Prime Specimen
Location If I knew I'd be begging you to come help me here.
Gender: Nonbinary
Interests Animals, mainly from our modern day, ergo I like relatively recent and not super derived future evolution.

I also like anthropology and the like, and the advancement of human civilization has always intrigued me.
Web Browser: Chrome.
Nationality: American :/
Favorite Quote: “Life’s too short to spend it being mean to people.”
Favorite Animals Carnivorous mammals and any and all aquatic animals
Favorite Project Allithocene, The Great Library, Serina, The Great Song
Favorite TV Shows Aggretsuko, B99, MBMBAM
Favorite Spec Evo Animal Sunsharks and Beachwolves (Sheatheria), Porporants (Serina), Wandering Elephants by Little and Vopullines by Sphen (Cornucopia)
Favorite Books Animorphs, read it when I was younger, it absolutely disgusted and terrified me, and that's where I found my passion.

Just so we're clear, I just like shapeshifting.

Wish I could shapeshift into someone pretty.
Pets Cat named Risa, translated into English as laughter.
Also known as: Literally just any spin on Corecin
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