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Anonymous said...
Thanks for featuring Taylor Hicks. A great musician! His harp playing is amazing!

16 July 2011 23:21

shaunWOH said...
Thanks for leaving a comment. Could not agree more, very talented musician, and a great harmonica player : )

16 July 2011 23:39

Anonymous said...
When Taylor adds harp to a song it is like double icing on the cake. Check out "Rough God Goes Riding" at Glen Falls, NY on YouTube.

16 July 2011 23:43

shaunWOH said...
Thanks for the tip, "Rough God Goes Riding" YouTube video added : )

16 July 2011 23:50

June Mooney said...
Taylor Hicks is the best in CONCERT!!!Junebug

16 July 2011 23:51

shaunWOH said...
Would love to see him live : )

16 July 2011 23:53

chill said...
Thanks for the post on Taylor Hicks!! Awesome musician!

17 July 2011 00:00

Anonymous said...
Thanks for featuring Taylor!..he is awesome!!!!

17 July 2011 00:04

Wonder said...
Taylor is one of the finest blues harp players of our time. He consistently surrounds himself with top-notch musicians and always puts on one hell of a live show. Thanks so much for featuring him!

17 July 2011 00:07

TF72 said...
It's great to see Taylor featured in this way. He knows how to make that harmonica sing!

17 July 2011 00:14

Lee said...
Thank you for featuring Taylor Hicks and using my photos. Taylor is a great musician, performer and harp player. WOH is a Great site!

17 July 2011 00:16

shaunWOH said...
WoW ! This is a WOH record ! Most Popular Post in Last 7 Days. In under 40 minutes : )

And makes the WOH Most Popular Posts All Time TOP 10 in under 45 minutes. It's a new WOH Record !

17 July 2011 00:21

Anonymous said...
Taylor is a great harmonica player! You guys need to lure him to England to play for you guys!

17 July 2011 00:22

shaunWOH said...
would be nice : )

17 July 2011 00:25

san said...
Thanks for featuring Taylor Hicks. You made a good choice for your site. No one can touch him on harmonica! His first one was a $2 one from a flea market!

17 July 2011 00:41

penney1115 said...
This is great Taylor is awesome :).

17 July 2011 00:46

shaunWOH said...
I have to thank Lee above for posting pictures on the Facebook page. Which inspired me to research Taylor Hicks. And what a wonderful musician : )

17 July 2011 01:03

oldiebutgoodie said...
You could not have picked a better subject with which to open your site. If you check YouTube there are a LOT of videos featuring Taylor on harmonica. Here are two more for your collection: Seven Mile Breakdown-from the recent Bama Rising charity concert for Alabama tornado victims:


and "Where I'm From (Alabama Frame of Mind" done in 2008 at another charity benefit:


Thanks again soo much for featuring the leader of the Soul Patrol!!!

17 July 2011 01:09

Anonymous said...
One more, totally different side of Taylor - more harp. Last one, I promise! ;-)


Taylor and his band of brothers...

17 July 2011 01:16

shaunWOH said...
Most popular Posts Of All Time. Steve Tyler has been on the top spot for almost 3 months. Already in just over 2 hours Taylor Hicks is the 2nd most Popular Post Of All Time : )

17 July 2011 01:17

Gr8fulheart said...
Taylor is a MUST to see live! Singer~Performer~Musician~Harp Player~ & all-around Nice Guy! They don't come any better!
Thanx for featuring an extremely unique Artist♥

17 July 2011 01:20

Anonymous said...
So glad you took the time to find out about this great musician. A lot of people still don't know this side of him and how accomplished he is as a harmonica player. His live shows are amazing.

17 July 2011 01:28

Anonymous said...
Love your site. Love watching Taylor and his amazing harp. Thanks for sharing.

17 July 2011 01:33

shaunWOH said...
thanks everyone for all your lovely comments, and extra youtube links which have been added : )

17 July 2011 01:44

Louise said...
What a great tribute to Taylor Hicks. Playing the harp is one of Taylor's specialties. Always love to see him bring the harp out and tag a new song into another song.
The videos are great but you must see him live!

Thanks for honoring Taylor, he's so deserving!

17 July 2011 02:12

Karenlyn said...
Adding my Thanks too. He is amazing isn't he? By far, my favorite artist to come along in a long time. If you ever get a chance to see him live, please do, fantastic live performer.... posting one of my fav. harp vids.. this is a couple years old.. Karen C.

17 July 2011 02:17

Anonymous said...
Taylor Hicks is an amazing, man entertainer and leader of the SP!!!!!!!!

17 July 2011 02:22

Anonymous said...
This is the Taylor Hicks people need to see. Forget the "Idol" label...This is Taylor Hicks!!!!

17 July 2011 02:33

Anonymous said...
Taylor is one of the best live performers I've ever seen. I hope you get a chance to see him soon.

17 July 2011 02:37

JJ said...
Thanks for the feature on Taylor Hicks! He's the first player that I ever saw using harmonica feedback like a guitarist would. As in this video at 8:10:

17 July 2011 02:59

Margaret said...
Did you know that Taylor Hicks had his own issue of a Hohner, packaged with his picture on it?
Also, Taylor played harmonica on the American Idol Finale in '06 before any other contestants were ever allowed to play an instrument on the show.
Taylor promotes harmonica every time he gets a chance. You chose well!

17 July 2011 03:08

Anonymous said...
Taylor Hicks is an amazing entertainer, one of the best. His harp playing is sensational and he uses it to highlight his energetic performances. I've not followed others like I follow Taylor in his music and his joy of giving, sharing with others. He really respects his fellow musicians and I hope sometimes he will play across the pond in England. Glad to see others discoveer him.

17 July 2011 03:08

marymagdalene said...
Not only did Taylor play the harmonica on his AI Finale in 2006, he first played his harmonica on AI back when he found out that he was going to be part of the Top 24!

Who could EVER forget THAT incredible Green Mile walk???

17 July 2011 03:22

juliegr said...
Glad you included Taylor Hicks and his amazing harmonica talent on your site. He bought his first harmonica at a flea market when he was a teenager and taught himself to play the harmonica by mimicking the sounds from various everyday noises. His musical genius brought him a loyal following of fans who appreciate both his singing, guitar, and harmonica skills. His band members are fantastic and add to the enjoyment at every concert.

Thanks for featuring Taylor Hicks in your latest issue.

17 July 2011 03:22

BabyDoll said...
Love, Love, Love Taylor Hicks!! Don't believe the image from the critical media just cause his hair is not the usual color. He is a very talented musician, entertainer, and true artist on the harmonica. Great choice for your feature, and I'm sure you can see that he has many fans who follow him all around the country for concerts. He is truly a amazing soul, and does it for the love of music. Best decision you have made to feature Taylor!!!

17 July 2011 04:52

oldiebutgoodie said...
This performance shows how Taylor uses the harmonica to bring out his "romantic ballad" stylings-He was promoting his memoir "Heart Full of Soul" on "The View" and gave this performance from his Idol CD- a song that was pitched to Ray Charles but was never performed previously:

Trust us-its a Soul Patrol fan fave:

Taylor Hicks sings The Right Place on The View:


17 July 2011 06:33

Marts said...
I've loved the harmonica since my Dad played when I was young and Taylor is one of the best I have heard. I want to check out all on your list.

17 July 2011 07:21

Anonymous said...
Taylor is a musician's musician. He is always trying to improve himself in every way. He lives to learn it seems even when we think he can't get any better he somehow does. He surrounds himself with the best band members and when I say best I don't mean just talent wise but in every way just like Taylor.

That harmonica of his (well I should say harmonicas since he has them in all keys) can just about talk to you. He can make it joyful, romantic, rocking, sad, and just plain more beautiful than any instrument you've ever heard. It adds so much to the song because it literally speaks to you -- amazing.

I love the choice of videos that my fellow Soul Patrollers have sent to you but I am particularly fond of the Rough God Goes Riding from Glens Falls, NY since I was there and was left breathless.

Thank you again for featuring Taylor.


17 July 2011 07:53

shaunWOH said...
WoW ! thanks again Folks, for the comments. And just to let you know. Taylor Hicks, knocks Steve Tyler of his 3 months on top as MOST POPULAR POST OF ALL TIME in just 12 hrs.

17 July 2011 11:47

Anonymous said...
How very nice to see this that's for sure. Taylor is an amazing performer. He just gets better each time I see him. When he pulls out that harp I turn to mush. From a Taylor fan Thank you!! :D

17 July 2011 13:28

Anonymous said...
LMAO at the lovely airbrushed pic from People magazine! What a stud. Thanks for featuring Taylor. So many don't see the amazing talent he is! He is a true live musician.

17 July 2011 14:41

cinfy said...
Taylor is an amazing Harmonica player. I never noticed much when a harmonica was played in a sing. But after Taylor I now notice any time a song uses Harmonica in it. I love when Taylor plays harp and love he is featured here.

17 July 2011 15:53

LilSuzyRN said...
No doubt about it - Taylor Hicks is an insane harmonica player! The video clips highlight his uncanny ferociousness on the harp. Can you believe this guy taught himself to play?!! I can't even think of one musician right now who can actually get down on the harmonica as well as Taylor can - no seriously...not one!

P.S. Insane harp player = chick magnet

17 July 2011 16:54

Jewell49 said...
Taylor Hicks puts on an amazing live show and is one kick ass harmonica player. Perfect pick for your blog. Thank you!

17 July 2011 16:57

Anonymous said...
Love Taylor's live Concerts. Thank you.

17 July 2011 17:11

Anonymous said...
You leave Taylor's concerts with a smile on your face. Then you feel this need in your heart and soul to see him again, like NOW! I've NEVER had this experience with any other performer.

Taylor and the "BEEZ"......y'all.


17 July 2011 18:41

Anonymous said...
Thanks for all the great Taylor videos...he is a phenominal live performer.

17 July 2011 20:30

Connie Leinicke said...
Real musicians have known all along that Taylor Hicks is the real deal musically and a "virtuoso" harmonica talent regarding tonal quality, range, and clarity. Few can match his ability. Despite how or where he was "discovered" by the masses, he should be taken seriously.

18 July 2011 00:31

Eve said...
I am grinning from ear-to-ear as I read through these posts. These people know what they are talkin about! Taylor's musicianship is unmatchable. Pure Magic!
'Have Harp~Will Travel'. He packs one wherever he goes. On stage; you will Know when he is ready to 'whip it out & wail' away. THE LOOK appears; & we all Know what is about to happen.
OMG~get to a live performance soon! Taylor never disappoints!

18 July 2011 04:01

medolark said...
Not much left to say except ditto, ditto, ditto! I can only echo the opinions expressed here re: Taylor Hicks as a musician, singer and all around exceptional entertainer. His shows never disappoint and his harp playing! Thanks. Ü

18 July 2011 05:54

Anonymous said...
After countless concerts (seriously, I lost count), I have to agree that Taylor Hicks on the harp of his has murdered me, resurrected me, and murdered me yet again -- in the best way possible. I can't wait for mey next reincarnation! :-)

KatfromNYNJ / kaitlin45

18 July 2011 12:31

tishlp said...
Thanks for featuring Taylor Hicks on your blog. I have been following his career since he won American Idol and was so surprised when I found his music from earlier in his career. It really opened my eyes to the depth of his talent beyond what he was able to show on that program. One of my all time favorite performances featuring Taylor's harp skills is from a concert in Atlanta, GA at a venue called Smith's Olde Bar. Taylor and his band performed a cover of Bill Wither's Ain't No Sunshine. Here is a link to the audio, the harp solo begins at the 3:21 mark:

The complete set from that concert can be download at this link:

Thanks again for featuring Taylor Hicks.

18 July 2011 14:09

Anonymous said...
I was just told about this site and this page for Taylor Hicks. He really is that damn good. Can't wait to delve into all the artists you have blogged about. My first bf turned me onto the harmonica thru The J. Geils Band. Big fan of theirs and Taylor's. So many want to brush Taylor off...see him live first, then try to!

18 July 2011 21:04

Anonymous said...
I know you will love this video!!!!

Taylor Hicks Dust My Broom with Billy Earl McClelland at Workplay


18 July 2011 21:21

hairdresser25667 said...
Taylor Hicks is a super awesome harp player. thanks for featuring him.

21 July 2011 00:46

pboyers said...
Taylor is one of today's best harmonica players. When he pulls out his harp, you know you're in for a good time. I can't wait to see him live again! Thanks for the spot! You Rock!

21 July 2011 13:31
Anonymous said...
Taylor is the consummate harp artist. Thanks for highlighting his abilities.


Gypsee said...
Can't thank you enough for this fantastic site to honor those artists who are masters at the harmonica. Taylor Hicks is among the finest of these and I so appreciate you featuring him this way!

2 August 2011 23:04
Anonymous said...
3 August 2011 02:10

Anonymous said...
The updates are great! If you hadn't featured Taylor, I never would have found your site. Love it!

18 August 2011 11:01

Anonymous said...
Awesome music! Who knew?
2 October 2011 17:04

Anonymous said...
That was one smokin' good harmonica duel between Taylor Hicks and John Popper!!
2 October 2011 22:18


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WORLD OF HARMONICA: Taylor # 1 blog interest


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October 23rd, 2012, 8:02 pm #3

[color=#9300C4]THE "POCKET FULL OF SOUL: The Harmonica Documentary " Release Date Announced[/color]

This 82 minute documentary : One night only screenings across the US on[size=150][size=150] 2/28/13.[/size][/size]The release of the full feature length, eighty-two minute “Pocket Full of Soul” . Information on the DVD can be found at the Pocket Full of Soul website. [url=][/url]

For a full summary of the documentary , go to ONTAP [url=][/url]

[url=][/url] The Movie Website

[url=">"> name=[/url] Trailer for the film


[size=150][color=#9300C4]High praise for the harmonica in 'Pocket Full of Soul' [/color][/size]
Published: Saturday, February 16, 2013

By Donna Doherty

NEW HAVEN — It’s a simple little instrument, based on a technology that dates back to 13th-century China. It’s played by using the most basic human instinct, breathing. When the greats talk about it, it sounds like they’re talking about a lover.

“You can’t lay it down and forget it, because it won’t come get you. You have to go get it,” says the legendary James Cotton.

[color=#9300C4]What he and other musical luminaries such as John Popper, Magic Dick, Charlie Musselwhite, Lee Oskar, Rick Estrin, Delbert McClinton, Jerry Portnoy, Kim Wilson, Jason Ricci and Taylor Hicks are waxing eloquently about is the harmonica, to which Marc Lempert pays homage in his new documentary “Pocket Full of Soul,” narrated by Huey Lewis.[/color]

It will make an unusual debut in private screenings Feb. 28 for one night only, in 16 cities across the country, including here at the BowTie Criterion Cinemas. Those screenings happen only if a requisite number of tickets are sold by Thursday. They’re $12, and may be purchased at You won’t be charged until the threshhold number has been reached (but, don’t worry, New Haven, it’s happening, thanks to Holley Dey. More on her later).
Mark Zaretsky, Register reporter and longtime lead singer and harp musician for Cobalt Rhythm Kings, one of the area’s leading blues bands, will be giving harmonica lessons after the 82-minute film (you can buy one there for $2).

The film project started about 5 years ago when Lempert was researching a script “that involved something peripherally with the harmonica, but it was affecting the narrative enough that I needed to have more information. So I went to a convention of the Society for the Preservation & Advancement of the Harmonica.”

Smitten by the devotion and skill of the musicians and versatility of the instrument, he realized it was a bigger story than the one he was going to tell, because “it’s one of universal appeal. Everyone’s put a harmonica to their mouth. ... You actually have to breathe normally to make it work ... which makes it very human.”

Lempert and co-producer Todd Slobin put together a wish list of interview subjects, many of whom were more than accommodating, and traveled around the world and to 35 states, soon feeling, as he says, “like ambassadors for an instrument that gets no respect.”

The players of the culture range from rockers like Steven Tyler, Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne, folkie Bob Dylan, comedians Robert Klein and Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, blues legends like Cotton, Muddy Waters, Little Walter. Continued...

“Neil Young, John Popper, Dylan, Paul Butterfield — all these guys who took the instrument and elevated it are as important as the woman who makes the tea kettle with a harmonica reed as the whistle,” Lempert says. “It all gets into the human aspect, and ties directly into the populace — an instrument by the people, for the people. Anyone can make it work.”

There’s even a New Yorker who plays classical concerti on his harmonica. And it’s all in the film.

A raw version of “Pocket” played four festivals, but winning the Keeping the Blues Alive Award in 2010 from the Houston Blues Society, was a game changer which helped find a private investor to fund clearance of music rights and get them to the finish line.

The Feb. 28 screenings became reality through a fortuitous partnership with the online company Tugg Inc., which Lempert and Slobin found on the Internet after a tip at an otherwise useless film market seminar. The company helps local “aggregators” bring the films they want to see to local theaters.

Holley Dey, a Yale-educated radiologist from Madison, is one of those aggregators. A music blogger for, Dey started pushing “Pocket” on her blog.

“... I was truly excited about the possibility of bringing the film to New Haven,” she says by email, and helped guarantee the screening by buying a lot of tickets, so they will now be available at the theater Feb. 28 as well as online before.

Dey also contacted Zaretsky, who has been playing harmonica for 30 years and teaching it for four.

“My name comes up first if you Google harmonica teachers, Connecticut,” says the lead singer for the Kings, adding that he’s hoping some fellow harp players will attend so he can get them up and perform a little.

Lempert probably will watch in Houston, but predicts, “All the people should have a good time.”

Contact Donna Doherty at 203-789-5672. To receive breaking news first, simply text the word nhnews to 22700. *Msg & Data Rates May Apply. Text HELP for help. Text STOP to cancel.



Poster at the Criterion Cinema, New Haven.

1. @tishtx

At the @pocketfulofsoul movie in Austin, so cool, stage full of Harmonica players & guitar playing live pre-show :)

As reprinted from The Boogie Board 3/1/13


Oh yes he is!! Taylor looked Marrrvelous!! The way the documentary was made there were musicians interviewed and then their comments were split into little clips throughout the film. I didn't count but I think Taylor was shown at least 4 times. He must have been interviewed in 2006 or 2007 because he had on a jacket he wore a lot then and his hair was longer. He looked so baby-faced

There were about 5 people on stage in front of the theater screen when I got there and they played live music. One played a guitar and the rest played harmonicas. The guitar player sang. It was really cool. After the first song they asked the people in the audience that had brought their harmonicas to come up on stage and play. Three more men got up there and they played another song with each harp player taking a turn at the microphone. I had a blast!! Most of the people in the audience were members of the Austin Harmonica Society. I think that's what they were called. The proceeds from the showing are going to help in a project to teach COPD patients play harmonicas. It has been proven that playing the harmonica improves the breathing of COPD patients.

I really enjoyed the documentary. There was history of the harmonica from ancient China to Germany to America. They had footage of a lot of the old blues players, Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williams, James Cotton. Taylor mentioned Little Walter and James Cotton in 2 of his clips. The film was mostly interviews and clips of the musicians playing with their bands or during their interviews. I was wishing they had shown Taylor playing.

And then guess what!!! Toward the end there was a clip of him playing on stage with the band and it was from Houston.....the concert Dean and I went to in 2011!!!!! And oh my more was a close up of his hands and face from the side and he was whaling on that harp big time!!!

Good lord, that man is made for the big screen!!!

I gotta get ready for work. I'm gonna crash later, I got home at 11:30 last night but didn't get to sleep until after 12 because I was so keyed up.

Floatin' in Texas,


I forgot to tell you what Taylor said in the film, or at least what I remember.

He said that the harmonica was like an extension of the soul. He told the story of buying his first harmonica at a flea market and his buddies not believing that he was going to play a used harmonica with spit on it.....he said, "but I didn't care" and then he laughed his great laugh. I know he spoke a couple of more times but I'm having a hard time remembering....oh yeah, a couple of times must have been when they asked him about older harmonica players. Those were the times they just showed him saying Little Walter and then James Cotton. They did that with the other musicians in the film also, just showing a clip of them naming older harp players that had influenced them.

It wasn't like seeing Taylor and the band in person, but it was a pretty good substitute. Besides nobody can come away from a harmonica movie without smiling.

More P.S.
I know the harmonica playing clip was from The Flamingo in Houston, 2011. It might have been from Gonna Move. The Flamingo personnel actually had a camera on Taylor that night and projected the concert onto their screens in the restaurant and bar part of the building. I'm sure that's where the clip came from because it was a professionally recorded clip.

I so had the urge to hollar out, "hey, I was at that concert!!!" when Taylor came on the screen playing, but I was a good audience member and didn't.

Oh yeah, I just remembered, there were titles at the bottom of the screen with each musician's name while they were speaking. And the clip of Taylor playing did have Taylor Hicks, Houston at the bottom of the screen during his clip. The clip was short, maybe 30 to 45 seconds but it was enough to let people know he could play with the big boys.

2. denv

I enjoyed the movie. Theater was sold out. I found it very informative and interesting. Most of the attendees at the theater knew each other. Most were part of the Denver Blues Society. I almost felt like we were crashing a party.

We had a local blues trio who performed on the stage before the movie started. Then an introduction by the brother of the producer. He said his brother told him they actually had nine hours of footage they had to cut down to 90 minutes and that if it did well in this pre-release in the 14 cities, they may be able to get a wide distribution deal.

Taylor was shown quite a few times talking and one brief clip of him playing on stage at a show.


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August 24th, 2013, 7:31 pm #4 ... ocumentary

Pocket Full of Soul: The Harmonica Documentaryby Marc Lempert and Todd Slobin

The definitive film on the harmonica, the global nature of its culture, and its subsequent ubiquity.

Pocket Full of Soul, the award winning documentary featuring Huey Lewis, John Popper of Blues Traveler, Magic Dick of J. Geils Band, Clint Black, James Cotton and so many more is complete. The film has already generated incredible momentum from recent, exclusive promotional screenings (14 cities in one night and 7 sold-out shows). Our team has reached a crucial moment in the continued development and visibility of the Pocket Full of Soul (PFOS) brand and need YOU to help take the film, the movement and its audience experience to the next level. With the undeniable demand for the film, we intend to use this Kickstarter campaign to aid in funding distribution (DVDs, Amazon, iTunes, etc.), as well as national and international marketing, web presence, additional screenings and publicity.

Initially, we are planning on releasing the film via conventional delivery methods (e.g. DVD, Amazon, and iTunes) on November 5, 2013 as we continue to explore new means of bringing the film to an international audience.

The funds raised will allow us to 1) design, package and press DVDs; 2) hire marketing, publicity and social media specialists to increase exposure on a global level; 3) update the PFOS website to enhance the user experience and establish greater overall presence; 4) add unique, interactive screenings at theaters around the world. These screenings will include guest appearances, performances, Q&As, harmonica lessons and/or other money-can't-buy experiences.

At its heart, PFOS is about music and the positive human connection and experience associated with the harmonica. Everyone who has been involved in the making of this film has a deep affinity for not only the underestimated beauty of the harmonica, but also a shared passion to bring this film to the masses.

The film, narrated by Huey Lewis, features a plethora of notable and talented harmonica players, including:

Alvin the Chipmunk, Gary Allegretto, Clint Black, Sugar Blue, Robert Bonfiglio, Billy Branch, James Cotton, Magic Dick, Rick Estrin, Joe Filisko, Guy Forsyth, Bad News Brown, William Galison, Dennis Gruenling, The Harmonicats, Stan Harper, Taylor Hicks, Mark Hummel, Robert Klein, Charley Leighton, Howard Levy, Huey Lewis, Delbert McClinton, Charlie Musselwhite, Lee Oskar, Rob Paparozzi, Rod Piazza, John Popper, Jerry Portnoy, Gary Primich, Mickey Raphael, Annie Raines, Jason Ricci, Peter Madcat Ruth, Wade Schuman, Corky Siegel, Les Stroud, Kim Wilson, Frederic Yonnet and more ...

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August 26th, 2013, 11:18 am #5

Credit to Pocketfullofsoul

Pocket Full of Soul: The Harmonica Documentary, is a comprehensive exploration of the culture, the players, the politics, and of course the music associated with the only instrument where one must breathe naturally to make its sounds ring out. This simple act forms an undeniable connection between the player


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January 19th, 2014, 4:34 pm #6


Long awaited harmonica film @pocketfulofsoul w/ @taylorhicks avail on DVD! ... ocumentary AMAZON.COM