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Paris Vegas / 2014

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[color=#9300C4][size=150][size=150]Taylor continues his run at ParisVegas for at least two more months . [/size][/size][/color] A 75 minute show

[size=150]Paris Las Vegas Continues to Rewrite History on Vegas Strip[/size]


With so many wonderful shows like “Jersey Boys” and “Taylor Hicks,” thrilling nightclubs including Chateau Nightclub & Garden, an attraction that takes you inside the Eiffel Tower and the architecture and feel of a resort in Paris, the Paris Las Vegas is one of the most unique resorts in the city. It is the only one that can transport guests to Paris, France, while still providing the kind of entertainment Las Vegas is known for. It is because of this that Best of Vegas has decided to delve into Paris Las Vegas’ history and uncover how it came to be, its years of entertainment and why it is still one of the most popular resorts on the Strip.

The Paris Las Vegas opened on September 1, 1999 at 10 p.m. to a spectacular fireworks show displayed from the resort’s 540-foot Eiffel Tower. French actress Catherine Deneuve flipped the switch turning on the lights illuminating the tower. It is estimated that 35,000 people entered the Paris after a private party of 4,000 VIPs were treated to food and drink prior to the fireworks. Also in attendance for the opening was French film star Line Renaud, composer Michael LeGrand, Donald Trump, Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, and New Jersey Congressman Frank LoBiondo.

If you’ve ever been to the real Paris and visited a few of the city’s famed hotels you may know that the Paris Las Vegas’ main hotel tower is fashioned after the famous Hotel DeVille in Paris. The resort also contains replicas of the Paris Opera House, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre and the Rue de la Paix shopping district.

And while the Paris Las Vegas has an Eiffel Tower, it’s not quite built to scale. The original plan was to have an exact replica of the French landmark. But the Las Vegas resort is too close to McCarran International Airport, so the tower was scaled down to half to accommodate the planes coming into town. Another fun thing to note is the legs of the tower actually come into the main gaming area of the resort.

Paris Las Vegas’ entertainment kicked off with a bang when the English version of the musical “Notre Dame de Paris” (Hunchback of Notre Dame) opened in the hotel in January 2000. Today, aside from the award winning show “Jersey Boys” and Taylor Hicks, the Paris lures in guests with R-rated comedy hypnotist Anthony Cools, and dueling pianists in Napoleon’s Dueling Pianos.

The hotel has been featured in two films, “2012” in which the Paris, along with the rest of the Strip, is destroyed and “Resident Evil: Extinction” where the Paris has been buried in sand, along with the rest of Las Vegas, after a zombie apocalypse. One of the characters in the film climbs the Eiffel Tower replica to escape a horde of zombies.

After almost 15 years on the Strip, the Paris Las Vegas continues to impress and grab people’s attention not only with its amazing architecture but award-winning shows, restaurants and nightclubs. If you haven’t stayed at or experienced one of The Paris’ shows we suggest you do with discounted tickets right here on Best of Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV - 03/21/14

[img][/img] Amory Harwell photo Bringing in the New Year.

[color=#9300C4]Performance Dates : [/color]

January 27, 28,29,31

February 1 ( canceled) , 6. 7, 8, 10, 11, 13. 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 27, 28 Guitarist Josh Smith reunites with Taylor for a three week stint at beginning Thurs., 2/6/14

March 1, 3, 4 , 15, 16, 17, 18, 20,21,22,24,25,27,28,29.31

April 1, 3,4,6.....................

[color=#9300C4]TICKETS:[/color] [url=][/url]

There are only 4 more weeks to see Taylor's headlining show at Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino!

[color=#9300C4]CAST OF CHARACTERS: [/color]

Brian Less - keyboard
David Keith - drums
Eric Schauer - drums
Jason Parker - bass
Cody Farris - guitar ( January )
Josh Smith - guitar ( February )

[color=#9300C4]SETLIST:[/color] compilation : credit to azurefromgc , dnjmorton, denv , TaylorBug, OCTaylorFan

Country Living
-Memphis Women & Fried Chicken
Takin' It To The Streets
Back To Louisiana
Maybe You Should
In The Ghetto
- Grandma's Hands
- Movin' on Up
- Lonely Avenue
-Ain't no Love in the Heart of the City
On and On
Living For the City
- Running on Empty
Viva Las Vegas
Hell of a Day
The Deal
Love The One You're With
- Rockin' Pneumonia and Boogy Woogy Flu
Seven Mile Breakdown
Yes We Can

[color=#9300C4]MEDIA: [/color]

1. [size=150][size=150]Taylor Hicks was named Best Headliner in the February issue of Desert Companion [/size][/size]




2. .[color=#9300C4]About Taylor Hick’s Las Vegas Show[/color]

Get ready to rock with a country twist at Taylor Hicks’ entertaining yet intimate Las Vegas show. But the show isn’t full of the usual bells and whistles of a blockbuster production - Hicks likes to keep his performance as authentic and down-home as he is. A small band, a mic and plenty of finely tuned instruments are all Hicks needs to put on a rockin’ show. The set list is infused with a variety of sounds, from soul to R&B and country—all with his signature twang. He does a few covers (whatever he’s in the mood for or occasionally, audience requests) and plenty of his own material.

About Las Vegas Headliner Taylor Hicks
Hicks made history as the first “American Idol” winner to secure a long-term resident show in Las Vegas. The Birmingham, Ala. native is showing off why he won the coveted crown during season five. Beloved blues rocker Hicks has an exclusive partnership with Caesars Entertainment, taking his talents to other Caesars properties across the country throughout the year with specific dates and locations to be announced.

[color=#9300C4]SOUL PATROL MEMORIES: [/color]

1. Shelley Lehner

when I think your concerts can't get any blow me away. To top it off, I get to experience it again tomorrow :)

[img][/img]credit to Amanda Jo Cooper

[img][/img]credit to johnnykats

[img][/img]credit to shelley lehner

[img][/img]credit to Lori

2. NO82 Mon, Jan 27, 2014

Taylor puts on an extremely good show. It was neat to see him play in his element in such an intimate setting. He can flat out sing and his band consists of three other extremely talented musicians. He is funny and not trying to hard to extract a laugh. It's great to see him playing the music he loves and rocking the hell out of it.
Favorite moment: The 15 minutes of In The Ghetto jam session.

3. Kabranda

January 29, 2014

Wonderful Show!!

At this show you are up close. It feels as if Taylor is performing in your living
room. Taylor is so multi-talented and plays so many instruments! A show that
will be a favorite!

4. azurefromgc ( husband )

....talked with Taylor for a good ten minutes - that he's the friendliest guy on earth.

5. Joe Solo

I had the privilege of getting to go to a @taylorhicks concert and met him. Absolute great person to meet.

6. I had gotten @taylorhicks to digitally sign my phone for his albums after the concert. [url=][/url] credit to Joe Solo


7. John Hansen

Thanks for the memories Saturday night. I know JT will never forget it!! What a great show!! Thanks for all u do for the vets!

8. Kay43


Attended Taylor's show Saturday night - fantastic job as usual. Taylor, Josh Smith on guitar, and Brian Less on keyboards, have great chemistry on stage. Taylor's vocals are stronger than ever and he packs his show with music the entire time. He performed for 70+ minutes non-stop.
There was a young man in the front row who is leaving for Afghanistan very soon and Taylor recognized him and dedicated the song, Nineteen, to him. Very emotional. Taylor mentioned his involvement with the Wounded Warrior Project - kudos to him for raising money for this very worthy cause.
Taylor is still very humble and numerous times thanked the audience for voting for him on American Idol, stating that he would not be where he is today if it weren't for the show.
If you have not seen Taylor perform LIVE you are missing a great show. He is only scheduled to perform at the Paris Hotel for several more weeks -- if you are in Vegas, be sure to catch his show - you will NOT be disappointed.
Taylor signs autographs afterwards and is so sweet to talk with every person in line and will pose for a picture with you.
Taylor's rendition of In The Ghetto was outstanding with lots of harp thrown in. He did a song I had not heard before "Grandma's Hands" that I'm sure had special meaning to him, as he recently lost his beloved Grandmother.
Great guy - great entertainer. Check out his show!!

Favorite moment: When he took the stage!!

9. MarcRamsdale
Saw @taylorhicks perform in Vegas this week. He's a must see!!! And his keyboard player is awesome as well!!!

10. Vegas Paparazzi
Just met/saw @taylorhicks in concert. Great guy. Band was great. A true "nashville" "southern blues" musician. A Vegas "MUST SEE"!

11. drdebs
February 11, 2014

Long for the club acts of old? where you were up close and personal to the
musicians in a intimate setting? Well this is it. I paid the extra $10 for VIP tickets
which meant seating at bistro tables in front of the stage where every nuance of
this fabulous singer could be seen and heard. It also included "backstage passes"
which meant you got your CD's and photos with Taylor Hicks before instead of
after the show. This man is all consumed by his music and loves meaningful
compilations; "The Ghetto by Elvis, Followed by "Grandma says" merging
into "moving on up". Taylors voice delivery is soulful and his music bluesy and
country all rolled into one. I would see this show again in a heartbeat.

[img][/img]credit to kay43

[img][/img]credit to kayfortay

12. If you get facebook: [color=#9300C4]credit to Chad Marnach for Video of "Nineteen". [/color]


13. Mariannerobles
Feb. 15, 2014

Taylor and his band put on one of the best shows I've seen. The intimate setting makes you feel like he is in your living room.

14. noelle shelton

AMAZING time at Taylor Hicks show last night. Thank you for@taylorhicks for appreciating the military! God Bless!

[img][/img]credit to noelshelton

15. rhoneydewemt
February 13, 2014

Outstanding performance!!!

This was a birthday present for my husband, who has loved Taylor from the
first time he saw him on Idol. I splurged on VIP tickets and couldn't have been
more pleased at being right in front of the stage and in the second row of

Our Meet and Greet with him was fantastic. They took pictures with our
camera, talked with Taylor and he ended up signing several things for us.
It was like talking with an old friend and catching up.
I would buy tickets again in a heart beat...and they really do treat you like a
VIP with those tickets.

The whole show was top notch!!!

16. Df4you
Thu, Feb 13, 2014 @

The show was fantastic. Taylor is such a soulful singer, with an awesome sound.
He reminds me of Michael McDonald. He is very good and i will be back to see him
every time i'm in vegas.
-Favorite moment: The whole show. @
Setlist: I loved all the songs, can't name them but i know they were gooooooooood. (smile)

17. Kathy4412
February 18, 2014

Soul Patrol kicks butt!

While we were in Vegas we saw three big production shows, including Shania
Twain, Love and Michael Jackson One, but I think this show was my favorite.
We got the meet and greet - such a bargain. We got our pictures with Taylor
before the show. It's in a small, intimate venue. I feel like we got to know him
a little bit. He rocked the stage with a mix of blues and rock, I guess you
would say. He said he was going to put out a country album. I think he should
put out a blues album, release it on CD and vinyl - only way to listen to
serious jazz/blues is on vinyl. Only small negative, it was really loud for such a
small venue. But it was quite a jam session!

18. michel2006

Taylor seemed very happy and talkative tonight. He expanded on several of his regular stories and it seemed like he did a lot more talking and less songs.
.... When he started to intro MYS, he made it seem like a brand new song and said, Tim and Faith had 'JUST' put it on hold for their new ablum.
....BTW, there is a new t-shirt available at the merch table. Black T with white lettering on the front--Where the city streets meet the country roads--Taylor Hicks. And a picture of Taylor on the back. [img][/img]
....Taylor started talking about his most favorite-the kindest judge-Simon. Taylor said Simon just had a baby. Wouldn't it be funny if the baby was 'pitchy'? Karma coming back to Simon.

Josh was great. He played a killer solo during ITG and he played the Dixie instrumental on guitar during 19.

....We were talking about the new music and she said she's( woman michel2006 sat with ) heard at least one of the new songs. She says she knows the song writer and he sent her a demo of another singer singing it. But she says the song is 'Totally Taylor'. The song is called One of These Nights. Just like the Eagles songs I guess. Well we'll see. Taylor said a couple of songs would be getting released to country stations in the next couple of months.

19. Bulldog

Best Show Around!

My husband and I went to Taylor's show February 13th and had a great time! I
love his style of music and what a voice. He took time after the show for
autographs, pictures and talked to the fans. I told him maybe Tim and Faith
could open for him sometime:) Nebraska fan for life.

What I enjoyed: Atmosphere, Location, Service

[color=#9300C4]Gallagher Attends Taylor's Show at Paris Vegas [/color][img][/img]

20. KingWill Feb. 22, 2014

This setting at Paris Hotel and Casino is perfect for a singer/songwriter like Taylor Hicks. It is more like Beal Street in Memphis than a Las Vegas casino. The music is soulful and from the heart. Great show.

21. dustydad
February 22, 2014

Taylor Hicks is hugely likeable

Taylor Hicks' likeability and personality are probably more memorable than his
music which is fine of itself. His band is excellent.
I might go again sometime.

22. LTC78
February 24, 2014

Great of the best I have seen in Vegas! I would highly recommend to
anyone.....a must see!!

23. Lindsey Bryant

Yay for Taylor Hicks from American Idol! His concert was amazing!!!

[img][/img]credit to Lindsey Bryant

24. dnjmorton

....He wore his black shirt both nights with the grey scarf and neat alligator shoes. Standing 0 for 19. He said he was going to scuba dive with wounded warriors in Seattle, but did not say when he was doing this.

....Met a new girl from Portland on the first night...she was just walking by the venue and decided to attend. She was really glad she did and really enjoyed the show. The 2nd night met a lady in the VIP line from Wisconsin. She was so surprised to find other people who had seen him more than once and was shocked when we said we had seen 13 shows in Vegas alone. She sat with us and was going to go back and see the Thursday night show.

.... I did ask him the first night where we would be able to see him after Friday and he said: "I can't tell you". Then said: " That is the billion dollar question."

....Everyone knows I am a huge Taylor fan. This was our 5th trip to Vegas to JUST SEE TAYLOR!! We attended two shows...Monday and Tuesday. Taylor puts 150% into his performance. His passion for the music is mesmerizing. Taylor sings covers, songs from AI and his own original music. He is multi-talented - singer/songwriter/musician. His harmonica playing is amazing. He has surrounded himself with fantastic musicians...Josh, Eric and Brian. A must see!!!!

[color=#9300C4]Harp in Back To Louisiana[/color] :


25. lance sherman



[color=#9300C4]Grandma's Hand tag[/color] : credit to MacNH63
[url=">"> name=[/url]

26. merlyn61

Thursday he was hot, lots of energy and great singing.a few younger girls in center front who near the end got up and were dancing. Taylor loved it! I'd post pictures if I knew how?

New Southwest Airlines drawing for a trip to see Taylor in Paris Vegas [/size]


Meet Taylor Hicks At Paris Las Vegas®!
Enter for your chance to win a VIP experience to travel to Las Vegas to see Taylor Hicks live in concert! This two-night getaway includes roundtrip airline tickets to Las Vegas, a two-night stay at Paris Las Vegas, dinner for two at Gordon Ramsay Steak, two tickets to see Taylor Hicks in concert, a meet and greet with Taylor Hicks, and a Taylor Guitar!

Currently in residence at Paris, Taylor Hicks brings unique musical talent and showmanship to the Las Vegas Strip. Current shows are playing March 14 through April 12, 2014.

Grand Prize
Two roundtrip tickets to/from Las Vegas on Southwest Airlines
Two-night hotel stay at Paris Las Vegas
Two tickets to see Taylor Hicks perform live in concert
Dinner for two at Gordon Ramsay Steak
One Taylor 214ce Guitar

one Meet and Greet with Taylor Hicks

[color=#9300C4]Taylor Hicks - Maybe You Should - Paris - 2/25/14[/color]credit to: TaylorHicksRocks


[img][/img]credit to Dave Morton

[img][/img]credit to Dave Morton

[img][/img]credit to Dave Morton

[img][/img]credit to Dave Morton

[img][/img]credit to taymylove

27. “@rayaucoin 3/20/14

Just got back from seeing Taylor Hicks show at the Napolean Lounge Paris. Your show rocks!

28. “@bjaucoin 3/20/14

Fabulous show. A Vegas must see for those who love great music. He rocked the house!

29. openeyeglobal

I bow down to the almighty Taylor Hicks![img][/img]

30. denv

I was hoping Josh was still there and he was. How fun to see the two of them together again. Josh is simply amazing. The band was the two of them, Brian and a drummer from Vegas.

He did say that he was putting together songs for the new CD and that a single would be out in the next few months. So my guess is it is still being worked and not fully recorded. Or else he is recording or changing songs

Met a couple from England in line. They had come to see Celine Dion and had wanted to see Taylor but thought they were going to miss him so they were very excited when they got there and saw he was playing. The husband was especially a big fan and excited. They loved meeting him and enjoyed the show. (Although they were disappointed in the length being only 65 minutes.) But they were excited to have gotten to see him. The audience as a whole was very receptive and enthusiastic

31. Lindsay Bowman

One of the best shows I've seen in a while! Great time

[img][/img]credit to Lindsay Bowman [img][/img]credit to Nichole Kesten

32. Nichole Kesten

@taylorhicks Bravo!! We saw you on monday & amazing show!! you guys can jam. Congrats on all your succescredit


33. Df4you

Taylor was better this time than the last time i saw him, which was last month. He gets
better and better. I loved it , he played the piano this time. He is sooooooooo good it hurts.
(smile). His band of three members are also fantastic.
Sat, Mar 22, 2014
Favorite moment: The whole show was fabulous. @
Setlist: I loved 19, and In the Ghetto the most. But nothing was bad. I loved all the songs.
Opening act(s): He's it. Don't need anyone else. Just love him.

34. abqhudson Mar 25, 2014

Too loud for the small venue. If you go, pay attention to where the speakers are located and don't sit near them. [color=#9300C4]Taylor is at his best on ballads such as his new song - Maybe you should.[/color]

[img][/img]credit to Shelley Lehner

[img][/img]credit to Shelley Lehner

35. michael2006

Taylor was in good spirits for the show, laughing andd smiling a lot. He thanked everyone for coming to seee him iin Vegas and how much he enjoyed his run here.

36. Oledave

Taylor Hicks is Bound for Bigger Things Paris Las Vegas
, Mar 31, 2014
Taylor Hicks was outstanding!! He has a great voice, but is also a good entertainer. He had the audience from start to finish. We enjoyed the small venue, but probably won't get this opportunity again. See him soon if you want this closeup experience.

[img][/img]credit to michel2006

37. TaylorBug - Final Performance

There were 2 reps from Caesar's properties there and they went on stage to give a short speech about Taylor being a great guy to work with and praising him for his performances and hard work. Taylor said, "and I only called in sick once!" They presented him with an engraved harmonica and a bottle of Crown Royal. The crowd insisted that he take a drink or two, so he did. He took photos and signed after the show- then he left on a red-eye to parts unknown! (maybe to work on that single or CD)

38. OCTaylorFan - Final performance

We talked to several people before the show, not to be named, in case they weren't supposed to speak to us -- and they all indicated he was taking off for a short time to finish his album, tour some, and then find his niche with the Caesar's properties and return to LV. When the executives from Caesars came on stage to present Taylor with the gifts, they were very encouraging and Taylor said, "We are going to continue the relationship, I just have to get off my lazy musician's butt and finish this record." (that is verbatim) After, at the merch table, Taylor said, "Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere." Whenever "last night" was mentioned, it was mentioned in the context of Napolean's, not Caesars or Las Vegas. We left absoluely certain that he would be back, just not so certain as to where and when! As he says, "Stay tuned."

39. Gary Dean Hathaway

[color=#9300C4]Taylor Hicks Live in Las Vegas[/color]
April 19, 2014

My wife and I have been total Taylor Hicks fanatics since we saw him audition for American Idol in 2006. We knew this guy had “it” from the very first notes that we heard him sing. We knew that he would win and we both voted for him about 200 times a night to help make sure. After he did win we went to the American Idol Live tour at the Pepsi Center to see him, and we were lucky enough to get into a private party at Herman’s Hideaway after the show where he performed a surprise set with his band and a few other Idol finalists (Eliot Yamin, Ace Young and Bucky Covington).

About a year later we saw him at the Paramount theatre in Denver on the tour promoting his first album, and attempted to see him 7 years later during the first year of his Las Vegas residency at Bally’s. I say attempted because we thought that we could just get tickets when we arrived, never having bothered to check to see if the show might be dark that week…Of coarse it was (oops…we have learned to book Vegas stuff way in advance now!)

On April 1st 2014 not only did we get to finally see him perform his Vegas show (right under the wire I might add as it was the last week of his 2 year run) but, we got the extreme honor of finally meeting him in person also. Yes I know, I’m a grown man and I’m not supposed to get excited about these kind of things but hey so what.

Needless to say his show was amazing. We had front row seats so I only took the one picture above because we were so close I felt awkward holding my phone up while he was performing. He was backed by a 3 piece band led by Brian Less (Little Memphis) of LMBO. These guys had to be the best and tightest group of musicians that I’ve ever seen on stage. The show was much more intimate and personal than I was expecting. It didn’t seem like he was just playing off a set list and then the typical “thank you & goodnight”. A lot of the evening felt very improvised (in an awesomely good way) as each song would end up being a jam session that turned into 2 or 3 different songs before they brought it back around to the one that they started with.

Another cool thing was that he talked a lot in between songs about his journey in life and how it led to auditioning for American Idol and some insight about why he made some of the creative choices that he did during the show. So for fans like my wife and I who have followed his career now for almost a decade it seemed like a very personal thank you for sticking it out and going along for the ride. It made it all seem worth it to us, and that’s something that not all artists have the ability to do (or they just don’t care enough to try).

So in closing I just want to say Thank you back to Taylor Hicks for the incredible music over the years, for the passion that you pour into your performances and for a magical evening that my wife and I will never forget. We look forward to the next decade or so of whatever you have in store for your fans!



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11:48 AM - Mar 14, 2014 #2

Vital Vegas. com

Taylor Hicks to End Paris Las Vegas Residency
Multi-talented and disarmingly nice “American Idol”-winner Taylor Hicks will end his residency at Paris Las Vegas on April 8, 2014. Updated to end April 6, 2014
You know how they say certain performers give 110%? Yeah, this guy.
The performer has received nearly-universal positive reviews, so catch the show while you still can.

Performances run in the Napoleon’s Lounge at Paris through March and April. Tickets range from $45.49 to $80.49.

This is about the only show in Vegas where we’d recommend splurging and doing the meet-and-greet. Unless Claire Sinclair starts doing a meet-and-greet. Then splurge on that. Until then, Taylor Hicks it is. ... residency/


A“Confetti on @merlehaggard ain’t cool. #respect,” tweeted John Rich of Big and Rich.


Former “American Idol” Taylor Hicks wrapped up his run on Sunday at Paris Las Vegas.

He told me he’s taking a hiatus to complete a single and then will turn his attention to finishing up a full-length “soulful country” album.

A big announcement is coming up, he said, that will include “great TV and film opportunities and touring.”

Cited by Forbes magazine as one of the top-earning “Idol” alumni, Hicks said his goal is to return to Las Vegas but he’s looking forward to a break after a 22-month stay in his hotel room during engagements at Bally’s and sister hotel Paris. ... t-acm-show

The Kats Report

Writing Taylor Hicks’ name again is a bittersweet moment, as his run at Paris Las Vegas, and with all of Caesars Entertainment properties, closed Sunday with his show at Napoleon’s. He’s now back in Nashville working on an album. Hicks swapped shtick last week with Craig Ferguson on Ferguson’s “The Late, Late Show,” reminding of his inescapably appealing personality. His was a great show, a real barnburner that deserved a bigger room and a better fate. I’ll always be a fan, and I’ll say that at high volume so I can be heard above Hicks and his rip-roaring band. I hope to see him back in our haunt soon. ... lly-madis/