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Gender: What is a gender? A miserable pile of secrets!
Interests Speculative evolution, kaiju, and monsters from all kinds of media
Nationality: United States
Favorite Quote: "My armour is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath death!"
Favorite Animals Squamates, dinosaurs, mammal-like reptiles, crocodilians
Favorite Project The Xenologist's Hollow Earth, A Million Years BC
Favorite TV Shows Last Week Tonight, Prehistoric Park, RWBY
Favorite Movies Jurassic Park, any Godzilla movie, Syfy B-movies
Area of expertise: Alternate Universes
Favorite Spec Evo Animal Supremosauron
Favorite Books Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island, Dungeons & Dragons bestiaries
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Kamineigh: I was six and I had started having fantasies about this old crone dying. Sometimes by my own hand. YOU'RE DOING SOMETHING HORRIBLY WRONG IF A SIX-YEAR OLD WANTS TO KILL YOU WITH THE SAME HANDS HE JUST USED TO MAKE A BLOCK TOWER.
Parasky: No, he's right, they have a medical grade walrus at most hospitals for that sort of thing.
Mr Mysterio, regarding yours truly: I'm learning things about you that I'm not sure I wanted to know.
HangingThief: An otologist is only as good as his walrus
Stealth_Rock: We have a discord for double penetration?
Ichthyander: If your eyelids are massive enough to significantly affect the path of light in space, it is time to go sleep.
Mr Mysterio: Glarn-Glarn, don't... don't fuck the cave baboons.
Kamineigh: They lacked wings. Instead, they went around in modified pilot's gear and beat the shit out of people using maces.
Parasky: No! We will not calm down! This is a serious argument over whether or not some long dead animal is in any way similar to a group of modern animals that they are descended from! THIS. IS. SEWIOUS.
Lamna: Obvious typo, I'm never going to be popular in Belgium.
Trex841: Interesting point. Valid counterpoint. Self-obsessed psychotic rant.
Parasky: No ties. Begin genetically modifying crows until we have organisms that roughly resemble those in the competition, and then have them fight to the death to see who wins this competition. Alternatively, Cephalian and SabrWolf could fight to the death. But at the end of the day something will be fighting to the death for my amusement to determine the winner.
Yellowdrakex: Is it alright to have an irrational fear of gliding snakes? They're snakes. FROM ABOVE.
Kamineigh: See, you wouldn't be in this mess if you began a bloody revolution every time your leaders showed to unsatisfactory.
Zihuatanejo: Somewhere in heaven, a very groggy, very confused angel has just woken up and is trying to figure out why a boisterous Australian man is poking it with a stick.
Komodo: I'm sorry but in what alternative universe would thousands of zebras be sent back in time by some sort of illegal time travel group to change history and preparing them by making gigantic working animatronic allosaurs? Seriously, why?
Parasky: Maybe y'all should move to America, where you can flex your freedom muscles.
Sir Spookums: It's a game about children catching super powered monsters, stuffing them in tiny balls, and battling other strangers' monsters. What about that makes sense in regards to anything, mister Kam?
Des Orages: Yi qi. Just when you think you've seen it all, nature screws us over once more.
Kaminiegh: This is clearly an inaccurate statement. I'd never challenge the authority of an admin... Unless Paraksytron stubbed his toe and fell over. THEN I, STARSCREIGHM, WILL BECOME THE NEW LEADER OF OF THE DE-SPECU-CONS!
Dragon: Is normal a good word to use for describing any of us?
Velociraptor: I once dreamed I was trying to steal a flamingo. The flamingo was oddly calm about the whole situation.
Flashman63: In its 4,600 year history, men from all eras, places and classes have been entering into the Library: from the ancient bearded sages of Sumeria and Chaldea, to the sober-minded Academics and Zoologists of the Victorian era, to the great warlord Cletus, an inbred hillbilly who just happened to be carrying his AR-15 around his County's Strip-Mall library.
OctoSharktasaurus: Well, uh, it's a pseudo-tripedal, terrestrial subcontinental Madagascan Beaked Whale... Is that not obvious? It literally says it blatantly.
Holben: Did you not add lamb's blood to your fruit juice and the crushed bones of an englishman to your salsa? It's not authentic if you don't.
Kaminiegh: Shut up, Hybrid, stop ruining my chances of time-travelling and getting some Neanderthal tail!
Mr Mysterio: Except maybe Canada. If ever there was a country that was hiding secret reserves of powerful alien technology, it's probably mine.
HangingThief: If you answered mainly "yes," you are most likely a salamander. Unfortunately it is becoming harder and harder to tell these days.
Monster: In vaguely related news, I've developed a fear of my sewing machine. WHAT ARE YOU STRANGE NEEDLEBEAST
Mynxi: He sowed the seed, I merely pissed on it and saw what grew.
Beetleboy: The moral of the story: never trust a catfish.
Parasky: Speaking of original, note to self: write erotic classical Chinese literature fan fiction Bromance of the Three Kingdoms under pseudonym Tuck Chingle.
Little: Starting playing DND, took all of an hour of gameplay until a yuri love-triangle was initiated. And no, it was not my fault.
Corecin: If this is your first time with a lesbian love triangle in a DnD game than you don't even have to specify that you're starting out.
Octo: Oh no now Little will enlighten with the deep and complex subject that is hentai lore.
Beetleboy: It shows what kind of person I am that I'm seeking crush advice on a forum about creating fictional organisms.
Corecin: I am not in the mood for looking up yuri because then the FBI agent monitoring my computer will judge me with reckless abandon.
Blue_Komrade: Excuse me sir I am going to have to see if you have your membership card to the Misanthrope Club.
Parasky: Ultimately, by the miracle of microbiology and biochemistry, I have accidentally added an additional month to my brew and created a Bavarian style hefeweizen rather than the American style wheat beer I planned, despite technically not having the correct ingredients. However because I wrote down what I did wrong its not a mistake it's actually science.
Rebirth: I can't be the only one curious about what would happen if you spayed and neutered a male antechinus before it reached sexual maturity.
Ebervalius: Laws? What kind of spooky cuckery is that?
Parasky: Ah see, but that's just the thing, you thought that I thought that you thought that I had said you hadn't read it, when really I had said that you had said that you thought that I thought that you hadn't read it. So really it's Flisch's fault.
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The Therocene: An Age Familiar and Strange

Retrozoic Park: Where the Past Comes to Life
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Evolutionary Continuum:
Jurassic Safari: An adventure 65 million years in the making continues.
The Future is Altered: When man plays God, he plays to win.

Alternative Evolution:
The Extended Jurassic: The time of the titans extends through the Cretaceous
Xensaron: Second chance for the strange

The Habitable Zone:
Bellator: A World at War
Pentrex: The five worlds of the five champions of the dinosaur world, together at last.

Alternate Universes:
Terra Venatus: Where fantasy comes to life
Terra Incognita: Planet Earth, now with 150% more pulp!
Sol and its Surrounding Worlds: A Guide to the Organisms and Peoples of the Solar System (Companion to Terra Incognita)
Guide to the Ark: ???

Cafe Cosmique:
Time Rip: When Dinosaurs Attack!
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