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9/8/18 Jasper , Al Foothills Festival

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September 8, 2018   Jasper's Foothills Festival

Courthouse Square
219 19th St W, Jasper, AL 35501

The Steeldrivers and Robert Randolph's The Family Band will headline the the city of Jasper's Foothills Festival this year, while Taylor Hicks and Will Hoge will also have late sets during the Sept. 7-8 festival.

Friday, September 7, 2018
6:00 River Dan
7:30 Will Hoge
9:00 The SteelDrivers

Saturday, September 8, 2018
3:45 Chris Simmons Band
5:15 McCrary Sisters
6:15 Paul Thorn
7:45 Taylor Hicks
9:15 Robert Randolph & the Family Band

Foothills Festival
204 19th St E
(205) 387-6000

TICKETS: ... tival-2018  Free Event


Courthouse Square, Jasper, AL    

What happens if it rains?
Foothills Festival is a rain or shine event.


The Foothills Festival was formed in 1997 and was continuous until 2000. Named for Jasper being in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, this festival strives to provide a weekend of fun that celebrates community and cultural heritage. In 2013, the City of Jasper brought the festival back FREE for a new generation to enjoy. This past year, Jasper hosted 12,000-14,000 attendees at the Foothills Festival. The 2017 Foothills Festival was held September 15-16.
Our Goals
 Provide a free festival our community can enjoy
Encourage a safe and fun environment for all individuals
Provide a venue that showcases arts, crafts, nonprofits and businesses
 Provide entertainment that connects to the culture of the region

2018 Foothills Festival

Due to the public demand, the festival again took place in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017!

This festival could not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors.

In addition to 11 great performances, many visited some of our arts, crafts, information, business and activity booths!

We are now planning our 2018 event to be held Friday, Sept. 7th and Saturday, 8th, 2018!

DIRECTIONS : ... google-map


Holiday Inn Express Jasper
2-star hotel
Free breakfast  
DEAL20% less than usual

Sleep Inn & Suites
2-star hotel
Free Wi-Fi  
Free breakfast  

Hampton Inn Jasper
2-star hotel
Contemporary roadside hotel with a free hot breakfast, parking & WiFi, plus a gym & an outdoor pool.
Free Wi-Fi  
Free breakfast  

Comfort Inn & Suites
2-star hotel
Relaxed budget hotel offering free breakfast, plus an outdoor pool & a fitness room.

Quality Inn
2-star hotel
Straightforward hotel with simple rooms, free hot breakfast & WiFi plus an outdoor pool.
Free Wi-Fi  
Free breakfast  

Econo Lodge
· 1-star hotel
Basic, low-rise budget option with a seasonal outdoor pool, plus free continental breakfast & Wi-Fi.
Free breakfast  

Super 8 Jasper
2-star hotel
Simple budget hotel offering an outdoor pool, plus free continental breakfast, parking & WiFi.
Free breakfast  

Travel Rite Inn

Budget Inn-Jasper


Victoria's Restaurant, Bakery, and Boutique
Jasper, AL
Comfort food · Small plates · Quick bite

Cabo San Lucas
 · $$ · Mexican
Traditional Mexican plates & margaritas served in unfussy surrounds with a bar & festive accents.
Jasper, AL
Happy hour food · Comfort food · Small plates

Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q
· $$ · Barbecue
Laid-back chain known for slow-cooked BBQ & cheese biscuits, plus burgers, salads & classic sides.
Jasper, AL
Comfort food · Small plates · Quick bite

Moores Landing
Jasper, AL
Comfort food · Small plates · Quick bite

Warehouse 319
· American
Jasper, AL
Happy hour food · Late-night food · Comfort food
Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Tue


1. Daily Mountain Eagle ... ills,15620

Robert Randolph, SteelDrivers to headline Foothills

....Baker, who has been an agent for 17 years and is also a sales consultant for the Eagle, said Randolph will draw many visitors from outside Jasper.

"It's one of the most unbelievable things you will ever see. He is the Hendrix of the pedal steel guitar, and everyone in the whole band is his family," he said. "It is really a killer. And Taylor actually knows Robert, so he will get up and jam with him, play harmonica and that sort of thing."

He called Randolph's music a mix of blues and soul. "The whole things flows really soulful and I think it will bring a cool demographic to the downtown area," Baker said.

Hicks, a native of Birmingham, will play just before Randolph. He is one of the most recognizable acts on the bill, as he won the fifth season of American Idol. He became known for his energetic stage performances as well, combining classic rock, blues and R&B. His followers are known as the Soul Patrol.

He played on Broadway in 2008 in Grease as Teen Angel, continuing on with the national tour. He also secured a long-term residency in Las Vegas.

"He's a heck of a performer," Baker said.

2.  Foothills entertainment scores big hit
Posted Sunday, September 16, 2018 ... -hit,17607
Organizers gave a positive reaction to the entertainment at the 2018 Coca-Cola Foothills Festival on Sept. 7-8, noting that it proved that great talent can be booked which are economical and may not be the most well-known artists of the moment.  
During a joint interview Monday with Lisa Myers, Jasper's special events coordinator, and Brent McCarver, the city's revenue compliance officer,  McCarver said he spent most of the festival between the Main Stage and Five Loafs/Highlands on Fourth, where entertainers relaxed in between performances upstairs.
"We got a lot of really good feedback. Almost to a person, they said it was a class act, top of the line, you guys are doing a great job." He said it reminded him of the fishing tournaments, where people say chamber officials go above and beyond to do a good job. 
"We have security for them. We offer for them to go back and forth on carts. ... The spread is really great. Aaron's delivered three living room suites so they have a place to relax in there," McCarver said, noting Jasper Main Street volunteers help. 
"Paul Thorn had a lot of really nice things to say about us," he said. "He lives in Tupelo. He had a lot of nice things to say about Jasper. Taylor Hicks was very pleased. His family was coming to see him. His dad had just had knee surgery six weeks ago. We were able to get a golf cart and take his dad backstage. He said, 'Only in Jasper would y'all do something like that.' 
"But he was great. He was a huge draw for the green room," McCarver said with a smile. "I'll just say the ladies were very willing to volunteer when Taylor was here." 
McCarver noted Hicks was in a great mood, always signing his autograph and having his photo taken. 
"He opted to walk from the green room to the back stage, and stopped all along the way to anyone who said something to him," he said. "Paul Thorn did as well," and came four hours before his performance, even though he has played the festival before. 
"Truthfully, only the McCrary Sisters and Robert Randolph, which are bigger groups, they were the only ones who rode back and forth. Almost all the other people walked. A lot of them we brought back to the green room," with all the bands coming back to the green room instead of immediately leaving town, he said. Chris Simmons stayed overnight in Jasper Saturday. 
He noted River Dan and Simmons walked around town, while Robert Randolph's sister, who is part of the band, drove in early from Nashville and shopped in downtown Jasper that afternoon for clothes. "None of us knew it," he said. 
McCarver noted one partner commented that people had said in advance they had not heard of many of the bands "but they sure know who they are on Sunday." He said Randolph toured with Eric Clapton and Dave Matthews. "We just didn't hear him much here. ... Will Hogue has won Grammys. You're not talking about guys playing in the barn. These are major acts."
Some acts suggested can cost $400,000, which McCarver said the city can't afford. However, he noted Jason Isbell played the festival about the time he released the album that made him a star, which is good timing. The festival later tried acts from the '80s and '90s that people knew, but were not relevant anymore.
"Now we have gone back this year to getting really great musical acts, really good musicians, people who are selling and doing things," he said. "What I learned this year is to really trust the talent buyers to know what will go over in this market," even if you may not recognize the act.
As it turned out, he said the performances were "phenomenal" this year, and the festival could be a showcase for unknown or up-and-coming acts. It also was great for artists sharing the stage, such as Thorn and the MrCrary Sisters, and Randolph and Hicks. McCarver noted the variety involved, ranging from a country and bluegrass feel to a rock and R&B atmosphere. 
Officials praised the work of Zach Baker, an advertising representative for the Daily Mountain Eagle who is also the talent booker for the Jasper festival.
"Zach Baker did a great job of bringing a mix of talent to Foothills," O'Mary said, adding there was something for everyone and that comments from people have confirmed Baker was successful. 
McCarver said the crowd was low Friday night as Jasper was playing Dora in football, but the crowd was very good by 9:15 p.m. when The SteelDrivers performed. He said at this time of the year, with high school and college football, one cannot find a perfect weekend. 
Baker said Tuesday, "All the artists were great and they were easy to deal with," also giving a good response to the festival. 
He noted he tries to bring good acts for the budget he has. 
"I try to bring some artists to the festival who are not as well know as far as the blanket demographic here, but a lot of people know who they are. But it all comes down to the budget, whether you have the money or not to hire them. I've got my ideas for next year." 


Line-up ... nformation

Robert Randolph & The Family Band- Many musicians claim that they “grew up in the church,” but for Robert Randolph that is literally the case. The renowned pedal steel guitarist, vocalist and songwriter led such a cloistered childhood and adolescence that he heard no secular music while growing up. If it wasn’t being played inside of the House of God Church in Orange, New Jersey—quite often by Robert and members of his own family, who upheld a long but little known gospel music tradition called sacred steel—Randolph simply didn’t know it existed. Which makes it all the more remarkable that the leader of Robert Randolph and the Family Band—whose label debut for Sony Masterworks, Got Soul, is today an inspiration to the likes of Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana and Derek Trucks, all of whom have played with him and studied his technique. It wasn’t until he was out of his teens that Randolph broke away from the confines of his social and musical conditioning and discovered rock, funk, soul, jazz and the jam band scene, soon forging his own sound by fusing elements of those genres.

Will Hoge - I hit a wall,” says Will Hoge. “I was doing the best touring of my career and I had a great, steady gig writing songs, but I was falling out of love with being in a band. I didn’t have a good answer when I asked myself, ‘Why am I still doing this?’ So I walked away. I had to figure out what was next.”

For Hoge, what came next was a quest to reclaim the joy and the magic that had drawn him to music in the first place. He let his band go and hit the road for roughly a year of solo shows, crisscrossing the country by himself with just a guitar and a keyboard. He felt rejuvenated by the freedom and began writing material that reenergized him, that made him feel like a kid falling in love with rock and roll all over again. Those songs ignited a dormant flame somewhere deep within Hoge’s soul, and now they form the bulk of Anchors, his strongest and most nuanced album to date.

The SteelDrivers - They say the only thing consistent about change is…well, that it changes. Whether through design or destiny, that’s a precept the SteelDrivers know all too well. Throughout their career –one that encompasses four highly acclaimed albums and any number of awards and accolades –the band has demonstrated the ability to adapt to change with unwavering persistence.

Their’s is a lingering legacy defined by quality and consistency. It’s one in which they’ve never stopped looking forward, successfully marshalling their resources for wherever that trajectory takes them. Ultimately, it’s all about the music. “Our dedication and determination remain intact,” says singer, songwriter and fiddler Tammy Rogers. “We honor our older music by always putting our focus on the songs. Some people describe our music as being bluegrass based, but the fact is, we’re not bound to any one regimen.

I liken us to what the Rolling Stones would sound like if they played banjos, fiddles and mandolins – it’s that rock-n-roll edge played on traditional instruments. I don’t know if that’s true, but we are primarily a band that’s centered around songwriting and also just happens to have a bluegrass background.” That persistent push could be called the key to SteelDrivers’ success.

Each step in their journey has created a new chapter, one that finds them building on the past but consolidating their strengths as they build for the future. That’s also been the case since the beginning, when Rogers, multi-instrumentalist Mike Henderson, bass player Mike Fleming, banjo player Richard Bailey, and singer/guitarist Chris Stapleton first convened after a series of songwriting sessions between Henderson and Stapleton. What began as a casual get-together to jam in the late summer of 2005 became a fully committed band that signed with Rounder Records in 2007.

Taylor Hicks - With his raspy, soulful voice and salt-and-pepper hair, Taylor Hicks was one of the unlikeliest contestants to make it to the final round of American Idol, but his quirky charm and rousing delivery of songs like "Takin' It to the Streets" won Hicks a devoted legion of fans called the Soul Patrol and the title of the fifth-season American Idol. Born in Birmingham, AL, and raised in Hoover, Hicks grew up listening to classic soul artists such as Otis Redding and Sam Cooke -- which he said he could to relate to even as a child due to the divorce of his parents and other troubles -- and singer/songwriters like Van Morrison, Bob Seger, and Billy Joel. His chief influence, however, was Ray Charles, whom he admired so much that he carried a little statue of Charles with him whenever he performed. Though Hicks had no formal musical training, he picked up singing, guitar, and harmonica on his own. He began performing for his family at an early age and won a talent contest at his high school (at which time his hair started turning gray). While studying business, communication, and marketing at Auburn University, Hicks formed the Passing Through band, and left school early to try his luck in Nashville.

As a touring performer, he opened for artists ranging from James Brown to Drive-By Truckers and also performed at the Playboy Mansion. Hicks released two albums with his band: In Your Time, a live album, and Under the Radar. In 2005, he auditioned for American Idol; the Memphis tryouts were so crowded that Hicks couldn't get in, so he went to the Las Vegas auditions. Despite the doubts of judge Simon Cowell, Hicks' differences from the typical pop star look and sound worked for him rather than against him in the competition, and his performances of "Levon," "Living for the City," and "Dancing in the Dark" helped put him over the top. After winning American Idol, Hicks signed a record deal with Clive Davis and 19 Recordings Unlimited, and released the single Do I Make You Proud that summer. Hicks also performed with the American Idol tour and began work on his major-label debut album. His self-titled debut arrived in late 2006.

The McCrary Sisters - Dynamic, powerful and thrilling are just a few words to describe The McCrary Sisters live performances. Steeped in tight soulful harmonies, the Sisters will have the audience dancing in the aisles celebrating life with words of hope and love.

The McCrary Sisters (Ann, Deborah, Regina and Alfreda) are the daughters of the late Rev. Samuel McCrary — one of the original members of the legendary gospel quartet The Fairfield Four. The daughters were raised in harmony, singing at home and at their father’s church, but word soon spread of their individual accomplished voices and each began sharing the family vocal legacy as solo artists with a wide range of performers to include Bob Dylan, Elvis, Isaac Hayes and Stevie Wonder.

In 2011, the Sisters officially formed their own group, The McCrary Sisters, and have since recorded or performed with notable artists Delbert McClinton, Black Keys, Martina McBride, Eric Church, Patty Griffin, Buddy Miller, Jonny Lang, Robert Randolph, The Winans, Donnie McClurkin, Rosanne Cash, Carrie Underwood, Hank Williams Jr., Dr. John, Widespread Panic, Sheryl Crow, Maren Morris, Gregg Allman and many more.

Paul Thorn Band -  Paul Thorn has created an innovative and impressive career, pleasing crowds with his muscular brand of roots music – bluesy, rocking and thoroughly Southern American, yet also speaking universal truths. Among those who value originality, inspiration, eccentricity and character – as well as talent that hovers somewhere on the outskirts of genius, the story of Paul Thorn is already familiar. Raised in Tupelo, Mississippi, among the same spirits (and some of the actual people) who nurtured the young Elvis generations before, Paul Thorn has rambled down back roads and jumped out of airplanes, worked for years in a furniture factory, battled four-time world champion boxer Roberto Duran on national television, signed with and been dropped by a major label, performed on stages with Bonnie Raitt, Mark Knopfler, Sting, and John Prine among many others, and made some of the most emotionally restless yet fully accessible music of our time.

He’s also appeared on major television shows such as Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel Live, been the subject of numerous National Public Radio (NPR) features and charted multiple times on the Billboard Top 100 and Americana Radioi Charts. This year, Paul will be releasing an album titled Don’t Let the Devil Ride, which he describes as “the culmination of my whole life in music, coming back to my roots.” It marks his first time recording gospel music - featuring guests such as the Blind Boys of Alabama, the McCrary Sisters, and Preservation Hall Horns - and his creation of a body of strikingly original songs that address the foibles of human relationships without necessarily favoring the sacred over the profane.

Cris Simmons-  "…an extraordinarily talented Alabama guitar man that will make you feel his emotion and heart in every single note.”

Twelve years after his birth in Boaz, Alabama, Chris begged his mom for his first guitar…

It didn’t take long before Simmons realized he wanted to be a professional musician. He joined his first band at 15. At age 20, he decided one day to load up his musical gear and whatever else would fit in his van and hit the road. From there, Simmons roamed the southeast playing southern rock and blues in bars, house parties, etc. Later, he was introduced to the musical mecca of Austin, Tx. He made Austin his new home in 2001. There, Simmons started Ultrasonic, and spent five years playing legendary venues such as The Steamboat, Antone’s and the “Saxon Pub.”

He now lives just south of Huntsville, AL in the Lacey Springs community when he’s not traveling.

Leon Russell, Simmons’ former employer from 2007- 2012, has had a very strong influence. Russell is an American musician and songwriter who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011.

His interest in guitar was initially sparked by ANGUS YOUNG, guitarist of AC/DC. His longing for more knowledge of the blues led him on to, CHUCK BERRY, ERIC CLAPTON with Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominoes and DUANE ALLMAN and the Allman Brothers Band. Also on the list are DEREK TRUCKS, Aubrey Ghent, and PETER GREEN. It was these guitar legends that further led him to study the older blues pioneers like, ROBERT JOHNSON, MUDDY WATERS, FREDDIE, ALBERT AND BB KING. Johnson is at the top for acoustic blues, Waters for the real electrified blues, the 3 Kings when it comes to the blues solo guitar.


He has been playing the guitar now for more than a quarter of a century. He’s been traveling and performing professionally for the last 18 of those years. Over the 5 years sharing the stage with Leon, he traveled the world, making friends and fans at every stop.

“We have fun. We take the music seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too

seriously … we have fun with it, and we have fun with the audience” said Simmons.

River Dan  -   With a well-worn voice that strikes a familiar chord with old-souls and whiskey by a fire. River Dan has an energy about him that palpates through his lyrics and his foot, harp sawin’ southern folk. As singer, songwriter and musician, it’s easy to hear his early childhood influences of Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard . As he found himself in a North American sling-shot from one city to the next, a certain collaborative sound was claimed as his own.

Born in Montgomery, Alabama playing the banjo first (the precursor to a wide variety of other stringed and percussion instruments that he can pick up and melt with his hands) River Dan has always embraced the warm comfort of southern appeal in his personality and most importantly in his music. He writes about the trials and tribulations of the life of a simple man, blondes, and being a rambler.

The quick banjo pickin’ and the soothing screech of his harmonica that he keeps at ready around his neck take you back to a place in time when debutantes and chivalry got together on a Saturday night down by the river.  When River Dan sings it instantaneously transforms his audience into knee-slappin’ son-of-a-guns, with shit eating grins all over their faces.


Brian Less - Keyboard
John Kulcinich - guitar
Played with the Randolph Band as well

Country Livin'
Love The One You're With 
Main Street 


Love the One You're With :  credit to Allison 

 credit to Bakerbelle

 Country Livin' :  credit to Jessica Cherry 

 credit to Donna Reid

to Kim Dinsmore 

1.   missalabamausorgShe is beauty, she is grace, and she is constantly on the GO! Check out these photos from Miss Teen Alabama United States 2018 this past weekend at the Foothills Festival. Ivey-Elise emceed and had the opportunity to meet and greet with the bands to welcome them to her hometown. She had so much fun spending the day meeting different people in her community!  

Pictured with Miss Teen Alabama is Paul Thorne and Taylor Hicks.

 credit to Liz Reed 

Main Street:  

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