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June 23rd, 2013, 12:30 pm #11


1. Meet and Greet Video : credit to Amory Harwell ... y=0&loop=0

2. Staldawg

Taylor Hicks concert was GREAT!
Jun 18, 2013

We has VIP tickets and went to the concert for our 30th anniversary.
Taylor is very genuine and loves what he does. We sat right in front of the
microphone and were close enough we could touch Taylor.

3. ljk1812


I love Taylor

I may be biased because I have always loved Taylor's music. I think he is really
authentic and a very talented artist. I loved his young electric guitar player
and his pianist/organist was terrific.

I felt sorry that Taylor was so limited by a very small stage. Obviously he
doesn't rise to the category of the talent that demands a bigger venue.

Overall I think most will enjoy this event.
The song he has written is terrific and I hope he finds an artist worthy of making it a hit.

credit to tish 6/27/13

4. MarkM
from: Orlando Florida
Age: 55 to 64
Gender: Male

Great Show and Performer

June 23, 2013

If you love music and down to earth performer who loves his fans this is the
show for you. Taylor Hicks loves to perform. Not your typical celeb who hides
behind an army of security. Book the VIP ticket and take your photos with
Taylor and your I phone. CD;s, Shirts and photos are available to have Taylor
personalize for you. He takes his time with every single guest. His band is the
same group of people he had with him long before American Idol. Not someone
who forgets the people who started out with him. He deserves a much bigger
room with a full production. I hear a lot of Adam Clayton Thomas the Blood
Sweat and Tears lead singer in his voice but a lot of Elvis and a host of great
deep south R&B performers with a little country thrown in as well. He is
someone that peforms for the thrill of being on stage in front of his fans. And
his love for our country and those men and women who serve in the military is
evident. Spend the money to see his show and you will come away with a new
appreication for his music and style. He won all of our votes on American Idol
and now we can show our support for him by getting the word out about his
show at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Taylor is a true American Icon that
connects with everyone attending his show in this intimate theater. You won't
get more entertainment for the dollar in Las Vegas and be this close to the

credit to Erin 6/27/13

5. Geneva Hobbs

Great show last night! Amazing musicians to accompany your awesome vocals. Thanks for being such a gentleman :)

6. tish 6/28-29/13

....One couple was from Canada and knew him from the show. The husband talked a lot about knowing from the minute he saw Taylor on TV how he was talented and experienced. The wife in another couple said she had all his CD's, including the pre-Idol ones but hadn't seen him live yet.
Of course I filled everyone in on all the great concerts we've been to since he won AI.
One of the couples sat next to us and before the show the husband said he couldn't believe we were seeing Taylor 2 nights in a row. I told him that Taylor was worth it.
After the show was over, he leaned over and said, "now I understand, he is so worth it!" And the lady that said she had all his CD's came up to me and hugged me after the show. I guess she just needed to share the joy with someone she knew was a big fan.

....Taylor is very slim and trim.....I don't care what the pictures look like, there isn't an ounce of extra flesh there!! He joked about eating at the buffets and then having to do press the next day, then he made a face with his cheeks all puffed out......but he's very aware of how the pictures put on pounds and is staying very slim.

....If you get a chance to see
Taylor in Vegas, get there somehow. He will give you 110% of his soul on
stage and you will come away filled with joy! Taylor's voice just keeps getting
better and better. He can belt out a song for sure but unless you attend a
concert you won't get to see how well he controls his voice. There are plenty of
quiet tender moments in his songs also, especially Maybe You Should which he
co-wrote with Mike Reid and Gary Nicholson. Taylor is personable both
onstage and off. He talks about each song, jokes with his audience and also
signs merchandise and takes pictures with every fan after the show. You can
bet I'm being pulled back to Vegas by Taylor Hicks once again!

Favorite Moment: Joking with Taylor about the contents of his drink onstage

7. gahobbs 6/27/13

Taylor Hicks was awesome!!

Taylor has surrounded himself with some pretty amazing musicians to go along
with his awesome vocals! He can also play the harmonica like nobody I have
seen before. He is a real class act.

Favorite moment: From beginning to end

8. BillnTrudy 6/27/13

Taylor Hicks was better than advertised.

The show was a highlight for the trip. Taylor Hicks was personable and his
show was great. The venue was intimate and the VIP seating was next to the
stage. Taylor Hicks set was a mix of blues, country, pop, and a few ballads.
The meet and greet was not rushed and Taylor Hicks took time to sign some
memorabilia and take a few photos. Highly recommend you check out the show
at the Paris Hotel in Vegas.

Favorite moment: Taylor Hicks playing guitar and jamming with his band.


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July 8th, 2013, 8:02 pm #12

1. July 8, 2013

2. brianeriksen:

Great show tonight at Paris - @taylorhicks” thanks! Come back soon!

credit to Brian Eriksen

3. TLynn737

If you get a chance, go take in Taylor Hicks at Napoleon's Lounge in the Paris.
Fantastic! The seating is awesome, the staff was great and Taylor is wonderful~!
Very relaxed format and a great voice - thoroughly enjoyed this show. He is just
as nice and humble as he seemed to be when he won AI - always nice to find out
the 'real' person is just how they appeared to be.

4. Rhodes26105

July 17, 2013
Age:55 to 64

My wife and I were looking forward to the show very much. Needless to say we
were not disappointed. The music and story of his background were great.
The band was amazing. If we return to Las Vegas in the future, we will
certainly attend another performance of Taylor Hicks.

5. . Vacati0n_G0er Jun. 6, 2013

Went to a tiks4tonight booth (which claims to be half off day of ahow.. the booths
are all,over rhe strip.. and it is more like.1/3 off) and decided to see Taylor Hicks
at Paris. The cost was $34 was was not much of a discount than $39 regular
admission. Once we got there we had a great seat in a very intimate lounge. To
sit at a table was for VIP tickets. So I inquired about paying extra to sit at a table
and they said another $15 a piece. Then we got escorted back to visit Taylor in
the adjacent room. He was very gracious when we walked in, said he would take
as may pictures as you wanted and would sign "anything but flesh." The show was
great. Very intimate. Talks to the audience. Humble guy, great voice, great
harmonica player. And really enjoys what he sings. He played an original song he
wrote called "19" -- very moving! Then he did a song that he wrote which is "on
hold" by Faith Hill & Tim McGraw. This song "may" eventually be recorded by
them. He also did that "In the Ghetto" song by Elvis and branched out into an
amazing melody of other songs, including "Get Back" by the Beatles. The guy
sings, writes, play a fantastic harmonica. And talks about how he lives at the
Paris Hotel and eats in the buffet. This was the 2nd time my wife has seen the
show. She was worried that I wouldn't like it. But the show was great! Short (only
about an hour) but great!

6. Chaz Lipp from The Morton Report

Spotlight on Keyboardist Brian Less - Musical Director for Taylor HicksAugust 18, 2013
By Chaz Lipp, Contributor ... lor-hicks/

Several nights a week, Brian Less can be seen working up a sweat behind his keyboards at Napolean’s, an intimate, ornately-decorated lounge in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. For the past several years, Less has been the musical director, tour manager, and a musician for Taylor Hicks. He was firmly established as Hicks’ keyboard player years before the soul belter won American Idol and rocketed into the national spotlight in 2006. But his incredible technique and improvisatory skills have ensured his importance in Hicks’ musical conception ever since.

Currently, Less has been playing in Hicks’ band for the duration of a Las Vegas residency that began at Bally’s in 2012, transferred to Paris in 2013, and has expanded out for select dates at other Caesars Entertainment properties around the U.S.

With a playing style that is equally adept as an accompaniment to Hicks’ bluesy vocals or as a solo feature, Less represents the center of a musical storm every time the band is on stage. Sometimes he’s busy striding along on piano during old school R&B tunes, other times he’s trading solos with Hicks on harmonica. Whatever he’s doing, you can rest assured it’s worth listening to. Having seen him as Hicks’ right-hand man in concert numerous times, I wanted to know more about the Memphis-born musician’s background.

First off, how do like living and playing in Vegas for this extended residency?

I like Vegas, but I’m getting tired of living on the Strip. At first it was cool, but now I want to be able to wake up in the morning and go to a kitchen and cook breakfast. But at the same time, you can’t do that on a tour bus. When you’re on a tour bus, you go out for a couple months and then you go home. Basically the hotel is our home. We’ve been there since last June [2012]. It’s the same thing as being on tour, except instead of being on a bus, going city to city, you stay in one place and other cities come to you.

Initially at Bally’s last year, you guys were backed up by a great blues rock band, the Jamie McLean Band. Now you have some excellent musicians—Cody Farris on guitar, Jason Parker on bass, Eric Schauer on drums—accompanying you. How did they come to join the band?

Basically what happened is the Jamie McLean Band had to go their separate ways. Taylor told me, as musical director I need to find the best players I can. I already had Cody and Jason in mind for guitar and bass. But I wanted to use at least one local player, from Vegas, because being part of a residency is becoming part of the community.

Taylor is a big on, you know, if you go into someone’s home you don’t just bring your own crew and tell everybody to get screwed. We wanted to create jobs for people in Vegas, too. We have five people from Alabama. But our sound guy, our light guy, our house manager, our drummer—they’re all from Vegas. I think that’s an important thing. It’s a way to embed yourself in the community. It’s like going to a new school. You want to start new relationships.

When did your career as a professional musician begin?
When I started playing my first few gigs, I think I was 15 or 16 years old. I played in a bar, so my parents had to go with me because I wasn’t old enough to be there. It probably sounded a lot different than what I sound like now.

What kind of music was influencing you early on?
When I was a kid, I thought Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead were like, heavy metal, punk rock, “have your hair in a Mohawk”-type bands. I didn’t really know. I guess my parents didn’t really introduce me to that [music] until I was probably 17. My dad gave me the Grateful Dead, live at Cornell in 1977, cassette that he had. That changed my life. Before that, I was all about Jerry Lee Lewis and Texas blues.

After high school, you left Memphis for college. A big change, I take it?
I went to college in Alabama and I didn’t know anybody. I was this dorky kid with my keyboard—it almost didn’t even fit in the dorm room. My goal was to find a band that played in a bar with people screaming, having a good time. I joined a band called Big Brother Blues. That was the first band that I stayed in that was successful. We played the biggest bars on the biggest football game nights in Tuscaloosa. I was surrounded by really good musicians. You have to surround yourself with better musicians all the time. So I played with them for about five years and then we all took off to Nashville.

How did that go?
For a year and a half I was working at T.J. Maxx as a loss prevention investigator. I get this phone call from Clay Conner [Hicks’ assistant], and he said, “Hey man, I want you to sit in tonight at 12th & Porter with a friend of mine, his name’s Taylor Hicks.” I was like, “I’m really tired. I just got home from work.” I had no idea who Taylor was, you know?

I take it you summoned the strength to go to the gig anyway?
Yeah, I set up my keyboard and we start playing. He got up there singing, and I heard his voice for the first time. That would’ve been 2001 or 2002. So I moved to Birmingham. Taylor and I, right from the get-go, had a musical chemistry. We started doing duo gigs, acoustic gigs, where I played piano and sang backups and he played acoustic guitar and sang lead. Then we played as The Taylor Hicks Band for however many years.

So The Taylor Hicks band was playing a lot in Alabama and surrounding areas and suddenly in 2005, you get a surprising phone call.

Taylor called me one night and said, “Hey man, I’m in Las Vegas and I’m about to try out for American Idol.” And I said, “What’s that?” I had no idea what American Idol was. He was like, “It’s a TV show. If you win you get a record deal.” I was like, “Dude, whatever you want to do, we support you 100%.” As he progressed on the show, I took over the band so the guys could still work. He had been the bandleader. So I got with the band, “Hey guys, let’s start booking gigs. But I don’t know what we should call the band—we’re sitting in limbo right now.” And a light went on, because my nickname is “Little Memphis.”

So “limbo” became Little Memphis Blues Orchestra. It was a very fitting name. LiMBO started doing shows every Wednesday and Thursday and Fox affiliates would come. As Taylor went farther and farther [on Idol], more cameras showed up at our gigs each night. They would interview the band, asking about Taylor and stuff. That’s when life started to change for the band. I can only imagine what Taylor was going through, but the band changed too. LiMBO shows were sold out. Then we ended up at the convention center in downtown Birmingham for the finale. When Taylor won, everyone wondered what would happen next.

That must have been a seriously exciting time.

Yes, when Taylor did the American Idol national tour, LiMBO booked a shadow tour in the same cities the Idol tour played. Taylor would do an Idol concert. LiMBO would start an hour after the concert was over, we would do two sets. And for the third and fourth sets, when Taylor got there, we were back to The Taylor Hicks Band again. And every one of those shows was completely packed out. We were playing places like the Viper Room in L.A. and Hard Rock Café, really top notch bars that normally, if we’d sent a demo in, we’d never have heard from.

And your partnership with Taylor continued, obviously, well beyond that Idol tour?

After the American Idol tour was over, Taylor called and said, “Do you want to go on tour for this first album?” He had Jeff Lopez already playing saxophone with him, so Jeff and I were the two guys from the original band to go on tour. As time went on, Jeff went his separate way and I stayed in there. As time went by, I started seeing all these people Taylor was hiring and all the money he was paying them, and I thought, “I can do that. That’s prime management organization. Man, I can do that.”

What gig stands out in your mind as a highlight, one of the coolest shows you’ve played so far?
My birthday on the first [post-Idol] tour, we were in Universal Studios Orlando. And they closed the park down because everybody came to the concert. That was pretty wild.

I’ve been able to live my dream. When I was a kid going to concerts with my dad I’d be like, “I want to do that. I want to be on that stage working with those bands.” And now I am. And my ultimate dream is to have my own band one day. Taylor has opened up a lot of doors for me. I’ve learned a lot from him, he’s learned a lot from me. I couldn’t be happier right now, but all I can say is there’s a lot more to come.

6. coco1999 Aug 22, 2013

5 Stars
great show

Fairly intimate setting - maybe 100-200 people. Taylor sang mostly covers that
he sang on idol as well as a that he co-wrote. In between songs, he
told short stories/anecdotes. Overall, a great show.


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September 6th, 2013, 12:37 pm #13

September 5, 2013 -[size=150][color=#9300C4]10 millionth visitors surprised in typical Vegas fashion[/color][/size]

[url=">"> name=[/url]

[url=">"> name=[/url]

Michael Quine/Las Vegas Review-JournalThe Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris Las Vegas celebrated it's 10 millionth guest with an event that included cast members from The Jersey Boys, performer Taylor Hicks, champagne, showgirls and a free trip to Paris France presented by Regional President David Hoenemeyer.


Yes that is Taylor Hicks and a mime and the Jersey Boys and those are showgirls and they are all standing on the platform at the top of the Eiffel Tower Experience on the Las Vegas Strip drinking champagne because they have just serenaded this cute couple from England.


Because Vegas.

“Here we are,” said Martin Layton, half of the cute English couple. “I still can’t believe it.”

Who would?

Layton and his fiancee, Sarah Connell, came to Las Vegas last week, with plans to get married today. They’ve both been married before, so they figured why not do it in Vegas this time? They toured the sites. They’ve still got the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam to visit before they leave next week.

They’ve both seen the real Eiffel Tower because, you know, it’s right around the corner from their house. But they wanted to see our half-sized version because that’s the sort of thing you do when you’re here. You watch the fountain show and you see the dolphins and you shake your head at the crazy people who actually ride the rides at the top of the Stratosphere.

They went to the Paris Las Vegas on Thursday morning, bought their tickets and, little did they know, the resort’s marketing team was spying on them.

Because Layton is the attraction’s 10 millionth visitor since it opened in 1999.

“Gray shirt. Camera over his shoulder,” Nick Tillinghast, one of the marketing guys breathlessly called out.

So there came Layton in his gray T-shirt and Connell and Layton’s nephew, Richard Layton.

And they got into the elevator and, oddly, a marketing team with a video camera and a pretty girl with a microphone got on, too. The girl asked, as if it was just a regular Thursday morning thing, if she could interview them “for a marketing promotion.”

What are you gonna say? You say yes, of course.

And then they did the interview and they got off the elevator and they walked around and it wasn’t that hard to tell they were a bit weirded out.

“Are they still following us?” Layton quietly asked Connell.

They were, indeed, still following them.

So Layton and Connell kept walking and they turned a corner and there were these two showgirls just standing there as if they were part of the scenery. You know, Bally’s over there and Caesars over there and two unnaturally tall showgirls over here. Huh. Layton side-eyed them.

“I saw the showgirls and I thought they were with somebody else,” he said later.

But then the showgirls actually approached him and they led him around another corner and, whoa. The cast of the Jersey Boys, the musical that chronicles the life of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, was there. Taylor Hicks, the former American Idol winner who is playing nightly at the Paris, was there. And there was champagne and television cameras and a bunch of people in suits with gigantic smiles plastered to their faces.

Which is when it got weird, because Hicks and the Boys started to sing.

“You’re our 10 millionth guest,” they sang.

It was all a bit overwhelming. There was a round of applause and many congratulations and Layton was told that he’d just won a trip for two to Paris, the real one, with the real Eiffel Tower.

“Are we really the 10 millionth?” he said.

“Yes,” one of the marketing folks told him. “We’ve been waiting all day for your arrival.”

One of the Jersey Boys noted that maybe it was Layton’s lucky day. “He should go play the progressives,” he said. “He really should.”

But there was no time because there were photo ops and a giant boarding pass and television cameras and a balloon release to get to.

Which was all very fun, in an only-in-Vegas kind of way.

“This is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life,” whispered Vearn Rogers, a tall, thin man who serves as the attraction’s ambassador. He’s a walking Wikipedia page, riffing off stats about Las Vegas like a kid who’s memorized baseball cards.

Rogers didn’t know anyone was listening. He was just amazed. He was really amazed.

He said he started working for Caesars, which owns the Paris, on Aug. 3, 1984. He applied there, he said, because he has a brother named Caesar. He moved to the Eiffel Tower Experience four years ago.

“I’ve watched this town go from a circus to Disneyland,” he said.

He said he’s loved every minute of it. “Vegas,” he said, “is nothing but a big sensory overload.” Thursday’s event was among the highlights, he said. The gimmicks and the spectacle are not what he was talking about. He meant the people. The cute couple from England, getting serenaded by Las Vegas Strip headliners, completely free of cynicism and genuinely surprised by all of it.

“I had to hold back the tears,” he said. “I was just too happy for them. So happy.”







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September 11th, 2013, 11:54 am #14


1. lenesha

The best night !! With @taylorhicks .,. Go see his show at paris in vegas #funkinGoodtime

The Line at the Sold Out Show 9/10/13
credit to LetLooseVegas

2. Rachel Palmer

HANDS DOWN! The most fun I've had in a loooong time! So PROUD to be a member of the #SoulPatrol! I freakin LOVE me some #TH

3. @JoeVargas
Nice change of pace in music for me. @taylorhicks winner of season 5 American Idol is GREAT!

creidt to Kelly Peterson

4. David Moreira

Paris Hotel, Las Vegas to see @taylorhicks. Sitting with a @JackDaniels_US on the rocks watching a great show.

5. Leeforever Sept. 12, 2013

Taylor is always entertaining. Great, singer, performer and musician. Taylor is a gracious man and very generous with his time who supports charities.
Favorite moment: His total performance

6. September 13, 2013

Go see Taylor's show! You won't be disappointed!

We loved the small venue. Like Taylor said during his show "Welcome to my
living room" We were three feet from the stage and it was like it was our own
private show for us and a few friends. He puts so much emotion and energy
into his show, he's a true performer. We enjoyed some of his personal stories
he shared with us. Go see the show before he gets too big and they are forced
to change the show to a bigger venue.

7. Juliet
September 13, 2013

This show has great potential and future.

The performer and the songs are excellent! He is charming, his narration of
incidents in between his performance are great. It makes the show more

8. September 14, 2013
Taylor Hicks gave a great performance.

We really enjoyed Taylor Hicks' show. He is a very talented musician which we
didn't realize from the American Idol show. Had great energy and stage
presence and seemed to enjoy entertaining the audience. His band members
were great musicians as well. We would recommend seeing his show when you
are in Vegas.

9. Karen63

Superb show happy all round.
Was excellent... couldn't fault it... hicks was fab... great venue.

10. Leeforever

Great show!
Taylor is always entertaining. Great, singer, performer and musician.
Taylor is a gracious man and very generous with his time who supports

11. Gbs1111

Taylor Hicks a true perform and muscian!

Taylor Hicks is a performer who loves his craft and would likely play and sing for
free as that is who he is in his soul! The first and only legitimate artist to have
won American Idol! I truly hope his career continues to rise as he DESERVES all
th fame and fortune to come his way! And, he combines a great sense of humor
in his act as well. Wish he had played Joe Cocker tunes, but that is just me being
selfish. I would go see him perform daily if I were local.

Thank you Taylor for a great evening!

12. Hoosier1


13. 6packjoe 9/16/ 13 show

My wife and I saw Taylor Hicks at the Napoleon at Paris. The show was AWESOME! It lasted about an hour and forty minutes and was more guitar and keyboard jammin' than we've seen in a long time. I never saw Taylor on Idol so I was skeptical. His band stole the show and he gave them all the opportunity and the credit. It was loud so if that bothers you take some ear plugs. Well worth it in a small intimate setting. Go see it, well worth the money!


credit to Taylor tweet pic with Elliott Yamin on September 21, 2103

with Elliott Yamin and Shari Jackson

WITH JOSH SMITH ... ram><param name=credit to prestige4u

14. Gotta see Taylor in person! Chooowy

really enjoyed his show. Paid a few more dollars for the meet and greet and he is a really nice guy in person, signed our Taylor Hick item purchases with no complaints. Genuinely nice guy. His show is in an intimate setting and he is well spoken and a talented musician.
Favorite moment: His story about how he arrived at American Idol, touching story.

credit to coder

credit to Jewels

credit to Jewels

credit to Jewels

.The Soulful Taylor Hicks Preforming at the Paris Resort in Las Vegas - Sept. 2013 credit to : prestige4u ... ram><param name=

15. dennis63

My wife and I were in Las Vegas last weekend (Sept. 20 - 22), and got tickets
for Saturday night's Taylor Hicks show at Paris Las Vegas. She is a big fan of
Hicks after rooting (and voting) for him on American Idol. I wasn't sure what to
expect musically, but I remembered that I liked Hicks, since he wasn't the
typical teen pop singer on American Idol.

Frankly, the performance blew me away. Taylor is an incredible performer with
a high-energy show that was non-stop for more than 90 minutes. The music
was a mix -- some blues, some country, some original music and some
standard tunes from great writers, but 100-percent original style throughout.
He did an amazing job, on stage with a three-piece band of talented
musicians. For the last four or five songs, his AI competitor, Elliot Yamin, came
up on stage to join him.

I think it may be the most underrated show in Vegas right now, but the
evening wasn't over when the music stopped.

Hicks set up outside the theater and greeted fans as they came out. My wife
bought a CD -- she always does, after all. He signed it for her, and he got a
photo taken with her. When the lighting wasn't right for the cell phone
camera, he asked someone to turn a spotlight around to get a better picture
for her. Amazing!

So, a great show worth seeing, and a real gentleman who is all about his fans. ... hp?t=98334

16. Coder 9/ 26/27/28

Taylor put all he had into Saturday Night's show. He was awesome! At the end of show for Viva Las Vegas he told us that his friend Nick was celebrating his birthday and he wanted him to come up and sing backup with him. It was so funny, the Birmingham group cheered him on and he did get up to perform. LOL he didn't sing backup but actually sang right along with Taylor and Taylor was loving every minute of it.

....Coder1951 All three shows that I attended were fabulous and I would recommend anyone vacationing in Las Vegas go to see Taylor Hicks performance at Paris!
Favorite moment: Song, Country Living, which will be on Taylor Hicks' new album that he is working on!
Setlist: Country Living, Maybe You Should, Takin' It To The Streets, On and On, Moving On Up, Why Can't We Live Together, Love The One Your With, Via Las Vegas

17. Amanda Assey Lewis

Best show in Vegas. Loved seeing @taylorhicks rock Paris tonight. Sexy and sweet. #saltandpepperlove

18. Jenni Jac

". His stage banter was especially good and funny that night. If you go back and watch Whomp at the Warfield, you will see that he used to introduce his songs with a simple "this is a tune called ____", but now he has an intro for every song, with a few jokes thrown in here and there. It's like he has acquired a whole new skill in his career. Add to that the fact he was just very happy and in great voice and it was a great show.

I was very impressed with Cody. This was my first time I had seen him play and we were right in front of him. I think he has a great career in front of him as a guitarist. Brian was as awesome as always. The drummer Eric Shauer rounded it was very good. All of the players were just so good, even though I thought the bass and horn (and percussion) were definitely missing from the rich sound I heard at Bally's last year.

Taylor had several special friends in the audience that night. The first was his friend DJ Logic, and the second was a friend from . If I understood him right, this friend was involved getting him at the National Memorial Day parade. Now his performance of Nineteen was probably his best of the night.

I truly believe Taylor has an extended future in Las Vegas and I think there is a more ideal venue in his future, and perhaps the wheels are already in motion for that. Something for sure has him very happy because it was radiating from him....

It was a great show and the crowd loved him. And the room was probably 99% full on a Monday night no less

19. snowescapee

.My wife and I went to se Taylor's show while on vacation in Vegas. We saw several shows while in town and his was one of our favorites.
Great music, sense of humour, stage presence, and the interaction with the audience during and after the show was awesome!
Will definitely go back when we are next in Town.... Highlight of our week!
Date of Stay:09/13/2013 ... ram><param name=credit to linda lamb
Taylor Hicks Preforming at the Paris Resort in Las Vegas - Sept. 2013.
Taylor Hicks invited Shiloh back on stage for the last song at the Clearwater River Casino in Lewiston Idaho.

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October 9th, 2013, 11:55 am #15

[color=#9300C4][size=150]MORE SOUL PATROL MEMORIES : [/size][/color]

[img][/img]credit to Jenni Jac

[img][/img]credit to Jenni Jac

[img][/img]credit to Jenni Jac

[img][/img]credit to Jenni Jac

1. concentricks

The most authentic southern rock on the strip. - 09/30/2013

This show is different because it isn't the overly polished production you usually see in Las Vegas. The music is the centerpiece here, along with the engaging personality of Taylor Hicks. He delivers gritty southern rock, 70s pop, mixed in with Muscle Shoals soul and a little Alabama country. He performs some original songs along with classic favorites and a few favorites from his winning run on American Idol. His band is top notch, and Taylor plays along on guitar, tambourine, and guitar, but his harmonica skills are simply stellar.
Without a doubt the most original artist to ever come out of American Idol. Even if you don't like or have never watched the show, this is not to be missed.

Favorite moment: "Nineteen"

2. Brittany @FarmasaurusRx
Thank you for an amazing night! You are the best
He was amazing live and so, so sweet! Love him!

[img][/img]credit to Brittany

3. Thomas C


Wonderful, intimate setting for this show. Seats just around 200 people max, so
there is no such thing as a BAD seat.

Enjoyed the show immensely. Some old stuff, some new stuff. But any Taylor
Hicks stuff is good stuff in my book.

We spent a few minutes (10, maybe 15) with Brian Less (the pianist) after the
show. He's a great guy to talk to. Hard to image his short stubby fingers can tickle
the ivories the way they do.

Hard to believe this is one of the cheapest shows on the strip. It's worth the
money and more!

4. Jamie d

Taylor Hicks in a very intimate setting”

I went here to watch Taylor Hicks and also added the meet and greet. This lounge
added to the intimacy that Taylor always makes you feel when he sings. I hope
he performs here when I come back in a couple of years. It was my favorite part
of my trip.

5. Tyler999

Loved meeting Taylor. He really is great live! Best part of my Vegas experience!

6. eagleskull44
October 22, 2013

Worth every penny and than some.

My wife wanted to see him but I was skeptical.. American Idol person and stuff
but I said sure.

Right from the beginning he showed how amazing he is his vocals are
astounding his keyboard and harmonica playing are truly amazing. This man
truly enjoys what he does.

Also very gracious about being in front of everything thanking us for voting
how he wouldn't be there with out the ones who voted for him.. Made him very

After the show he took pictures with people signed auto graphs it was great to
see that.

7. taxaccountant 11/4

Taylor has something special going on. He can't hide his southern roots from his voice.
Favorite moment: Harmonica playing

[img][/img]credit to Peter Kibiuk

8. Peter Kibiuk
Taylor HIcks outstanding !

[color=#9300C4]In The Ghetto [/color]: credit to hollytommo

[url=">"> name=[/url]

9. Lance Sherman


10. @ParisVegas

hanging w/ #Marinecorps fans after his show last night at @ParisVegas. #MarineBall #Semperfi #SoulPatrol
Nov. 16, 2013

11. Shelley Lehner

Taylor, wow. So enthralled tonight, once again. Great show. Can't seem to wipe my smile off my face.

12. PDfromATL

Felt like Taylor Hicks in my living room! Nov 15, 2013 @
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Taylor Hicks concert at the Paris Hotel in Vegas last week. The intimate setting at Napoleon's Bar was incredible. Truly not a bad seat in the house. We bought the General Admission ticket and we were still only 10 feet from the stage. Taylor played for about and hour and twenty minutes and performed some great songs. We love his soulful style. His keyboard player and guitarist were incredible. Great show and a great experience at a low price for Vegas($40/ticket)!

13. UtahBear

Taylor Hicks was fantastic...The show is in an intimate venue with all seats
being very good...The music was superb with a mix of original and covered
songs..The covered ones were mostly from the 70's of popular tunes and
Taylor put his own artistic touch to the sound...The musical group was very
good and Taylor showed off his own versatility with guitar, organ and a very
powerful harmonica..He was engaging and nice on stage and very personable
when we met him after the show...It was a wonderful evening..Thanks You Taylor!!!
- Sat, Nov 16, 2013
Favorite moment: Meeting him afterwards was great..He was happy to hear our thoughts on the show..

14. Wilm28405

I enjoyed Taylor on Idol and bought his first album. I wasn't that impressed. But since he was playing at the Paris where we were staying I read the reviews and decided to see him. What a pleasant surprise!! It was one of the best shows I've seen recently. The room holds about 150 people. If you pay to meet him you sit right in front and get a table to put your drinks on (all night drinks 2 for 1). But no seat is bad and anyone can meet him afterwards and get pictures taken. I loved that he played an assortment of old songs that I knew. He was very personable and his voice was incredible. I would recommend him to anyone.
- Sat, Nov 16, 2013 @
Favorite moment: He sang a song he wrote which Tim and Faith are about to record. It will be a big hit.

[img][/img]credit to Shelley Lehner

[img][/img] credit to Shelley Lehner

[img][/img]credit to Shelley Lehner

15. dnjmorton

Taylor was on FIRE!! Nov 21, 2013

When Taylor bounded onto the stage, the atmosphere became electric. Taylor is a fantastic live performer. On this night, he was very chatty, happy, smiley and in top form. You just never want the show to end. The band was also amazing...Cody, Eric and Brian all had their solo moments. Taylor's harmonica playing is unbelievable!! If you get the chance, GO SEE TAYLOR!

Nov. 22, 2013 You must see this man! He is a fantastic live performer. You will not be disappointed. We did not want the show to end as we were having so much fun watching Taylor and the band. Taylor has a unique way of interpreting the music. He sings songs he has written as well as covers with multiple "tags".
Favorite moment: The story of Simon encouraging Taylor to sing In the Ghetto on Idol and Taylor's bluesy version of the song

16. LadyLaw126

Taylor Hicks was AMAZING!!! Nov 23, 2013 @
The man is incredibly talented. He played 5 different instruments and sang. Bad sound system which was too bad but he still belted it out. He had a killer band with him. I would definitely see him again. Also, Taylor was very accommodating with his time and photos at the meet & greet.

[img][/img]credit to Dave Morton

[img][/img]credit to Dave Morton

17. deejay 11/23/13

Freakin' Fabulous!

Once again, Taylor Hicks does not disappoint. High energy, fun rapport with
the audience, really tight band. It's not one of those huge mega-shows in
Vegas. It's a small, intimate venue. You really feel like part of the show.
Although I've seen him live before, at the show I saw Saturday night, 11/23,
he was at the top of his game.

I encourage everyone to see him while he's still in this venue. Taylor is more
than American Idol, harmonica and crazy dances. He is an entertainer on par
with some of the greats of all time.

What I enjoyed: Atmosphere, Location, Service

Yes, I recommend this

18. DeniseH

This show was so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..I was a little leery at first. The venue at Paris was small and kind of got the feel of a bar band at first. Then he kicked it up, and the band rocked!! They band sounded great, every single one of them! Talked to the promoter, I think, and he said how much Taylor does for the troops. It was a great thing! Great show, great entertainer, great person.
Date of Stay:11/4/13

19. shelbsroo

..My brand new husband and I were wandering through the Paris on our wedding day looking for somewhere to have a few cocktails after our wedding meal.
We enquired about who Taylor Hicks was when we saw the queue (sorry we're from UK so we hadn't much of a clue), and the guy out front kindly sorted us a VIP table!
Amazing vocals, super talented musician and a brilliant performer! Made my day extra special. Would love to see him again.
Also the bar itself is great - well worth a visit



Remember that wild finish to the Iron Bowl last Saturday? Taylor Hicks does.

The Paris Las Vegas Napoleon's headliner was in attendance at Auburn’s Jordan-Hare Stadium for one of the great football games, or great sporting events of any kind, ever. The Tigers’ Chris Davis’ 109-yard return of a missed field goal attempt by Alabama’s Adam Griffith as time expired gave Auburn a 34-28 victory and set off bedlam in the stadium.

One of those who rose to his feet during Davis’ mad dash was Hicks. Born and raised in Birmingham, the “American Idol” Season 7 champ has always presented himself as a huge Crimson Tide fan. He is summarily mobbed anytime he is in attendance at games in Tuscaloosa, and usually needs a police escort just to reach Bryant-Denny Stadium. But Hicks also holds some Auburn loyalty, as he attended the university briefly to study business and (yes) journalism before ditching that career path and focusing on music.

I asked Hicks, via text, what he was feeling after the Tigers’ wild Iron Bowl victory. It took some time and thought for him to assemble just the right words, but he came back with, “The Iron Bowl is the greatest sports rivalry in history, and the games are an example of that. I hope that Auburn jumps a mediocre Ohio State team that plays in a weak conference (the Big 12, ouch). The playoff system next year will take care of all the doubters. Congrats to the Tide on a great season.”

Totally agree with him on that playoff comment. Back in Hicks’ days at Auburn, that would have made a great subject for an editorial.

21. [color=#9300C4]Amory Harwell video and picture [/color]

December 9, 2013




[img][/img]with Kaos Krissy

22. Anonymous Dec. 14, 2013

Wonderful musician and artist. His soulfulness is unmatched among
contemporaries, he gets lost in the music and takes you with him! I only wish
the concert was longer (1 hour 15 minutes approx).

[img][/img]credit to Kristrn Campbell

23. Kristen Campbell

Thanks for a great show @ParisVegas last night!! ? Y'all are awesome.

24. jonibug

Monday's show was great, but last night's was fantastic! The crowd loved it and it was pretty much a full house!

25. Gig Salad , The Blog [url=][/url]

As the day wrapped up, we got ready to go see American Idol Winner, Taylor Hicks! It was a fabulous show. I must say, I didn’t know he was so talented on so many instruments.

26. GweninKC

Taylor Hicks live is an experience not to be missed. His high-energy performance, heartfelt slow songs and raspy vocals are a combination that made for a fabulous show. I can't wait to see him again.

27. [color=#9300C4] A Christmas Present from Lance Sherman/ Taylor Promoter in Vegas [/color]


[color=#9300C4][size=150][size=150][size=100]CHRISTMAS GREETINGS FROM CAESAR'S ENTERTAINMENT : TAYLOR AROUND THE 2:07 MA[/size][/size][/size]RK [/color][IMG] [img][/img]

[url=">"> name=[/url]