Web Browser: The web browsers that are on this laptop are Google and Bing
Nationality: American
Favorite Quote: "Let's get stupid loud!" from SMFA. "You can't brush your damn teeth without a damn hook!!! " from Squidbillies..............
Favorite Animals The dinosaurs and the other prehistoric animals, sharks and some of the other marine animals.
Favorite Project One of my favorite speculative evolution projects is Snaiad. That is all for right now.......
Favorite TV Shows Mixels, Squidbillies and most of the other Adult swim shows, Anime sometimes, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, documentary TV series about dinosaurs, other prehistoric animals, fossils, and the history of the planet earth. That is all for now.......
Favorite Movies The movies in the Jurassic park series, Most of the Dreamworks movies, the movies or films of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise and series, and most of the movies created by Disney or Disney pixar
Favorite Spec Evo Animal I have always love and liked these kinds of animals. The most ones i like are from dougal dixon&#
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Discontinued projects:
The New Ostracoderms (i might continue with this project again someday)
The Americas (where in 58 million years from now in the future North and South America has both become isolated island continents)

All Expansions (my attempt at expanding the universe of All Tomorrows by Nemo Ramjet aka C.M. Kosemen, started June 6, 2018)
Anthropozoic (my attempt at expanding the universe of Man After Man and also a re-imagining of it, coming 2019 or 2020)
New Cenozoica (my attempt at expanding the universe of The New Dinosaurs and also a re-imagining of it, also coming 2019 or 2020)
All Alternatives or All Changes (a re-telling of All Tomorrows but with some minor and major "changes", coming June 10, 2018)