Editorial Policy

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The originators and administrators (scotto and marlo) of the Let’s Talk Seashells (LTS) discussion board have a vision of making LTS as useful and interesting a resource as possible.  To this end, we reserve the right to edit the format and content of the board’s forums and discussion topics to further the following objectives: 

To organize LTS for clarity.  
To permit easy access and recall of topics.  
To minimize repetitive and unnecessary content in order to facilitate rapid review of content and keep content interesting.  
To educate in the utilization of the board’s functions and features. 
To conserve LTS's limited storage space.  
To prevent improper use of the Board (see Rules of Order), The Board Administrators can access all posts and edit content.  They can also delete or move posts and topics.  The Administrators cannot access any members' personal messages except those the Administrators originate or receive.In performing the editorial function judgments must be made.  If you find one of your posts altered, moved or used in an objectionable manner, let us know.