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NBC TV 'The Jimmy Fallon Show' 4/1/11

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[color=#9300C4]Taylor Hicks Performs with Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert[/color]By mj On 04/02/2011 ·

EPIC is the only word I can think of to describe Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon singing a cover of “Friday” with Taylor Hicks on vocals and Harmonica. Long story short, Steven lost a bet with Jimmy all in the name of raising lots of money for DonorsChoose.

Nice touch: Jimmy Fallon’s “Soul Patrol” sweatshirt. Taylor was showstopping AND HIGH-LARIOUS all at the same time. Balloons. Confetti. The Knicks cheerleaders. STEPHEN COLBERT RULES. You. Must. Watch.

Of course the song and dance extravaganza wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the $26,000 we raised for -- and as if that wasn't amazing enough, NBC Universal decided to match the donation! What a wonderful beginning to the wee-ee-kend.

[size=150][color=#9300C4]Taylor did a "bang-up" job with Rebecca Black's FRIDAY ..........very funny !!!! This performance blew the roof off Studio 6B; you can't not watch it!


[img][/img] Stephen Colbert

[img][/img]Another dude rapping

[img][/img]Jimmy Fallon

[color=#9300C4]TAYLOR'S BIT [/color]



[img][/img]The Soul Patrol Sweatshirt

[img][/img]Knicks City Dancers
[color=#9300C4]FINALE [/color]



[color=#9300C4][size=150]Jimmy Fallon tapes a Thank you to all who participated in the Charity for [/size][/color]


[color=#9300C4]PRE-SHOW TWEETS [/color]
For highlights of past Fallon Shows click this link: [url=][/url]

1. @erinshawstreet Taylor Hicks on my plane. Chatted briefly; he's on his way to NYC to do Jimmy Kimmel ( THINK SHE MEANS FALLON )

2. @erinshawstreet @TaylorRHicks hope you made your flight & have a great show! We'd love for you to stop by @Southern_Living when you're back in #Bham.

3. Taylor Hicks appearing on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" tonight, according to mj's big blog.

4. Thanks to FrankKnuckles for this picture : With Stephen Colbert and NYKcitydancers


5. Luanne Bessee tweets about Taylor as he makes his way to The Jimmy Fallon Show in NYC
Celebrity sighting! Just saw Taylor Hicks of American Idol fame here in the Delta Sky Club. Funny guy. He passed by me and I turned my head at him and thought to myself, "Hey, that looks like Taylor Hicks". Turns out it was! He's been telling us funny stories about his travels.


[color=#9300C4]Comments from various sites: [/color]

1. Huffpostcomedy :

[url=][/url] Time for a confession: we really thought this whole "Stephen Colbert is going to sing Rebecca Black's 'Friday' on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'" thing was going to be an elaborate April Fools' Day prank. Of course, we wanted it to happen; we were hoping against hope that it would happen; but our cynical side was telling us, "No way."

But on Friday's "Late Night," Best Friends Forever For Six Months Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon delivered big time. From The Roots rocking the pants off of a song that had no business getting that kind of treatment, to Taylor Hicks' surprise appearance, it was a glorious happening all around.

Basically, this is what late night TV was made for. And on top of being the perfect culmination to a hilarious saga, the Fallon-Colbert Project also happened to raise quite a bit of money for Donor's Choose.

2. Radar :


It may have been the most watchable thing on TV since Jimmy Fallon's Born to Run opener for the Emmy Awards last August. On Friday's episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the host teamed up with his good buddy Stephen Colbert for a rocking rendition of Friday, and you can see it here on

The two comics turned the much maligned Rebecca Black tune into a hip hop-meets-reggae-meets pop jam. They were backed up by The Roots, former American Idol Taylor Hicks and the Knicks City Dancers.

Brilliant and funny and best of it, it was part of their effort to raise funds for a charity that helps with funding for individual classroom projects.

You have to watch!

3. NBC Chicago:

By David Chiu
advertisement Rebecca Black‘s maligned song “Friday” was given a spectacular, if comedic, treatment yesterday on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

Dressed in a tux, Stephen Colbert dropped by to perform the song for his BFFSM (best friend for six months) Jimmy Fallon on the show, E! News reported. Accompanied by Fallon’s house band, the Roots, Colbert delivered what could be described a deadpan, karaoke-styled version of the track.

Fallon and former "American Idol" champ Taylor Hicks joined in the singing with Colbert; the over-the-top performance was topped off with an appearance of the Knicks City Dancers and rained-down confetti and balloons.

Colbert’s appearance goes back to when Fallon had earlier said that if the fans could generate $26,000 for charity by yesterday, that the host of The Colbert Report would perform the song.

Not only were the funds raised, but NBC Universal also matched that contribution with an additional $26,000, making the grand total to over $86,000. The funds will go to

4. National Examiner. com


Jimmy Fallon may have officially outdone himself yet again. The man is known for coming up with hilarious spoofs of pop culture (often through song), and on Friday he (ironically) delivered a take on Rebecca Black's now-famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) "Friday" that may go down as one of the best interpretations of a web song ever created.

This entire performance happened thanks to Fallon teaming up with Stephen Colbert and raising more than $60,000 for ($86,000 if you count the additional donation put in by NBC), so it was only fitting that Colbert would start out the performance by making it into some sort of epic Bruce Springsteen-like ballad before the tempo picked up, The Roots joined in, and we even had Jimmy bust in with some auto-tuned vocals.

To make matter even more hilarious / ridiculous, former "American Idol" champ Taylor Hicks came out and sang a few lines, the Knicks City Dancers kicked in, and you even had the entire audience rocking. After watching this video, there's really only one thing you can say -- Jimmy Fallon may very well be a genius. Oh, and so is Rebecca Black for allowing this to happen in the first place.

5. TV Squad:


Last night, Stephen Colbert made good on his promise to cover Rebecca Black's YouTube sensation (some would call it an earworm) 'Friday' on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.' And it was epic.

Just a bit of the funny backstory: earlier this week, Colbert claimed that his "best friend for six months," Fallon, was going to match a $26,000 donation to Fallon said he promised no such thing, but in the spirit of saying your BFFSM will do something without consulting him first, he promised that Colbert would sing 'Friday' with the Roots if his audience could raise the $26,000 by Friday.

Well, they more than doubled that amount, and NBC Universal kicked in another 26 grand; more than $80,000 in contributions were made to this site, where educators solicit donations for school supplies and projects.

Colbert decided to not only come out in a tuxedo, but to also sing give the song a mournful, soulful vibe that Miss Black could have never touched in a million years. The Roots backed Colbert with their expert mix of hip hop and rock. Then Fallon came out and sang in an overly-modulated Auto Tune manner reminiscent of T-Pain. Add Taylor Hicks bursting out of a weekly calendar and the Knicks City Dancers, and you had the makings of a late night classic.


Video: Stephen Colbert, Taylor Hicks Sing Rebecca Black's 'Friday' on 'Fallon'
by Jason Lipshutz, N.Y. | April 02, 2011 12:45 EDT

Here is an item from you should enjoy. Click on the link below to check it out.

Taylor Hicks Kicking off the weekend in style, "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" hosted a fairly incredible performance of Rebecca Black's universally mocked hit "Friday" last night (April 1) that featured Stephen Colbert, Taylor Hicks, the Knicks City Dancers and house band the Roots. Fun, fun, fun, fun!

The "Colbert Report" host wandered onstage and started crooning a bluesy version of Black's hit, but Colbert was joined by the Roots just as he was about to debate "frontseat vs. backseat." The Roots' Black Thought rapped a few lyrics and Fallon himself delivered some lines with the help of a vocoder, but the highlight was Hicks bursting onstage and crooning the song in that "American Idol"-winning voice.

Although Black's "Behind the Music"-spoofing Funny or Die clip was a must-watch yesterday, the 13-year-old might have been outdone by this late night supergroup. Who knows: maybe Colbert will return to "Fallon" once Black unveils her follow-up single, "LOL."

7. The Birmingham News

Mary Colurso's Blog Taylor Hicks sings 'Friday' with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon on 'Late Night' (video)

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- April fools? More like April fun.

Taylor Hicks made a surprise appearance on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on April 1, performing Rebecca Black's "Friday" with Fallon, Stephen Colbert and the Roots as a charity stunt.

Hicks, 34, a Hoover native and former "American Idol" winner, burst onto the stage during the televised performance, harmonica in hand, and mugged it up with the other stars.

Fallon and Colbert had brainstormed the escapade. (Read the backstory here.) Basically, comedian Colbert promised to sing "Friday" on the show if Fallon and his viewers managed to raise $26,000 for the charity

The money came in, but Fallon didn't stop there. True to form, the talk-show host turned Colbert's performance into a larger production and more riotous affair. (Fallon also wore a sweatshirt that boasted a large "Soul Patrol" badge, a reference to Hicks' fan base.)

"Friday," in case you're wondering, went viral in March on YouTube. Black, a 13-year-old singer, had recorded the song on a vanity label, Ark Music Factory, and filmed a video for it.

See the "Late Night" spoof of the song by Colbert, Fallon, Hicks and company Wait for the cheerleaders!

8. zap2it:


Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Hicks take on Rebecca Black's 'Friday'By Mikey O'Connell

April 2, 2011 2:35 PM ET

Follow @Mikeylikestv on TwitterIt's looking more and more unlikely that this Rebecca Black business is going to go away on its own, so we might as well get completely over the top with the parodies.

Stephen Colbert joined Jimmy Fallon and The Roots during the April 1 episode of "Late Night" for a cover of "Friday" so elaborate, it likely cannot be topped.

After showcasing Colbert's underrated vocal styling and rolling out a few elaborate set pieces, Fallon bursts on stage with a mic set for auto tune and... is that a "Soul Patrol" sweater?

Yes, because Taylor Hicks was also in on the fun, supplying some harmonica and reminding us that while he might not be the greatest "American Idol" winner, at least he's the most self-deprecating:



Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert placed a good natured bet earlier this week on "The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon" when the host challenged his viewers to raise $25,000 for in exchange for Colbert to sing the viral hit "Friday" by Rebecca Black.

Viewers ended up exceeding Fallon's expectations by raising over $64,000 to the charity, which helps classrooms in need.

So Colbert, along with help from "The Late Show" house band The Roots, Fallon, and former "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks, took to the stage on Friday to sing the YouTube hit by Black. The video of the performance can be seen below.

Meanwhile Black had her own April Fool's Day festivities by appearing in a series of gag for the comedy site Black has been extremely good-natured about all the criticism she's received over her viral YouTube video, which at press time had over 74 million views.

In March, Black visited "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" and told the talk show host that she plans on donating proceeds for the song, which is currently no. 28 on the iTunes charts, to Japan and to her school.

Since its release, the video has been deemed "the worst music video ever" by some and others have jumped to Black's rescue, including Ryan Seacrest, Simon Cowell, Nicole Ritchie, Joel Madden and Willow Smith. On "Good Morning America," she defended her singing skills, saying, "I think I have talent on some level, I don't think I'm the worst singer, but I don't think I'm the best singer."

The song was produced by the independent Los Angeles-based company called Ark Music Factory. People magazine reports that for a fee, the company will produce a pop song and video for teenage girls who "want to get discovered."

The video became an internet sensation after Comedy Central's Tosh.o blog lampooned it under the headline, "Songwriting Isn't For Everyone" and popular Tumblr blog The Daily What made it the "Where Is Your God Now of the Day."

Check out Stephen Colbert's performance of "Friday."

NBC clipapalooza,
Colbert and Hicks' Friday, Paltrow's 'Who do' and American Idol on Leno

By April MacIntyre Apr 2, 2011, 18:59 GMT

NBC: The Conclusion of the Fallon Colbert Project, American Idol Cast-Offs, and NBC fired over the video of the hilarious conclusion of the Fallon Colbert Project, as well as a highlight of from Gwyneth Paltrow’s appearance on Who Do You Think You Are:

On Late Night – The Fallon Colbert Project came to its glorious end with Stephen Colbert's pwning Rebecca Black for a no-miss rendition of 'Friday,’ featuring a surprise appearance from Taylor Hicks in probably the best thing I have ever seen him do.


OK, this should be the end of anything and everything surrounding Rebecca Black's single-turned-meme sensation "Friday." Forget about the slowed-down version that sounds like a post rock jam and the fact that she has another track coming soon, because this cover from last night's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is just the best. Stephen Colbert, Taylor Hicks, Fallon and his house band, the Roots, pick up whatever remained of "Friday" and destroy it with their great cover. The funniest moment, hands down, is when Black Thought appears. Nothing will top this, so everyone, please, let the track rest in peace.

OK, this should be the end of anything and everything surrounding Rebecca Black's single-turned-meme sensation "Friday." Forget about the slowed-down version that sounds like a post rock jam and the fact that she has another track coming soon, because this cover from last night's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is just the best. Stephen Colbert, Taylor Hicks, Fallon and his house band, the Roots, pick up whatever remained of "Friday" and destroy it with their great cover. The funniest moment, hands down, is when Black Thought appears. Nothing will top this, so everyone, please, let the track rest in peace.

12. Yahoo Music Reality Rocks


Taylor Hicks Joins Colbert, Fallon, Roots, Knicks Dancers For "Friday" Sing-Off
Posted Sat Apr 2, 2011 by Lyndsey Parker in Reality Rocks

Friday night on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," all the hype centered on Stephen Colbert's show-closing performance of Rebecca Black's viral hit "Friday." (Stephen had promised to sing "Friday" on the show if "Fallon" viewers raised $26,000 for But it was Season 5 "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks who stole the show, when he bumrushed the proceedings out of nowhere, knee-sliding onto the "Fallon" stage with a panache that not even Tim Urban could muster..

Check out the Silver Fox's surprise harmonica-wailing performance with Stephen, Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, and the New York Knicks dancers, which proves he's way cooler than he ever gets credit for. And all I want to know is, where can I get a women's small version of the "Soul Patrol" sweatshirt Jimmy's wearing? .

13. Media ITE

Stephen Colbert Performs His Version Of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ For Jimmy Fallon


by Frances Martel | 9:25 am, April 2nd, 2011

You can make fun of Rebecca Black all you’d like, but who was performing your music when you were 13? To the list of people now culturally bound to her hit (?) single “Friday” we can now add Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon, who, along with The Roots, the Knicks City Dancers, some guy in a Bigfoot outfit, and American Idol winner Taylor Hicks for some reason, performed the most over-the-top rendition of the tune yet.
While reinterpreting “Friday”– a song that, should the Mayans be right about the world ending in 2012, will define pre-apocalyptic humanity forever– is enough of an artistic statement in itself, there was some method to the madness. The performance was the culmination of several weeks of fundraising on the part of both hosts, with Fallon getting Colbert to promise that, should his fans raise $26,000 for Donor’s Choose, he would perform the song. The viewers coming through, Colbert held up his end of the promise spectacularly. Adding lights, confetti, balloons, dancers, and terrible props to come up with something vaguely resembling the SNL sketch “What Up With That?”, they even significantly improve upon the creepy thirty-something-year-old rapper cameo with just a car door and what looks like a wagon. Colbert and Fallon managed to take what could arguably be the worst song of all time and threw the kitchen sink at it, coming up with something like the aural equivalent of a Jackson Pollack painting.

Today is Saturday (and Sunday comes afterwards), but you can still indulge your love/hate of the song via NBC below:

14. The Inquistr

Stephen Colbert Remixes “Friday” with Roots Crew on Jimmy Fallon

Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” is horrible regardless of how you remix it, however when you use the Roots crew, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and former American Idol winner Taylor Hicks to remix the viral hit you end up with a song that at least sounds less auto-tuned.

Pay close attention to the video and you’ll even see an abominable snowman, what appears to be a bee keeper and a QR code for your Android Smartphone, all of course which have nothing to do with the video.

15. The Celebrity


See The Video Of Colbert & Fallon Getting Down On Friday
Jon Duck
Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon made a bet to see who could raise the most money for a charity. Colbert lost and the winner ,Mr. Jimmy Fallon, who raised over $26,000, had him sing Rebecca Black's hit song, "Friday" on his late night talk show.

What better way to propel yourself into the weekend than hearing Stephen Colbert sing the sensational song "Friday?" Not only did Stephen bust out his vocals, Jimmy jumped in and sang too with help from The Roots and American Idol's Taylor Hicks said, TV Right Celebrity.

Colbert started the whole spoof by singing alone and then The Roots came in. Jimmy sang a verse with his voiced auto-tuned while the past American Idol winner sang and played the harmonica. Last but not least the Knicks City Dancers appeared and did a dance, reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Jimmy Fallon always goes over the top on his late night talk show with his skits and having Stephen Colbert come on and share the spotlight was a great thing too witness. All I can say is, it was awesome seeing Stephen, Jimmy, Taylor Hicks, The Roots , and The Knicks City Dancers get down on Friday, literally.

16. Daily Double


VIRAL VIDEO OF THE WEEKEND: Stephen Colbert covers Rebecca Black's "Friday" on last night's Jimmy Fallon show, with The Roots, featuring guest appearances by Taylor Hicks and the Knick City Dancers. This song has legs, no? (4/2a)


17. OK Magazine


Explosive Cover of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”!
April 4th, 2011 12:20 pm / Author: Brittany Talarico

In case you missed it on Friday’s episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon or have just watched the video for the tenth time, everyone is still buzzing about Stephen Colbert’s energetic and engaging performance of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” With host Jimmy Fallon at his side, along with the house band The Roots, American Idol alum Taylor Hicks and the Knicks City Dancers, Stephen’s rendition of the YouTube hit gives a whole new meaning to “partyin’, partyin’.”
Jimmy made a promise to Stephen, his BFFSM (Best Friend For Six Months), that he would sing Rebecca “Friday” if they reached a goal of raising $26,000 for a charity, which of course they did, and boy are we happy about that!


The performance starts off with a very dapper, tuxedo-wearing Stephen crooning solo, but as soon as the lines “I see my friends” escape his lips, the curtains open to reveal The Roots who back him up with the ballad which very quickly picks up speed and brings out the energy.

Jimmy jumps in followed by Taylor and then the Knick’s City Dancers help close out the performance.

Stephen and Jimmy then jump into the audience and lead them in a “partyin, partyin, partyin” fist pumping chant!



Complete with a confetti-flying finale, watch the energetic clip below — one of the best “Friday” covers we have ever seen!

We think Jimmy and Stephen’s take on Rebecca’s hit also blows Conan O’Brien’s away! Which do you like better?

18. Idol Page: The Hollywood Reporter

Watch Now! Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert's 'Friday' Spoof With Taylor Hicks

by David Connell

Photo: Soulful Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks went on to record two albums, write his memoirs, and star in Broadway music Grease. Armed with a microphone and harmonica, Taylor Hicks performs at the Kodak Theatre during the American Idol Season 6 Finale on May 23, 2007 in Hollywood, California.
So can we all agree that Taylor Hicks’ appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon for a performance of “Friday” with Stephen Colbert is pretty much the best thing Taylor’s done since Idol? Or maybe that anyone’s ever done in the history of television? Good lord, that was awesome. Yeah, if you haven’t watched that performance yet, you’re gonna wanna go ahead and do that below...

Said Hicks in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, "The whole thing was genius in my opinion. Every moment was absurd: Fallon and Colbert in autotune, the hyper-glow Soul Patrol sweatshirt... It all happened so fast. In 24 hours, I went from writing a record [in Nashville] to doing 'Friday' with Colbert and Fallon, a beekeeper, and a Yeti."

We definitely agree that Taylor’s appearance was absurd — a very nice mixture of poking fun at himself and showcasing his unquestionable vocal talent. So yeah, if you haven’t gotten the message yet, this is a MUST SEE, folks. We say that a lot, but this time it’s totally true…

FUN FUN FUN FUN… (Sorry, we had to say it.)

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

OMG, you must watch this hilarious video! Taylor Hicks, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon perform their rendition of Rebecca Black's "Friday." In a word: amazing!

[url=" />]" />[/url]

[size=150][color=#9300C4] Video featured on : [/color][/size]
The Runaway Lawyer blog: [url=][/url]

It's all over YouTube Baby !!!!: [url=][/url]

Tattle Tailzz: [url=][/url]

USWeekly: [url=][/url] Finally, Fallon -- and American Idol Taylor Hicks! -- plus a sexy troupe of dancers joined in for the rousing, crowd-pleasing performance.

USAToday Idol Chatter : [url=][/url] [url=][/url]

EcoRazzi [url=][/url]

Stephen Colbert is truly a magician -- because with the help of Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and a special "American Idol" guest, he managed to turn the Rebecca Black song "Friday" into ... dare we say it ... a good song

Empire State Media [url=][/url]

In [url=][/url]

AceShowBiz: [url=][/url]

HyperTrak: [url=][/url]

Splitsider: [url=][/url]

Search TV News : [url=][/url]

Regator : [url=][/url]

Baltimore Sun Reality Check: [url=][/url]

[color=purple]NBC PHOENIX featured the video as "Best Friday Cover EVER" ; DOWNLOAD FOR AN ARIZONA TV CHANNELS HIGHLIGHT OF THE "FRIDAY" VIDEO: [/color] captured by San. [url=][/url]

[url=" />]" />[/url]

Comedy Central Insider: [url=][/url]


[color=#9300C4][size=150]TWEETS FROM VIEWERS OF JIMMY FALLON WHO ARE NOT SOUL PATROL [/size][/color]

Taylor Hicks is back on my radar after seeing "Friday" on Jimmy Fallon! [url=][/url] #earcandy @bluidescottie

@thebluehoodie stephen colbert/jimmy fallon/the roots/taylor hicks turned a silly song into a transcdent inspiring tv moment. amazing.

@MaureeninNYC Last night's rendition of "Friday" with @StephenAtHome, @jimmyfallon and @TaylorRHicks was all kinds of #winning! Charity release, please?

@juanrojodesign Stephen Colbert and @jimmyfallon actually made Friday sound cool. Taylor Hicks was pretty good too :-)

@katlynnelon @kaylynbeda Hahahaha. I concur. Vehemently. Taylor Hicks busting out of that banner? The dramatic vocals in the beginning? All wins.

@Tellajbrown @TaylorRHicks That was...amaze-balls. Srsly.

@moarinternets Holy awesome RT @iplayallgames: Watch Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Taylor Hicks Perform Rebecca Black's 'Friday' [url=][/url]

@supadupaflygirl This made me almost pee my pants [url=][/url] Colbert, Fallon, Taylor Hicks singing "Friday" HAHAHA

@joseramonmamtz Congrats 4 "Friday"! better than the original! @jimmyfallon @stephenathome @Thezog @corycavin @gerardbradford @TaylorRHicks @shoemakermike

@thedailybeast RT @videobeast: Stephen Colbert performs 'Friday' with Taylor Hicks and The Roots: [url=][/url] Fun, fun, fun, fun!

@AaronChewning @jaredlanejones Haha sooo good. LOVE the rando Taylor Hicks appearance.

@yosonimbord @xPrincessMurder taylor hicks was a surprise

@JosephHoward @TaylorRHicks So are you sitting high up on your throne today, King Taylor Hicks?!?!?!

Never has something so beautiful come from something so foul!

This is possibly the best thing I've ever seen. Ever.
@AtlantisxxESIB 40 minutes ago

malcolm_irvin Irvin Contreras
Colbert, Fallon, Taylor Hicks & The Roots did something previously thought impossible: Made that "Friday" song LISTENABLE and even fun.

mxbw: @v____ hahaha yes... my fav part is when taylor hicks comes out though

@thedameonspawn Just heard a clip of Taylor Hicks doing his version of Friday. Way better than R.B.'s . Course a dead cat would be better than her.

@davidschoon AMAZING! Taylor Hicks on Singing 'Friday' With Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert: r [url=][/url]

@StephenColbert RT @JimmyFaiionNews [url=][/url] Video: Jimmy Fallon Sings Rebecca Black's 'Friday' With Taylor Hicks

@JimmyFallonNews [url=][/url] Video: Jimmy Fallon Sings Rebecca Black's 'Friday' With Taylor Hicks

@paranoidcheese: #hilarious [url=][/url] (expand) @jimmyfallon I can actually say I now have heard Taylor Hicks.

[color=#9300C4]MEMORIES AND MEDIA : [/color]



Taylor Hicks on Singing 'Friday' With Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert: 'Every Moment Was Absurd'The 'American Idol' season 5 winner tells THR's Idol Worship how the "genius" collaboration came to be.
412:21 AM 4/4/2011 by Shirley Halperin, Philiana Ng

Earlier this week, Jimmy Fallon issued a challenge. If viewers donated $26,000 to a worthy charity by Friday, his "Best Friend for Six Months" Stephen Colbert would appear on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and perform Rebecca Black's seminal hit, "Friday."

Sure enough, the public didn't disappoint, and Colbert stayed true to his word, performing the song with Fallon, Taylor Hicks, the Knicks City Dancers and The Roots. So what did the American Idol season 5 winner have to say about the kooky collaboration?

"The whole thing was genius in my opinion," Hicks tells THR of the bit, which featured Colbert singing a country-esque version of the party song. "Every moment was absurd: Fallon and Colbert in autotune, the hyper-glow Soul Patrol sweatshirt..."

Hicks was working on new music in Nashville when the call came from Fallon's people. By the next day, he was in New York City and ready for his cue. "It all happened so fast," he says. "In 24 hours, I went from writing a record to doing 'Friday' with Colbert and Fallon, a beekeeper and a Yeti."

Fallon and Hicks had met before at a Bob Hope golf tournament a couple years back. "He is a great talent and good guy," says Hicks, who describes Colbert as "witty as hell and full of energy!"

As for the Rebecca Black song that's become a national punchline? Hicks sees nothing wrong with it. "There have always been songs about the weekend and partying," he says. "I think it's fun, fun, fun, fun!!"

2. [color=#9300C4]Behind The Scenes of the “Friday” Rehearsal with Stephen Colbert[/color]

Posted by Cory Cavin 04/14/2011

Even though today is Thursday (and you know what day comes afterward) we are gonna share an awesome look behind the scenes of the "Friday" rehearsal with Stephen Colbert. Why? Because WE WE WE WE SO EXCITED. That is why. Here's how it all came together with choreography, the Knicks dancers, a t-shirt Yeti, [color=#9300C4]TAYLOR HICKS[/color], and Jimmy and Stephen being BFFFSM:

And speaking of Stephen and Jimmy being BFFFSM, they talked to Arianna Huffington about their relationship and why they decided to test drive it for six months instead of going all in:





[color=#090]Photo from NBC[/color] [img][/img]

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"Friday" with Taylor Hicks , Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert was just named one of Rolling Stone Magazines "Covers of the Year" : More to come

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Jimmy Fallon will be taking over Jay Leno's spot on Late Night TV in January, 2014 Before he does, he hosted a Prime Time Special of " The Best of Jimmy Fallon". ... t_2012.xml

Taylor's Friday appears at the 49.25 mark !!!!!!!!!!!