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"Early Works" Players

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I would like to thank Michael Sheehan of Further Images for his permission to post the credited pictures below. Please do not repost Mr. Sheehan's photos or remove the copyright information.

"Early Works" a compilation of Taylor's first two independently produced CD's , brings the symbolic reunion of Taylor's old band mates.

As Taylor states in the linear notes for "Early Works" , " These two albums represent who I am and who I am trying to represent as a songwriter.... Warmth in production was the main goal; " nostalgic" and "endearing " are the terms that like to use for these two records. " Anyway you want to reflect on Taylor's past works, he is now a happy man

courtesy of Michael Sheehan

The one constant in this CD is : Jon Cook

courtesy of Michael Sheehan

Wynn Christian, Patrick Lunceford , Mitch Jones and Brian Less have continued to partner with Taylor along his road to success. Whether it be as occasional guest performer, Opening Act or long time band member ; all these gentlemen , to some degree, remain friends and confidants of Taylor's.

Taylor and Wynn courtesy of Michael Sheehan

Taylor with Brian courtesy of Michael Sheehan

Mitch Jones my space

Patrick Lunceford , picture by Mitch Jones

Some of the credited performers on "Early Works" are employed in the public sector, but indulging
their musical passion in their spare time, while others have made music their life's work. We thank Taylor Hicks and all of his mates for the wonderful sounds produced on "Early Works".

Soul Thing, Hold on To Your Love, The Deal, Heart and Soul, West Texas Sky and My Friend were
performed by :
Jon Cook on guitar;
Wynn Christian, electric guitars ; Patrick Lunceford, drums; Mitch Jones, bass;Jay Smith , percussion and Brian Less , piano and B3 organ.

The Fall, In Your Time , Somehow, Tighten Up, Son of a Carpenter and Georgia ( with Bill McClelland ) featured :
Jon Cook, guitar;
Jay Knorr drums; Ian Cory, bass guitar; Eddie Avers, percussion; Brandon Kidd, alto sax;and Wade Johnson , trombone.


It is always necessary to employ technical assistance when recording a CD. We give kudos to the following for their help in making "Early Works" a reality.

DON COBB : Compilation mastering

Independent Mastering, LLC
114 17th Avenue South
Nashville TN, 37203

Independent Mastering, LLC is an independently owned and operated business built on time proven technology: enthusiasm. The company continues to be a leader in audio and cd mastering for the simple fact that we love what we do and are passionate about quality audio.

Celebrity is for our clients, and what we love is working behind the scenes; helping you get there with the best sounding album possible is what Independent Mastering is about. Don’t take our word for it, and don’t take anyone else’s either - come see us, and let us show you how easy and how enjoyable it is to create a quality CD Master with the correct tools, knowledge and experience.

Don Cobb has 30+ years of experience in the recording field. For 15 years he was a recording and mix engineer for some of the top acts in the music industry such as James Taylor, The Pointer Sisters, Quincy Jones, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Dan Fogelberg, Jimmy Buffett and Take 6. In 1987 Don was invited to join the staff of Georgetown Masters where he was introduced to the “black art” of Mastering. Over the next 14 years he participated in the Editing and Mastering of hundreds of album projects. Since 2001 Don has had the continued pleasure of working with such artist as Garth Brooks, Sheryl Crow, Alison Krauss and Tim O’Brien at Independent Mastering. Don lives in Nashville with his wife, Jill and their two sons.


Mr. Mills is an American mastering engineer in Atlanta, GA.
He has been involved in the music industry for over 40 years and has earned over 50 gold and platinum records for engineering, producing, and mastering.

In 1994, Rodney formed "Rodney Mills' Masterhouse", a mastering service in Atlanta. Since then, he has mastered thousands of projects for national and regional acts including Pearl Jam, The Wallflowers, Collective Soul, Kentucky Headhunters, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Bonecrusher, DJ Unk, Soulja Boy and others.


Lane worked as an audio engineer with Boutwell Studios for 9 years between 1998 and 2007 , when he went to Las Vegas to pursue his career at Audio Engineer at Levy Production Group
He was educated at Auburn University

Boutwell Studios began in 1961. In the ensuing years, it’s been our mission to employ the latest technology, as well as a seasoned engineering staff, to help our clients craft new and interesting ways to communicate ideas worldwide.
Today, they occupy a 12,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility containing four studios and a support staff determined to give our customers the best possible service.

Boutwell Studios. Better Engineered.

2917 Central Avenue Birmingham, AL 35209


Roger Lawrenson produced the Original "In Your Time" with Taylor

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