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USSTREAM Live Web Chats : Consolidated

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March 21st, 2011, 7:41 pm #1

USSTREAM MARCH 23, 2011 Taylor Talks 8:00 EST

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1. Going to be working in several cities , for the new CD, the restaurant and for new TV opportunities Lots of traveling.

2. Taylor will not be growing his facial hair because of allergies, but maybe if it gets really cold.

3. Ore , why the name . Iron ore is significant to the people of Birmingham as it was how the city got started. Wanted a place that was synonomous with B'ham . Restaurnants are tough to get off the ground .
Ore does events , power points etc.

4. Summer festivals..........he will be doing some . Just got a call to do one, but can't tell us yet.
May will be big for his tour. West coast, Atlanta, Cincy, North east , Southhwest. Florid There are some he can't tell us about until the contracts are signed.

5. At some point , Taylor will be signing new talent.

6. Taylor has already started writing for the CD ... he can't tell us and can't tell us about the producer yet. There could be a duet on this CD.

7. Taylor can take his time on this CD ............this is the first time for that.

8. The right timing has to be perfect for a Christmas CD .......maybe he will.

9. MYS , who is recording it ... That person will have to tell us that.

10. He is playing golf.....loves it.

11. The picture behind him is by Frenchy , a NewOrleans artist of Taylor and the Band.

12. We will have to see whether he will be on Idol this year.

13. Taylor has had general meetings with all the major networks and he has gone on auditions for some TV pilots. He is taking acting lessons. He is enjoying the ride

14. Taylor can't tell us who his favorite Idol contestant is ...............wouldn't be fair.

15. Favorite Beer: Fat Tire and Original Coors

16. Taylor celebrated ST. Pat's Day watching B'ball in a nice hotel.

17. Taylor will be signing autographs as often as he can ...........He wants to sell merchandise.

18. Taylor is a Christian

19. Won't tell us if he is dating.

20. Boomfiya is just a word meaning great stuff ????

21. When Taylor is doing the CD in Nashville, he plans on playing with friends there . Hopes to play the Ryman again.

22. Taylor says he has been fortunate to be able to sit in with some great musicians.

23. Hopes to be in the Regions Golf this year.

24. Taylor might be a contestant on X-Factor ????

25. Taylor taught himself how to play the listening to sounds

26. Willy's in Memphis has the best Cheeseburgers

27. White Chocolate Macadamia cookie is his favorite.

28. First record Taylor ever bought..............he really doesn't know.

29. Blue is his favorite color.

30. Loves stone ground grits .......

31. Wearing Tom Ford and Hugo Boss

32. Taylor does not wear cologne.

33. There will be concerts in June.

34. Taylor does play the lottery

35. Hopes to see Rod Stewart again .

36. Liz Taylor's death: A classy woman who did a lot for humanity through her outreach Aids programs

37. Gerry Rafferty : Loved him . He will never be forgotten

38. Taylor loves to tweet and does it often when he as blocks of time

39. More Riding Shotgun will be up and running soon. He has some great ones for us.

40. Taylor loves everyone ...........God bless

December 14, 2010 - Treating his fans to another USStream Web Chat ... 5106_notif

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1. In Nashville now having some meetings

2. Miracle on 42nd St. is his favorite Christmas Movie

3. guest appearances on new CD ...he will try

4. You have to have a vehicle to move your product, but this time he is going to let the product dictate the vehcils.

5. He does have nightmares about stalking people.

6. Boxer / briefs

7. Can't tell about his tV and film projects because of promotion deals. He can't tell us all his secrets . He must tell them at the right time and in the right vehicles.

8. Christmas list is finding a place to live.

9. Loves DateNut Bars

10. Dancing with the Stars is in the works.

11. He has used the Boogie Board Cookbook.

12.Bill Will is doing well.

13. Will probably do NaughtyNNice show at some point.

14. Anders Osbourne ........loves him and will be playing with him on the crukse

15. How did riding shotgun start. Started using the flip cam and thinks it is a great way of letting fans see what happens behind the scenes. He will put them all together on his You Tube Channel.

16. He did record the Workplay show.

17. He thinks being musically versatile is essental.

18. He likes to keep up with the social sites that he feels spoils the fans. As a fan , we can get things instantaneously

19. Misses the cast of Grease. Plans on going to New York and seeing the people who are now doing other Braoadway shows.

20. Drinks Jack Daniels and Crown.

21. Limited edition Christmas T-shirt sold at the next couple of days , he is going to give all of us
all a chance to buy them online . He has autographed all of the ones that are left and he will send us a link to buy them.

22. He designs all his own T-shirts..........

23. He wishes us a great holiday , a Merry Christmas and great New Year. He is excited about 2011 as there will be some great things going on.

24. He will be having more Twitter Parties .

25. Loves to shop at Walmart

26. He has some more gigs coming up.

27. Uses Aveeno shampoo

Epcot in 2011.......Yes.

He has more Riding Shotgun coming.

Epcot in 2011.......Yes.

He has more Riding Shotgun coming.

August 3, 2010 - Streaming webchat for fans and sharing his thoughts on the inspiration behind his music.

August 26, 2010 - Thrilling his fans with a USStream Web Chat

Taylor has recorded some of his songs on the tour ( live cuts ) and put them together.

What is he going to do after the tour: relax because it has been a whirlwind. looking forward to Ftl Walton Beach and the Veterans show

September shows : some private events . Wants to come to Canada again.

On the Jam Cruise , he is going to be a floating musician that plays with lots of bands. He will be playing harp .

Would he host betcha

Will be reading some film and TV scripts during his break

Taylor is trying to get to Tampa and to Oregon.

He doesn't have a date for the Biography channel yet........should be in the fall.

Taylor was going to be on the Hoff Roast : He was going to come out crying like Hoff did at the AM. IDol final . It almost got on.

Favorite NFL Team . Any Defensive style team . Ravens/ Patriots.

Likes Lady Antibellum

Likes the name BANDIT for the bus but hasn't named it yet.

He might record a version of BULLETPROOF , just for us.

He doesn't use a pick on his guitar.

Going to try to do the uSStream chats more often

This is why I will never get a camera phone or camera attached to my computer. LOL

February 25, 2010 - Having his first USStream Web Chat for his fans

Little tidbits of information:

1. He will be doing gigs and festivals this summer
2. He will be in Nashville this summer
3. He will be playing with Rascal Flatts during his stay in Milwaukee
4. He has a TV deal pending ..........
5. Maybe You Should is being "peddled" in Nashville and is on hold for a country singer
6. He will probably be at Epcot again next year.I think the DWTS comment was "tongue in cheek".........

7. He will be doing a gig before Grease ends
8. Delbert McClinto taught Paul McCartney how to play the harmonica , on Love, Love Me Do. I9. No he would not date twins at the same time Visit taylorhicks.ning for more information.

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July 27th, 2011, 11:50 am #2

USSTREAM CHAT with Taylor on July 27, 2011 8:00pm EST

1. Working on new record and Keb Mo is going to be a big help with it. Taylor has been looking forward to having his input.
Taylor wants to take time to really do the right thing in the studio......he doesn't want the sense of emergency to interfer with the song writing process.
Keb Mo is a great mentor for Taylor as he has been with Taylor since Idol.....some of the Idol song choices were as a result of Keb's advice.
Taylor wants to collect as many great songs as possible. Keb is producing ?????The songs will be those that he can emotionally identify with..........

2. Yes , he is doing television.: he has some offers .......Ideas being kicked around the CIAA offices and he has auditioned , but the process is slow .....

3. Taylor is taking acting lessons from Carl Ford......... Ford founded Black Nexxus in 1996 and is dedicated to the artistic expression of truth through the stories we tell, the images we create and the education we aim to provide. He is excited about the lessons. He has only done one audition in his life and that was American Idol , but he is auditioning in New York and Los Angeles.

4. Looking forward to football and being in Nashville may become a Tennesse Titan fan

5. Some new concert dates may be in the offering for Aug. Sept. Oct. and Nov. He will be doing spot dates, charity events and private gigs

6. Musically and creatively, Taylor doesn't want to rush . He doesn't want to push things to get done. He wants to do the CD, learn about the process and be patient about the recording process.

7. Questions from the Twitter Account:

a. Taylor has not been to Alaska and Hawaii to perform . He has been to Hawaii though.
b. Taylor is still interested in Dancing with The Stars. He is going to keep us guessing.
c. Taylor drives himself most places. He will not tell us what type of car. He gets a driver when he is performing. When he was in Grease , he did not drive for about 18 months was weird when he drove again. He likes to drive fast.
d. Taylor never met Amy Winehouse. He is saddened about her lost. Taylor feels Amy was one of the few artists to bridge the old soul with the modern soul. She had such a great voice. Taylor talks about Amy and how she died. Interesting point of view.
e. Taylor wants us to get more twitter followers. He thinks he is funny and people should follow him.
f. Loves Adele's music . Taylor says that all of the old sounds are coming back .because the demo that buys the most records have never heard this sound. ( 16 to 30 yrs. ). Music is cyclical.
g. Taylor sings Do I Creep You Out often .................. sure he does. joke, joke.
h. Phone rings and Taylor answers it ............ no one there
i. American Idol earnings ......... how accurate is the Forbes Magazine aritcle. ........ it is slanted to their agenda and Forbes does not have the numbers . They do NOT KNOW.
j. Vitamin D milk and choc. Quick mixed is his guilty pleasure.
k. Taylor is thrilled for Javier and his win on The Voice
l. ORE is doing well. Cleve Eaton is a regular performer there.


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January 28th, 2012, 11:52 pm #3

Live Web Chat with Taylor Hicks
February 9, 2012 from 8pm to 8:30pm EST – USTREAM

1. Great week of writing for new CD.

2. Using Droid from a friend for this chat.

3. Shinerbok Beer is the beer of choice

4. Living in Nashville and working with different writers ( Gary Nicolson , Keb Mo, Marcus Hummon , Jason Deere, Dave Berg )

5. Has 4 or 5 songs completed for the new CD / about half finished

6. After the CD is complete he will be touring in the South/ N. East. and take craxy run across America. Will also go to other countries ( Japan/ Indonesia/ Canada

7. It is pilot season now and Taylor will be going to L.A. to audition for TV and film roles . He is still taking acting lessons

8. The CD will have some country flavor to the songs, but it is the vocal sound that will carry the CD.

9. If he played football he would be a wide receiver . His favorites are Randy Moss, Jerry Rice and others

10. Taylor would consider co-headling a tour.

11. Taylor owns 30 pair of shoes / many of them boots

12. He would like to do The Jimmy Fallon Show to promote his new CD when the time is right.

13. He hopes to go to Tin Pan South Activities in Nashville. this year.

14. He has done Valentine 's shopping for Grandma Joni

15. His favorite pizza topping is pepperoni and black olives.

16. Yes, he can cook and does it a lot

17. There will be new merchandize for the new CD and new Tour

18. If Charles Barkly runs for Governor of Ala. , Taylor will be his Lt. Governor.

19. Taylor recommends the Alabama Shakes as a band to listen to.

20. He would be interested in going on The Celebrity Apprentice

21. The line that should not be crossed by fans is PERSONAL STUFF

22. Ray and LaMott are still swimming at his parent's home

23. There will be a vido and a single for his new CD.

24. He has no preshow ritual - it is kind of second nature to him to perform on stage.

25. When asked to name a movie title that discribed his sex life , he answered , "Big"

26. Texasville is one of his favorite books

27. A possible Elvis cover Christmas CD ??? ( Let's hope )

28. Taylor will be appearing on Good Morning Alabama ( Fox ) on Thursday March 1, 2012 to discuss American Idol
He will also be having an American Idol Party at Ore ( details to be announced )
On Feb. 24, 2012 , Taylor will perform on Fox Tennessee Morning Show



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June 15th, 2012, 7:06 pm #4

USSTREAM Live Chat ... ylor-hicks

Join a live web chat with Taylor Hicks on Tuesday, June 19, 2012!

.Taylor Hicks will be doing a live web chat for fans on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 8 PM Eastern / 7 PM Central / 6 PM Mountain / 5 PM Pacific. Join Taylor for this live web chat, just one week prior to Taylor's first performance at Bally's Las Vegas!

Due to a change in Taylor Hicks' travel schedule, the live web chat scheduled for Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 8 PM Eastern has been postponed. Please stay tuned for an announcement regarding the rescheduling of this live web chat.

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August 11th, 2012, 12:30 am #5

USSTREAM LIVE CHAT : ... ylor-hicks

Thursday August 16, 2012 at 8 PM EST

Although Taylor has been busy performing at Bally's Las Vegas this summer, he wanted to reschedule his live web chat with fans during his run at Bally's!

1. Love his musicians and the Cesar's group are great. There is a great chemistryamong the band . Getting towards the homestretch with this particular run. An awesome experience for Taylor and the band.

2. The Indigo is such a wonderful venue. It was a chore to get the lighting and sound ourrect but everything is great now.

3. Most interesting thing about Vegas : People watching . The depaucheray that is created . It is made up of some really great people. People are on vacation and it is fu.

4. Taylor looks tired: last night Taylor was out to see Frankie Moreno again and he stays up late.
Went to Surrender with some friends.

5. Any musicians in Vegas that have inspired him? Frankie Moreno. He hasn't been to see Celince Dion as yet. His old bus driver was Celine's bus driver. He understands Celine is a fan

6. Any good golfing ? You can't golf in 115 degree weather. He has his clubs but he can't in the summer time. If he stays in Vegas, he will play later in the year.

7. Does he still have the Ray bubblehead doll . Taylor didn't want to take it on the road as he wants to keep it forever.

8. Does Taylor have a preshow ritual? No he doesn't. He just goes out and plays music.

9. Any interaction with Idol for the next season./ He thinks there might be something in the works.

10. Favorite restaurant in Vegas.? Likes the Bally's Steakhouse . Bouchant for French food.

11. Does Taylor ever go to Atlantic City? He will probably play some casinos next summer there.

12. Any chance of a DVD release from Vegas? Thee is always that possibility .....hopefully there is the opportunity to record something . In such an intimate venue, Taylor doesn't want video and he wants to put together a recordable deal.

13. Is Taylor going to any football this season? He is playing in Bridgeport also the Auburn/LSU tailgate game at the Civic Center. Possibly going to some Alabama games.

14. The most nerve wreaking thing he has done is sing the National Anthem becuase he wants to get it right .

15. Who wins the SEC this year ? The Bally's sports book is downstair . He thinks it will be a tossup between LSU and Alabama .....maybe South Carolina. Taylor just wants the SEC to win the national championship.

16. Paula Deen called him "a pretty man". He loved doing the show.He family is so genuine.

17. He hopes that EPCOT will again be on the horizon.

18. Van Morrison is the man who made him the most nervous. He was so thrilled to meet him. Joe Cocker was also great.

19. What song did Taylor like to sing as a child? The Gambler and I Love a Rainy Night

20. Taylor is going to meet Wayne Newton sometime . He is eager to meet him.

21. Is Taylor winning in Vegas? He is about even at this point. A casino becomes like an office

22. What is the strangest thing he finds when he googles his name............... no real answer to that one ......maybe his Easter Bunny costume.

23. Taylor has not been to the bunny ranch and probably will not go there.

24. Taylor is a spiritual person . He is blessed with all God has given him.

25. Show in Vegas: Going to the Elvis Show. Jubilee was awesome. Loved the O . Loved Jersey Boys ..

26. Sao Paulo Brazil ..........maybe

Taylor is flying writers in to Vegas and he is in the process of putting the record together. "Teach Me to Dance" will be entered into his setlist soon.

28. Taylor does listen to music from complete unknowns ..............wants to find songs he loves regardless of the songwriter.

29. Touring after the CD gets completed.

30. Does he feel like he has reached his life's goals? No there is more of everything/ Film , TV , marriage .

31. Shopping? Some great malls in Vegas. He will be shopping for shoes while there.

32. Haven't seen Paulie D in Vegas but did see The Situation .