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Sorry for wall of text, but first. 

Starsong wrote: Welcome! The clerith fanficverse needs love so I'm sure your work will be welcomed with open arms! <3
Ultimavara wrote: Hello, and welcome. I'm looking forward to reading to your contributions.
After reading about their story (which saddened me), what I always do is write a fanfic about them (or any OTP I like, saddening or not), at least to see them in a different (and happier) way. Now about this fanfic of mine, it's Cloud and Aerith being truckers. Why them being truckers? There are several reasons (no order) actually. One, is because I like to combine otps with things I like (e.g. vehicles and/or guns). Second, the fanficverse needs more love, to quote Starsong. Third, after playing the game, stopping it at the Don Corneo subplot (I read the spoilers instead because I don't want to see it), I watched a TV-series called Auf Achse (1. A German TV-series about truckers going around the world named Franz Meersdonk and Gunther Willers/Max Kottan/Toni Teuffel) appeared, helping me to cope with what I read about them, although ETS 2 (Yes, that truck game) also helped me that as well. Fourth, on the basis of canon, Cloud drove around with the Hardy-Daytona/Fenrir, and Aerith went around selling flowers (not to mention they went around Gaia), so why not them driving around Imaginationland (2. based on that of South Park's Imaginationland + DnD's Faerun) in trucks?  

Basic plot: Cloud and Aerith drive from point A to B (maybe back to A or to C), while dealing with random mishaps/villains and/or have adventures (can be fun or not so fun). 
Setting: Imaginationland + games like FF-series and GTA as countries (e.g. Kingdom of San Andreas/Midgar /Narshe/Balamb/Vice/Liberty/Neverwinter). No time specification in terms of year. Midgar - three lands as one country instead of the original setting. The capital city is still Midgar as well, but different from the game (so it looks more like Belgrade or Minsk). The three lands are connected as one country physically (from a geographical sense), and Wutai is also connected with a border. I'll rewrite them differently from the game. 

Canons + other considerations: Apart from them being protagonists, the way I portray them as a couple is different from the game (no, they won't be star-crossed lovers,  they're more of "I watch my back, I'll watch yours + lovers type of relationship who do/cooperate/enjoy things together in this story). Characteristics such as age (in this story, Cloud is 25 and Aerith is 26) and hair color + hair and facial appearance are still retained, but they have different clothes unrelated to the games (I'll give photos of their attire). Also, the only plot I will follow from the original game is how they met twice, although whatever their usual occupations or anything else will be referenced, e.g. Aerith as a flower seller, in my story she operates a flower shop ala Dangwa for Filipinos, for one. 

References: Apart from the TV-series itself, other real-life stories, video games and TV-series will also be used/referenced, like youtube videos, websites like Toprun, games like ETS 2, Spintires: Mudrunner and DCS World (because I will add in Aerith landing a plane with training from that game. Cloud is a co-pilot/navigator). The plot will more or less be based on the German series, but not all of it, because I like certain episodes, and I dislike certain episodes. Basic, but bigger plot in entirety, they go around the world, make a company that makes them go around the world, and ends in marriage. Whether it is church-marriage or civil (in Midgar or in San Andreas), I am torn. 

So how it might look like (draft version)? 
For example, this episode titled Thai Teak, except Cloud replaces the guy with the hat/cap/dressed in red at the beginning (Meersdonk) and Aerith replaces the guy with blonde-brown hair/dressed in blue at the beginning (Willers).

or this scene, but Cloud replaces Meersdonk and Aerith replaces the guy with red-white stripe t-shirt (his name is Max Kottan). See 2:25-4:21 for the reference.

Limitations: No Sephiroth/Shinra (company or the family, so no Rufus)/Mako/Hojo/Lifestream, although I'll write put in other villains (or even, none at all, because for instance, one of the the villains is Mud, that's why I mentioned Spintires) instead, such as Nero and Weiss (in this story, they're extremely nerfed, more like dumbass henchmen), Genesis R., and some GTA characters like Rocco Pelosi. Also, the pacing is kinda slow for now (because it would the first time they worked as truckers), but I'll increase said pace in subsequent chapters (e.g. them being chased by cops due to mistaken identity and so on, or getting themselves caught in a gang war, that's why I used the Thai Teak episode). Regarding updates, I won't update quickly (because I have grad school, but I'll try). Also I don't actually understand most or all of the German dialogue (but nonetheless I like the whole adventure-action part). If anyone here/or in the links who happen to read and comment on this and happens to be German, I might ask for help for translations. Edit: Also, no materia. So no magic whatsoever. 

Oh by the way, here's the links. 

Ao3 Link: ... s/36781239
DA: ... -760282324 - Wiki page about the TV-series. ... ef_=tt_urv

Otherwise, feel free to ask questions.