Hate to be asking but...

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Hate to be asking but...

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08 Dec 2016, 03:32 #1

I started noticing in some of the topics in the Magazine Rack, some people are complaining about quality of the conjoinment stuff other people have been finding. Is it me or is starting to become a big deal of quality of the conjoinment? Does quality really have to be a big deal, I mean you'd think that some people would at least be glad to find some conjoinment around the internet.

Granted I do admit maybe one or two can be disturbing for me. But I at least don't go complaining about quality. So is the quality of conjoinment really that big of a deal? Exactly how good does the conjoinment have to be anyways?

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08 Dec 2016, 06:22 #2

Don't worry about it, dafk. The best way to kill a fire is to smother its fuel, and in the same vein, the best way to resolve a difference of opinion is by agreeing to disagree.

So it's probably better to just let it lie. This board has a lot of space, after all. It's pretty shareable.