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10/28/16 Lyric Theatre Birmingham, AL

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[color=#090][size=150][size=150][size=100]SOLD OUT [/size][/size][/size][/color]

[img][/img]credit to Mary Gunvaldsen



TAYLOR HICKS PERFORMS THE HITS OF ‪#‎VANMORRISON‬: Live in concert at the Lyric Fine Arts Theatre in Birmingham, AL on Friday October 28th. This is one you do not want to miss!
The 2016 “Live at the Lyric” performing arts season would not have been possible without Regions Bank, Books a Million, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Stewart Perry Construction, Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, HealthSouth,, WBRC Fox 6 News and B-Metro.
Taylor Hicks Tweet: Here we go. Hometown concert. ‪#‎Birmingham‬ ‪#‎Alabama‬ 10/28.
Playing my hero's music. ‪#‎vanmorrison‬


[color=#9300C4]TICKETS:[/color] [url=][/url] $27.50 - #39.50

[color=#9300C4]SEATING CAPACITY: [/color]
With 750 seats on two levels, 12 opera boxes and an intimate 60 feet from the stage to the back of the balcony, there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

[color=#9300C4]SEATING CHART: [/color]


[color=#9300C4]THE VENUE : [/color]

[img][/img] Old Stage

The revamped Lyric will open its doors to the public on Jan. 14-16, offering three sold-out variety shows with local performers and vaudeville themes. The "Live at the Lyric" series kicks off in February and currently runs through May.

Shows in "Live at the Lyric" are presented by the theater, paid for by sponsorships from area companies. ( is one of the sponsors.) Proceeds from ticket sales will help the Lyric to present more shows in the future, said Brant Beene, executive director of Birmingham Landmarks and a key figure in the Lyric's revival.

Birmingham Landmarks, a nonprofit organization, owns the Lyric and a companion office building at 1800-1806 Third Ave. North. It also owns the Alabama Theatre, a historic movie house and performing arts venue across the street.

The Lyric, built in 1914, has undergone an $11.5 million restoration over the past two years, bringing the old vaudeville house back to its former glory. The theater, a former jewel in downtown Birmingham, experienced its heyday through the early 1930s and later was transformed into a movie house.

The Lyric fell on hard times in the 1950s and was shuttered during the 1980s, after a brief stint as a porn theater. Birmingham Landmarks took it over in 1993, and efforts to revive the Lyric went through several starts and stops over the next 20 years.

In March 2013, a "Light Up the Lyric" fund-raising campaign kicked off, attracting major supporters and drawing new attention to the theater. A sparkling marquee was installed that September, symbolizing the Lyric's rebirth.

Since that time, crucial updates to the theater's infrastructure and operating systems have been completed, and the auditorium's ornate interior — decorated in shades of blue, white and gold — has been carefully restored.

Mary Colurso

[img][/img]New Stage , but with shades of blue , white and gold.

[color=#9300C4]DIRECTIONS :[/color] Across the street from the Alabama Theatre

[color=purple]HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS : [/color]



[size=150][color=#9300C4]Taylor Hicks busy with new music, cable TV series and upcoming Birmingham concert[/color][/size]

By Alec Harvey

September 20, 2016

Taylor Hicks will perform live in Birmingham on Oct. 28. He'll sing the music of Van Morrison. (
In the years following his 2006 win on “American Idol,” Taylor Hicks liked to tell people he didn’t have a home.

He most decidedly was from Hoover – often coming back to visit friends and family in the Birmingham area – but he didn’t own a home and spent a good deal of time traveling on tour and working on projects in California, Las Vegas and New York.

So it should come as no surprise to his fans that Hicks is still on the road, this time as host of the new cable series “State Plate.” The show, in which Hicks travels to each state in the country and tastes that state’s most popular foods, premieres on Oct. 21 on the INSP channel.

“It’s a great concept,” says Hicks, who is a co-owner of Birmingham’s Saw’s Juke Joint. “I have been pitching TV shows, and I’ve always wanted to host a show with food and music. When I came across this, I thought, this is a home run.”

Calling the show a cross between “Dirty Jobs” and “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” Hicks says he and the show’s producers are determining the most iconic and popular foods of each state.

“It’s truly farm to table,” he says. “We go to the origins of where these iconic foods come from, and more often than not, it’s the farm. I’ve been educated on a lot of different foods from other regions.”

Hicks has filmed nine half-hour episodes, visiting one state per show.

“Our goal is to visit all 50 states and then territories,” he says, adding that he has not filmed the Alabama episode.

Hicks says he’ll play some harmonica on “State Plate,” and fans can expect a new record – “It’s rootsy,” is about all he’ll say about it – in the spring. In the meantime, he’ll be at Birmingham’s Lyric Theatre on Oct. 28, performing the songs of Van Morrison.

“I’ve never done a concept show before,” Hicks says. “But one of my favorite artists to cover is Van Morrison, so it’s a cool look to do a hometown show with Van Morrison’s music. The Lyric is a beautiful theater, so the stars are aligned.”

Interestingly, Hicks had a brush with greatness involving Morrison about six years ago. Scheduled to appear on “Regis and Kathy Lee,” Hicks was bumped … for Morrison.

“I said, ‘I’ll make a deal with you,’” Hicks recalls. “Do you mind if I get to meet him? They said, ‘Can you be at the studio in the morning?’ If you’re going to be bumped by someone, it might as well be Van Morrison. I got to spend some time with him. Believe it or not, he and his wife knew of ‘American Idol’ and actually watched the season I was on.”

It was one of Hicks’ most memorable post-“Idol” moments, which have also included appearances on TV, Broadway and in residency in Las Vegas, among many others.

“I was over the moon,” he says. “He’s always been an idol of mine.”


[color=#9300C4]CAST OF CHARACTERS: [/color]

John Kulcinich - guitar
Matt Wiley - keyboard
David Keith - drums
Jeff Lopez - sax
Rick Carter - guitar - on a few songs
Todd Coder - harp
Taylor Honeycutt - Female backup singer
Studied Music - Vocal Performance at University of Montevallo
Lives in Birmingham, Alabama [img][/img]credit to Amory Less


Matt has been studying music for over 30 years and playing piano/keyboard professionally for over 20 years. He holds a B.M. in Jazz Studies & Performance from the University of Alabama and has over 20 years of teaching experience. In addition to his private studio, Matt is the Jazz Piano instructor at both the University of Alabama and the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He has studied privately with Amanda Penick (University of Alabama), Patty Kirkley (Birmingham-Southern College), Tom Wolfe (University of Alabama), William
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by Kasey Colvin
Matt Wiley is an amazing, talented musician who has been given a true gift. He is someone you truly want your children to have as a mentor. He connects well with his students and helps build confidence. I am thrilled my daughter is doing well in piano lessons and loving every minute of it.

[color=#9300C4]SETLIST: [/color]

Wild Nights
And It Stoned Me
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
Meet Me In Indian Summer
Into The Mystic
Sometime In England
Brown Eyed Girl
St. Dominic's Preview
Beautiful Vision
Tupelo Honey
- People Get Ready
Cleaning Windows

Six Strings Are Hard on Diamond Rings

[color=#9300C4]SOUL PATROL MEMORIES : [/color]

[color=#9300C4]Brown Eyed Girl[/color] : credit to ATF

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1. peacegirl205

Wow what a night. @TaylorHicks you seriously outdid yourself! Please come back home again soon. Safe travels to Memphis...

[color=#9300C4]And It Stoned Me [/color]: credit to Allison

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[img][/img]credit to lexlovesvino

[color=#9300C4]Have I Told You Lately That I Love You [/color]: credit to Allison

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2. Victoria Jordan

Oh my gosh what an incredible show tonight! I wanted 2 hug you and tell you I was glad you and everyone is ok. See you tomorrow
....‎I got everything but Moondance yall. :) My gosh what a night. The best night ever! He run my battery down yall. I swear I'm flat out on the floor blown away! Can't wait to share my videos. ?❤ I wanted to tell him I was glad he was ok and give him a hug but as usual ... my nerves. #Sigh And just one more thing ... #TheDirtyDog made its triumphant return tonight.

[color=#9300C4]Wild Night Is Calling[/color] : credit to Allison

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[color=#9300C4]Meet Me In Indian Summer[/color] : credit to Louise

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3. Tish Pomykal

I have 2 words for tonight's concert at the Lyric, Epic & Joyful ????

[color=#9300C4]Caravan [/color]: credit to ATF

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4. TaylorHicksNews

The absolute best show ever. Taylor. Van. Birmingham. Perfect together. #Blessedtobethere Thanks, Taylor and the awesome band. On to Memphis

[color=#9300C4]St. Dominic's Preview: [/color]credit to ATF

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5. Mandy Crowell

He's almost brought me to tears a couple of times! Such a high energy show! My goodness!!!

6. Mary Kazanecki Gunvaldsen

It was epic! Eight piece band with a back up singer, Taylor Honeycutt and two guests, Rick Carter and a guy who blew harp, didn't get his name? Taylor was in high spirits and talked some, danced his ass off too! He did the dirty dog dance. Said this was his first ever concert doing a tribute. He did it VERY WELL! So well worth the trip.

[color=#9300C4]Into The Mystic: [/color] credit to ATF

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[color=#9300C4]Into The Mystic[/color] : credit to vjordon321

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7. Allison :
What a great day this was! We had a dinner at Saw's before the show...and what a show it was! I wasn't very familiar with a lot of Van Morrison's music, except for the most popular songs. Taylor played some of everything and blew it out of the park! He said he was going do more and when he does, I'll buy a ticket. It was extra special seeing Rick play guitar with him on "Into The Mystic". For all of you that sent me stuff for the scrapbook, I gave it to him tonight. I told him this was the appropriate time to give it to him. He said we must think he's going somewhere and I told him he had scared the shit out of us.

Beautiful Vision : with special guest Taylor Hunnicutt credit to Allison

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[img][/img]credit to THN

[img][/img]credit to ATF

[color=#9300C4]Six Strings Are Hard on Diamond Rings[/color] : credit to Allison

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8. Kim Mixon McBrayer

Amazing concert, amazing venue, amazing performer and amazing friend! Taylor Hicks singing Van Morrison at The Lyric

[img][/img]credit to Victoria Jordon

[color=#9300C4]Summertime In England :[/color] credit to Allison

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9. Meli Mel

Had a great time last night watching @TaylorHicks at the Lyric Theater

10. ‎Sherry Gulas‎ l

An awesome concert last night in B'ham! Taylor was outstanding & his band was great!

[img][/img]credit to caroline west

[img][/img]credit to caroline west

[img][/img]credit to melissa wright

[color=#9300C4]Tupelo Honey[/color] : credit to ATF

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[color=#9300C4]Domino: [/color]credit to Allison

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[color=#9300C4]Cleaning Windows [/color]: credit to ATF

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[img][/img]credit to Linda Merryman

[img][/img]credit to Linda Merryman

[img][/img]credit to Linda Merryman

11. Christie Arnoult
Taylor Hicks, is an amazing entertainer, The show was awesome. He really loves what he does and it shows.

12. Julie Wilson Watson
Great Show! Loved the sanging, the horns and the harmonica. New song is awesome Taylor.

[img][/img]credit to TaylorHIcks

[color=#9300C4]Wild Night Calling : [/color] credit to Allison

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