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I M A G I N E D . I D E N T I T Y


FULL NAME: Scout Genevieve Ventress
NICKNAMES: Scout will do, thought Forest tends to drop the occasional "Doll" when she’s being difficult and Robert Jnr has called her "Scooter" for as long as she can remember.
AGE: 22
DATE OF BIRTH: 30 June 1992
OCCUPATION: Freshman at Bishop University


EYES: Pale blue, round and wide set; they are her self-professed best feature. She tends to maintain a ‘fresh faced’ approach to make-up, but a swipe of mascara on naturally long, but blond, lashes is part of her daily routine. She’s also a lover of high-end liquid liner, accentuated by black (and very occasionally silver) shadow if she’s dressing her look up.
HAIR: Just mid-way down her back in length, thick and naturally prone to kinks/waves. Scout rarely brushes it, enjoying the textured look she has mastered merely by sleeping on it wet or popping it into a ponytail following a shower. A natural brunette, she visits her hairdresser (the beautiful, tattooed Saville) every six months for an expensive permanent colour/foil/treatment procedure, which grows out into a kind of homemade balayage that she was sporting long before it was fashionable – grown out roots and dirty blonde length. It should be noted that she has been cutting her own hair since her early teens, much to her mothers chagrin, which means that she has been sporting the same/or a very similar hairstyle for almost a decade. She hacks into her thick tresses every few months to create choppy layers, which ease her neck pain and add to the textured look she loves. Scout’s also an expert at cutting her own bangs – perfectly ‘straight’ is overrated and she never straightens them anyway, nailing an iconic “au naturel” look that requires just the amount of effort she’s willing to put into her hairstyle day to day.
HEIGHT: 5'7''
BUILD: Svelte, courtesy of excellent genes from both parents and an overactive metabolism. She has worn the same size since she stopped growing around the age of sixteen. A small build also means she’s in possession of a modest bosom, which she’s more than okay with since she’s known to enjoy the freedom of swanning around braless form time to time. Her hips are on the slightly wider side, which gives her an appearance of curves that she plays up when necessary.
ANYTHING ELSE: She has a raised birthmark, the size of a thumbprint, above her lower back. She’s also in possession of unsightly scar below her right knee, which was the result of some rushed stitching during an emergency medical procedure, following a fall she took while abseiling the summer she turned eighteen. When it comes to tattoos, she’s got a handful that are (sort of) strategically placed so as not to anger the West Side natives. In no particular order, they are a solar eclipse on the back of her right arm (above the elbow) and a complimentary crescent moon on her left, a bunch of wildflowers done free-hand on her left side (about the size of a palm), a girl with the head of a bear on the back of her left calf, a lightning bolt behind her left ear, and “wild thing” in Robert Jnr’s handwriting on the nape of her neck.

Scout has a good face – thick, straight eyebrows, pronounced cheekbones, plump lips that part into a wide smile, and a perfectly sculpted nose in the middle of a face that sports the aforementioned blueblue eyes. She clearly won the genetic lottery and, it needs to be noted, she’s very aware of it. Basically, she’s a babe and she knows it. The only humanising feature on a disconcertingly perfect face, are slightly crooked canines and longer than average front teeth that give her smile “character”. That good looks run in the family, certainly on the Ventress side, is a fact. It is one of her readily accessible weapons, equipping her for battle – it was a very young Scout that discovered the power sexuality could wield in a society driven by carnal needs.

Scout rocks fashion ‘basics’, having developed a unique personal style out of a black, white and grey palette, and the occasional pop of denim. She’s very fond of black jeans/skinny slacks paired with a crisp white shirt, for a casual 'day' look. This combo is often teamed with some chunky leather boots and a slouchy jacket. More formal affairs are attended in designer digs that are equally as 'her' and, more often than not, fresh off NY runways.

She had terrible eyesight, which doesn’t phase her, being an avid contacts wearer – that said she does own a pair of custom made black ray-bans – wider and slightly more round than the regular wayfarer brand. She also has them in a ‘clear’ variety, and as prescription sunglasses. Admittedly, she’s actually rather terrible at having them on her person and has broken more pairs than she’s willing to admit by sitting, stepping on driving (the one time) over them unknowingly.

Never a big fan of bling, she keeps the accessories to a minimum. On her right hand, middle finger, she sports four silver stacking rings in white gold with a matte finish. On her left, a thin silver ring on her middle finger, with an onyx stone inlay, which Robert gifted her for her fourteenth birthday, as well as a battered silver band on the same hand that she wears on her thumb (a family heirloom, belonged to her great grandmother). Her ears are an exception to the rule, with three lobe piercings in each ear, as well as her tragus, conch and industrial done on the right and a triple helix and daith piercing on the left.

PB: Imogen Poots


Personality section goes here. Should be at least two or three paragraphs.


  • • (loves, actually) her brother, unconditionally
    • getting her way, despite what people may think
    • wearing expensive fabrics/brands – loves Issey Miyake, Alexander Wang, Christophe Lemaire, P.A.R.O.S.H, and Burberry
    • the smell of oiled up leather
    • the Ventress fortune she was born into, unapologetically
    • partying, hard
    • art galleries
    • floor to ceiling windows with city views
    • black & white as an aesthetic choice
    • fresh sheets with high thread counts
    • all of the men/father figures in her family – Robert, Robert Jnr, and Foster
    • playing the double bass
    • public speaking
    • jogging, it clears her mind
    • watching competitive sports – college basketball is a particular favourite
    • sex in unexpected places, with unexpected people
    • heated arguments about things that matter, and sometimes things that don’t
    • the films of Lars von Trier
    • chewing gum
    • reptiles, particularly snakes
    • Asian street food, doused in chilli
    • quick and dirty takeaway meals
    • boyfriend jeans and tank tops without a bra when she’s lounging at home
    • drinking and smoking socially, on rooftops if possible
    • live art events, including concerts and festivals
    • roller-coasters, or just things that go fast really
    • her black Mercedes, a gift from her father
    • her impressive GPA, to everyone’s surprise
    • supporting independent designers/artists
    • city lights at night
    • being pampered
    • martial arts
    • fried chicken
    • playing games, winning games
    • pushing boundaries, publically
    • the idea of being able to shoot a gun
    • control
    • Jared Silverman, in secret


  • • wearing her glasses
    • floral prints
    • pastels
    • ‘no smoking’ signs and people who cough and point to them when she lights up
    • tiny, yappy dogs
    • gold jewellery
    • people who ask too many personal questions
    • being underestimated
    • wearing dresses, particularly if they require uncomfortable underwear
    • all of the parts of herself she sees in her mother
    • reminiscing about the past
    • sentimentality
    • speed limits and parking fines
    • Jillian Ventress, though she’d never admit as much to anyone
    • being cold, she has terrible circulation
    • period dramas
    • real furs, though she isn’t vocal about it - simply doesn’t own or buy them
    • heavy make up, it makes her face hurt
    • people who bruise easily, emotionally
    • misogyny and violence against women
    • gossip, people who don’t have the cojones to be direct and just say it to her face
    • being tickled
    • body odour, on anyone; it’s inexcusable and never sexy
    • stiletto heels and strappy sandals, she thinks it’s a form of cruel and unusual punishment
    • domestic duties, including sewing, cleaning, and ironing
    • sulking, whinging, and passive aggression
    • vague, indecisive behaviour
    • men who don’t respect the ‘one-night-stand’ contract
    • retail assistants
    • Mildred Pearce, Bishop Unversity’s Family Law Professor
    • people who challenge her power/authority
    • tequila, she had a terrible experience in high school and hasn’t touched it since
    • patronising tones from those who are older than her
    • being asked to ‘leave the room’ when the men in her family assemble to talk ‘business’
    • jokes, comments and jibes about her family

  • - resourceful problem solver, excellent in a crisis
    - physically resilient, she has a high pain threshold
    - she's inherently musical, started learning the violin at the age of four and picked up the double bass at ten; hasn't put the latter down since
    - great body memory; picks up choreography quickly, a skill that's easily transferable to her martial arts training
    - thrives on living in the moment; making the most of the present without dwelling on past mistakes
    - quiet overachiever; works tirelessly to stay on top of her grades, out of sight and earshot of family and friends
    - determined; capable; stubborn to a fault, she always gives as good as she gets
    - social chameleon; adapts to group dynamics with ease, though she enjoys being the centre of attention as a priority
    - self aware; controlled; disciplined and strong-willed
    - quick-witted; enjoys 'games' and works at being one step ahead
    - endearing; smooth-talking; charming at a moment's notice


  • - isn't worldly in the least; has never left the US, and certainly has no lived experience of lower socioeconomic classes
    - adrenalin junkie; careless in high octane situations; drives too fast, always
    - struggles with authority, she doesn't like answering to anyone in a position of power
    - bossy; dictatorial; at times harsh in her instruction and direction of others
    - argumentative; enjoys picking scabs and poking open wounds
    - carless with money, takes it for granted; rarely considers the consequences of her actions in advance
    - difficult to get to know; abhors sentimentality; often refuses to talk about her 'feelings'
    - terrible monogamist; enjoys having more than one man on the go at all times
    - attention seeker; terrible loser; a well-practiced scene maker
    - easily bored, she does not enjoy silence
    - hates doctors and rarely takes care of herself; eats gluten even though she's intolerant, always forgets to take antihistamines around cats, smokes, and drinks with gusto


Robert Ventress Snr, 57 - Politician, candidate for mayor, retired policeman
Meredith Ventress, 50 - Owns and runs the city's largest newspaper, the BC Herald
Robert Ventress Jnr, 36 - Politician
Jillian Ventress, 37 - Teacher at West Bishop High
Amanda Ventress, 10 - Robert & Jillian's daughter

Gadsby, 2, Irish Wolfhound
Atlas, 4, California King Snake

(include as much as possible - all life-altering/important events/times)


MEMBERSHIP TITLE: burning bridges, breaking hearts

Monday, 6:48am

Feeling the warmth of the early morning sun on her face, Scout smiled lazily, taking a deep breath in as she rolled over onto her side. Trying to take the comforter with her, she scowled, opening her right eye and peering down at the taut bedding with disdain. She blinked - wincing a little as the mascara caked eyelashes of her left eye separated - at the teal sheets and noticed her bare arms; quickly realising that she was completely naked. Closing her eyes as she quickly accepted her unfamiliar surroundings, the very human (also naked) male body to her right stirred lightly. Scout stopped moving, and breathing, willing him to stay asleep. Longs seconds passed and, thankfully, he remained both still and silent.

Scout released the comforter, taking a silent breath as she slid out from under it without disturbing the sheets. Glancing around frantically, in a crouched position, she located her underwear, jeans, and shirt, sliding them on quickly and silently with the ease of long practice. Tucking the shirt into her pants as she searched for her bag, she failed to see the condom – ceremoniously deposited on the floor next to old mate in the bed following last nights’ seemingly passionate exchange – and placed the heel of her right foot on it as she stepped forward. Biting down on her lower lip, she held back a squeal, Grossgrossgrossgross…oh my god…why. Gross.

Glancing at the bed jogged her memory, Ben! That’s it. Ruth’s cousin…oooh… oops. She shrugged, figuring she’d deal with Ruth later, and spotted her bag draped over the back of an armchair near the door. Stooping to peel the condom off her foot, she gagged a little and flung the slimy mess in the direction of the bed. Her aim was true – it struck Ben square in the mouth. He stirred, making a low grumbling noise, and flapped a hand in the direction of his face. Snorting a little, Scout ran for the door – snatching her bag on the way out – and closing it quietly as she fought an onslaught of giggles. Leaning back against the door, she pressed both hands over her eyes and sucked in some air. It took several seconds for her to regain complete control over her faculties. I don’t even know his last name, she realised, I hope to God he’s not a Silverman.

Several deep breaths later, she shook her head and dropped both hands, glancing down at her feet. “Fuck. Shoes!” she growled, stepping into the corridor and looking back at the door for a moment. Despite being her favourite pair of Calvin Kleins, she wasn’t willing to have the conversation that would ensue if she were to step back into Ben’s dorm room. Shaking her head regretfully, decision made, she slung her bag over her shoulder and continued down the corridor.

“A little early for you to be making the rounds, isn’t it?”

Scout balked, quickly recognising the familiar drawl of none other than Jared Silverman. She frowned, thankful for an inactive blushing impulse, and jutted out a hip as she pivoted to face her best friend’s brother. Arching an eyebrow, Scout tucked both hands over her chest and drawled, “The Sun’s out Silverman. Shouldn’t you be taking shelter? You coffin’s going to get cold”.