Favorite Quote: Lamp oil,ropes,Bombs you want it? It's yours my friend as long as you have enough rubies
Favorite Animals Ceratosaurus,Saltwater crocodile, and postosuchus
Favorite Spec Evo Animal Arrowtongue,Lampredator
Pets A leopard gecko that i had since 2015, his name is sim
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Projects in work

Future project ideas:
Tale of the horned beasts - A alternate evolution project where ceratosaurus never went extinct and instead evovled to better fit the new challenges they shall face ahead of them.

Umber - A alternate universe project where portals have been opening up to a moon named "umber" other then a few species of freshwater and saltwater fish, as well as invertebrates. Pangolins,Iguanas,Noasauriade, and Cuttlefish are the most prominet group of animals.