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12/16/16 Chris Stigall Show

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December 16,2016 Taylor is the Mystery Guest on the Show 103.3 talk radio ... igall-show

1. Are you a male? Yes
2. Are you a tv or film personality ? A little
3. Do you sing? I do
4. The accent should give the identity away.............
5. From south, but has different styles.
6. Have you played in Philly before? Yes on Broadway and otherwise
7. Are you nominated for any awards? You could say that.

Chris still does not know.
He tells his name.
Chris is excited .

Taylor is going to be at the Stellar Theatre. Chris says it would be fun to talk to Taylor and there he is. Has Taylor ever been another man's Christmas gift ?
Talked about "State Plate". In the can already .
He just wants to get record done and go home to Nashville.
Winning Idol changed his life for sure. The platform has given him 10 solid years of a career.
Taylor is a big football fan. Chris says if Taylor puts on an Eagle visor he would look just like the Eagles Coach.
When Taylor won Idol, Chris was working at a station where lots of women worked.............they got him to watch and Chris loved him. He liked that Taylor was seasoned by the time he got to Idol.
Taylor talked about his Katrina connection.
The new CD will be rootsy with different styles .............he doesn't want to pigeon-holed into any particular genre.
Talks about Taylor's appearance at Sellerville ............