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Location Kekistan
Gender: Did you just assume my gender!?
Interests Biology, drawing, reading, playing with my pets, sleeping, playing video games, eating sick and dying babies
Web Browser: DuckduckGo
Nationality: Kekistani
Favorite Quote: "Tet you dickering suid"~ Octo
Favorite Animals Cockroaches, Hagfish, Rotifers, Aye-Aye, Comb Jelly,
Favorite Project Sheatheria, Snaiad, Ilion, A New Age of Cryptids, Dieu, R'lyeh, The Snouters, Serina, Cinder
Favorite TV Shows Preacher, Venture Bros, Invader Zim, Bojack Horseman, People of Earth, Rick and Morty, Castlevania, East Bound and Down, Wilfred, Futurama, Silicon Valley, Son of Zorn
Favorite Movies Boy, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Thor Ragnarok, Song of the Sea, Logan Lucky, Persepolis, District Nine, Chappie
Area of expertise: Alternate Universes
Favorite Spec Evo Animal Molek, Whistler, Red Headbanger, Sunsharks
Favorite Books The Little Prince, 1491, All tomorrows, Search for Wondla, John Dies at the End, Francis of the Filth, Goodnight Punpun

Awful Hospital, Loki IRL, Kill Six Billion Demons, The Last Halloween
Pets A pit bull named Puppy, one ferret named Farnsworth, and a gecko named Topaz

RIP Zoidberg
Also known as: Tet
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Favorite quotes
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"I'm so antigay my lips are adapted to repel penis"~ Octo

"Sin is not real. It is a manmade concept to make us feel bad about things that are natural"- MrRepzion

"im not turned on by birds goddamnity"- Sheather

"But you could just row there, live in the wilderness and have sex with kakapos every day"- Hangin

"you leave the dolphins in the fridge for too long and they develop a culture"- Flisch


"Mike Wazowski: he Only has one eye he is incapable of winking because that requires a second and blinking is both eyes, Mike bwinks."- Malik Obama

"Kids love frog titties"- Lamna

"Other moral of this sad story: never forget how completely the tiny microorganisms living in your nose can betray you for no apparent reason. Trust no one"- Monster

"Sometimes in the name of science, you have to give cocain to a fish"- Ben Taub

"For the love of Darwin's fluffy beard, not the zebras again."- Beetleboy

"Fun fact: Whenever you learn something new, you are slowly approaching omniscience"- Flisch

"therefore, hell and heaven must both be filled with camels"- sphenodon

"this is not a good documentary as i have learned 0 things about ditch fish"- Sheather

"I clicked on it, and it was beyond me. Furry robot dicks. Furry robot dicks as far as the eye can see"-Kam

"You don't need the dark to be spooky"- Johnfaa

"I now have an image of a Viking on the back of an unhappy manatee, slowly floating towards Northumberland"- monster

You should slowly melt her icy heart with your boyish charms, then start going out with her in junior year of high school and eventually get married. Then, after twenty years in a happy marriage demand a divorce. She'll sit there, crying and asking you why you're leaving her, what has she done wrong. Then gently take her into your arms, as if to comfort her, and whisper in her ear "that's for making fun of my crocs."- Parasky

"And he is afraid to be raped by Dutch people, Which is racist"- Olympian

"What even happened? I never thought I'd be whistfully looking back on your trying to rape Ivan"-icthyander
Projects and stuff
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Paraworld~ project taking place on an earth where the Age of Reptiles replayed, causing different lineages to evolve under the same conditions of our own timeline. Begins in the Triassic directly after the Permian, and continues onward. Modern forms of life include but are not limited to beaked quasimammals, trunked pseudobirds, rhinograde-like archosaurs, gut breathing aquatic reptiles, rib flying lizards, and much more.

Set Seaward~ a decently sized micro continent in the Indian Ocean, a leftover from when Madagascar and India were one landmass, has been isolated from all other landmasses for millennia, carrying its own unique cargo of its original inhabitants (I’ve had this idea for a long time but Lamna and Gustavia kinda beat me to it)

Lands of the Lost~ a project that showcases various “lost worlds”, isolated islands with many unique lineages of fauna and flora. Most of these islands will be alternate versions of our islands, typically with added landmass. Islands like New Caledonia, Socotrá, Hawaii, Mauritius, Easter Island will all be re-envisioned as large landmasses that kept their ancient unique organisms, with much stranger creatures evolving in these environments.

The Oddest Mammals~ my personal take on the Rhinogrades, the fictitious order of mammals that evolved on the isolated Hi-Yi-Yi archipelago. In this project, the Rhinogrades, and the other native animals and humans, never go extinct. In addition, I’ll be remaking many of the Rhinogrades groups, expanding on the old ones, or making up my own lineages, as well as detailing the other animals that live on the archipelago, and delving into the culture of the human natives.

In the Pines~ an oasis in the frozen deserts of Antarctica serves as the last stronghold for Mesozoic life, including the last non-avian dinosaurs and primitive mammals. The Oasis is made up of three parts; the surface, where the conifer rainforests, volcanic pools, and scrublands rain supreme. The Caverns, large caves filled with forests of pine trees, and deeper in is Underworld, the deepest part of the caverns, filled with bioluminescent fungi and pitch dark lakes