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To advertise your site in this forum, PM one of the forum staff with a link to your site. After your site has been reviewed and approved by the forum staff, a link to your site will be placed in this forum. Approved sites should pertain to Cloud, Aerith, CloudxAerith, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, or Advent Children in some way.

CloudxAerith Shrines
Site by Anastar: Devotion: Cloud and Aerith's Love
Site by Yukari: Hikari *on hiatus*
Site by FF_Goddess: The Truth Behind the FFVII "Love Triangle"
Site by nomadff7: Cloud & Aeris Shrine
Site by Ophelia: The Fair Ophelia
Site by rottencherry: Endoresu Ai

CloudxAerith Clubs
CloudxAerith Club at Devotion
CloudxAerith Community at LJ: To The Promised Land
CloudxAerith Club at Bleach Asylum: CloudxAerith FC

Aerith Clubs
Aerith Club at Avengers of Aeris

CloudxAerith Fanlisting: The Flower Girl and the Soldier
Site by English Rose: NEVER- The Anti-CloTi Hatelisting
Aerith Fanlisting: The Aerith Gainsborough Fanlisting
Cloud Fanlisting: The Cloud Strife Fanlisting

Aerith Shrines
Site by Sarabella: Aeris Online
Site by hazegeren: The Flower Girl in the Slums

Cloud Shrines
Site by Kaldea: Overcast

Fanart Sites
Site by hikarukaze: Hikarukaze (anime, manga, games)
Site by Hardedge: Beyond Existence
Site by FF_Goddess: Anime Art 2003
Site by Sefie: Garden of Dreams
Site by Tifa Lockheart: My Bloodstained Dreams

Advent Children
Clorith, Fury Brand, and Shadow Spirit are staff at Advent
Forum by The Pimp: Advent Children Forums

Final Fantasy Sites
Site by Digital Holocaust: The FF7 Citadel
Site by Tifa Lockheart and Zhakeena: The FFVII Hunks (Cloud, Rufus, Vincent, Sephiroth)
Site by Tifa Lockheart and Zhakeena: Stigmatized (TifaxRufus)
Site by Tifa Lockheart and Zhakeena: Prettier than Pink (The Girls of FFVII)
Site by sephiroth: Weapons RAGE
Site by sephiroth: Super Nova
Site by Koby: Forgotten Memories
Site by cloud1414: Legend of Twilight
Site by Dagger: Wild Thing - a Reno Shrine
Site by Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy Forums
Zack is also an Admin at Final Fantasy Omega Forums
Forum by Cloud Gainsborough: World of Final Fantasy
Forum by miracle angel: Aeris x Tifa Forums
Forum by Iris: Wandering in Darkness
Forum by cidhighwind: The FF Board
Forum by Alice: Not Alone - a CloudxAerith Forum
Forum by Koby: Forgotten Memories
Forum by Holy_Aeris: Tainted Destiny
Forum by AerithResurrected: Reno x Elena Forum
Forum by Digital Holocaust: The FF7 Citadel Forum
Forum by Desert Wolf: Excalibur Expedia
Forum by Anastar: The Northern Crater
Forum by AlphaWeapon: Animasters of Gaming
Forum by Absolute Fear: Final Federation
Forum by Final Fantasy VII Forums

Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2
Forum by Psychosis: Twilight Kingdom

Other Forums
Forum by Desert Wolf: Tiberus
Forum by RedComet3: Zealous Prestige
Forum by guerilla radio: Ninja Quartet