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VOTE: G&G's Ultimate Barbecue Bracket
32 Southern barbecue joints go head-to-head in our version of NCAA March Madness

We’ve put together a bracket of barbecue standouts, old-school and new, from across the South. And though we couldn’t possibly hit them all, we did our best to choose representative joints from each of the region’s major barbecue traditions. Now, it’s up to you to decide who wins. Scroll down below the bracket to vote for each matchup. You can vote once a day until Round 1 ends at 10:00 p.m. ET, March 20. ... ue-bracket


Won Round 1:

Round 2 is closed. Thank you for voting. Please check back Tuesday, March 24 at 9:00 a.m. ET to see who advanced and to vote in Round 3.

Competed against BIG BOB GIBSON'S BBQUE 50.16% vs 49.84%


Round 3: Charles Vergos Rendezvous vs Saw's BBQ
You can vote once per day until the end of Round 3 on Thursday, March 26 at 10:00 p.m. ET. ... ue-bracket

The Final Four begins March 27.

Saw's won Round 3

Final Four between:

The championship round begins March 30.



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10 Best Readers' Choice : Best Southern BBQ ... /26509727/

5:08 p.m. EDT May 6, 2015

Where do you go when you crave BBQ? Does the thought of whole hog pulled pork covered in a vinegary sauce get your taste buds tingling? How about a rack of ribs coated in a smokey sweet glaze? Or maybe you prefer to let the meat shine - no frills slices of smoked beef brisket, hold the sauce. No matter what style of BBQ you prefer, you'll likely find the best version of it in the South. A panel of Southern travel experts have picked their 20 favorite Southern BBQ joints as nominees for the 10Best Readers' Choice category of 'Best Southern BBQ,' and now it's your turn to vote. You have until Monday, May 25 at noon ET to vote daily for your fave restaurant. Vote now and vote often!

You can cast a vote in each category every day. You can vote again for Best Southern BBQ in:

You can cast your vote on The nominees for Best Southern BBQ are as follows:


Home to some legendary places, Birmingham is a mini-Mecca of smoked meats, but relative newcomer Saw’s upset the apple cart with its success and has expanded into a small local chain. Southern food guru Paula Deen recently named it Number One in the entire US. The focus is on both Southern soul food staples and regional barbecue specialties such as Alabama White Chicken, a micro-specialty of the Northern part of the state, covered with a white mayo based “BBQ” sauce. Interestingly, the founder was test kitchen editor at Cooking Light magazine, but there is nothing light about the flavors, from the vinegar based North Carolina style sauce to the banana pudding, the most traditional Carolinas barbecue sweet.

MAY 19, 2015

Saw's BBQ is currently ranked #12 of 20.

Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que - Kansas City, Kan.
Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que - Llano, Texas
Luling City Market - Luling, Texas
Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse - Dallas
Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue - Kansas City, Mo.
Skylight Inn BBQ - Ayden, N.C.
Scott's Bar-B-Que - Hemingway, S.C.
Dreamland Bar-B-Que - Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Black's Barbecue - Lockhart, Texas
Arthur Bryant's Barbeque - Kansas City, Mo.
Kreuz Market - Lockhart, Texas
RCA checkmark Saw's BBQ - Birmingham, Ala.
Gates and Sons Bar-B-Q - Kansas City, Mo.
Smitty's Market - Lockhart, Texas
Franklin Barbecue - Austin
Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q - Decatur, Ala.
Archibald & Woodrow's BBQ - Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Cozy Corner Barbecue - Memphis, TN
Wilber's Barbecue - Goldsboro, N.C.
Miss Myra's Pit Bar-B-Q - Vestavia Hills, Ala.

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Posted by Taylor Hicks on October 15, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (October 15, 2015) – Taylor Hicks, the Alabama native who won America’s hearts – and votes – during the fifth season of FOX-TV’s “American Idol,” continues to make his mark on the world – although in a totally different way.

Hicks has become a partner in Saw’s Juke Joint – located in the Birmingham area. One of the most popular restaurants in the region for barbecue, Saw’s story centers around North Carolina native Mike Wilson, aka “Saw.” Earning a degree in Restaurant and Hospitality management from the University of Alabama in 1996, Wilson continued his culinary pursuits at Johnson and Wales University in Vail, Colorado. He began his career at the prestigious Dean & Deluca restaurant in Charlotte, and then moved on to Birmingham, where word of his unique flavor of barbecue began to spread. Wilson opened the original Saw’s BBQ in 2009, and has proven to be so popular that he – and his partners have opened two additional locations in Birmingham - Saw’s Kitchen, and Saw’s Juke Joint, which includes Hicks as a partner.

“It’s such a pleasure to serve my hometown area with food and service that is second to none. I am glad that people come – and tell their friends about Saw’s,” said Hicks. “We just want them to continue to come back and enjoy.” Also a partner in the Saw’s Juke Joint location is Doug Smith.

A look at the menu offers customers several options to whet their appetite, including their Carolina brand of Pulled Pork Smoked Chicken. Another popular item on the menu is the “Carolina Dog,” a hot dog doused with chili and slaw. A mouth-watering array of side items are also available, such as their delicious brand of Vinegar-based Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, and Deviled Eggs. Also a popular item on the menu is their signature BBQ sauce, which is available by the bottle.

The restaurant has also garnered attention from popular TV series Alabama Eats, as host and wellness expert AJ Johnson stated that Saw’s “cooks from the heart,” also saying “This is what you call a ‘true barbecue joint,’” said AJ. “Look at me, I’m sweating because, you want to talk about an authentic smokehouse? Look at all this!” Saw’s BBQ also scored a huge victory in the recent online Alabama BBQ Battle poll, winning the “Rookie” Category.

Hicks hasn’t slowed down musically, either, with upcoming concert dates on the calendar – including a November 4 performance at Grand Bohemian Hotel Mountain Brook in Birmingham, and is working on a new album slated for release in 2016.

Saw’s BBQ also offers a complete catering menu. For more information about the restaurant, go to For more information about Taylor Hicks, go to and follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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There are many storied competitions in the food world, but even as the smoke settles on debates like New York pizza vs. Chicago deep dish, the smoke still swirls around who, exactly, makes the best BBQ in the whole country. BBQ rivalries span generations, and go well beyond simple Texas BBQ vs. Carolina. The pits of BBQ lore might as well be trenches. Delicious, fat-stained trenches.

In the spirit of competition, we're launching out first-ever reader's choice BBQ bracket to let you decide which is the very best. Using our handy 33 Best BBQ Spots in America story as a starting point (minus Me's, which we still love, but had to cut for mathematical reasons), we've pitted the best of the best against one another for a four-round explosion of brisket, chopped pork, ribs... and glory. Now it's up to you to crown the king of BBQ in America.

The bracket's been drawn (literally... right here), and features legends and underdogs. Cast your votes below, and stay tuned as the bones fall by the wayside, heroes rise, and everybody walks away with sauce all over their shirt. Follow the smoke signals. At the end of this thing, we'll have crowned the master of pitmasters. ... ortexd=869 GO TO THIS LINK AND VOTE


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Only In Your State ... urants-al/

These 11 Extremely Tiny Restaurants In Alabama Are Actually Amazing

The next time you find yourself driving through Alabama and looking for somewhere to eat, don’t pass by a restaurant simply because of its size. Sometimes even the smallest restaurants can satisfy the largest appetites, thus leaving the biggest impression. Listed below are 11 small restaurants in Alabama that, despite their size, are truly amazing.

1. Staggs Grocery – Florence

Don't let the size of Staggs Grocery fool you. This Florence landmark may be small, but their delicious food is guaranteed to leave a big impression. Staggs Grocery is the perfect place to get a great local burger, and their breakfast is wonderful!

2. Dreamland Bar-B-Que - Tuscaloosa

The original Dreamland Bar-B-Que may have a limited menu and limited seating, but their casual atmosphere is guaranteed to make you feel right at home.

3. Masaman Thai Kitchen - Birmingham

Masaman Thai Kitchen is well known for serving some of the best Thai food in Alabama. Because this popular restaurant has limited seating, you may want to consider ordering your meal to go.

4. The Brick Pit - Mobile

The Brick Pit's barbecue is some of the best in the Mobile area. Hands down! This amazing BBQ joint may be small, but their flavors and portions are huge! Also, their prices can't be beat!

5. Over Easy - Birmingham

If you're a fan of breakfast, you'll love dining at Over Easy. This small, popular breakfast restaurant has something for everyone. I recommend their Hash Basket. It's delicious!

6. Wildwood Deli - Athens

Wildwood Deli may be a small restaurant, but that doesn't take away from the deliciousness of the food or the wonderful dining experience you'll have. The next time you're in the Athens area, Wildwood Deli is a definite must stop.

7. Saw's Soul Kitchen - Birmingham

Saw's Soul Kitchen, one of Birmingham's hidden gems, serves up a variety of traditional Southern dishes that are delicious. Sure, this restaurant may be small with limited seating, but the flavors of the food are guaranteed to leave a big impression.

8. Cream & Sugar Cafe - Mobile

Cream & Sugar Cafe, a small coffee shop in the Oakleigh Garden District of Mobile, is a popular breakfast spot among the locals. Their bagel breakfast sandwiches are incredible!

9. Richie's Bar-B-Que - Enterprise

The next time you're in the Enterprise area and craving delicious barbecue, Richie's Bar-B-Que is 'THE' place to be. This BBQ joint may be small with limited seating, but the moment you step through the door, you'll be treated like family.

10. Hamburger King - Montgomery

In terms of size, Hamburger King may not look like much from the outside. However, according to many of the locals, this tiny burger joint serves the best burgers in town.

11. Holy Smokes BBQ - Scottsboro

Don't let the size of this BBQ joint turn you away. Holy Smokes BBQ is possibly the best BBQ joint in Scottsboro, and a definite must stop the next time you're in town.

What other small restaurants in Alabama would you consider to be amazing?

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Two Alabama joints featured on list of nation's essential BBQ dishes
Jun 20, 2016

Two Alabama barbecue joints earned a spot on a new list of essential barbecue dishes in America.

Both Birmingham-based Saw's Soul Kitchen and Tuscaloosa's Archibald's were each featured on the list from You can see the full list here.

Here's what the site said about the smoked chicken wings at Saw's: "The kitchen distinguishes wings by coating them in peppery dry rub for baseline heat before smoking, tossing them in a not-too-sweet red sauce before serving, and then drizzling on the regional triumph — North Alabama-style white sauce, a marriage of mayo and vinegar zinged with spices."

Archibald's was featured for its spare ribs, which the site described like this: "The archetypal example of barbecued spare ribs — tender-taut, fleshy, and speckled with char marks from the grill."

As we've noted before, experts believe Alabama's style of barbecue offers the state an opportunity to build awareness around the national. ... tions.html

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Saw's doing GOOD for those in need: Human Interest post

Truck from Saw's Juke Joint filled with donations collected for #Louisiana flood victims. En route now.
Every bit helps. Do what you can. Donation options

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Wine & Dine: the results of 2016 Best of Birmingham ... _2016.html

By Birmingham magazine
Follow on Twitter
on August 25, 2016 at 4:29 PM, updated August 26, 2016 at 4:43 PM
Here are the winners of the Wine & Dine section, covering the best food and drink in the city.

Best Asian Restaurant:
Bamboo on 2nd | 2212 2nd Ave. N. | 205.703.0551 | | This Asian Fusion restaurant was the hottest restaurant opening of the past year, so it's no surprise it won this category. With dishes like traditional ramen, momos, and octopus salad, the restaurant offers Asian cuisine on a whole new level. Finalists: Surin of Thailand | Multiple locations | | Red Pearl Restaurant | 243 W Valley Ave. | 205.945.9558 |

Best Bakery:
Edgar's Bakery | Multiple locations | | You'll find an Edgar's cake or cupcakes at almost every function in the city. From breakfast items to sweet treats, Edgar's is Birmingham's favorite bakery. Finalists: Continental Bakery | 1909 Cahaba Road | 205.870.5584 | | Savage's Bakery | 2916 18th St. S. | 205.871.4901 |

Best Barbecue:
Saw's BBQ | Multiple locations | | Who doesn't love Saw's? From their BBQ-stuffed bakers to the Pork & Greens to that smoked chicken with white sauce...we can't get enough. Finalists: Jim 'N Nick's | Multiple locations | | Full Moon Bar-B-Que | Multiple locations |

Best Bartender:
Edward Poole (Bottega) Edward will pour you the best drinks to accompany your delicious Italian dinner at Bottega. Finalists: Reggie Monypenny (Skycastle) | Steva Casey (Saturn)

Best Breakfast:
Big Bad Breakfast | 5361 US-280 | 205.490.7568 | | This Mississippi-based restaurant has dominated the breakfast market in Birmingham with their large selection of egg dishes, skillets, and biscuits. Finalists: Bogue's Restaurant | 3028 Clairmont Ave. | 205.254.9780 | | Over Easy | Multiple locations |

Best Brunch:
Trattoria Centrale | 207 20th St. N. | 205.202.5612 | | Standing in line for this brunch is definitely worth it when you try the breakfast pizza or the mascarpone-stuffed French toast. Finalists: Five Bar | 744 29th St. S. | 205.868.3841 | | Silvertron Café | 3813 Clairmont Ave. | 205.591.3707 |

Best Burger:
Chez Fonfon | 2007 11th Ave. S. | 205.939.3221 | | Frank Stitt's French bistro has the best burger in town, grinding boneless chuck in-house to form the patties, and topping them with a slice of comté cheese for that French touch. Finalists: Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint | 2811 7th Ave. S. | 205.203.4512 | | Otey's Tavern | 224 Country Club Park | 205.871.8435 |

Best Caterer:
Kathy G. & Company | 11 West Park Circle | 205.942.4210 | | Kathy G. knows how to put on a party, and for more than 20 years she's provided weddings, parties, and galas with superb catering spreads. Finalists: B&A Warehouse | 1531 1st Ave. S. | 205.326.4220 | | Full Moon Bar-B-Que | Multiple locations |

Best Cheap Date Place:
Rojo | 2921 Highland Ave. | 205.328.4733 | | This Mexican-American spot in Highland Park is perfect for a cheap date—that still has good food. Enjoy beautiful views of the park from the patio. Finalists: Hotbox at Parkside | 4036 5th Ave. S. | 205.224.5632 | | Melt | 4105 4th Ave. S. | 205.917.5000 |

Best Chef:
Frank Stitt (Highlands Bar and Grill, Chez Fonfon, Bottega) | Frank Stitt is the grandfather of Southern cuisine and changed the food scene in Birmingham. It's no wonder he's the best. Finalists: Chris Hastings (Hot and Hot Fish Club, Ovenbird) | George McMillan III (FoodBar)

Best Cocktail Bar:
The Collins Bar | 2125 2nd Ave. N. | 205.323.7995 | | Every drink at this hip spot downtown is a different experience. The bar offers no cocktail menu; you choose your spirit of choice, discuss your likes and dislikes with a bartender, and they create a custom cocktail for you each time you order. Finalists: Carrigan's Public House | 2430 Morris Ave. | 205.440.2430 | | Highlands Bar and Grill | 2011 11th Ave. S. | 205.939.1400 |

Best Coffee Shop:
O'Henry's | Multiple locations | | O'Henry's has been caffeinating the community since 1993, and we love their variety of roasts, as well as seasonal specialty drinks. Finalists: Octane | Multiple locations | | Urban Standard | 2320 2nd Ave. N. | 205.250.8200 |

Best Date Night Restaurant:
Bottega | 2240 Highland Ave. S. | 205.939.1000 | |
Nothing beats the romantic atmosphere of Bottega for a night with your sweetheart. Enjoy a fine Italian dinner accompanied by a choice from the extensive wine list. Finalists: Highlands Bar and Grill | 2011 11th Ave. S. | 205.939.1400 | | Gianmarco's | 721 Broadway St. | 205.871.9622

Best Dessert:
Dreamcakes | 960 Oxmoor Road | 205.871.9377 | | What's the best way to end any meal? With a cupcake! And Dreamcakes has got the best. Finalists: Edgar's Bakery | Multiple locations | | Ashley Mac's | Multiple locations |

Best Dive Bar:
Garage Café | 2304 10th Terrace S. | 205.322.3220 | This bar has been a staple in Birmingham for more than 20 years. We love it for its outside area scattered with antiques and the build-your-own sandwiches they serve. Don't forget: It's cash only.
Finalists: The Nick Rocks | 2514 10th Ave. S. | 205.252.3831 | | Marty's PM | 1813 10th Ct. S. | 205.555.5555

Best Family-Friendly Restaurant:
Jim 'N Nick's | Multiple locations | | Jim 'N Nick's has dishes that everyone in the family can enjoy, and the casual atmosphere makes it easy for a family dinner out. The have an extensive kids' menu with everything from pork sliders to quesadillas. Finalists: Urban Cookhouse | Multiple locations | | Taziki's | Multiple locations |

Best Food Truck:
Shindigs | Follow Shindigs' social media for location | 205.994.0460 | | We're always tracking down this truck for lunch. The Korean Steamed Buns and Willis Burger are staples, and we can never leave without a side of the Truffle Fries. Finalists: Cantina On Wheels | 205-718-4275 | Eugene's Hot Chicken | 205.575.8093 |

Best Greek/Mediterranean Restaurant:
Taziki's | Multiple locations | | Taziki's is one of those places that we know we can always count on to be fast, delicious, and fresh. And oh man, that Friday pasta. | Finalists: Makarios Kabob & Grill | 940 20th St. S. | 205.731.7414 | | Nabeel's Café & Market | 1706 Oxmoor Road | 205.879.9292 |

Best Happy Hour:
Black Market Bar + Grill | Multiple locations | | Black Market knows that happy hour should be more than just two hours, so they offer a four-hour happy hour from 3 p.m.-7 p.m. Deals include $3 well drinks, $5 house wine, and $1 off beer. Finalists: 5 Point Public House Oyster Bar | 1210 20th St. S. | 205.918.0726 | | Sky Castle | 2808 7th Ave. S. | 205.578.6080 |

Best High-End Restaurant:
Hot and Hot Fish Club | 2180 11th Court S. 205.933.5474 | Whether you're celebrating an engagement, anniversary, or just going out for a nice night on the town, Hot and Hot is the place to be (and be seen). Finalists: FoodBar | 3156 Heights Village | 205.876.8100 | | Bottega | 2240 Highland Ave. S. | 205.939.1000 |

Best Hot Dog:
Gus's Hot Dogs | 1915 4th Ave. N. | 205.251.4540 | This hot dog joint has been around since 1940 and is known for their Greek dog, topped with seasoned ground beef, sauerkraut, chopped onions, and a special sauce. Finalists: Sneaky Pete's | Multiple locations | | Paramount | 200 20th St. N. | 205.320.2824 |

Best Hotel Bar:
Grand Bohemian Hotel Mountain Brook | 2655 Lane Park Road | 205.414.0505 | | With craft cocktails and an awesome rooftop bar (with light-up furniture!), Grand Bohemian snagged this top spot. Finalists: The Redmont Hotel | 2101 5th Ave. N. | 205.957.6828 | | Aloft Birmingham Soho Square | 1903 29th Ave. S. | 205.874.8055 | | Hotel Highland | 1023 20th St. S. | 205.933.9555 |

Best Italian Restaurant:
Gianmarco's | 721 Broadway St. | 205.871.9622 | This neighborhood-hideaway restaurant serves up the best Italian cuisine in the city. Pro tip: Sit in the wine bar out back if you can't get a reservation; they serve the same menu as the dining room. Finalists: Bottega | 2240 Highland Ave. S. | 205.939.1000 | | Bettola | 2901 2nd Ave. S. | 205.731.6499

Best Late-Night Bites:
Marty's PM 1813 10th Ct. S. | 205.555.5555 | Marty's is open from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily, so you can chow down at any time of night. They have hands-down the best patty melt in the city. Finalists: Al's Deli and Grill | 1629 10th Ave. S. | 205.939.4278 | | Purple Onion | Multiple locations |

Best Local Brewery:
Avondale Brewery | 201 41st St. S. | 205.777.5456 | | With eight anchor beers and seven more seasonal rotating beers, Avondale offers a wide variety of beers and the best outdoor patio space. Finalists: Good People Brewing Company | 114 14th St. S. | 205.286.2337 | | Trim Tab Brewing Co. | 2721 5th Ave. S. | 205.703.0536 |

Best Local Restaurant:
Highlands Bar and Grill | 2011 11th Ave. S. | 205.939.1400 | | Frank Stitt's flagship restaurant is still considered the best in the city after more than 30 years, and it's obvious why. Finalists: Taco Mama | Multiple locations | | FoodBar | 3156 Heights Village | 205.876.8100 |

Best Lunch:
Yo Mama's | 2328 2nd Ave. N. | 205.957.6545 | | This lunch joint offers soul food such as chicken and waffles and fried fish in a fast-casual setting. All meals are home-cooked, made from scratch, and made to order. They also offer gluten-free options. Finalists: Niki's West | 233 Finley Ave. W. | 205.252.5751 | | Urban Cookhouse | Multiple locations |

Best Meal Under $10:
Taco Mama | Multiple locations | | Taco Mama has the best, creative tacos, but what makes them even better is for $8-$9 dollars, you get two tacos, chips and salsa, and a side. How can you beat that? Finalists: Yo Mama's | 2328 2nd Ave. N. | 205.957.6545 | Zoe's Kitchen | Multiple locations |

Best Meat & Three:
Niki's West | 233 Finley Ave. W. | 205.252.5751 | | Niki's West has been serving up meat-and-three favorites since 1957. And we've got to give a nod to their efficiency—if you've ever been, you know they make sure to move you through the line FAST! Finalists: Johnny's Restaurant | 2902 18th St. S. | 205.802.2711 | | Bogue's Restaurant | 3028 Clairmont Ave. | 205.254.9780 |

Best Mexican Restaurant:
El Barrio Restaurante Y Bar | 2211 2nd Ave. N. | 205.868.3737 | | El Barrio offers modern, multi-regional Mexican cuisine in a funky-cool setting in downtown. We love their seasonal margaritas, too. Finalists: Taco Mama | Multiple locations | | Little Donkey | 2821 Central Ave. Suite 101 | 205.703.7000 |

Best New Restaurant:
Fancy's on 5th | 430 41st St. S | 205.777.3662 | | The owners of Melt opened this burger and oyster bar this year and it's quickly become a favorite eatery and hangout for many. Finalists: Sky Castle | 2808 7th Ave. S. | 205.578.6080 | | Wooden Goat | 4100 3rd Ave. S | 205.203.4007 |

Best Outdoor Dining/Patio:
Slice Pizza & Brew | 725 29th St. S. | 205.715.9300 | | When you're on Slice's patio, you feel like you're at someone's home (but with better pizza). Umbrellas keep it shaded during the summer and heaters keep it warm in the winter. Finalists: Vino | 1930 Cahaba Road | 205.870.8404 | | Rojo | 2921 Highland Ave. | 205.328.4733 |

Best Oysters:
5 Point Public House Oyster Bar | 1210 20th St. S. | 205.918.0726 | | 5 Point Public House keeps a rotating menu of the freshest oysters at the time. You can also get them baked with bacon, hot sauce, and blue cheese. Finalists: Fancy's on 5th | 430 41st St. S | 205.777.3662 | Highlands Bar and Grill | 2011 11th Ave. S. | 205.939.1400 |

Best Pizza:
Slice Pizza & Brew | 725 29th St. S. | 205.715.9300 | | This Lakeview hangout offers some of the most creative pizza options, making it the best on our list. Try the Soul Pie or The Lakeview. | Finalists: Post Office Pies | 209 41st St. S. | 205.599.9900 | | Davenport's Pizza Palace | 2837 Cahaba Road | 205.879.8603 |

Best Seafood:
Ocean | 1218 20th St. S. | 205.933.0999 | | We can always count on Ocean to incorporate only the freshest seafood into their gourmet dishes. From a raw bar to simple grilled fish to bouillabaisse, every seafood dish is perfect. Finalists: The Fish Market Southside | 612 22nd St. S. | 205.322.3330 | | Hot and Hot Fish Club | 2180 11th Court S. | 205.933.5474 |

Best Sports Bar:
On Tap Sports Café | Multiple locations | 205.982.3124 | | Wings, beer, and burgers—what more could you want while watching sports? On Tap has great bar bites and tons of TV screens to watch your favorite team play to a victory. Finalists: Buffalo Wild Wings | Multiple locations | | Billy's Sports Grill | 2012 Cahaba Road | 4520 Overton Road | 205.879.2238

Best Steak:
Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar | 103 Summit Blvd. | 205.262.9463 | You always know what you're going to get with Fleming's, and that's a darn-good steak. Finalists: Ruth's Chris | 2300 Woodcrest Place | 205.879.9995 | | Perry's Steakhouse & Grille | 4 Perimeter Park S. 205.968.1597 |

Best Sushi:
Bamboo on 2nd | 2212 2nd Ave. N. | 205.703.0551 | | In addition to the Pan-Asian cuisine its famous for, Bamboo also snags this spot for its variety of hand-rolled sushi. Chef Abhi Sainju used to roll sushi at other restaurants around town before opening Bamboo. Finalists: Jinsei | 1830 29th Ave. S. | 205.802.1440 | | Surin of Thailand | Multiple locations |

Best Sweet Treat:
Steel City Pops | Multiple locations | | Bless Steel City Pops for showing us what an ice pop should taste like. With fresh fruit flavors and indulgent creamy ones, they are the yummiest sweet treat any time of year. Finalists: Dreamcakes | 960 Oxmoor Road | 205.871.9377 | | Bendy's Cookies & Cream | Follow Bendy's social media for location |

Best Restaurant with Vegan/Vegetarian Options:
Taziki's | Multiple locations | | With hearty salads, veggie gyros, and grape-leaves plates, Taziki's has got the vegetarians covered.

Finalists: Golden Temple | 1901 11th Ave. S. | 205.933.6333 | | Bamboo on 2nd | 2212 2nd Ave. N. | 205.703.0551 |

Best Wine Shop:
Western Supermarket (Mountain Brook) | 2717 Culver Road | 205.879.1746 | | This grocery store has always been known to have the best selection of wine and a knowledgeable staff to help you pick the perfect bottle. Finalists: Hop City Craft Beer & Wine | 2924 3rd Ave. S. | 205.279.2337 | | Vintage Wine Shoppe 432 Cahaba Park Circle | 205.980.9995


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September 3rd, 2016, 5:39 pm #29 ... urants-al/

12 Neighborhood Restaurants In Alabama With Food So Good You’ll Be Back For Seconds

Sometimes the best restaurants are those that are tucked away in neighborhoods. Many neighborhood restaurants are located throughout Alabama. Some are fine dining, while others offer a more casual atmosphere. From BBQ joints to upscale eateries, and burger joints to pizzerias, here are 12 of the best neighborhood restaurants in Alabama:

1. GianMarco's Restaurant - Birmingham

GianMarco's Restaurant serves up the finest Italian cuisine in Birmingham, in a welcoming, yet sophisticated, environment. Their pastas are incredible! (721 Broadway St)

2. 1892 East Restaurant & Tavern - Huntsville

1892 East Restaurant & Tavern is located in Huntsville's historic Five Points neighborhood and serves up delicious meals that consist of fresh farm ingredients. Pictured: Roasted Butternut Squash (720 Pratt Ave NE)

3. Rock House Eatery - Guntersville

The Rock House Eatery specializes in delicious dishes that have been prepared with only the freshest ingredients. In addition to delicious food, the Rock House Eatery also offers great service and fantastic prices. (1201 Gunter Ave)

4. Filet & Vine - Montgomery
Filet & Vine offers a variety of delicious foods such as soups, vegetables, casseroles, meats and more. This local favorite is one of Montgomery's best lunch spots. (431 Cloverdale Rd)

5. Kitchen on George - Mobile

Kitchen on George is a neighborhood restaurant that uses locally sourced ingredients to create their amazing dishes. Without a doubt, the Shrimp & Goat Cheese Grits is one of their most popular dishes. It's not surprising considering how delicious it is. (351A George St)

6. Saw's Juke Joint - Birmingham

Ever since October 2012, Saw's Juke Joint has been serving up amazing barbecue, burgers and more in a fun, casual setting. While eating, guests enjoy listening to complimentary live music. (1115 Dunston Ave)

7. Albany Bistro - Decatur

Albany Bistro is located within the Historic Albany District of Decatur and is well known for serving up delicious Southern cuisine. Albany Bistro is the perfect restaurant for a date night or a night out with friends. (1051 Grant St SE)

8. Lannie's Bar-B-Q Spot - Selma

If you happen to find yourself driving through Selma and craving delicious barbecue, Lannie's Bar-B-Q Spot is definitely worth a detour. This popular BBQ joint serves up great barbecue, in addition to delicious sides and amazing sweet tea. (2115 Minter Ave)

9. Broadway Pizzeria - Tuscaloosa

For the best pizza in Tuscaloosa, Broadway Pizzeria is a must visit. This popular pizzeria serves up the best New York style pizza. In addition to pizza, Broadway Pizzeria also includes calzones, hoagies, wings, pastas and a selection of amazing desserts on their menu. (2880 Rice Mine Rd NE)

10. Capeside Fish Company - Rainbow City

Capeside Fish Company is a combination restaurant and seafood market. Everything is cooked to order and guaranteed to be delicious. Pictured: BBQ Salmon Plate. (726 W Grand Ave)

11. The Cove Bar & Grill - Gulf Shores

This neighborhood restaurant is a local favorite and offers guests a variety of menu items. It's also very low key and not a typical tourist spot. So, chances are you won't have to wait long, if at all, for a table. The Cove Bar & Grill's burgers are some of the best in Gulf Shores, according to locals. (131 Cove Ave)

12. Thai House - Dothan

For the best Thai cuisine in Dothan, a visit to Thai House is a must. According to many locals, this neighborhood restaurant serves up the best Thai food around. Pictured: Spicy Volcano Chicken (4177 Montgomery Hwy/Ste 10)
Are any of these neighborhood restaurants your favorite? For more great places to eat, Here Are 13 Restaurants In Alabama You Absolutely MUST Visit Before You Die and 15 ‘Hole In The Wall’ Restaurants In Alabama That Will Blow Your Taste Buds Away.

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Birmingham’s most popular BBQ joints, ranked

BBJ readers voted for their favorite barbecue joints that are serving up the best individual items in Birmingham. Here's a look at which spots earned the highest percent of votes in each category.

By Dan Bagwell – Research Director , Birmingham Business Journal
May 4, 2018, 1:12pm
Birmingham has carved out a name for itself as a barbecue hotspot, but which barbecue joints are serving up the best grub in town?

That depends on who you ask, so we looked to the latest online reviews to rank the top 25 local barbecue joints with the best average ratings on Yelp and Zomato. We’ve listed the top spots below, along with a look at those with the highest rate of perfect scores.

For an even closer look at local barbecue specialties, we asked our readers to vote for the joints that serve the best individual dishes including ribs, wings, pork sandwiches and original sauce. Check out the slideshow above to see which restaurants received the most votes in each category.

Our List includes a mix of standalone restaurants and local chains, although only two brands had multiple showings at the very top. Three locations each for Saw’s and Jim ‘N Nick’s bookend the top 10, with the former locking up the top three spots for the second consecutive year.

Some local favorites that lack enough data for a composite score have nonetheless earned solid reviews on Yelp. The five standouts in that category include Magnolia BBQ & Fish, Swamp Monster BBQ, Mrs. B’s on Fourth, Lazy Boy BBQ and Good Ole Boys BBQ, each of which earned at least 3.5 Yelp stars.

Top of the List

These are the 10 highest-rated barbecue joints in Birmingham, ranked by composite scores calculated from Yelp and Zomato ratings. Ties are broken by total number of reviews, and only those with at least 15 Yelp reviews are included.

10) Jim 'N Nick's - Alabaster

Yelp: 4 stars, 58 reviews

Zomato: 3.8 score, 318 votes

295 Alabaster Blvd., Alabaster, 35007

9) Jim 'N Nick's - Trussville

Yelp: 4 stars, 92 reviews

Zomato: 3.8 score, 336 votes

1660 Gadsden Hwy., Birmingham, 35235

8) Jim 'N Nick's - Hoover

Yelp: 4 stars, 154 reviews

Zomato: 3.8 score, 731 votes

1810 Montgomery Hwy., Birmingham, 35244

7) Butts To Go

Yelp: 4.5 stars, 15 reviews

Zomato: 3.4 score, 66 votes

410 Martin St., Pell City, 35125

6) Rusty's Bar-B-Q

Yelp: 4.5 stars, 121 reviews

Zomato: 3.5 score, 171 votes

7484 Parkway Drive, Leeds, 35094

5) Fat Man's Bar-B-Que

Yelp: 4.5 stars, 18 reviews

Zomato: 3.7 score, 120 votes

10179 Old U.S. 231, Cropwell, 35054

4) Rib It Up

Yelp: 4.5 stars, 22 reviews

Zomato: 3.7 score, 144 votes

830 1st Ave N., Birmingham, 35203

3) Saw's Juke Joint

Yelp: 4.5 stars, 194 reviews

Zomato: 4.2 score, 696 votes

1115 Dunston Ave., Birmingham, 35213

2) Saw's BBQ

Yelp: 4.5 stars, 428 reviews

Zomato: 4.5 score, 1522 votes

1008 Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, 35209

1) Saw's Soul Kitchen

Yelp: 4.5 stars, 521 reviews

Zomato: 4.7 score, 1280 votes

215 41st St. S, Birmingham, 35222

Perfect scores

These barbecue joints have the highest percent of their total reviews made up by perfect five-star ratings.

5) Saw’s Soul Kitchen: 62% (325/521 perfect scores)

4) Butts To Go: 67% (10/15 perfect scores)

3) M&M BBQ: 73% (11/15 perfect scores)

2) Barbecue Stop: 74% (20/27 perfect scores)

1) Magnolia BBQ & Fish: 76% (38/50 perfect scores)

More Food Friday research

Every week brings a new Food Friday list that spotlights a different part of Birmingham’s restaurant scene. Be sure to check out our newest rankings of the most popular food trucks, Cajun restaurants and delis in town.

For questions, comments or to make sure your company is featured on any of our upcoming Lists, reach out to