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1. Name - Andrew Khomenko
2. Location - Kiev, Ukraine
3. Age - 19
4. Revelation
5. Saber Style - Staff, Red Style Single
6. Email -
7. Steam Url - None
8. WhatsApp, VIber, Telegram
Viber - +380938762022
Telegram and WhatsApp - +380999380636
Skype - kioshi30
9. Don't use, but I won't be willing to use them
10. Only on yours
11. I've been playing JKA for 2-3 years, and I have a huge break, now I'm here again
12. I was in a pair of incospicuous clans, i got out of there by the reason of conflict with admin and between clanmates.
13. I usually play in the evening.
14. No, I'm playing alone :c
15. Because I want to regain the atmosphere of the clan, I expect, that I can find new people for communication, and I expect to learn a lot of things in JKA, which I did not know before.
16. As you see, my name is Andrew, I'm 19 years old. I have a lot of hobbies and work, that does not allow me to engage in these hobbies. I'm playing guitar, trying to save up on drums, doing extreme vocals, and just.. vocals. I like playing JKA so much, like to kill time here. I'm reading a lot and I like comics.
17. Yes
18. Password? Rancor

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