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Well, the fact this is in ASF subforum is actually understandable...
And I actually liked the mermaid one, it's nice, specially the Megalodon self-sacrifice part.
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November 22nd, 2013, 6:15 pm #12

But the Megalodon left a perfectly good dead whale to eat a small aquatic ape. Why would any predator leave lots of fresh dead meat for small living meat?
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AlienSyfy wrote:Animal Planet has now made documentaries on the evolution of Dragons and Mermaids. How might other supposed mythical creatures evolve in real life, say Ogres, Elves or Fairies?
Don't forget werewolves! There was also a werewolf mockumentary called "Werewolves: The Dark Survivors". Probably, the next thing they'd do might be something about vampires.
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wrote:But the Megalodon left a perfectly good dead whale to eat a small aquatic ape. Why would any predator leave lots of fresh dead meat for small living meat?
is something added as for to give drama to the story. would have been more realistic than would have been a actual shark

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jman123 wrote:
AlienSyfy wrote:Animal Planet has now made documentaries on the evolution of Dragons and Mermaids. How might other supposed mythical creatures evolve in real life, say Ogres, Elves or Fairies?
Don't forget werewolves! There was also a werewolf mockumentary called "Werewolves: The Dark Survivors". Probably, the next thing they'd do might be something about vampires.
Wait, really? Haven't heard of that one.
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Well before we get to werewolves and vampires - I think they need to make a mockumentary on Sasquatch, and the lake monsters.

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Maybe fairies could be a very highly evolved insect species-maybe wasps or bees, but dragonflies are also plausible-that at first glance, happen to look humanoid.

With mermaids, maybe a species of very odd seal or dolphin, maybe even a primitive whale that still retains some semblance of forearms?

Vampires could probably be some kind of very large bat, maybe a pterosaur if you really want to stretch the imagination.
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