Setaceous Cetacean
Interests Marine Biology, Speculative Biology, Creating Worlds and Stories, Escapism, Whales, Exercising (when I feel like it), and being happy (a work in progress)
Nationality: USA
Favorite Quote: "My life is just a series of awkward and humiliating moments separated by snacks."
Favorite Animals The sperm whale
Favorite Project Solanum and Snaiad (more or less on even tiers)
Favorite TV Shows That Cosmos reboot with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Planet Earth and Blue Planet (including the sequels, spinoffs, and related series)
Favorite Movies Interstellar
Area of expertise: Xenobiology
Favorite Spec Evo Animal Crippling Indecision
Favorite Books The last time I actually sat down and read a book for fun was far too long ago for me to admit. Annotating Shakespeare changes a man, I'll tell ya.
Pets Four shrimp in a self-sustaining ecosystem
Also known as: A collection of atoms
birthday 31 Oct 2001
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My Projects
-Currently in the midst of a reboot. Stay tuned!
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I’m not a doctor, but not ALL atheists are purple

the tiddies store megabytes

Lots and lots of trains gave me ptsd

I enjoy rage boner poop

I have a dream
Bottom text

People should have their genitals cut off for putting pineapple on pizza yay or nay

There’s a six foot eel in my pants

Thats Setaceous’s stripper name: The Rammer

Would you rather piss out seven ghost pepper seeds, or shit out a mature Alaskan king crab?

by the end of my time on iFunny I used it as my source of high quality peer-reviewed hentai, do not judge me, mortal

Try some America hobbies
Like invading 3rd world countries
Or snorting coke
Or invading third world countries

biologically-rich moons get me wet

No homo but I would fuck him in the ASD for 4 hours

What I'm saying is that be her friend and then make your move. If that doesn't work, say it was a joke. Full proof. One time, the girl actually said yes. However, while I was talking to her, I completely lied about who I was, expecting she would reject me. I told her I was a foreign movie star who was famous. She believed me! I had set up a date at my house telling her we could watch one of my movies. I went to the local Block Buster to get a foreign film. I really did not want to tell her who I actually was because I actually bonded with her. Later that night, there was a knock on my door. With my unique accent I welcomed her in. With sweat dripping down my face, I put on a 1970s black and white film. When she looked at the screen and then at me, she left. I guess pretending to be Luke Skywalker was a bad idea. I looked nothing like him.

All I'm saying is that if math were a girl I'd smash

The humanoid aliens is the worst shit since the extingtion of trilobites.

I don't think Ive ever said something so toxic here but uh
Hydrofluoric acid

I ear ass

I learned to draw by abusing pencils so much that they became crippled.

"Luc?" Whimpers Adam. "This isn't funny." A crack happens in the distance. Adam starts to eat some of his candy. "Uh oh," Adam says, "whenever I eat, I FART!" Adam starts to fart without control. The smell is so bad that a zombie bandit smurf that holds Luc starts to gag. It reeks. The monster lets go of Luc. "Oh no, how am I suppose to capture it?" Thinks Adam. He knows he has to put it down so that it can't move. His only option is... To sit on it. PLOP, SQUISH, SQUIRT!!! Adam sits on the zombie. It dies.
-An excerpt from the Solanum spooky special, courtesy of user hotpotato!

You are virgin 2x now after being in Virginia.