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 The stands are filled with men, women, and children waving their hands and homemade signs. The cheers coming from the crowd make it hard for me to hear. I smell the hot dogs, popcorn, and pizza being sold at the concession stand. The marching band has just left the field with the tuba player’s last note still ringing in my ear. In the fourth quarter with us in the lead by five the scoreboard shows six seconds.

"At some point if UK stays undefeated we are going to have to start talking about them."

"No such thing as an ACC fan"

"Merritt is at the game.  He must be sweatin' hard!" 

"When you getting the TL tat on your booty?"

"I think it is safe to say Kentucky is the real deal this year" - - "Yeah, they beat Florida and South Carolina. Two unranked teams that are currently circling the drain."

"I do not think Bama is unbeatable this year. Offense is better but defense is down."

"I think Tennessee may cover. Whoohooo! Moral victory!"

"They (ND) are known for having a WTF game every year, Miami last year comes to mind."

"FSU and Louisville are both really bad football teams"

"They (PSU) play hard and are well coached, but their second string wouldn't make the OSU squad."

"He's tall but skinny.  He is 6'5" and probably around 200 pounds.  I bet by the time he leaves they'll have him up to 230.  I bring it up because that's why he crumpled when he stumbled into the defender"

"Buyouts are the dumbest things college football ever allow to happen. You can suck at your job and make millions!"

"Maybe Meyer may want to give him (Haskins) a xanax before a big game." 

"I had to laugh.  Peyton was there.  Herschell was there.  But it was Rick Nature Boy Flair that got the biggest response."

"Leave it to Penn State to grab defeat from the jaws of victory yet again."  

"but when you are getting physically punished all game....the mentality of lesser teams is to just accept your fate."

"If Kentucky gets a Heisman before Tennessee just shoot me."

"..  If Michigan wins it will mean more when you beat them and they will be more likely to keep Harbaugh around longer who is Ohio State's bitch...."  
"My hatred for Michigan was imbibed with my mother's milk"

"South Carolina trying to gang tackle a scrawny WR.  Bless their hearts...."
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LOL.  I love it!
Being a Vol fan is great except for a few Saturdays in the fall.

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Good stuff