Samsung Syncmaster 997mb 19' monitor

Samsung Syncmaster 997mb 19' monitor

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June 22nd, 2015, 9:38 pm #1

Hello there, I own a Samsung syncmaster 997mb 19' crt monitor and these last days it started to have a problem: sometimes it can't be turned on the normal way; the green led doesn't even light up, or if I manage to start it it shuts off. Even when it's in standby and the computer starts up, it sometimes happen to start for a second and then shuts off completly.
If I pull out it's VGA cord and leave it like that, it usualy turns on by itself after some while and it works normaly when I plug in the VGA cord and it can be used for hours without any flaw, it even enters standby mode and comes out like it should.

I suspect the issue to be somewhere in the power supply area, did some measurings here and there but the voltage seems to oscilate a bit too much to be normal, mainly at the main transformator there that provides 80/40/12/7 volts. Somehow when it starts the voltage stabilizes and it works normaly.

After the monitor ran for a couple of hours, i can switch it on and off without any issue.

I have to mention here another symptom encountered a few days ago: I turn on the PC and the monitor while in standy it starts to switch on and off every second or so; I could hear the relay inside clicking at that pace and the led blinked just the same, but no image watsoever. Had to replug it to the outlet and it reseted to normal functioning mode.