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Taylor and Robert Randolph: A Dynamic Duo , Indeed ! credit to ibwbro type= ... ram><param name=

Download link:

Here is an write up which definitely shows how well Taylor can mesh with just about anyone :)

"Randolph was curiously reined-in and timid, the Truckers (witnessed by maybe 500 early birds) were nowhere near as sharp as on record -- and the moment that probably still has everyone who saw it talking involved "American Idol" champ Taylor Hicks. And so I find myself in an unusual situation. This
week's Pop Life column, extolling the burgeoning virtues of Hicks and imploring his contract-keepers to allow him to chase Joe Cocker's spirit, rather than conform him to bland pop formula, was filed the day before the unlikely heartthrob turned up at the Greek. This stunt, then, suggests that maybe Hicks and his handlers have their heads screwed on right.

Make no mistake: This was clearly a stunt, one Randolph was gracious enough to let happen and build up. Earlier, just after the Truckers' half-hour set, Hicks could easily be spotted (and approached) near one of the swag stands, flanked by managers and security people while watching "Idol" pal Elliott Yamin engage in his own bit of meet-and-greet.

It was an odd sight at a show not sponsored by Pop-Tarts and attended by tens of thousands of squealing teens. But what may have drawn snickers in the lobby grew into enthusiasm once Hicks was on stage.

I couldn't tell you the name of the tune he and Randolph cooked on, as this night the guitarist's set mashed one hook-free groove into another. (The guy is a virtuoso, yes, but he needs better material, stuff that can be tightly constructed for maximum impact as much as it can be stretched out. It's telling, actually, that he shined most on someone else's song,Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile.")another one of gregg allman's friends - although he only played harmonica for one song - was taylor hicks.i dig him. i think winning "american idol" was bad for him, mainly he's gonna be pigeonholed into something he's not. he's a legitimately talented dude who is much bigger than the label. and he did a helluva job on the harmonica - and he knew better not to sing when on stage with gregg allman. he wasn't gonna win that one.

What I can say, however, is that Hicks held his own, never showboating or stealing the spotlight, just sitting in, blowing some mean harmonica and briefly leading the responsive crowd in a bit of "everybody say yeah!" back and forth. That showed respect to the evening he intruded upon. But the moment also stands as a significant vote of confidence from a serious rocker, something no "Idol" favorite has received, at least not so meaningfully."

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RR and Taylor:


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On October 12, 2010 Taylor played with the Robert Rudolph band at Workplay : Here is a site to listen to these performances . The Media board has downloads of these also: ... topic=6438

Robert Randolph And The Family Band
October 12th, 2010
WorkPlay Soundstage
Birmingham, AL

Source: DPA 4061 (7" binaural sphere) > Naiant PFA > Oade Concert Mod Marantz PMD-661 (24/48)
Location: SBD Cage
Transfer: SDHC > HD > Wavelab 6 > CD Wave > FLAC
Taped, Transferred & Seeded by Dennis Tyler

One Set

Disc One

1. Segue 1 > Traveling Shoes
2. Squeeze
3. Back To The Wall
4. Segue 5 > Dry Bones
5. Don't Change
6. Hip Shake Dance
7. Homecoming *
8. Joyful Sounds **
9. I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier Mama

Disc Two

1. If I Had My Way
2. Jam
3. Ain't Nothing Wrong With That
4. Gilligan Jam @
5. Deliver Me @
6. Encore Break
7. I'm Not Listening

* - with Taylor Hicks & Cody Dickinson
** - with Cody Dickinson
@ - with Taylor Hicks
- Hill Country Revue opened
- Thanks to Chomps for the setlist help

These pictures are from Roger Stephenson 's facebook ... ram><param name=credit to Fulliweizen

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January 4- 9, 2011 found Taylor on JAM CRUISE 9 , jamming with many bands including his "old friend" Robert Randoph and the Family Band.

A snippet Jam Cruise 9- Robert Randolph and the family band and Taylor Hicks doing " Deliver Me"credit to lowfatmusic ... ram><param name=