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12/16/16 Sellersville, PA Sellersville Theatre 1894

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[color=#9300C4]Sellersville Theatre[/color]
24 W Temple Ave
Sellersville, PA 18960


[color=#9300C4]TICKETS:[/color] $29.50 - $45.00


215-257-5080 Box Office

[color=#9300C4]SEATING CAPACITY: [/color] 335


[color=#9300C4]SEATING CHART: [/color]


[color=#9300C4]THE VENUE : [/color]


The Washington House Hotel and Restaurant and Sellersville Theater 1894 offer an exciting dining, entertainment and lodging destination combining American cuisine and international talent with local charm and warmth. Sitting side by side in Sellersville, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, both historic landmarks have long rich histories. We continue their stories by providing true hospitality with exceptional service, exciting menus, and intimate live music. Guests especially enjoy the carefully chosen wine and beer lists, and a year round calendar of events including beer and wine tastings, specialty food nights, holiday events and seasonal menus. Join us for a delicious meal, a great concert, an overnight stay in one of our newly restored hotel rooms above the restaurant, or all three! Once you visit, we will be sure to convince you to return regularly for a “deliciously entertaining” experience.


The building we now know as Sellersville Theater has a rich and colorful history that is directly linked to its neighbor, The Washington House. Over 200 years ago The Washington House began as a small farmhouse built on an ancient Lenni Lenape trail. Owned by Mr. Jan Jenson, it sat on land deeded from William Penn to Mr. Thomas Freame, who transferred 102 acres to Jenson in 1735. The property was later purchased by Samuel Sellers who enlarged the building and made it into a tavern. Henceforth, both the hotel and the town were known as Sellers Tavern. The site became a town center, serving as the first Post Office, hotel and stagecoach stop for the long journey between Bethlehem and Philadelphia.


[color=#9300C4]DIRECTIONS :[/color] [url=][/url]

[color=purple]HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS : [/color] [color=#090] Washington House Hotel & Restaurant Nextdoor[/color] 215-257-3000

1918 John Fries Highway
Quakertown, PA 18951
10.2 miles
“Sellersville Package” Available (Enter Room Request To View Details)
544 Dekalb Pk
North Wales, PA 19454
12.3 miles

[color=#9300C4]OPENING ACT:[/color]

[color=#9300C4]BUILDER OF THE HOUSE :[/color] FOLK DUO[img][/img]

[url=">"> name=[/url]credit to BOTH

Builder of the House is the Portland, ME based Folk Pop duo comprised of Robert Cimitile and Elliot Heeschen. Founded in 2011,
Their music has been featured on the MTV hit show Teen Mom 2, Consequence of Sound, We All Want Someone to Shout For, Reverb Nation, Sound Cloud, and the CD Baby DIY Musician blog. Their sound has been described as “a cross between Elliott Smith and Ray Davies”. The music consists of “great memorable tunes with super smart lyrics” sung with a “voice that is both instantly warm and appealing.”

Builder of the House can be seen performing in Portland and around the Northeast.

[color=#9300C4]MEDIA: [/color]

1. Bucks Country Courier Times


[color=#9300C4]Concert scene: Double dose of 'Idol'[/color]
By Marty Franzen

“American Idol” winners and losers often appear locally touting their albums, but this week is the first time a winner and his runner-up are both in our area.

During the fifth season of the popular TV singing competition, Taylor Hicks garnered more “Soul Patrol” groupies’ votes for his blue-eyed soul singing than Katharine McPhee could gather for her Broadway-meets-opera talents. Both artists have failed after their initial album releases, but have succeeded in other areas.

Hicks appears Friday night at the Sellersville Theater, at 24 W. Temple Ave., Sellersville, Pennsylvania, promoting an album that has yet to be titled or scheduled for release next year. Longtime fans will get to hear some of that new material, along with tunes from his 2009 CD “The Distance.” That album included the single “What’s Right is Right” plus “Nineteen,” “I Live on a Battlefield” and “A Woman’s Got to Have It.”

So what has Hicks been up to? Well, lots of things. His self-titled, post-“Idol” album reached No. 2 and was certified platinum. Shortly thereafter, he was dropped by his label. He landed a job in the national touring company of “Grease,” opened his own restaurant in his Birmingham, Alabama, hometown, hosted a TV show titled “State Plate,” which covered America’s best foods and signed the first long-term deal by an “American Idol” to perform in Las Vegas.



Taylor Hicks was the contestant who first put the lie to the title of the show "American Idol."

Hicks won the fifth season of "Idol" in 2006 and even had a platinum self-titled album and a No. 1 hit, "Do I Make You Proud" in the show's wake. But everyone knew he wasn't an idol, and his hits and record sales quickly dwindled.

But clearly the show gave Hicks a career. As recently as 2013, he made an annual payday of $2.5 million, and he's still on the road singing.

[color=#9300C4]CAST OF CHARACTERS: [/color] Acoustic duo

John Kulinich - guitar

[color=#9300C4]SETLIST: [/color]

Hell of a Day
Six Strings Are Hard on Diamond Rings
Seven Mile Breakdown
Maybe You Should
What's Right is Right
In The Ghetto
No Place I'd Rather Be
Country Living
Please Come Home for Christmas

[color=#9300C4]SOUL PATROL MEMORIES : [/color]

1. Hilary H
go 2 c @TaylorHicks and all he says to me is how's your mom? After that awkward hotel encounter that's all I get? Guess I gotta go bigger!

[url=][img][/img][/url]credit to Louise

2. Marcia Weinstein

@TaylorHicks What a fantastic show tonight!! Thank you so much for doing Please come home for Xmas!! Enjoy the holidays... Merry Christmas!

3. Pattie Fedorow

My xmas present came early thanks to @TaylorHicks for his sweet words. Hoping to see you soon for sure. ❤❤

4. Mary Beth

@TaylorHicks you were amazing tonite!! What a nice Christmas present for us! Safe travels!

5. Mscinpa

@ChrisStigall @TaylorHicks had great show 2nite in Sellersville. Should have come and brought some @yuengling

[url=][img][/img][/url]credit to Hillary Haft

6. Patty Emery
It was such a fun show !! There is no picture to prove it, but I did tell him about posting pictures of him all over Jen's classroom 10 years ago. I don' think he was impressed .

[url=][img][/img][/url]credit to Jennifer Zingales

[url=][img][/img][/url]credit to Jennifer

[url=][img][/img][/url]credit to Jennifer

7. Robert Bergey

Enjoying Taylor Hicks tonight in Sellersville.

[url=][img][/img][/url]credit to Susan Gill