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MARYLAND ... 95%2F&show

1. 'American Idol' winner visits Smith Island for 'State Plate'
Rose Velazquez ,June 19, 2017 ... 408153001/

(Photo: Submitted image by Duke Marshall) ... 479755001/

Smith Island welcomed a special guest Sunday as "American Idol" season five winner Taylor Hicks dropped by to sample some of Maryland's signature fare.

Duke Marshall, owner of the popular Smith Island restaurant and general store Drum Point Market, said Hicks stopped in for the filming of the Maryland episode of his show "State Plate."

The INSP show, which airs at 7 p.m. Fridays, follows the "American Idol" star as he travels across the country to try states' signature dishes.

For season one, Hicks visited nine states including Arizona, Massachusetts, Illinois, Wisconsin and Louisiana. The show premiered in October 2016, with the first season concluding in February.

2. Maryland is one of 12 states to be featured in season two of "State Plate," which will premiere Aug. 11.

One of the foods Hicks will be highlighting during the episode is Smith Island cake, the official Maryland state dessert. Hicks' team filmed Marshall's mother baking one of the iconic desserts Sunday and then grabbed lunch at Drum Point Market.

"He was down to earth," Marshall said. "His whole group was just super nice."

Mary Ada Marshall is well known for her Smith Island cakes, which she'll mail to customers or ship by boat to be picked up at the Crisfield City Dock. She also does cooking demonstrations in her home to teach people how to make the traditional layer cake themselves.

3. Ginger Hawkins
Today was a HARD day to get through. My Mom should have been by my side. She would have had soooooo much fun. Food Network's State Plate with Taylor Hicks filmed an episode at our place today. That would have been a dream come true for her. AND she would have gone on camera for me lol.

credit to Univ. of Maryland Environmental Center

4. Alex K Montanio
Took the day off work to help my parents at Coveside Crabs because they were filming for a future episode of State Plate with Taylor Hicks! Can't wait to tell y'all more about it in the fall!

Crab Traps :

5. ... &width=560

6. ... &width=560


Chesapeake Bay dominates the State of Maryland , where crabs and oysters make their home.....they are iconic.

Appetizer: Coddies( COD CAKE )
Bill’s Seasfood & Catering Company

Bill's not only provides crabs from local crabbers, but also from Louisiana, North Carolina and Texas, all year round. In addition to crabs and other fresh fish choices, Bill's is also known for exceptional Crab Cakes and Coddies (Cod Fish Cakes) as well as MomMom's Special Recipe homemade soups and salads. The Coddie is a cheap way of filling the bellies of families .

Bill Paulshock ... &width=560

I was a little nervous of how it was going to show on TV , but it was an excellent show featuring Bill's Seafood and Bill's Homestyle Coddies on Taylor Hicks National TV series State Plate . As proud as I am of still being in Buisness for over 37 years and having employed over 1250 employees in our community over those years. There is nothing more proud to me then seeing my mother and fathers pictures on that show last night . And I want to thank everyone who ever worked for me . I am truly grateful to everyone for making Bill's Seafood what it is today . Thank You Bill's Seafood Crew from 1979 to 2017 . And of course Taylor Hicks State Plate for the national TV time , And the Crazy Tuna restaurant for there great atmosphere place to film.
Mom mom would be proud ?

A coddie is a blended cake of salt cod, potatoes, beaten eggs and butter. This mixture is patted and formed into a ball that is higher in the center then at the edges. It is then fried.

Entrée: Blue Crab
Coveside Crabs
Caught in the Estuary that makes up Maryland's "middle", the salt and fresh water merging makes for a perfect home for the blue crab.

Male crabs called Jimmies are the biggest . The male crab has a depiction of the Washington Monument on its belly; while the female crab has red tips on it's claws.
It a crab is not meaty enough it is thrown back into the water to continue to grow. You an squeeze the tip of the crab body to feel it the crab is solid with meat.

Crab is steamed with seasonings ..................a real treat.

Side 1: Oyster Stew
Rock Lobstah Lobster Bar

In 1972, Hurricane Agnes devastated the oyster crop , so harvesting oysters became the norm to repopulate .

In Oyster Hatcheries, you start with teeny tiny oyster larvae . Many many unoccupied shells are added to the hatchery pools. The larvae attach themselves to the shell . Baby oysters begin to form . These are called SPATS . The Oysters with the spats are then transferred back into the waterway to continue their maturation.
To make oyster stew: Take oysters and their juice, mix with sauteed celery and onion , add butter and cream and heat, but do not boil .

Side 2: Beaten Biscuits ( resembles an oyster cracker, but bigger )
Joyce White ... cuits.html

Joyce White is an Annapolis-based food historian and foodways consultant. I offer PowerPoint presentations followed by tastings to organizations in the Baltimore, Annapolis, DC and Northern Virginia region on a variety of different food history topics. Follow my blog for fun food history information and lists, photos, and lots of historic recipes!

The Maryland Beaten Biscuit is a product of the days before chemical leavening agents were widely available (pre-1840s). Bakers pounded or beat the biscuit dough to introduce air into it, and the beating also served to disintegrate the dough’s protein (gluten). The extensive and exhaustive beating yields a final biscuit product that is tender, puffy, and flaky. Kneading the dough would not have been done because that would activate the gluten and produce a chewy bread product, which is not desired for this recipe.

To prepare take:--1 ½ pints of flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon lard. Add salt to flour and blend thoroughly with lard. Three gills of milk and water—half and half—to be added slowly with a stingy hand, for the dough must be very stiff. Knead for 5 minutes and beat with a hatchet, rolling pin, hammer, etc for 30 minutes. Form into small biscuit and prick on top with a fork. Bake in moderate oven for 20 minutes.”

Beaten biscuits were traditionally made every day by baking them in small cast-iron bake kettles (Dutch Ovens), fried in a pan, or cooked on a griddle. These biscuits are perfect for dipping into stews and soups, or they can be split and coated with butter and jam, or filled with ham or other cold meats.

Dessert: Smith Island Cake
Mary Ada Marshall

Smith Island is a little island in the Maryland Estuary. It is 10 square miles . This is where the Smith Island Cake is baked.

Many thin layers ( 8 or more ) of yellow cake are layered with fudge icing and finished with a coating of chocolate fudge icing. Rich and luxurious flavor.

The Appetizer:
The Entree and Sides :
The Dessert:


1. Cod is not native to Maryland. It is from Nova Scotia or the Atlantic Ocean. Because there was not a lot of refrigeration , the cod had to be salted to preserve it.
2. 1/2 of all the blue crab in the U.S. is caught in Maryland
3. Sugar is stored in the crabs body and used as their food during the winter months.
4. Oysters are the filter system for the waters.
5. A SPURLE is the tool ( looks like a drummers stick ) used to mix the beaten biscuit dough before it is pounded.
6. Mary Ada Marshall who lives and works on Smith Island , makes, packages and ships her Smith Island Cake all over the country.

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OREGON ... &width=560

Entertainer Taylor Hicks tastes his way across Oregon on a mission to assemble a plate of the state’s most iconic foods. First, Taylor visits a pear orchard in the fertile Willamette Valley to sample the official state fruit. Then, he heads to the coast to learn how to catch Dungeness crabs. Further inland, Taylor hunts for elusive truffles and roasts raw hazelnuts. Finally, he visits the birthplace of the marionberry, a hybrid blackberry that is the main ingredient of the state’s famous pies. It’s a plateful of the best of Oregon, filled with the stories behind the state’s classic foods.

1. E.Z. Orchards featured on Taylor Hicks' 'State Plate'
Brooke Jackson-Glidden, Statesman Journal ... 769048001/

The "American Idol" winner visits E.Z. Orchards for pears, roasts nuts at a St. Paul hazelnut farm and tastes Marionberry pie for the first time.

Marion County pears, hazelnuts and berries are on Taylor Hicks' plate this Friday.

"State Plate," a food and travel show on family-friendly channel INSP, will explore Oregon on its Oct. 20 episode, including Salem's E.Z. Orchards, a St. Paul hazelnut orchard and locally grown Marionberries.

The season 5 "American Idol" winner travels across the United States trying some of the country’s best eats. Hicks keeps his menu diverse, visiting farms, markets, festivals and fishing docks.

For the Oregon episode, E.Z. Orchards co-owner John Zielinski walks Hicks through the orchards to get a crash-course in Boscs and Bartletts.

“Since the pear is the state fruit of Oregon, they contacted me and were able to come out and have some fun,” Zielinski said. “We talked about a (variety) he was excited about called Taylor’s Gold.”

After the stroll through the pear orchard, Hicks tries a grilled pear salad with Oregon blue cheese and hazelnuts.
Watering the Pear trees ????? ... &width=560

Hicks then moves north to roast hazelnuts at Ken & June’s Hazelnuts in St. Paul. He samples a hazelnut broccoli dish, as well.

He finishes his meal with Marionberry pie from Willamette Valley Pie Company, after cross-pollinating berry plants with Oregon State University scientists.

Outside of Marion County, Hicks tries Dungeness crab at Kelly’s Brighton Marina in Rockaway Beach and snacks on shaved truffle macaroni and cheese with Dr. Charles Lefevre of Eugene’s New World Truffieres.

2. Taylor in Truffle Country :

3. Catching Crabs with Kelly: ... &width=560

Appetizer: Pear Salad
E.Z Orchards – John Zielinski

The pears are grilled . Bib lettuce, blue cheese , pears and toasted hazelnuts are mixed together for a real treat.

In Oregon's 4.6 million acres of growing land you will find 4 different species of pears..... bartlett, bosc, camise and taylor's gold
Since there are 38 inches of rain per year in Oregon, there is only a need for about 3 or 4 waterings. This is done by irrigation drawn from naturel Oregon rainwater.

Taylor helps to repair a broken irrigation post:

Entrée: Dungeness Crab
Kelly’s Brighton Marina

On the Pacific coast , ring traps are dropped into the waterways with buoys attached about every 15 to 100 feet apart. Commercial crab season is Dec. through August, but recreational crabbing is year long. Female crabs are returned to the ocean while male crabs measuring 5 1/2 inches + can be kept.

Crabs are steamed in their own salt water with nothing else added. You can dip the meat in the natural fat of the crab which is present when you break open the crab.

Side 1: Hazelnut Broccoli
Ken and June’s Hazelnuts

Almost 100% of all hazelnuts in America are from Oregon. The ripe nut drops automatically from the tree ; it does not have to be shaken as most nuts do.

Cook your broccoli . Roast the hazelnuts at 240 degrees for 1 1/2 hr. They are then put into a big rotator for 4 minutes to remove the skin.

Side 2: Truffle Mac and Cheese
Charles Lefevre Growing truffles The Oregon Truffle Festival is evolving and changing!
In 2018, we will begin operating as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

OTF has always been mission driven, with the dual purpose of promoting the glorious native culinary truffles found in abundance in Oregon’s Willamette Valley to truffle lovers worldwide, and establishing a collaborative educational and information sharing hub for the burgeoning North American cultivated truffle industry. Over the past dozen years, we’ve worked tirelessly to educate farmers, land owners, harvesters, truffle dog trainers, chefs, and consumers about every aspect of native truffles and truffle cultivation, while furthering the mycological research that began 100 years ago at Oregon State University.

Wild truffles grow naturally below the ground under trees. MYCOLOGISTS have taken European truffles and inoculated the tree roots to grow European truffles.

It is the aroma of the truffle mixed with foods that create such a wonderful flavor. The aroma is strong and truffle dogs get the scent and seek them out. ( See below )

Dessert: Marionberry Pie
Willamette Valley Pie Company – Andrew Martin

A marionberry is a BLACKBERRY hybrid. Cross Pollinating by hand involves emasculation of the male stamen . Pollen ( female ) is then transferred to the bud . One type of berry is the male and one type the female creating a new species.

Take Marionberries and add sugar ........allow the mixture to get moist. Place in a pie crust , cover with crust and bake .

The Appetizer:
The Entree and Sides:
The Desert:


1. There are dogs that hunt for truffles called, amazingly enough, Truffle Dogs

2. At the 45th Parallel you will find the best growing conditions around the world. Oregon is at the 45th Parallel
3. Male Dungeness Crabs have arrows on their bellies. Females have a large sac .
4. Pears are the State Fruit and Hazelnuts the State nut of Oregon
5. Truffles cost $1000.00 a pound.
6. George Waldo created the marionberry in 1956.

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WASHINGTON THE EVERGREEN STATE famous for apples and coffee

Entertainer Taylor Hicks tastes his way across Washington State on a mission to create a plate of its most iconic foods. First, Taylor heads to the shoreline to dig up the locally loved geoduck, a huge and strange-looking clam. Then, he catches a Coho salmon, which is grilled on a cedar plank and served with stewed apples harvested from a public orchard. Dessert is fresh-picked raspberries, baked in a tart and accompanied by an artfully poured espresso drink from the nation’s coffee capital. It’s a heaping helping of The Evergreen State, piled high with its weird, scrumptious, and aromatic foods. ... &width=560

Chelsea Farms co-owners Shina Wysocki and Kyle Lentz at Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar in downtown Olympia. Steve Bloom
What brought an ‘American Idol’ winner to Olympia? Geoducks, of course

OCTOBER 07, 2017

If you had to pick a food that represents all that Washington cuisine has to offer, what would it be?

Folks behind the television show “State Plate” picked the geoduck, and they visited Chelsea Farms in Olympia to get a taste for an episode airing later this month.

The series — hosted by former “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks on the family entertainment network INSP — highlights states’ most iconic foods. Think crabs in Maryland, potatoes in Idaho.

“It was totally random — I think they found us on Instagram or Facebook — but we got a call from them saying they wanted to come,” said Shina Wysocki, co-owner of Chelsea Farms.

Hicks and crew visited the 30-year-old farm in July to harvest geoducks. Later they filmed at Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar, which opened in December in downtown Olympia.

“(Hicks) was right down in the mud getting totally disgusting,” Wysocki said. “Then he came back to our restaurant and watched our chef clean them and prepare them all different ways for his crew to taste.”

Washington’s episode, airing at 5 p.m. Oct. 27 on INSP, also features coho salmon grilled on a cedar plank, stewed apples, raspberry tart and “an artfully poured espresso drink,” according to the network, which is touting it like this: “It’s a heaping helping of The Evergreen State, piled high with its weird, scrumptious, and aromatic foods.”

Wysocki said despite its appearance, the geoduck was a hit.

“Geoduck is delicious. It’s incredibly mild, it’s about the opposite of how it looks,” she said. “It’s clean and sweet and mild, definitely well received.” A Little Taylor; A Little Big GeoDuck .

Read more here: ... rylink=cpy

2. The News Tribune

Puyallup farm featured on ‘State Plate’ TV show for its raspberries
BY ALLISON NEEDLES ... 27896.html

OCTOBER 17, 2017 12:47 PM

Around this time of year, Picha Farms in Puyallup is known for its pumpkins and its corn maze.

But its raspberries are also stealing the spotlight this October.

Picha Farms raspberries will be featured on “State Plate,” a television show hosted by former American Idol winner Taylor Hicks. Every season, Hicks assembles plates in different states that reflect that state’s famous foods and flavors.


When the second season of his show brought him to Washington state, Hicks wanted to seek out locally grown raspberries as part of the dessert portion of the plate he created.

His quest led him to Dan and Russ Picha, owners of Picha Farms.

When they were initially contacted for the show, the two brothers were excited.

“We thought it was pretty cool,” said Dan, 62.

As a farmer, Russ said that it made sense for raspberries to be a part of Washington’s plate.

“Washington is the top-selling state in the nation for raspberries,” said Russ, 55.

With the brothers on board, Hicks and his crew visited Picha’s Berry Farm at 6502 52nd St. E. in July. At first, Dan and Russ weren’t sure of what to expect when the crew arrived bright and early at 6 a.m., but the brothers’ crews were already out harvesting the raspberries, which grow on about 10 out of the farm’s 60 acres. During raspberry season from the end of June to the end of the July, crews harvest every day between 5 a.m. and 1 p.m.

“They were in the mix of daily activities,” Dan said about the production crew.

For the last 10 years, Picha Farms has done a “U-Pick,” where customers can come pick their own batch of berries. Hicks got to experience that, too.

“We got to pick the raspberries right off the vine and they were bursting with flavor,” Hicks said.

Dan and Russ said they never experienced TV like this before, but at the end of the day it was a fun experience. Savory and Sweet Catering Company in Puyallup shared its raspberry tarts made with Picha Farms raspberries with the “State Plate” crew, and the brothers showed them around Puyallup while sharing their family’s legacy.

Dan and Russ are the third generation to carry on Picha Farms, which was established in 1904 by their grandfather. Their father carried on the tradition and now Dan and Russ do the same, providing locally fresh pumpkins and berries. Growing up, they spent a lot of time out working at the farm.

“That was our way of life,” Dan said. “It could be hard to get up in the summer, but at the end of the day it was rewarding.”

“I don’t think we’d be here if we didn’t like it,” Russ added.

And they don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Even as their farm is now half of what it used to do, they plan to continue the tradition for as long as they can. Now, they split their time between working at the farm and teaching in the Puyallup School District. A teacher for 38 years, Dan teaches social studies at Puyallup High School. Russ teaches science at Aylen Junior High, and has been a teacher for 33 years.

“Teaching keeps us connected to the community,” Russ said.

Russ and Dan said they’re both excited to watch the Washington “State Plate” episode, which premieres at 5 p.m. Oct. 27 on INSP, a family-entertainment television network based in Charlotte, North Carolina that is available nationwide to more than 83 million households. The episode also features food from University Place, Olympia and Seattle.

“It was really awesome that they contacted us to represent the raspberry version of their plate,” Dan said. “We’re excited to see how they project our farm.”

They said Hicks was fun to work with and really entertaining. Hicks agreed.

“They were great guys, (and) very knowledgeable,” Hicks said about Dan and Russ.

Hicks said it was his first time visiting Puyallup and he loved the views, which are much different than what he was used to growing up in Alabama.

“Hopefully not my last (time in Puyallup),” Hicks said. “The Valley’s cool ... Had a blast.”

3. Geoducks meet Tenseltown ... ideo-embed

4. Visiting a local market:

Appetizer: Geoduck
Chelsea Farms

The Puget Sound is the home of the Geoduck, a rare and unusual " walkin' on the wild side" tradition in Washington State.
The word Geoduck, a Nisqualli Tribe name , mean dig deep and that is how you must harvest these monstrous clams. The baby clam is planted in a pc pipe tube stuck into the ground . This is where the clam matures until someone takes a hose with water and shoots it down into the clam hole. You put your arm down the hole and pull out the geoduck . Most geoducks are about 2 lbs each.

You can serve this treat pesce crudo , in chowder, or fried ......... The appetizer above is served crudo ( raw ) with some sliced veggies and roe with Kimchi Brine.

Entrée: Coho Salmon
Salt Patrol – Capt. John Keizer

The top game fish in Washington , the different varieties of salmon are caught as they travel upstream. They are hungry and ready to bite. Many varieties of salmon are in these Pacific waters, the coho, sockeye, chum , and chinook You drop a line into the water and let it drift until a fish bites...........reel 'er in.

You can serve coho salmon in different ways, but smoked on a cedar plank that has been soaked is a great way . Add salt and pepper .

Taylor went fishing on the "Salt Patrol" Boat ...............

Side 1: Stewed Apples
Curran Apple Orchard

Many varieties of apples are available in Washington. Gently twist the ripe apple from the stem so the other apples won't fall off the tree.
Peel your apples, put sugar, lemon juice and cinnamon on them and saute them in butter until soft and caramelized ( about 20 minutes ) .......Delish

Side 2: Coffee
Espresso Vivace Espresso Vivace is a Seattle area coffee shop and roaster known for its high quality of coffee and roasting practices.

Putting the espresso into the container: He rotates it into the container and then places it into the espresso machine

Espresso coffee is the basis for most coffee drinks. The amount of espresso and the amount of steamed milk determines the type of coffee drink...... ie. latte, cappuccino , etc. ... &width=560

Dessert: Raspberry Tart
Picha’s Farm

90% of Red Raspberries in the U.S. are grown in Washington State. These raspberries right off the vine are really tasty says Taylor

If ripe, the stems will remain on the vine when you gently pull off the red berry .

Put into a pie crust a custard and the raspberries and bake.

Entree and side:


1. The Geoduck is the mascot for Evergreen College in Washington State . Very amusing video :
2. How To Clean a Geoduck
3. The coffee artistry you see in a cup of coffee is designed with great skill...........It is all in the pour of the steamed milk.
4. Taylor showing off his catch of the day : Coho Salmon


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Look for this show in January.

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The next Season or a Continuation of Season 2 ...............take your pick will commence on January 26, 2018

The INSP network have revealed additional states that will be featured in upcoming episodes of State Plate Season 2, the culinary travel series hosted by former American Idol winner Taylor Hicks.

The states that will now be featured in upcoming episodes include Alaska,
Montana, Rhode Island, North Dakota, Ohio, Kentucky, New Jersey, North Carolina, Nevada, Connecticut, New Mexico and New Hampshire.

Although 11 of the new states to be featured were selected by the show's producers, the 12th State - North Carolina was chosen by the fans through a Facebook Fan Vote in June. At the conclusion of season two, State Plate will have documented the most popular foods from 36 states in America.