Dr Nitwhite
Prime Specimen
Location Northeastern deciduous woodlands
Interests Speculative evolution, fishing, birding, Magic: the Gathering, hunting, learning about biology, catching things with dip nets, microscopy. Pretty much anything natural history.
Web Browser: Due to an increadibly irritating antivirus, internet explorer. My life inconvienienced.
Nationality: American
Favorite Quote: "Hey, no ticks, no warblers." -me
Favorite Animals Birds and Crustaceans are my favorites, but I like pretty much everything
Favorite Project Pretty much anything competent. Though Serina and The Library stand out quite well.
Favorite TV Shows Between The Lions
Favorite Movies Princess Mononoke
Favorite Spec Evo Animal Finkins of Sheatheria, Krampus Bag of TFiF, Ghillies of Beetleboy's British Isles, and most other birds and such.
Favorite Books After Man, The Edge Chronicles, Anything non-fiction and biology related can catch my eye, so long as it doesn't focus to much on molecular biology and similar topics. There are a few exceptions tho, which I can't name of the top of my head.
Pets eight cherry barbs
Also known as: The unburnt, unlucky in love, "oi you", and etcetera.
birthday 24 Feb 2000
Joined May 9th, 2016, 11:54 pm
Last active August 17th, 2018, 3:35 pm
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The Great Song (5 myh, North America is filled with giant coots, life in the clouds, and the songs of human descendants. One curious society has devoted itself to the study of this world)

The Curious World of Laniakea (An endless world of islands, shallow seas, mangrove swamps, and reefs)

Hidden Spring (A partner project between myself and Beetleboy- exploring a future where a twist of cosmic fate changes the planet forever)
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Monthly Big Day (Share your bird sightings for the month!
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We interrupt your regular programming to bring you this cutting edge report.
This past Monday on Discord, famous server Speculative Evolution took a hit in the attendance office when it's offline member list suddenly reappeared. Mods scrambled to rectify the situation, but unfortunately there was little anyone could do. Server member Ivan was asked what he thought of the situation. "So long as Flisch, lord of machines and scion of Urborg lives, all will be well". SE, (in)famous for it's eccentric userbase, has recently been spiraling downward, and now we have hard conformation of the decline. Moderator "High Lord" Icthyander states "There is nothing to be concerned about, Discord is merely changing its UI again", but members are beginning to suspect the honesty of their staff.
Stay tuned, we'll be back with more at 11.