Biker Gang fight!

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May 18th, 2015, 3:32 pm #1

A biker Gang fight broke out about 25 to to 30 miles away maybe more I hope from the town i live in.
It was biker night at this restraunt and..9 are dead, and 165 were arrested.

It started out as a argument over a parking space in the bathroom before turned to a fist fight then spread out thru the bar, then outside from fist to knifes and blunt weapons to finally gun fire.
Alot of innocent people were fleeing staff waitresses some families that were eating at the restraunts close by..thankfully no civilians were injured or killed.

The Police showed up and and members began to open fire on them, they had to fire back.
right now the city has tons of law enforcement patrol as they are worried more members could come in for revenge as many bikers are in the hospitals and under lock down.

this happened yesterday the fight and now learned of it today, I'm fine and my family are fine but we're all nervous right now.

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