Location North Carolina
Interests Zoology, Botany, Cryptozoology, Videogames, Fanfiction, Paleontology, Xenobiology, Alternate Evolution
Web Browser: Safari
Nationality: United States of America
Favorite Quote: "I suspect nargles" - Luna Lovegood
Favorite Animals Ivory Billed Woodpecker
Favorite Project Xugroyruta: The Chlorine Earth, Serina
Favorite TV Shows Glee, NCIS: New Orleans
Favorite Movies Descendants, Descendants 2, Greatest Showman
Area of expertise: Future Evolution
Favorite Books Percy Jackson Series, Harry Potter Series, Magnus Chase Series.
Pets 12 Eastern Mosquitofish, 1 crayfish, and 1 box turtle
Also known as: Ajay, SquidsAlive, Pokemon335
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My Projects
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TFIW: Expanded Edition
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Under The Bed
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Athero - Life on a gas planet 65% larger than Earth
Artisan - Life in a universe made of art supplies
My DeviantArt Nature and Wildlife Discord
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"Let your freak flag wave, let your freak flag fly, never take it down, never take it down, raise it way up high! Let your freak flag fly. Let it fly, fly, fly." - Freak Flag, Shreck The Musical
"Well they're laughing anyway, kid, so you might as well get paid. " -P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman
"I suspect nargles" - Luna Lovegood
"We're all mad here." - Chesire Cat
I do not know where I will go.
I travel where the breeze will blow.
For I know, deep in my soul,
I am windblown.