [/b] [/color]
The mountain fronting Mount Dejanira on the east side. It is named after the Goddess of the Sun

[*] [color=#090] [b]Helia Falls [/b] [/color]
A cascading waterfall located in Mount Helia

[*] [color=#090] [b]River Helia [/b] [/color]
A river flowing from Mount Helia and running through the eastern part of Agudia Forest. It flows into an underground lake beneath a small mountain at the Northern end of Agudia.

[*] [color=#090] [b]Mount Allain (ah-lane) [/b] [/color]
The mountain fronting Mount Dejanira on the west side. It is named after the God of Moon.

[*] [color=#090] [b]Sacred Burial Grounds [/b] [/color]
The resting place of generations of Amedea kinsfolk, located deep in the heart of Agudia Forest, right at the foot of Mount Dejanira and between Mounts Helia and Allain. It is an admittedly eerie and unnatural place where the trees feel like they have eyes. This place is alternately referred to as the Amedea Grove because the trees in this area are actual grave markers for each deceased, planted at the time of their burial. The trees in this area are obviously off-limits cutting.

[*] [color=#090] [b]Amadeo’s Tree [/b] [/color]
At the far end of the cemetery stands an unusually gigantic willow oak tree, towering over every tree in the area. It is the resting place of the first Amedea Head.

[*] [color=#090] [b]Synare Falls (sai-nah-re) [/b] [/color]
Falling from Mount Dejanira, it is the widest and tallest waterfall in Altrus. The waterfall spills into Synare Spring.

[*] [color=#090] [b]Synare Spring [/b] [/color]
A large spring in the northern part of Agudia Forest, it sits right at the foot of Mount Dejanira and flows into Synare River and into the Northern Sea.

[*] [color=#090] [b]Agudia River [/b] [/color]
A large river that primarily runs through the Western and Southern part of Agudia. It flows out into the Western Sea and runs halfway through the length of Western Altrus. It is filled with aquatic life including vicious creatures like alligators, giant snakes and large rare fishes. Travellers from Antar Port wanting to cross into Agudia Forest will have to cross this river whichever route they take. The shortest route is north-east straight from Altrus Port, and through the mountain pass though it is only accessible during fair weathers because Agudia River is quick to overflow. [/list]
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