Philips proj. TV ( 55" Model: 55PP9401) Convergence problem

Philips proj. TV ( 55" Model: 55PP9401) Convergence problem

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Red color was a bit shifted to the right and assuming it is a convergence problem, I bought pair of Convergence IC's STK392-110 from Electrnix store for $5.95 ea and replaced them on the convergence board. However, during de-soldering the original IC's, I accidently cut the top of one small disc ceramic capacitor which is across a resistor. There are other two similar capacitors for other two channels. I did not know what the value of this capacitor was, so I did some digging. I ran into a Hitachi application note with STK392-110 IC's, the value was indicated as 150pf. But no voltage rating. So I bought 150pf cap with 1KV rating and installed on the board. Now when I turned the TV on to see if everything was fixed or not, I found pwr/on-off light blinking red on the front panel but no picture. Before I could watch the picture and now nothing. I called Philips customer support and they told me they can not sell any part, schematic to me because I am not in this business. So I don't know what to do next except ask your help in this forum. My questions are the followings,

1. Are $5.95/ea IC's STK392-110 real or fake? if yes, where should I buy them?
2. What is the value of the capacitor and voltage rating, which got damaged by me?
3. From where I can buy the whole new convergence board? I tried every where but no luck.