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Taylor Hicks Tour Experience Part 1
+ – Published March 23, 2007 by:
Cindy Wright

Fans Discuss Taylor Hicks Tour with Me
Taylor Hicks is on a nationwide tour. The tour started on Feb. 21, 2007 in Jacksonville Florida. Taylor will be making 42 stops along the way. As of now the last scheduled stop is May. 12, 2007 in Seattle, WA. There are constantly more stops being added to his schedule, so this can change. Taylor Hicks tour stops are selling out in most places.

If you ask critics about the tour most are raving about how Taylor Hicks puts on a show that is showcases is talent with the harp and his voice and that is one big party for all in attendance. However, that same critic will usually add that Taylor's CD sells are not up to par. The facts speak different then what the media is reporting however. The CD Taylor Hicks debuted #2 when it was released in December. It has since has gone on to sell over 650,000 copies. The album is certified platinum. This has all happened with very little radio play. I do not know when having a platinum album suddenly meant that a artist was not selling good. There are many artists out here that would love to have a platinum selling album.

Last July Taylor Hicks and the other contestants from American Idol Season 5 were out doing the tour. I interviewed several fans than and asked them to tell me about their Taylor Hicks experience. This time once again I decided to go straight to the fans to get their insight into the Taylor Hicks Tour Experience.

When I put out a request for fans to contact me I received a huge out pouring of fans who wanted to share their experience. I had to turn a lot down. As it is I kept 15 and I got so much information that this will be a series of articles so be sure to keep checking back for the next in the series.

This first part will cover the Specific things of the concerts that stick out in fans minds, energy level at the concert, and the demographics of those in attendance. Ok on to The Taylor Hicks Tour Experience Part 1.

How many concerts on the Taylor Hicks Solo Tour have you attended so far?

Tracy - 1

SallyannLady - 4

Sandra - 1

Tammy - 1

Jackie - 3

Chuck - 2

Melissa - 4

Cydter - 2

Tara Renee - 2

Leslie - 4

Lvs2dance - 2

Amy - 2

Tina - 10

Lubiana - 3

Linda S - 2

Critics have said that those who Like Taylor are "middle age women" what was the age/sex demographic at the concert/s you attended?

Tracy- While there were plenty of women who fit that demographic that attended the show in Knoxville, there were also many, many other groups represented. I personally saw Soul Patrollers of all ages there, from young children to senior citizens. I was overjoyed to see that a sizable part of the audience (about 1/3, I'd say) were in their 20's-30's, which is my age group. I would also like to mention that I saw quite a few men in attendance, with many of them as excited to see the show as the women were!

SallyannLady - It seemed to me that most of the people at the concerts were probably at Least 15-20 years older than he is. His type of music is the kind that attracts the more mature audiences, but there were several younger people in the audience as well. I think he is very happy with the audiences he's been getting.

Tammy - I thought it was a pretty good mix. Of course there were more middle aged women than anything else. I am 38 (does that make me middle aged).

Jackie - It varied from 3 to 60, or older, there was everyone from every age group.

Chuck - Mostly middle aged to older women 40-65 probably was the majority.

Sandra - Most of the women I saw around me were probably in their thirties and forties. A vast majority of them, in fact, however, Taylor, I believe, draws a large number of fans from all walks of Life for a number of reasons. For starters, the whole "underdog" thing from back when he was competing on Idol, the more people said there'd be no way he'd win it, the more attention it brought to him, resulting in people Listening to him more and really liking what they were seeing and hearing, which resulted in votes for him in record numbers. As his popularity on the show grew people saw more and more sides to him and his real personality, and spirit, and humility, and they liked him even more for it. By the time of the finale and he was crowned the winner, the journey had only just begun for the fans. Now people knew who he really is and they want more and want to be a part of everything that he is, including buying his CD's, his merchandise, his concert tickets and donating to any charities he supports. He's Likeable, generous, humble, grateful and not too tough on the eyes. That, I believe, is why so many people care about him.

Melissa - True and false. The crowds that I have seen have been women men and children of all ages. I had a blast hanging out with two teenaged boys who arrived at about two hours prior to the Orlando Universal Studios concert just to see him. They shouted out his name multiple times and were totally digging it when he played the harmonica. They both had his CD they stated and asked me to email the picks that I took to them. There were also two adorable little girls dancing and enjoying the show right beside us. As far as saying middle aged, exactly what is middle aged? LOL...I am 30 yrs old and there were several fans there my age and I don't consider myself middle aged.

Cydter - In Coral Springs there were allot of men!! I had a pre-party and believe it or not 25% of the attendance was men that were fans -the wives just tagged along. There were a lot of younger people at the House of Blues concert in Myrtle Beach.

Tara Renee - Mostly women but some men, which were mostly husbands. Some children but mostly older women 30+ (my friends and I are 30/31) but there were some who looked younger

Leslie - I saw the most children at Huntsville and Nashville. very few children at Pham-- which was interesting b/c that's where I took my 4 year old daughter to see the shows. I saw people of ALL ages-- teens, 20's, 30's-- etc. -- all the way up to early 70's. I would say the AVERAGE age would have been mid-30. Also, I would say it was probably 40% male.

Lvs2dance - I do agree, because most of the concert attendees were middle-aged women, even though I am 14.

Amy - At the Myrtle Beach show there was a great mix of people. I did notice a Lot of older people but there were a Lot of males in attendance as well. I think the Asheville show attracted more of the younger set as it's a college area.

Tina - The demographic makeup of the concerts has been a pleasant surprise. At every concert, there has been a mixture of young and old, from pre-teens to grandmothers. Intentionally, I have asked people after the show what they thought about the concert. Every response has been overwhelmingly positive. The men smile and always respond with how they were quite surprised and did not realize that Taylor was a musician and how extremely entertaining he had been. They all indicated that they would go to see him again if he were to come back to the area. The teens and pre-teens are awestruck and want to meet Taylor. Since I have met him several times, I always show them the pictures and things he has autographed. They usually squeal with glee. At the general admission shows, particularly in Atlanta, there were a Lot of young people dating and many were in the back of the room dancing and having a great time. Columbus Georgia was a very different crowd. There were many "stuffed shits" there, or people in business attire. We spoke with an administrator of the theatre who happened to be sitting behind us and she told us "Columbus was a very conservative crowd and many who were there were simply those who had season tickets". She was anxious to see how the audience responded. Taylor really had to work the crowd but half way into it, he had them on their feet, dancing and smiling. I overheard several of the business men afterwards say they enjoyed it and he was definitely born to entertain!

Lubiana - There were a Lot of older women around me, but also men, children and younger women. I think everyone was pretty much represented in this crowd.

Linda S - Myrtle Beach - close to 50-50 male - female and some groups of just guys [we discussed it with people around us too] - we had a great perch and could see everywhere except the stage left balcony right over our heads - - wide range of ages including some kids [one that had to have been about 3 sat on her dad's shoulders all night and boogied until about 20 min before Taylor got done when she finally put her head down on dad's head and dozed off - so cute!!

Asheville - not as good a perch but would say a little older crowd but still some kids and 20 something's - a lot of men back where we were but think overall more of a 60-40 female - male mix - the guys around us were definitely liking what they were hearing though - saw at least two all guy clusters

Can you describe the energy Level at the concert?

Tracy - Fantastic, to say that "the crowd went wild" would be a very gross understatement. The room was lit up with energy from the very beginning. In fact when the Lights went down and Taylor's band started to take their places on stage (you could only see some fog and the Light from their flashlights on the stage), most of the audience started to cheer and chant, "Taylor, Taylor"!! I haven't seen that kind of joy and anticipation at a concert in a LONG time Let me tell you! From then on many members of the audience stood up to dance, sing along, and yell We Love you, Taylor!" cheer, whistle and much more

SallyannLady - What's the highest reading on the Richter scale? I think that about covers it! That man is energy itself. If they packaged what he put out, he could light up the whole world for 10 years at Least. I don't think his feet hit the stage for more than 5 seconds at a time if that.

Sandra - I can tell you that the build up at his concerts, and I mean from the moment you first walk in, is palpable. Everyone is excited and smiling and Looking at each and smiling, knowing we're all thinking the same thing and by the time they announce his name, its pandemonium! And throughout the concert it's a mixed bag of emotions. One minute you're watching his every move and listening with bated breath and the next thing you know, you're on your feet, screaming, applauding and just going totally nuts over him.

Tammy - It was insane. It was the best concert I have ever been to.

Jackie - Extraordinarily High.

Chuck - The energy at his shows is amazing. You can really feel it. The women think he's hot. He's also a nice guy and very down to earth. He appreciates all his fans.

Melissa - Oh my goodness, it is like none other. As soon as the man walks out on to the stage the crowd goes wild. He eats that up and gives us these Looks with his eyebrows kind of raised like...y'aLL ready for this?? The more the crowd yells and gets into it the more he gives back. One of my favorite things he says is "Let Me Hear Ya Say Yeahhhh" and when he puts his arms in the air and starts clapping for us to clap back. It's just the most interactive of all concerts I have ever attended.

Cydter - The energy Level is incredible....from beginning to end. The excitement that precedes Taylor's appearance on stage is unbelievable. When he is on stage he commands the band, the audience and the stage for the entire 1 1/2. He does not let you go!

Tara Renee - Unbelievable!! I have never experienced anything like it. The excitement of seeing Taylor and the love for fellow Soul Patrollers was just totally unbelievable that is all I can say.

Leslie - Ok-- compared to buffalo wing sauce: Huntsville: hot; Nashville: mild; Birmingham-- 3 mile island, cayenne pepper, Tabasco, jalapeño pepper, habanera pepper all boiled together!!!

Lvs2dance - The energy is high - you know everyone in the building can't wait for Taylor to get out there.

Amy - Each show had great energy. The crowd in Myrtle Beach seemed a Little more upbeat than the Asheville crowd and I even spoke with people after the Asheville show that said "what was up with this crowd tonight? They seemed dead.

Tina - Each concert has been different. Most concerts the audience has stood for either the entire concert of the vast majority. Taylor has been sick for several of the concerts that I have attended, and in Jacksonville I saw him in the hotel lobby accompanied by a nurse and physician who boarded the bus with him. The energy Level coming from the stage is always 110%, but if you have been to as many concerts as I, you learn when Taylor is not feeling his best. For example, the first Birmingham show I knew he chose not to dance and move as much and concentrated more on his vocals. He did not have the stamina (due to illness) to do both. But for the second Birmingham show, he apparently was feeling much better and danced and moved much more than the previous evening. Regarding the audience, the energy Level rises when Taylor Launches into his dance moves or plays the harmonica. The higher energy songs of course bring more of a response to the crowd than a slower paced song such as Just to Feel That Way. The energy Level also increases when he "tags" songs together- the audience really seems to enjoy that aspect of his performance.

Lubiana - Phenomenal! Tay took off like a rocket! For me, the Universal Studios concert was the best out of all the Florida shows.

Linda S - Myrtle Beach crowd was really into it - Taylor got a lot of response to Chain Gang for example - about five repeats out of us before he took it back - he looked like a kid who's just been given the keys to a brand new convertible when he walked to our side - he looked up at the balcony with such a mix of joy and amazement on his face I almost lost it - had to look away from hubby for a minute so wouldn't have to explain. Asheville - we didn't think the audience was as wound up as MB - lot of people sitting, still - They were clapping and all but just not as bouncy and verbal as MB

BUT Taylor was really psyched - very intense - very growl and gritty vocals. My husband noticed he seemed focused on the middle of the crowd a lot - - found out later he had a group of friends that had come to see him since he had Monday off B'ham would be so crazy.

Is there anything specific about a concert you attended that really sticks out in your mind?

Tracy - How welcoming Knoxville was. The radio stations in this area haven't really played Taylor's songs more than a couple of times, so to see Knoxville welcome him with open arms, and with such Love and enthusiasm, was very inspiring! The glowing reviews from those who attended the show was icing on the cake.

SallyannLady - In the Sunday night Birmingham concert, when he finished with "My Homes in Alabama"- tears from him on-stage (which I caught on camera), and tears from the audience it was such a highly emotional moment.

Sandra - What sticks out in my mind the most about the concert, I would say the way he interacted with the fans. He sang to us, smiled at us, joked with us, flirted with us, shook hands with some (I was jealous) and really showed he appreciated us being there for him.

Tammy - Taylor's nonstop energy, the man was on fire. He definitely knows how to work a crowd.

Jackie - The song "My Homes in Alabama."

Chuck - The Tabernacle in ATL was more of a club type atmosphere, no seating, you didn't have to be stuck in a seat that was nice.

Melissa - Yes, the one thing that sticks out in my mind the most is right before one of the times I met him there was a fan that was so excited about meeting him she was trembling and had tears and he said "don't shake honey, it's aright". That was touching. I also totally admire his affection for kids, he just lights up around them. I think that is great because children need someone like him to look up to, music is what these kids need rather than video games. I am a pediatric nurse and I get tickled when one of my patients talks about Taylor Hicks or wanting to sing and play harmonica Like Taylor Hicks.

Cydter - I would have to say that in both concerts I saw the leadership role that Taylor takes on stage.... he just has control of everything... he is an entertainer.

Tara Renee - When he sang "My home is in Alabama" he just sounded and looked so sincere and we were all crying and trying to sing along. Just his energy and respect for his band members. Then there's of course running into Soul Patrollers at the shows whom I hadn't met before and being blown away with all these people knowing me and I not knowing them (by face).

Leslie - As far as Taylor himself-- I'LL never forget the Homewood Drum Corp-- genius! And, I'LL start crying yet AGAIN if I talk too much about him singing My Home's in Alabama. As for the Soul Patrollers I met along the way-- Last week was such an amazing journey. I met about 20 or so Soul Patrollers that I've been talking to on the board since Last June and when we all met, it was as if we'd all been friends for 20 years. Apparently, we all had that same experience, and we've all been VERY emotional this week after decompressing from our trip.

Lvs2dance - The drum Line in Birmingham. He has such great ideas!

Amy - My first show, Myrtle Beach, when he came out and performed Compared to What, this was a new cover and the very first time he had ever performed it on this tour. You could tell that he was a man on a mission with that song. It has a Lot of underlying meaning in my opinion and tells a story about himself in a way.

Tina - The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC on March 4, 2007. Taylor was totally "on fire" that night and did everything with an intensity that shocked me. He was intense, fierce, interactive and playful at the same time. At one point, he jumped about 4 feet into the air, twirled around and began dancing. But the dancing was not the type that he had been maligned for in the past. It was as if he was dancing with a woman in a club and his moves were totally incredible and smooth. At another point in the performance, he finished a particularly lively number and slammed the microphone back into the stand as if he were so proud of his performance he could not contain his enthusiasm. His vocals were excellent and his intensity far exceeded any thing I had previously witnessed. Birmingham (March 11) - this was the second show Taylor performed in Birmingham. The encore was absolutely awesome. Taylor had arranged for a local high school drum line to march down the aisle

from the back of the theatre onto the stage and launch into the Runaround. Taylor ran through them, weaving in and out, while singing The Runaround. The man was a ball of energy tonight. The crowd obviously loved it because it was a special moment to everyone from Birmingham. Taylor is a genius when it comes to orchestrating something special to get the audience into the performance. This one worked. He had one more very special gift to offer those of us lucky enough to witness this performance. A stool, a microphone and a guitar were brought out and placed under one lone spotlight. Taylor emerged from the back, fidgeted on the stool a few seconds, and then gave us something from the depths of his soul. Those of us from Alabama instantly recognized the first chords as he strummed them on the guitar. I stood there with my hands on my head and my mouth open. As Taylor began to sing, tears streamed down my face. The song was written by Randy Owens from the country group Alabama and was a huge hit several decades ago. It has always been special to those of us who call Alabama our home. It's name...."My Home's In Alabama". While its original version is country, Taylor sang it with passion and soul. His emotions were apparent as tears welled in his eyes also.

And Taylor quietly waved and left the stage... moving on to another city in another state...taking his music to "people who really love him and let him know when it's good".

I talked to a lot of people that night who have seen many of Taylor's shows...everyone was in total agreement that this one was the best one yet, and may never be rivaled

Lubiana - Tay's dancing- he just kept moving throughout each show, it's like he never stopped.

Linda S - haven't seen this posted in anyone else's recap - - in Asheville Taylor mentioned the Christmas Jam and how cool Marty Stuart was - I let out a yell but don't think a lot of the crowd knew why he said it - had to explain why I yelled to the people around me. Taylor sat in with Marty Stuart and his band at the Pre-Jam that was done at the Orange Peel - he played harp and Marty gave him a nice shout out during a song - think it was that's Country? - - Taylor was so low key about it but you just know he had to be proud of it or he wouldn't have mentioned it - and he has every right to be - he was obviously respected by all the great musicians that he was on stage with that weekend.

Be sure to keep an eye out for part 2 coming very soon. Fans will talk about meeting Taylor and what it meant to them and much more.


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Taylor Hicks Tour Experience Part 2– Published March 24, 2007 by:
Cindy Wright ... tml?cat=33

Fans discuss meeting Taylor and what it meant to them too meet the man that they have been watching, listening to and hanging on his every word since the journey began last January. They also discuss all the special things Taylor has done for his fans.

Did you get to meet Taylor?

Tracy - No and I've been kicking myself ever since for not sticking around long enough to see him at the busses.

SallyannLady - Yes, I did.

Sandra - Sadly No.

Tammy - Yes, I did! It was very fast though. I think I told him "thank you" at Least 5 or 6 times. I got an autograph and picture (which my daughter deleted).

Jackie - Yes twice. He is so precious.

Chuck - Yes I got to meet and talk with Taylor, Becky, and Ace at "Oasis" in Birmingham after the show at Work Play... That was a CRAZY night.

Melissa - I have been fortunate enough to meet him twice during the American Idol tour and once in Birmingham for the solo tour.

Cydter - Yes- I was fortunate enough to meet him both times.

Tara Renee - Yes I saw him a few times out by the buses but a Lovely Lady (Cathy) gave me her M&G pass once she got it from Will Call as she didn't want to lose her place in line (ATL was Gen. Adm.) and I'm so thankful to her for that. I also met him at Lasers Edge in Birmingham and gave him a goodie bag from all us IHOTS (International House of Taylor) here in Europe

Leslie - yes. I had a meet and greet and then saw him several times by the buses.

Lvs2dance - Yes - at the Laser's Edge meet and greet. He signed my guitar!

Amy - Yes

Tina - Yes, I have met Taylor 5 times in various setting. I won three meet and greets, bought a meet and greet at Laser's Edge in Birmingham, and spoke with him for a couple of minutes at the bus in Columbus (very relaxed atmosphere). Additionally, I have been able to get various items signed at the buses on two other occasions, but I did not get to speak directly to him in these settings.

Linda S - Yes, got a M & G in Myrtle Beach - - he is way too cute to have a M&G wasted on someone my age - LOL - think meet is the wrong word though because it sets up a certain expectation for some people who then run around posting how disappointed they are - - these are more like a drive by Hi there ! with a picture - - feel sorry for him actually and wish people would put themselves in his shoes - some of the whining on Gray's made me sick to my stomach - - new meaning to the concept of selfish also did the bus bit - but only because I really wanted to get the hat I bought for my son signed - he was very methodical going down the line and his manager said they really needed to get the bus headed for Knoxville.

RagsQueen - Yes, 3 times during AI tour and 4 times on his current tour; first time was a personal M&G that was not planned in advance

Can you describe what that meeting and what it meant to you?

SallyannLady - He did not have to take the time to meet me. I did not have a Meet & Greet pass, and it was actually over, but when a friend of mine who did go to the M&G told him about me and the distance I had traveled to see him,(Canada) he told her to go and get me. He was sweet and very gracious to take the time to walk towards me with his hand out, and call me "dear", to take a photo with me, sign a picture of him I had, and to just give me a couple minutes of his very valuable time. It made me cry to think he would do that for me. It meant more to me than anything that has happened to me so far in my life.

Tammy - The meeting was really quick but he was sweet. I had left the things I wanted autographed in the car so when I walked in I said "the only thing I have for you to sign is my ticket". He said "that's okay" very friendly like. I don't remember what else was said it's all kind of a blur. I feel very fortunate to have met a future "Legend".

Jackie - Even though he was sick, he was very personable, very sweet, and easy to talk to. When you think you are nervous, he makes it better.

Chuck - It was just insane how it all worked out. It's a real Long story.

Melissa - Taylor is very genuine, and devoted to his fans. He has given Lots of time to them even when he didn't feel well. When I met him in Birmingham during the meet and greet at Laser's Edge people were saying that he didn't give them much time or didn't smile much, in my opinion he was very gracious and very genuine. To meet him three times means the world to me because that right there says a lot about his devotion to his fans, I have been to lots of other concerts and have never met the performer.

Cydter - It was an affirmation to me that he is serious about his craft and his love for music. I met him in Coral Springs after the meet and greet. I had a problem with Music Today and getting taken off the M&G List. I was having an onsite pre-party so I really could not attend too much to the problem. He came out for a brief moment to sign some autographs... I yelled at him and said" Taylor Hicks I am having a pre-party for you and I was not allowed into your meet and greet! What's up with that? "He was very gracious and said "Well come on down and meet me then!" He thanked me for the party and hugged me. We posed for a picture then. He sent his handler in to take picks of the party- he could not attend - for security purposes. The second time was at HOB. We had a prearranged M&G because of Proud of Our Troops. So we had a relaxed 15 -20 minutes with him backstage. He signed things and talked to us - took pictures. It was great- he is a sweetheart.

Tara Renee - They were quick; I was nervous and couldn't say much. So handsome in person and although he wasn't talking due to his cold he was still nice and polite. I said in ATL that I didn't have anything for him to sign I just wanted a photo with him and he held up his finger "hang on" and he grabbed that Little Leaflet that is in the CD about downloading DIMYP and signed it for me and smiled. Meeting him was great and did mean a lot to me just wish I hadn't been so nervous and had properly introduced myself

Leslie - Editors note- Leslie's Description was very in-depth and will be on part 4. Make sure to read it. You will not want to miss it.

Lvs2dance - The days before the meet and greet, I was very nervous, but when I met him, he had this calming aura about him that makes me love him even more.

Amy - When I first discovered that I had won a meet & greet in Myrtle Beach I honestly didn't know if I could go through with it. I wasn't sure if meeting the person that I had spent so much time learning about and getting to know online could live up to my expectations and I truly wasn't sure what I could ever say to him. I went through with it, had my photo taken with him and he signed a couple of things for me. He was very polite, very kind, very quiet. I actually had to keep the conversation going! It's a great memory and I hope it's just the first of many meetings in a career that will withstand the times.

Tina - Each meeting has been very different. The first time I met Taylor was at his first concert in Jacksonville. Five of us were led into a room and I was the last of the first five. Taylor came out and said, "Where's the table?" He clearly wanted to be seated behind a table, but security said there would not be one available. So Taylor stood the entire time. He was rather distracted and there was no one there moving the crowd along. At times he asked, "So what's next?" The distractions may have been related to the fact that it was an hour prior to taking stage for his first solo tour- I am sure that man had better things on his mind. But there was clearly no one in charge so Taylor was at the mercy of each fan who wanted to linger perhaps longer than necessary. I really feel that he is more comfortable with a "boundary" between him and his fans (i.e. the table). He clearly seems much more comfortable seated behind a table with his handler beside him directing the meet and greets.

The most memorable time I met Taylor was in Columbus, Georgia. We arrived early and were going to just sit in the car and take a short nap. We parked in plain view of the buses and I could see many of Taylor's friends from nearby Auburn University coming and going. We then saw Taylor interacting with a small group of people whom he clearly knew. He was hugging them and spending a lot of time talking. We got out of the car and strolled over as other fans were beginning to do. Taylor was very animated and clearly enjoying seeing people from his past. We waited our turn in line and then Taylor finally approached us. My husband immediately extended his hand for a handshake and said, "Taylor, I just want to meet the man that has taken my money and my wife all over this country!" Taylor Laughed so hard he bent over! He then looked at me and I quickly said, "Now, Taylor, it's only 15 concerts so it's not as bad as he makes it out to be". Taylor looked at me over those thick eyebrows and said, "Wow, 15? Thanks, that's cool!"

At a meet and greet in Mobile, I gave Taylor a Ray Charles t-shirt and thanked him for being so kind to me in Jacksonville, reminding him that he had autographed some things for a young fan back in Birmingham who had cerebral palsy. I don't think he remembered signing the items, but when I gave him the shirt he looked at it and ran his hand softly over Ray's image. It was the way in which he ran his hand over the image that let me know that Ray was indeed a special force in his life.

Linda S - the M& G is very structured by his tour manager [name escapes me] and Bill Will, his friend that takes the picture with your own camera - - - Taylor in person is quite possibly the most handsome man I've ever seen and I've met some pretty damn nice looking guys in my life - not being fangirly with that either, too old, more of a mom thing with me - just a fact - think that he truly does value his fans but that these sessions are hard for him - - he is obviously an introvert when not "in character" for the stage or the camera
RagsQueen - It was very personal & very special. It was much like an out-of-body experience when you know what happened but it's surreal

We have heard many stories of Taylor going the extra mile to let a fan meet him and making sure kids get a chance; do you have anything to share concerning that?

Tracy - Although I did not see this personally. I've heard stories from several people who were at the show and they told how wonderful Taylor was with everyone, and how he paid special attention to every single one of the children that were waiting to see him.

Tammy - While we were waiting to get in we went around back to the buses. There was a lady there with a little boy that they let in to see Taylor. He got an autograph on his baseball cap and a signed picture I think. There was another little girl and her mom that were let in later.

Chuck - Taylor has always been very gracious to all his fans.

Melissa - One of my favorite experiences was meeting him at the Galaxy in Dallas Texas. I was there to see Limbo. There were Lots of people there who left early in hopes that Taylor would be there and Left before Limbo finished. When Limbo had finished their fans were hangings around chatting and Taylor walks in through the front door He had just finished a performance and was just glowing. I will never forget that moment; it was unplanned and very spontaneous.

Cydter - He does make things happen... I call it "Taylor Magic". I have seen it happen with Phyllis, SallyannLady, and some kids.... He does go the extra mile.

Tina - I work for an organization in Birmingham that serves children with disabilities, and we serve one little girl who is a huge fan of Taylor's. At the meet and greet in Jacksonville, I took her picture and showed to Taylor while I told him about her disability and her Love for him. He immediately responded by asking her name and personalizing the items I had brought for him to sign. Additionally, he said he wanted her to have a picture of him, so he personally walked into another room, obtained a photograph and also personalized a message to this five year old child. I have been at two concerts at which Taylor made a pointed effort to acknowledge those in attendance with disabilities.

Linda S - there were some kids near the front stage right in Asheville that he made a special effort to play to especially during the chorus of Young Turks

Young hearts be free tonight.

Time is on your side,

Don't let them put you down,

Don't let em push you around,

Don't let em ever change your point of view.

RagsQueen - In B'ham at Laser's Edge, I had only 2 wrist bands because I was taking my younger granddaughter to meet Taylor (the older one met him last summer); they had a dog dresses as Elvis to give Taylor . I spoke to a VIP & explained situation and she went to let the officer at the door know to let her in and then told me to go get her. Both girls got pictures with Taylor & gave him the dog whose name is "Soul Patrol"

Some of you had some very heart touching stories about meeting Taylor or things that happened after the concert can you share those?

Sandra - Yes, I waited by the stage door after the concert, along with a bunch of other people. After a while a man came out and told us Taylor wouldn't be coming out for a while because he was sick, and that even after he did, he'd be whisked away to the bus on account of not feeling well. At that very moment, it suddenly didn't matter to me whether I got to meet him or anything because my only concern was that he was sick. A bunch of us just decided to go ahead and go home but I had tears in my eyes all the way back to my car at the thought of him not being well, especially after he'd just put on such an incredible show for us. I prayed for him several times that night and for the next few days.

Cydter - Mine would be when he saw my friend Lauren silks portraits she painted for him. He was very touched. It was a great moment for her and the group. Another one had to be Taylor meeting PaytheDevil. He commented with her about "The Maze" video. This was very touching for her as well as our group.

Tara Renee - Well we caught him in the hotel Lobby in Atlanta on his way to the bus and he did stop for a photo with my friend and her mom which was great because he was ill and he didn't have to stop. He told me by the buses that he does hope to come to England one day. When I gave him his IHOT goodie bag I told him there were some golf things from Harrods in there and that we hoped he liked it all and he said "I'm sure I will, thank you"

Leslie - Sunday night after B'ham 2, out by the buses, Taylor was SICK and tired. But, he came out and signed for about 2 to 300 people. My four year old daughter crouched down, and found her way through about 10 pairs of Legs and walked underneath the security tape, stood toe-to-toe to Taylor, straightened up and looked up at him. He stopped what he was doing, the crowd let out a collective "Awwwwww", he knelt down and got a big smile on his face and talked to her for a couple minutes. Belle was so star-struck, she couldn't say a word, but he didn't care, he was VERY sweet to her!

RagsQueen - I've met Taylor a number of times lately. Once was at the Endymion ball where he actually made eye contact that really hooks you. Another time he acknowledged having met me before and I teased him about "not kissing & telling". Most are very special in one way or another, and I've never posted or blogged about them.

Be sure to check back for Part 3 of The Taylor Hicks Tour Experience. Fans will discuss the songs on the tour that they enjoyed the most and the ones that had the crowd going crazy. They also share what you can expect from Taylor on the Taylor Hicks Tour.

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Taylor Hicks Tour Experience Part 3
– Published March 25, 2007 by:
Cindy Wright

In this part fans talk about their favorite songs performed by Taylor at the concerts they attended. They also share with everyone what one thing message they would like to say to Taylor. They also let us know what we can expect at a Taylor Hicks Concert. If you have not read Part 1 and Part 2 be sure to check them out. Part 4 will be published soon. You do not want to miss that one.

Is there a certain song that sang that you really enjoyed or seemed to get the crowd going more than others?

Tracy - Definitely "Wherever I Lay My Hat". This was when Taylor tagged it with "Rocky Top", which caused the audience to go insane. I would pay any price right now to have that moment on video/audio, it was pure magic!

SallyannLady - Every concert was different, and he had something planned for that city that would not be done at any other city. In Birmingham, bringing the Hoover High marching band drum corps on stage to perform "Runaround" with him for the 2 shows was an incredible thing for him to do. Those kids had a ball you could just tell. And the surprise of my Life happened Sunday night when he sat down at Brian's organ and played the organ solo during "Dance to the Music" and he absolutely ROCKED!

Tammy - Let's Get It ON and Young Turks.

Jackie - Runaround is always a big hit, its upbeat, and Taylor is wide open. In Birmingham it was the best.

Chuck - Everyone freaked out when Taylor did "Georgia" in ATL, which was cool.

Sandra - At the Idols concert, definitely "Do I Make You Proud?" I broke down and cried when I heard him sing that but at the Solo concert I have to say that every song he sang made us all crazy, honestly.

Melissa - When the drums start for Runaround I get excited and feel the energy, I think of that song like the warm up like before an aerobics class. I Love "Hold On To Your Love." Anything what he whips out the harmonica for is my favorite, I could listen to him play that all day long. I recently read that he sang Run Baby Run; I would give anything to hear him sing that.

Cydter - One of my favorites is Gonna Move... I Love the harmonica in that song... Another crowd pleaser is The Runaround.

Tara Renee - ALL of them got the crowd going!! It was just a non-stop party!!

Leslie - OK, you're just trying to make me cry, aren't you? LOL!! I get Goosebumps and tears in my eyes every time I think of him singing My Home's in Alabama. I"LL never forget that experience. I think what REALLY gets the crowd going is when he starts dancing!!!

Lvs2dance - Heaven Knows and The Right Place always get my blood flowing.

Amy - Compared to what is now my most favorite Taylor Hicks Live song. You all must experience it to know what I mean. He also does The Right Place very well and Hold On To Your Love is a treat to see in person. There are very few, if any, that he performs that aren't enjoyable in some way.

Tina - There are two songs in particular that seem to get the crowd into Taylor's performance, regardless of if you are a Loyal fan or not. The crowd responds very well to "Compared to What" and "Badge". Also, "The Right Place" and "The Runaround" seem to be crowd favorites.

Lubiana - He did "Badge", Eric Clapton's song as the encore in Coral Springs and I think it shocked everyone- but in a good way! The band burned down the theatre with that one- they ROCKED and Tay's face- he looked SO pleased! It was great

Linda S - Think MB was the first time he did Compared to what ,love that song - hey I'm an aging hippie and it's an old protest song from 1969 what do you expect?

Myrtle Beach was the first time he tagged Let's Get It On - LOTS of screaming [me included - knew people on the culvert were dying]. In Asheville he said something about everyone get naked and then launched into Naked in the Jungle couldn't see Amy H from the boogie board then but figured she went right to her knees.

RagsQueen - Rod Stewart's "Young Turks" - there has to be a message more than just telling us to "be young, be foolish, be happy" which was his response to my question about the song choice

For those who not been able to see Taylor in concert yet can you explain what to expect?

SallyannLady - Expect the unexpected, that's all I can say.

Tammy - The best show by the most generous performer you will ever see. The man gives so much of himself. I got several handshakes and some direct eye contact. Taylor wants you to have just as much fun as he's having.

Jackie - Expect to see the man you have been anticipating, and then double it. He is amazing.

Melissa - Wear your comfortable dancing shoes and be ready to boogie... Oh yeah, be sure to have a good camera, backup batteries, a sharpie and your Taylor Hicks CD. Chances are you will get an autograph.

Cydter - Expect to be entertained and mesmerized for the entire show. My parents attended - they Like him... Now they Love him!

Tara Renee- An outright party!! No holds barred 150%...the time of your Life!!

Lubiana - Expect to get your socks knocked off! You'll be dancing and clapping and cheering in this concert.

Linda S - No matter how many recaps you read or video clips you watch - - you still won't be prepared for how Taylor owns the stage - he is pure energy - - - watch for his signals to the band - it is fascinating.

RagsQueen - To be moved, riveted, speechless, mesmerized, Taylorized, and left wanting more

Did you take anyone else with you (besides those on fan boards) if so can you explain what they thought of the Taylor Hicks Solo Tour?

Tracy - Yes, my husband and my parents. (My Mom is a HUGE Soul Patroller but she isn't on the boards). ALL of them loved it, although my husband and dad were a bit reluctant to admit it with the "guy thing" and all.

Tammy - My 40 year old husband and 17 year old daughter went with me. MY husband thought it was the best show he's seen. My 17 year old daughter loved it too!

Jackie - Yes I did, she enjoyed it, and she is a country fan and really liked Wayne Mills.

Chuck - I took my friend Paul who Lives in ATL to the Tabernacle show. He said Taylor was good and he had a great time. He's got a new respect for him now.

Cydter - I took my parents to Coral Springs. They were amazed at his talent and the music. They enjoyed it to the fullest. They are ready to attend another one!

Tara Renee - I took my best friend Sheila and her mom to Atlanta with me. They were fans from day one but just don't have time to get onto the boards. For Sunday's show I bought another best friend Last minute tickets for her birthday and her sister also bought my spares in order to go. They just loved it!! And were so thankful I'd hooked them up with tickets and kept nagging them to hang out at the buses with us to meet Taylor and his band

Leslie - I took my 4 year old daughter and she loved every minute of both shows. I also took to B'ham my mother. Editors Note: Leslies Mother has a wonderful recap that will also be in part 4 you do not want to miss this Taylor Hicks Intervention.

Lvs2dance - My dad - he said it was okay, but I know he secretly liked it.

Tina - My husband accompanied me to 5 of the current 10 concert. He did not know that much about Taylor until I gave him a copy of the self titled CD. He loved it and had become a big fan. Now, my husband is a big macho fireman, so one would think that he would be self conscious about what is playing on his car CD when other guys are in the car. But he doesn't care! In fact, 5 of his friends have bought Taylor's CD because they heard it and liked it! At the concerts, my husband is one of the ones who remains standing the entire time and sings every word to all the songs! He rocks out along with Taylor and thoroughly enjoys every minute!

Linda S - my husband was with me for both and he liked MB but really got into the Asheville show a lot more - some whistling and a little dancing even - - interestingly he picked up on Taylor being more intensely focused on a particular area of the audience and wasn't at all surprised when we found out later that he had friends there

RagsQueen - Took daughter and 2 granddaughters to both Birmingham show. Everyone was completely Taylorized as they say. Both girls got to meet Taylor both at Laser's Edge and by the bus on Sunday night. Everyone is ready to go again!

If you could say one thing to Taylor what would that one thing be?

Tracy - COME BACK TO KNOXVILLE! We Loved having you here, and hope that you loved us.

SallyannLady - Thank you, Taylor, for getting on AI, I would never have heard of you if not for that show, and I would never have had a week of memories that you've given me. I will never forget how much you gave your fans, as sick as you were. And I'm glad you seem to be getting better. Thank you again, for a vacation I will never forget. I Love you.

Sandra - Thank you for following your heart, and for sharing it with us.

Tammy - Keep on doing what you're doing. It works!

Jackie - Do I have to answer that question again? (Smile) Editor's Note: Jackie was interviewed by a news station and was asked what one question she would ask Taylor. She replied. "What kind of pillow do you sleep with?" The news caster Laughed and asked her what kind of a question is that?

Chuck - Be careful, some of your fans are out of control. (Smile)

Melissa - Thank you. Thank you for sharing your smile, generosity and feel good music. Oh and can we compare notes on cooking greens? Mine are tasty but from what I hear yours are tastier.

Cydter - Keep doing what you are doing. The Love for the music channels in your every performance. You were born to entertain and perform for people.

Tara Renee - Thank you so much for everything!! Thank you for not canceling any of your commitments although you were ill, thank you for meeting all of your fans when you were tired, thank you for involving the community and raising money for Enterprise, Alabama. Thanks for the music and the memories and the Life Long friends I've found because we share a Love for you.

Amy - Keep doing what you're doing. Your true fans will follow.

Leslie - Thank you. Not just for the music, but for bringing all of these wonderful people together. There is magic when you're near-- I hope you realize that.

Lvs2dance - Thanks.

Tina - Taylor, please take care of you. You have been sick and exhausted at times during the tour, but never say no to an opportunity to perform or interact with your fans. While we admire you for your wish to give something back to your fans for the opportunity they afforded you, we are your fans for the Long haul. We want you healthy above all else. Take care and it's OK to say no

Lubiana - Take care of yourself- I hate hearing about you being sick. Please try and get enough rest, even if it means signing less autographs or doing less meet and greets. You need your rest or you might get REALLY sick. No one wants that to happen.

Linda S - You are an incredibly talented musician with the bonus that you are also a very special person who has earned our respect and admiration. May you always be as happy as you were the first night of your first solo national tour? And most importantly - - Thank you for the music!!!

RagsQueen - Never stop singing as you follow your dream because you have given much too many without ever knowing what it has meant to those who have heard you. You are unique and don't ever change who you are. Remain humble. Be faithful. Thank God daily for the ride and gift He has given you.

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Taylor Hicks Tour Experience Part 4
Published March 25, 2007 by:
Cindy Wright

In this part you will read what the fans feel is the difference between Taylor at the AI concert tour and his solo tour. If you did not get to attend the Universal Studios Concert find out what you missed out on. As promised Leslie's recap is here, also her Mother wanted to do a Taylor Hicks Intervention find out what happened when she arrived at the destination and was among a group of devoted Soul Patrollers.

If you attended an American Idol concert can you tell us about the difference between it and Taylor's Solo Tour?

Sandra - The difference, I found, is that at the Idols concert, great as it was, and believe me, it was great, Taylor was last. I knew he would be but it was exhausting at that point because nine others had been on before him and there was a Lot of screaming and people standing up in front of me. He was definitely worth the wait, mind you, but the arena was much bigger so there were more people in it and my seats were kind of far away so I could only see him a little. At the solo concert I was right up there, close enough to see him well, and the Ryman Auditorium was smaller so it was a more intimate setting, perfect for a concert.

Tammy - Taylor's solo tour is completely different. Not like some big production number. This is a real musician and his band. A totally different league.

Chuck - I went to the AI concert in Birmingham and it was pretty cool, but it was more of a production than Taylor's' solo show. The solo show is more like watching a "band".

Melissa - It is totally different. The solo tour is all Taylor, I love the way he changes it up every time and tags different songs. The AI tour was just a taste of Taylor, it left you desiring more. Not that the solo tour doesn't. I Love Taylor's band the fact that he has chosen smaller venues is great. These venues so far have been beautiful and intimate, you just feel closer to him.

Cydter - Taylor is totally different from the 2 AI concerts I attended. He entertained us then and was a crowd favorite... but now he is his own.

Leslie - I saw AI in Nashville. I loved his performance then. But, you can reaLLy tell he is in element and letting loose this time around. He is in TOTAL control-- of each band member, and the audience. While he is playing, singing, performing, he is also in control of everyone in the theater. Amazing, amazing.

Amy - I attended two AI shows based on the fact that I was able to see Taylor perform. I went to Worcester, MA and Portland, ME. Taylor is such high energy but you finally get to see the real thing where he has his own band backing him and has complete creative control. You can see him be the band leader and express himself in a totally free way.

Tina - Taylor's performances on the American Idol tour lasted only about 20 minutes, just long enough to leave you wanting more. The solo tour is all Taylor for at least 90 minutes. This is a high energy musical journey during which Taylor takes you on a roller coaster ride with the audience hanging on for dear life!

Lubiana - I did attend the AI Tour in Tampa, and Tay's show blew that one out of the water!Tay's part in AI was the best, most fun part of it and seeing only Tay was INCREDIBLE! The man just has so much energy and tons more talent than the other idols.

Linda S - those pesky other 9 people that wouldn't just go away??? We were front row for the Portland, Maine concert where Taylor did the Hollywood Nights flat out rocking with the guitar lick at the end - after that I was pretty much toast!

RagsQueen - 180 degrees with no comparison really. Taylor gave a watered down version during the AI tour compared to what we saw on the Solo Tour, on AI singing probably what he was told to sing. Now he sings what he wants to, changes up when he needs to, dances to his heart's content, and blesses us all with his voice.

For those of you that attended the Universal Studios Concert describe everything about it.

Melissa - It was very cool, I believe they closed the theme park part of it for the concert. The stage Lights were perfect and I loved the back drop. It was very exciting for me because I have never attended a Mardi gras celebration. I liked that he opened with Taking It to the Streets, very appropriate for the Mardi gras them I thought. He delivered the signature Taylor dance moves that we all Love and I was tickled when he one of my most favorite things he does on stage when he drops the mice or harmonica!! hot was that eh??!! The band seemed to really enjoy the atmosphere as well, Loren had beads hanging from his mice and Brian Less' hands were flying all over that keyboard of his. I always think of the song "Great Balls of Fire" when I see those hands a flying. It was also Brian's birthday that day and fans were yelling Happy Birthday Brian!!!

Lubiana - My friend Baby harp and I got there early. We found the place where he was going to sing and found the gate shut and a small crowd of soul patrollers waiting outside. We stood there about 10 minutes before the peeps let us in. We ran to get a good spot and ended up in the 3rd row. We stood 2 hours and I sat for the Last hour before Tay came out. There was no opening act. In Orlando he was on fire. He jumped several times (he was almost a kangaroo!) and his shirt flew up and you could see his cute little belly. He still has a bit of belly and Love handles- ADORABLE! People kept throwing panties onstage and I think it pissed him off. He ignored them but kept shaking his head, as though in disgust. During the Runaround instead of singing "and to think I sat there singing you a Love song" he said "and to think I sat therethrowing you a stupid Love song". I had to laugh! I had one special moment. He had his tambourine and was encouraging everyone to clap. I started clapping with this big smile and he looked right at me and smiled back. It was so nice. In the middle of the show someone called out "Taylor I want to kiss you on the forehead!" Everyone cracked up. Tay ignored it. Typical Tay behavior. One of the funniest moments was at the end. Tay said "I'm Taylor Hicks" and this guy behind me said "Shit! I'm at the wrong concert!" I died Laughing!

RagsQueen - What has 2500 heads, 5000 legs and 400 wheels and wears lots of beads? The concert watchers at Mardi Gras with Taylor Hicks at Universal Studios in Orlando. Of course, that's my guesstimate, anyway. Any benches available were taken quite early and used for standing during the concert. Taylor was in rare form. There was a cool breeze for the audience, but the lights must have been quite hot, because the front of Taylor's shirt and the back of his jacket was quite wet! That shiny gray jacket and solid gray shirt - what a combination on Taylor! And his New Balance sneakers and trademark jeans! The crowd was a mixed group of all ages, young and old. Everyone seemed to be enjoying Taylor's performance. I know I was! Tonight was all Taylor. No opening act, just pure Taylor! I don't know how they do it, but it seems that the show improved each night. Maybe it's because Taylor is feeling better health-wise, Or because he's becoming more comfortable on the stage. Who really cares as long as Taylor is doing what he enjoys most - performing live, on stage! It was a very large crowd, almost impossible to determine the number but the make up the crowd ranged from babies to 75 years old give or take. It was standing room only. The crowd was cheering. I had to watch the show on jumbotron because I was by the wall of the ladies' room. Taylor was energetic and giving it everything he had. It was a very large crowd, almost impossible to determine the number but the make up the crowd ranged from babies to 75 years old give or take. It was standing room only. The crowd was cheering.

Ok now on to Leslie's Recap that I promised would be in part 4. This is one for the record books. Very detailed and filled with emotion.

Leslie - I woke up Monday with my heart pounding and anxious to start my Taylor week that I've dubbed as "March Madness". Six shows-- OMG!!! I must have checked my emails 50 times that day to see it I had won a Meet and Greet because I had bought my Huntsville tickets on the presale. I had heard that I should get an email around noon. But, just in case, I would check and check all morning. Noon came, and my heart rate picked up another 10 or so beats per minute. No email. 1 o'clock came and another 10 extra beats. No email. 1:40-- heart races faster, no email. Time to go pick up Annie. Ok, maybe the news would be waiting for me when I returned. So, I headed out to the Greyhound station to meet one of our Soul Siestas.

The second I saw Annie (SallyannLady), I immediately knew it was her. We just hugged and hugged each other. I told her that I felt like I was with someone I'd known for a long time and not someone I was just meeting for the first time. Annie was hungry so off to Huey's for one of Memphis' best burgers-- and probably one of the best this side of the Mason Dixon line. Back to the house-- check email. Nothing. Now I was getting sad-- I just knew I wasn't going to get to meet Taylor. But, I still kept checking, just in case. Finally around 5 o'clock, it came -- the email from the Taylor Hicks Head Quarters marked as High Priority!!! "Hey, Leslie-- you have won a Meet and Greet with Taylor!" OMG!!! I screamed, jumped up and down, did my Snoopy Dance---Annie grabbed my arm and pulled me back down to earth!!! I told her that I would make sure that she would get in, too. Didn't know quite how I was going to manage that, but I was bound and determined to.

Annie and I left Memphis around 10:30 on Tuesday morning for Huntsville. With directions from Map Quest downloaded and in my hand, we hit the road. After a couple hours of driving, we started getting nervous that we were not headed in the right direction because we should have been getting close to Huntsville, and yet, not a sign for it in sight. Plus, Map Quest directions were telling me to turn here and go .4 miles, then turn there and go another .8 miles, blah, blah, blah. But, we couldn't figure that thing out, so we just kept following the road that we had been on. Finally, I stopped at a convenience store in the middle of someone's farm to ask for directions. I was dying because I just knew I was going to miss the 4:30 cut off to get my M&G pass. I walked in and asked two locals "Please tell me I'm near Huntsville" and they said I was. Then I asked "Please tell me you're telling me the truth" and they said they were. They assured me we were only about 30 minutes outside of Huntsville and it was just straight down the road and one turn to the right. I showed them the Map Quest directions, to which the woman replied "Map Quest don't know. That became the phrase of the day!!!

After arriving in Huntsville and making a few more wrong turns, compliments of Map Quest, who doesn't know, I finally followed my gut instincts and found the Von Braun Center. It was 4 o'clock, but the meet and greet passes hadn't arrived. OH NO!!! OK, deep breaths. So, we went to our hotel to check in. It was there that we met Tina, Maryann, Jen and Judy. It was with these four beautiful ladies we would wind up spending the rest of the day and all of the morning with. I absolutely LOVE each of these women. I'm getting teary eyed right now when I think of how much I laughed with them that night. ((((((((HUGS)))))))) to each of you!!! You 4 will always have a special soft spot in my heart!!! And Tina, I will forever send out a mental hug to you whenever I hear the words "Beef Bullion". LOL!!!

OK-- fast forward-- I finally get my M&G wrist band and my Taylor laminate. Annie and I find the buses and go hang out there for a while. We start talking with the security guard, who winds up becoming Annie's best friend. Finally, its 5:27-- time to get over to the M&G which, according to my email, starts at 5:30. We walk around to the front of the concert hall, open the doors to the lobby, and there stands Tina, Jen, Judy and Maryann speaking to a VBC worker. They turn around to see me come in, and they all almost have tears in their eyes. The VBC worker is telling them that we have missed the M&G and can't go in. Thankfully, I have a copy of my email and show the dude that we were told to be here at 5:30. He's not too happy about it. He tells us that Taylor is probably done meeting people-- everyone else has gone through. I'm about to raise High Holy you-know-what when he finally comes back and tells us to come on, we can go, but we have to make it quick. I begin making the long walk with MaryAnn. It seemed to take forever to get to him, but finally we see him-- he's squatting down next to a little girl having his picture taken with her. OMG!!! He looks fabulous. The VBC dude tells us to Hurry, Hurry-- get up there and talk to him. Another woman beats us to the table, but the VBC dude is encouraging us to get up there and talk with him, too. A little confusion ensues-- I feel like I'm interrupting Taylor as he's talking to another woman. She finally steps back and tells Maryann and me to go on, she will wait-- she insists. Maryann tells me to go first. I hesitate because Taylor's attention is still on this other woman, but I finally put my CD and ticket for him to sign on the table. I say "Hello , Taylor, I'm Leslie " He doesn't look at me-- he's still looking at that woman. I think to myself "My, you really are aloof". I tell him I'm from Memphis and I'll be in Birmingham with my 4 year old daughter and I hope she gets to meet him because she just loves him (insert Taylor Bait). He asks the woman" How long has it been?" She says "24 years". He says "WOW". I envision myself picking up my CD and smacking Taylor across the top of his silver hair and saying "Taylor Hicks, you little (beeped), I came all the way from Memphis to see you, the least you could do is look at me and say hello!!!". At this point, he must have heard my mental screams because, while still looking at the woman", he asks ME if I want him to sign something. I tell him, yes, I've already put it on the table in front of him. He finally breaks his gaze with the woman and looks down and signs everything I have in front of him. I mistakenly had put my M&G email in front of him. He opened it up and starts reading it. He looks confused and asks what it is. I tell him it's the email his Head Quarters sent to me letting me know I had won a M&G-- I asked him if he'd ever seen one and he says "no". He kept reading it for a while and then finally put it down and asks me if I want a picture. I say yes, and hand Bill my camera. It was apparent that he wasn't going to leave his seat, so I bent down, way down, and put my arm on his back and my face next to his Hubbalicious face. Bill snaps the picture. I don't move. Instead, I keep my face next to his and whisper "Taylor, there is a woman here who traveled 26 hours by Greyhound bus from Canada to see you but she hasn't won an M&G. You have to meet her". He says "Where is she" I tell him she's in the lobby. He says "Go get her and take security with you".

I try not to run down the hall to get Annie. I try to walk normally. I'm trying to have a normal conversation with the security guy-- who is very nice!!! I get to the doors of the lobby. I crack open one of them and stick my head out. I see Annie and the other Soul Sisters sitting in the lobby. I don't say a word. They all look up to see who is coming out of the door. I look at Annie and do a "come here" motion with my finger. The lobby erupts in screams!!! Annie and I walk back to Taylor and I and Bill take pictures of the two of them together.

We leave and go hang out in the lobby with all the other girls. As people start coming in for the show, we also meet Grey cat (Alyssa), Sandra Dee, CarMay7, WeLoveOurTay (kisses to you, you beautiful woman, you!!!), MissyScarlett and Blondebabe, and PayTheDevil. The doors open to the show and off we go to buy cads, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. (BTW-- you COULD use a credit card here).

Now, I have to admit that, although I was so excited to be here, I had started off this week thinking that my Taylor obsession was waning and that TOSP had primarily become the place where I touch base with my friends and have a little fun. I had thought that this week would be an overdose and I would go home with Taylor completely out of my system. I left the M&G thinking Taylor was a you -know-what and that I was done. I started off watching the concert thinking I would just appreciate the artist that he is. I was thinking "what have I done? How many shows am I going to? That's just too much". By about the 10 or 15 minute mark of the show, it happened. As I watched him float on the stage (I don't think his feet ever really touched the ground) and watch him twist and turn and direct everyone on the stage, direct everyone in the audience, flash that beautiful smile, dance those quirky moves, shake the hands and ruffle the hair of the kids in the front row, it just happened. The Taylor trance took over. He is absolutely mesmerizing. He is hypnotic. I was back in love. I was obsessed again. I couldn't help it. Pass the darned Kool Aid and this time for real. Taylor took me to church that night and left me there!!! Move over Jean, I need a seat next to you in the dark side!!!

After an incredible 1 1/2 hours of Taylor's non-stop performance (he was drenched in sweat) all of the TOSP Soul Sisters head out to the busses. Interestingly, all of our cameras batteries died at this point and I think Alyssa was the only one who was able to get pictures. When Taylor came out to the busses and was dressed in that famous black cashmere coat (OMG!!! He looked so regal) -- I couldn't take my eyes off him. There is something about this man that you can't deny-- there is something special about him-- I can't explain it, but it's there. He is a magnet. You are his polar opposite. He moves-- you don't. As he was making his way around signing whatever people put in front of him, I remained about 3 people back. He finally got in front of me. I said "Hey, Taylor". He looked up over the heads of several people and we locked eyes. I said "Great Show tonight. Thank you". He kept looking into my eyes and said "you're welcome". That was it. I'm never going back now. The frustration of the M&G was gone. I no longer wanted to smack him over the head with a CD and call him names. I'm hooked. He's amazing. He is absolutely amazing.

The rest of the night was spent with the Soul Sisters. I finally got to meet sweet and beautiful Ally and San. Thanks for the great night, Soul Sisters!!!

I took my 4 year old daughter and she loved every minute of both shows. I also took to B'ham my mother.

Now is time for Leslie's Mother's recap. I found myself nodding in agreement a lot and also disagreed with some. However I spent most of the time laughing and enjoying this great read.

You are going to read about a Taylor Hicks Intervention (is there such a thing, do we want such a thing) that goes a little different than expected. I have read this to many of friends and family who are not even Taylor fans and they to love it. Enjoy!

Call them what you will- Soul Patrol, Gray Charles, and Taylor Maids (they wish) - they were present in Birmingham in their entire splendor to see the Man with a Million Mamas. I was there to perform a Taylor Hicks intervention to save my usually over-rational daughter from plunging into an abyss of Idol insanity from which there is as of yet no known cure, but at which I was willing to give my best shot. Goodness knows that as a teacher of adolescents, I have ordered my share of T-shirts to be turned inside-out in order to hide offensive words, suggestive poses, gang signs, pictures of drug paraphernalia, or anything related to gambling or alcohol- but nothing had prepared me for This!

For Christmas my daughter presented me a ticket to the Birmingham concert, and now the time was here, but the ticket had grown from one concert to two, with meet-and-greets thrown in as a bonus. Oh, joy. My first surprise came at her house. I let myself in the door and was greeted by a complete stranger, who, as it turned out, was an Soul Patroller from Canada who had traveled from north of Toronto for twenty-six hours on a Greyhound for this week of events. This week? Oh, yes, they had already driven to Nashville and Huntsville for two concerts and were in Memphis to collect me and my granddaughter for the trek back into Alabama. Good Lord. But, even she didn't take the prize: there was one sister who traveled from England as a representative of the IHOTs (International House of Taylor).

My second major surprise came after we checked into our room in Birmingham and began to meet other "board members," most of whom looked familiar only from their pictures on the Internet, but who were greeted with screams and squeals akin to those reserved for sixteen-year-olds who have been apart for two whole hours. After meeting a few of these "sisters," they explained that I might be confused when they started talking in "letters." Excuse me? Oh, you know, like "BTW." Booker T. Washington? No, "By the Way." Then they began to make claims that Taylor has single-handedly done more to reverse the effects of menopause than has any drug prescribed by a doctor. I excused myself and went outside the hotel, frantically speed-dialing my long-time friend back home as I left the building. "Come get me!" I begged. "They look like us, but they are possessed, and I'm really scared!" She reminded me that I was on a mission, and I had to stay because so much was at stake here. Okay, take a deep breath, just like my personal trainer orders me to do after I've completed 300 crunches, ten sprints, and twenty minutes on the elliptical. My skeptical self is ready.

The rumors abound: he's really worn out from all the concerts and his voice is almost gone; he spent the day at the hospital with IVs in his arms; he wouldn't talk to anyone at the meet-and-greet in order to save his voice for the concert, but when one of the Soul Patrollers urged him to get some rest and save his strength, he gave her a thumbs-up (oh, glorious day!). One of the locals actually went home and made a huge pot of chicken soup and delivered it to his bus (I told you he had a million mamas). Another remembered a story about him being in Vegas, broke and eating nothing but beef bouillon, and in moments of quiet reflections, she could be heard to moan, "He's all alone and eating beef bouillon!" This elegant and expensively-dressed woman is the same one who fainted at the Atlanta concert, and as the paramedics wheeled her away, she lifted her hand and cried, "No, I'll lose my place, and he's going to sing Georgia!" I'm really beginning to enjoy myself.

First concert. The beautiful old Alabama Theater, built in 1927, and obviously constructed to withstand all sorts of occurrences---natural and otherwise. I by-passed the over-priced watered-down white wine and headed for my seat. I don't know why they sell seats, because nobody used them after the band came onstage. But before that happened, I looked around to case the audience-- and was surprised. Besides the barely over-forties, there were body-pierced/tattooed teenagers, young marrieds, children under twelve--we ran the gamut, age wise. At the end of two hours of standing and waving my arms (I do try to blend in) and cheering, my sciatic nerve had kicked in and my head was splitting. Just when I thought it couldn't get any louder, the Hoover High School drumlin made its appearance. That's Taylor's high school, you know. Stroke of genius, having that group incorporated into the act. The packed theater went wild as Taylor reappeared and performed Runaround with the kids. Taylor, I have two words for you, "glucosomine" and "chondroitin," believe me-- you're going to need them! His second encore was Birmingham, which brought tears from him and his audience, not to mention more than a few from Southern moms "Bless his heart".

I limped out of the theater nursing my back and holding my head, but felt like a total wimp when I was by-passed by two dowager toting oxygen tanks and breathing tubes. I begged off the second gig of the evening and headed back to the hotel with a four-year-old and five-year-old in tow. Not exactly the peace and quiet I had envisioned, but that is nothing that a little room service charged to their parents could not cure. I climbed into bed, leaving the little ones with their burgers and fries, and when I awoke the next morning, the room was still intact and the kids were asleep, so I guess they didn't set fire to anything.

Second day, it was hot, so I opted for the purple springy outfit that I had packed at the last minute. Big mistake for a non-Soul Patroller. I was greeted with squeals of "You've come over! We told you so!" What they hadn't told me was the purple is HIS color. Great start. At four o'clock it was time to go to the theater. Why? The concert doesn't start until 7:30. Well, we might get to see him if we stand outside his bus for three hours. My daughter is worried that he may have looked out of the window of his bus and noticed her trying to parallel park her SUV. This Taylor Hicks intervention is NOT going well. I stake out a corner of the building that is partially-shaded and prepare to wait it out, until I realize that appearances are often deceiving, and I just might appear to be a shady lady dressed in purple like a temple prostitute who has claimed her corner of the street. So I rejoined the crowd just in time to hear some smart-alecky teenagers drive by and yell out the window of their car, "Who are you waiting for?" One of the sisters yells back, "President Carter, who do you think?" Bless her heart. Now I'm mad. Doesn't Birmingham know that their home-boy is back? Why aren't they giving him the honor he is due? This morning's paper had a very lukewarm account of the previous night's concert, turning it into a contest between the stage managers in Huntsville and Birmingham, and not as a tribute to the star of the whole thing. The locals were not upset, claiming that it was a really good review for that particular writer, and to not take it as a personal affront to Taylor. Hey, if this had been Memphis and the artist had been that Justin guy, that's all that would have been on the front of the Sunday paper. To each his own, I suppose.

Finally, we're inside the now-familiar grand old theater, and I amuse myself by looking at the people as they file in, wondering which of them was his high school English teacher, or coach, or principal. The man behind me is obviously at the concert under great duress-- his arms are folded across his chest and his lips are in a tight, straight line, and it's not a smile. A few songs into the set, I hear him say (presumably to his wife), "Well, he certainly sounds better live" (as opposed to dead? But I knew what he meant). A few songs later and the man were out of his seat and clapping along with everybody else. At intermission he turns to someone and says "Taylor went to school with our kids and we gave him some of his first band instruments." So now he's taking credit for the whole thing?

The woman next to me prepared to leave when Taylor went offstage for the first time, and I said to her "Don't you want to hear him perform with the drumlin from his school?" I'm actually getting the hang of this. She loved it, and wiped away a tear (I swear) as she prepared to exit when he left for the second time. "Don't you want to hear Birmingham?" I asked. Am I good, or what? Well, he didn't sing what I thought he would, but he did sing My Home's in Alabama, and the place was drop-dead silent, except for a few sobs and sniffles (was that really me?). Finally we leave, and I think it's over, but no. We get to stand outside for another hour or so and wait for him to come out of the theater on the chance that he will sign autographs. At fairly regular intervals, three bodies drop to the ground, and embarrassed, each blames an unseen curb, a stray foot, a hole in the sidewalk. Finally, Taylor does appear, and the shoving begins. The security guards yell at the crowd and try to drag him away, but-- trooper that he is--- he says he's not going anywhere and starts signing (only one per, and then you've got to make way). My little granddaughter makes it to the front of the line (ohm gosh, did I forget her?) And her hero bends down and says, "I saw you out there tonight" (she had second row, aisle seat), and she is suddenly as shy as she's ever been in her short life. Well, with that I can only say (with apologies to Julius Caesar): I came, I saw, he conquered.

Well, as they said when I first announced my mission to Birmingham (or Hicksville, to some); they were not interested in a Taylor Hicks intervention. All I have to say is: Bless your heart, Taylor, honey, you look tired, and your voice sounded a wee bit hoarse there at the end. Go suck on a lemon, or gargle with warm salt water. Or, better yet, I have a great recipe for a hot toddy. Call me.

There is one last part to come. Fans discuss what they think of Simon Cowell and share more thoughts.


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Taylor Hicks is Still Keeping Fans Excited
Taylor Hicks, the 2006 American Idol Winner. Months after his win, is still going strong, and people all over the nation are still enjoying The Taylor Hicks Experience. Fans from all over America, Canada and other country’s are traveling hundreds and even thousands of miles to see and hear Taylor Hicks perform in the American Idol Tours and the clubs he might show up at after a concert to perform with his pre-idol band, now know as LMBO (Little Memphis Blues Orchestra). Also known to show up at these shows are Elliot Yamin, Bucky Covington and Ace Young.

With past Idol Tour Shows usually the group just does the tour concerts and maybe appears on a talk show or two while getting there first CD ready for release. But Taylor Hicks isn’t happy just doing the tour. He wants to and appears to need go to clubs and play with his band and Idol cast mates and release his pent up energy. This is a great delight to the fans of Taylor Hicks who love seeing Taylor perform in the environment he loves best where he can let loose and be his self singing the music he and his fans love.

This is not to say Taylor Hicks isn’t giving the American Idol concert goers the show of their life. It has been reported by many fans that when Taylor comes on stage the energy level at the concerts goes way up. Even fans of the other Idols have reported that after seeing Taylor live they now are also fans of his. Taylor Hicks can take any song and make it his own. He has been compared to Elvis a lot, whether it is because of his looks resembling Elvis, his charm and charisma, his way of dancing no matter what the media says (they just don’t get it) or the way his fans go completely bonkers when Taylor enters the room. One thing that is most defiantly like Elvis is the way Taylor can take any song and make it his own. He puts his own spin on it.

Taylor Hicks is Still Keeping Fans Excited
Annette Bouvier wrote an article for the Post Chronicle Tittle -Tattle section and summed it up best. “Elvis sang "MY WAY", Sinatra's mantra, but when Elvis sang it, it belonged to him. Taylor Hicks has this same gift. He can Taylorize a song, just like the King Elvisized it. Taylor Hicks is unique, talented, sexy, and so very genuine. He is exactly what America is looking for. He is OUR AMERICAN IDOL. Millions of people just can't get enough of Taylor Hicks. It is not only the baby boomers; it is millions of teens and ever 80 and 90 year-olds.”

A couple days after Taylor Hicks won American Idol the New York Post online edition had a piece written by Mary Huhn and she even had an Elvis insight. “After less than 48 hours as Idol, he's so at ease you almost expect him to move into Graceland.”

So what do fans think about comparing Taylor to Elvis? In my first piece “The Taylor Hicks Experience.” I asked six fans that same question among other questions. I now turned to more fans to get their insight.

Julie - If Taylor never ever would have done an Elvis song, I still believe that there is a slight resemblance in style, but the way he slipped into the Elvis role was uncanny. We Soul Patrollers call him “Tayvis” when we think of his Elvis ability!

Dena - As far as being like Elvis.....I feel Taylor is his own man, however he seems to make the women swoon like Elvis did. I have never been this wild for a singer!

Trish - Something in the voice, and I don't mean something that is merely audio perception. No, its much more than that, it is spiritual, but not in a religious sense. Also it shows in his mannerisms, and in his smile. I thought it interesting that the Avi picture we had, showing a split face of half Taylor, and half Elvis, both halves fit together perfectly without any adjustments of facial features. But please understand... Taylor is not by any means an imitation of Elvis. Just like there was only one Elvis... there is only one Taylor.

TaylorRena - On 50's night, I invited my friend from downstairs, who'd never seen AI, up to watch. She HAD heard of Taylor, thru the grapevine, but didn't know anything about him, really, and had never even seen a picture. She's mid-fifties by the way. After he performed "Not Fade Away," with the entire dancing, pouting, etc. she said, "Oh, NOW I get it! He's Elvis, isn't he?!" I asked her what she meant exactly, and she said, "The moves, the looks, the accent, the hair. He's a new Elvis."

Lynnelle - Taylor reminds me of Elvis because he brings out an array of emotions from his fans and the non-fans. Also, Taylor performs with so much emotion, as did Elvis.

TaylorNansters - I think he physically resembles Elvis in the face. If you look at his right profile, especially, he's practically a dead ringer for the King! I wonder if Priscilla and Lisa Marie noticed it at all.

JJones - Taylor has the same animal magnetism as Elvis.

TexasTaylorFan -I'm sorry. This isn't going to be a popular thing to say, but I never really liked Elvis. Sorry. I'm in my mid-40's, so maybe he was a little too before my time. I don't know. I never saw what the big deal was. I LOVE Taylor Hicks, He doesn't remind me of any other musician. He's one of a kind.

Rwe205T - It is in the eyes!!!!!! Elvis and Taylor have eyes alike and thick brows. I saw on one of the Taylor fan sites someone had several Elvis and Taylor pictures side by side. Amazing!!! These were pictures of Elvis 1968 Comeback. The title of the thread was Elvis '68. I just recently bought the Elvis '68 DVD and was blown away. Watching the DVD, Elvis has a red guitar and I think of Taylor with his red guitar. Elvis is dressed in a white suit...Taylor on finale night in a white suit. I could go on and on. I saw Elvis live and in person and I will never forget it. There will never be another Elvis Presley but I think Taylor is this generation's version of Elvis. Thank God for some good music again.

Isabellamine - Elvis evoked raw sensuality, innocence, naughtiness, animal magnetism, little boy charm, and "bad boy" evil all rolled into one package. Couple that with the fact that he changed the music and entertainment world forever, had fans from elementary schoolers to 80 year olds - who could put a finger on just what it was about him?. Many hated him, more loved him. His "type" music was considered sinful, lustful, trashy, and fly-by-night. Preachers preached that it was the devil's work coming out - and woe to those who listened to him or watched him "wiggle". We all know the history behind that!!! He was SO DIFFERENT! Hundreds discredited him, hundreds more copied him. Men wanted to beat him up, women just plain wanted him. The world seemed ready to embrace his style. Having followed this board for several months now, a lot of what I've read that's been said about Taylor is a very close parallel. The Elvis who turned the 50's upside down is gone. The new "Elvis", TAYLOR, is in the process of turning 2006 topsy turvy. Hang on,'ll be a helluva ride!!!!!!!!

I then asked fans that attended an American Idol Concert what song that Taylor performed they feel really got the crowd going. Just like with my first article the answer was always the same “Jailhouse Rock.” Now this could be because it’s his first song of the night, or it could be because he comes through the audience singing it, but could it also be the Elvis Factor? Maybe with this song he brings back the love and appreciation Elvis evoked in his fans. Here are the responses I got to the question. Which song did Taylor sing that really got the crowd excited?

Julie - I would have to say Jail House Rock because everyone knew that he would be running through the audience but no one knew where he would come in. I got lucky! He came down the aisle by me. It was sweet.

Dena - Jailhouse Rock got the crowd going! I and Jaime both were able to touch Taylor as he passed our isle but he was singing so talking to him was not possible. After touching him I went all dizzy!! It was a VERY surreal moment...and I will never forget it!

So now we move on to the clubs that Taylor sometimes shows up at to play with LMBO. He has shown up at a few but I will cover two. Because it seems Taylor loves to keep busy and wanted to play “HIS” his music between writing a book, recording a CD and headlining a 60-city cross-country tour must not keep him busy enough Taylor came up with the idea to have his pre idol band shadow the "Idol" tour and play with them whenever he could. One stop was on Aug, 2 2006 at Coyote Joe’s and one person at the show reported that when Ace and Bucky showed up and it was rumored Taylor was outside the fans began to chant “Taylor. Taylor, Taylor.” Taylor Hicks is introduced just before 1 a.m. to deafening screams and applause, he doesn't just take the stage; he takes it over.

One fan at the concert said on a fan board “Seeing Taylor perform with LMBO at Coyote Joe's was the most intense musical experience of my life - totally indescribable and completely mind blowing. Taylor Hicks is changing the world one soul at a time.”

Taylor Hicks also showed up at the notorious Johnny Depps Hollywood rock club, Viper Room. Where LMBO was playing and Taylor, Elliot and Bucky showed up to jam with them. Taylor Hicks sang, played harmonica and drank shots on stage in front of a sold-out crowd. Elliott and Bucky also joined in on all the action to the delight of the packed house which included tons of screaming fans.

One Hicks Chick reported on a Taylor fan board that when Taylor went to come down off the stage when he was done, fans crowded him wanting to get autograph’s shake his hand and just touch him but the fans were a large group and over zealous. Taylor was trying to move away a little from the hands flying at him and bumped backwards into her. Now lots of fans would have taken the opportunity for some groping but this fan respected Taylor’s space as Taylor would say she had ”SOUL CONTROL”.

Some may wonder if Taylor appreciates his fans. Does he know what they do and how they feel about him? The answer is yes. Taylor Hicks tries his best to keep up with his fans and to let them know he loves and appreciates their support. He has left a couple messages at

June, 17th, 2006 at 11:15AM I wanted to let everyone know in due time I will be relaying messages on all boards and even my own. "Funny you guys should mention the hat"!! Love the site grey… Taylor" and at 11:19 am "Hello to all, something compels me to tell everyone hello from the hamster wheel. Then Taylor’s last post #657 at GC:
June 27th, 2006 at 9:46 pm "Thanks everyone and be looking for soon, oh yea and SOUL PATROL!! Hope to see you all soon... Big Thanks…… Taylor"

Now if your wondering what the reference is to the hat, he was referring to the Pay the Devil Hat he got at a Van Morrison the devil meaning doing what he has to do with American Idol before setting out on his own.

I also asked for a couple instances of a fan having an experience they won’t forget regarding Taylor. One that I thought was particularly funny came from Patti.

Patti - My daughter and I went to the Chicago concert and saw LMBO afterwards, both were fabulous! We arrived early at Allstate Arena and were disappointed that Taylor did not come out to sign and take pictures. I highly doubt this was his choice because the security was tight and very intimidating at times. Whatever the reason, I certainly don't feel like Taylor owes me ANYTHING, love his music and always will! We had plans that could not be cancelled so were unable to go to the Peoria concert. BUT, we were free early in the evening, so to feed our obsession, daughter and I plus 2 grandkids decided to drive to Peoria and see if we could get a glimpse of Taylor after the concert. We arrived about 9:30, and much to our surprise, were able to walk right into the Civic Center where the concert was still going on. When the concert ended we went searching for the buses, but could not see where they were parked. We went back into the Civic Center to use the restrooms and I noticed about 6 red doors where 2 little girls had their heads pressed up against a very narrow crack in the door.

I asked one of them if she knew where the buses were and she told me they were right inside these doors and she said she could see Kellie. My 2 grandkids got down on the floor to see if they could see anything through the space under the door. They saw Taylor and Elliott and called out their names. Then, all of a sudden, a ripped piece of brown paper bag was pushed through, under the door from the other side. OMG! It had Taylor's and Elliott's autographs on it! I whipped out my DIMYP CD and slid it under the door and felt it being pulled out of my hand. My grandson saw Taylor's hand signing my CD, and then he pushed it back to me under the door! WOOOOOOOOOOO! I was so excited!!

By this time, we attracted a few more people and grown women started laying flat on the floor pushing items under the door to be autographed and trying to get a glimpse of anyone! What a sight, it was hilarious; I wish I took a picture! The spectacle didn't last long, security came by shortly and made everyone leave. It was a great encounter with Taylor even though he was on the other side of the door! Too funny!

I asked questions about what fans feel Taylor did to really get the crowd going, if he is as good looking in person as on TV and how the crowd reacted when he came out for the encore song “Taking it to the Streets?” Julie summed it up in a way I believe all fellow Soul Patrollers will agree with.

Julie - Taylor gets the crowd excited by Umm… breathing, yes, that’s about all it takes when the idol that you voted for non stop all season wins! Yes, breathing and everything else! The man flies across the stage as though it was a little venue, a little corner club. He commands every ounce of your attention with his moves and we gladly give it up! He is very good looking, but it’s not about his handsome face and his gorgeous body….it is all about the music and the performance. That’s where his passion stays. He never assumes the, “I’m hot, look at me.” Nope, Taylor evokes this instead, “I love music, and I love to perform, allow me to entertain you.” Then we stand there with our mouths open trying to take it all in. When Taylor came out for his encore, the arena echoed in an unbelievable roar, I was speechless and that doesn’t happen often at all. Julie attended the concert in Columbus, Ohio

Because of Taylor Hicks friends are being made every where. As people with the Soul Patrol Bug continue to discuss and admire this truly unique American Idol. Fans are coming together to support charities in Alabama, that Taylor supports. They are putting together projects to raise money for Kid One Transport and Studio by the Tracks to raise money for these great non-profit organizations. The Soul Patrol is a very caring group of fans who want to make the world a better place by helping those they can help. There is even a thing called Tay it Forward. Fans have sent bumper stickers, Taylor Hicks CDs and Tickets for the American Idol Concert to other fans who couldn’t afford these things. Another project has sent 1000’s of Taylor Hicks Single CD “Do I Make You Proud” to troops overseas.

A lot of fans wanted me to address the comments made by Justin Timberlake about Taylor Hicks. I thought about this and really it doesn’t take much to address this. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and not everyone will like Taylor but I think it is poor sportsmanship for Justin to say Taylor can’t sing and especially the way he said it. “People think he looks so normal, and he’s so sweet and he’s so earnest, but he can’t carry a tune in a bucket,” So if Taylor can’t carry a tune in a bucket then Justin is also putting Taylor’s fans who voted for him down. Because wouldn’t that mean we can’t hear? So he put down a lot of people.

If Taylor was to say that about Justin then people would say Taylor was jealous. So what does that make Justin? Justin ought to think before he speaks he not only comes out looking jealous but The Soul Patrol has thousands and thousands of Taylor Hicks fans. And they are very protective of their Idol. Does Justin think any of those fans will be buying any of his music any time soon? I seriously doubt it. Yes I know he retracted what he said but the damage has already been done. Taylor’s fans won’t soon forget Justin’s slam. But on the bright side since he did talk about Taylor Hicks I am sure people that didn’t know of him before will now, and Justin probably helped recruit some new Soul Patrol members.

The Taylor Hicks Experience still continues to grow. He is attracting more and more fans everyday. Music is on its way back to its roots, Music that can be listened to and enjoyed by all. Taylor Hicks will finally help in getting music back on the right track. Most are tired of cookie cutter imagines and music filled with sex and drugs. Taylor Hicks puts his heart and soul into his music and The Soul Patrol puts their heart and soul into supporting him. Believe me the excitement and magic of The Taylor Hicks Experience Continues to grow.


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[color=purple]Taylor Hicks rehearsals Lowdown , with SouthPark friends.[/color]


Taylor hicks rehearals Boz Scaggs number with his awesome tour band (Brain, Brian, Felix, Josh, Melanie, Loren)(perhaps with other little friends too.) when a loyal fan was visiting. Original rehearsal clip was made by a fan. So, I got boread again ,made a music video for my gratification because I truly enjoy the original clip. You know, there’s no bloody Taylor Hick Music Video in the world., Geez. Hope some of you enjoy. ETA:I agree, Dave White. He should have his own TV show.