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Joined: May 3 2018, 11:08 PM

May 5 2018, 04:32 PM #1

Name – Jeremy

Location – Kentucky

Age – 28

In Game Name(s) – OneShawt

Saber Style –  Dual

Email –

Steam URL -

**Is there any other means to contact you? 

Do you use TeamSpeak or C3 Voice?  
If not, would you be willing to use them?

Have TS & Discord.  I am willing to use C3 as well

What servers do you play on?


How long have you been playing JK3/JK2?  Played when it was first released and just recently bought it again on steam

Have you been in any other clans? If yes why did you leave and are you currently in one? 

Yes I have been in many clans over my years of PC gaming but currently not in one.

What times are you usually on (include timezone)?  EST

Do you have any other members of your family that play JKA? What are their in-game names and are they in a clan? What is the name of their clan?  


Why do you want to join us? 

Always loved playing JK and it's nice to see a group still around playing, it was always a fun time while playing and wanting to have that experience once again

Tell us about yourself - 

Started playing PC games when i was about 13 on 56k with old ass Acer and it all started with Quake 2.  Just an average gamer wanting to have some fun and relax with a good group of people while doing so! 

Did you read the rules - (Yes or No)  Yes 

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