Lebron really is a beast

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June 5th, 2018, 9:53 am #1

I know it is off topic but you guys know the only time of the year I watch professional basketball is right now and even though Cleveland is losing the series Lebron is playing on just a whole other level.  It is basically Lebron versus the warriors.  I am fortunate enough to have seen Jordan play live numerous times back in his prime and even though it is hard to compare the two as they are completely different types of players I have little doubt Jordan did no have dominant on court presence that Lebron has.  Jordan never had to win games by himself and always had a good supporting team.  Lebron is all by himself and almost winning these games on his own.   I hope Cleveland fans will support him now when he leaves to go to greener pastures, which is what he needs to do at this point.  
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