Location Middle of nowhere, Massachussets
Gender: Definitely male.
Interests Programming, drawing, not paying attention in class, biology, video games, film making
Web Browser: Chrome
Nationality: Massachussetsian
Favorite Quote: "You're already trying to impress the rest of the world, give yourself a break." - a friend
Favorite Animals Cuttlefish
Favorite Project Diyu
Favorite TV Shows Twin peaks, always sunny in philidelphia, stranger things
Favorite Movies Interstellar, the Martian, blues brothers
Area of expertise: Future Evolution
Favorite Spec Evo Animal DaggerWrist
Favorite Books The Martian, Expedition, Dune, on the Origin of species,
Pets crippling insecurity
Also known as: Adi
birthday 21 Feb 2000
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If you like the colors yellow and orange, check out my xenobiology project, Ishtar!
Try not to get stung by the frogs.

And Make sure to check out my deviantart, if you're so inclined.
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