Organized crime in BC

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Organized crime in BC

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O R G A N I Z E D . C R I M E
in Bishop City

T H E . F I E R R O . S Y N D I C A T E

For as long as everyone can remember, the Fierro family have been a major crime syndicate. However, it wasn't until Andrea Fierro came to Bishop City that the operation moved from Italian soil to American soil. He built a strong operation to pass on to his oldest son, Nunzio, while his youngest son, Gustavo, moved back to Italy to work for his uncle, the Italian Boss. It was many years later that Vittorino Fierro, Gustavo's eldest son, and his brother Giancarlo came to the US following an event that had left their fraction of the family in turmoil; the death of Vittorino's wife. It was on Nunzio's request that he came to BC; without an heir of his own, he wanted a member of his closest family around, someone he could trust, who might be able to take over later. He became Capo, and when Nunzio ultimately died due to heart-failure in 2004, unmarried and without children, he took over as Boss. His rise to leadership didn't go off without a hitch, however; many older, high-ranking members had loyalties elsewhere; Vittorino had them all eradicated and replaced with new, loyal capos. He has since proven himself to be a worthy and capable Boss. It has generated quite a bit of gossip and worry that his eldest son, Luciano, has abandoned the family to join the police force, however, but his loyal Captains are doing everything necessary to silence the troublemakers. His second-eldest son has proven to be very loyal to the family, and became Capo at 24, as the youngest man to ever reach that rank in the syndicate - a highly disputed decision. The Fierro family are by far the strongest crime syndicate in Bishop City, due to their strong hold on the shipping industry through the East Side docks, making them an important part of illegal import of anything from drugs to weaponry. They are followed by the Choi family on the power scale. Their legal cover is a paper-manufacturing company.

Has the monopoly on illegal gambling, controls the majority of the shipping industry/illegal import and export (by sea) to/from BC, experts at money laundering.

Businesses owned: Miller's Bar (East Side), Fuoco Paper (paper company, legal business)
Known opposition: The Irish operation (Brennan's)
Known truces: The Choi family, The Goncharov family (shaky)

Don/Capo Crimine [1:1]: Vittorino Fierro (see canon list)
Consigliere [0:1]: open for original [at least 35-40 yrs old, must be male]
Don's personal crew (only Soldati) [0:5]: - , open for originals
Capo Bastone [1:1] Giancarlo Fierro (see canon list)
Decina (Soldati & Picciotti) [0:10]: -, originals welcome
West Side Capodecina [0:1]: Open for original [at least 35 yrs old, must be male]
Decina (Soldati & Picciotti) [0:10]: - , originals welcome
North End Capodecina [1:1]: Giancarlo Fierro (Capo Bastone)
Decina (Soldati & Picciotti) [0:10]: - , originals welcome
South End Capodecina [1:2]:
1: [---] [---] D'Ambrosio [1] (see canon list)
2:Open for original [at least 30 yrs old, must be male]
Decina 1 (Soldati & Picciotti) [0:10]:
[---] [---] Marchetti (see canon list) , originals welcome
Decina 2 (Soldati & Picciotti) [0:10]:
- , originals welcome
East Side Capodecina [1:1]: Raffaele Fierro
Decina (Soldati & Picciotti) [0:10]: originals welcome
Contabile [0:1]: Original welcome
Other associates [0:?]:

T H E . C H O I . S Y N D I C A T E

Choi Suk-Chul was not a rich man, growing up. He was the son of a low-ranked member of the Yakuza, and at an early age, he was willingly introduced to the crime syndicate. He was their loyal servant for many years, until a change in leadership - by force, mind you - estranged him from the syndicate he had served for so many years, and he was forced on the run. For years, he hid away in Korea, his homeland, and while pretending to be a common fisherman there, he found his wife. He was not permitted to stay long before he was forced to run further, though; the new Yakuza had found him, a former servant, and bringing his wife with him, he set sail for the United States. The winds brought him to Bishop City, a place where a criminal mind like his was allowed to flourish. He started out in the gang business, running it like a minor Yakuza, but as the money grew, so did his influence, and at a pace unnatural for any crime syndicate before them, Choi's Yakuza - as it was soon known on the streets of Bishop City - grew strong enough to start competing with the already established ones. In the process, they stepped on toes; Russian ones, to be exact. The Goncharov family, seeing that the Chois were becoming their most fierce competition, decided to strike back, and in 1993 killed Choi Suk-Chul's eldest son and heir, the then 14-year-old Choi Il Sung. The step they took did nothing to aid them; instead, the Choi family was more intent than ever to destroy the Goncharovs, and that intention is still strong now that leadership of the Bishop City branch has passed to Suk-Chul's oldest daughter, while Suk-Chul himself furthers his position in Korea, even if the Chois are today more powerful than the Goncharovs (in all other city-sections than East Side). The Choi Yakuza, although it follows a Yakuza power structure, is family-lead, and a member of the Choi family will always be in the leading position.
Followers of the Chois are easily recognized by the massive tattoos they tend to have; often covering their entire back, and also entire front. The larger the tattoo, the "tougher" the carrier. Many are also missing one or more joints of their fingers.

The leading drugs and prostitution operation.

Businesses owned: everything in the Red Light District (East Side), Allure (North End)
Known opposition: The Goncharov family, the Irish operation (Brennan's)
Known truces: The Fierro family

Kumicho [1:1]: Choi Suk-Chul (Korea based)
Saiko komon [1:1]: Choi Soo-Yun (Korea based)
So-honbucho [1:1]: Choi Hwa Young
Wakagashira [1:1]: Choi Hyon Ok
Fuku-honbucho [1:1]: Choi Tae-Hyun
Shateigashira [0:1]: Open for original
Shateigashira-hosa [0:1]: Open for original
Wakashu [0:5]: Open for originals.
Shatei [0:15]: Open for originals
Various kobun [0:?]:
Other associates [1:?]: Alexandra Striker (the Kestrels)

T H E . G O N C H A R O V . S Y N D I C A T E

Many believe that the Goncharov family fall under the classification "Russian Mafia". This is partly true; they are Russian, and they are an organized crime syndicate. But as far as mafia go, they have never been associated with any Russian crime syndicates - they have always been independent. They are the oldest crime syndicate in Bishop City, and currently the third largest, following the Fierros and the Chois. It started as a gang, lead by Viacheslav Goncharov, and it grew steadily, soon gaining a reputation for being the most brutal gang in Bishop City. It was based in what is today known as the East Side, and was a major part in the informal separation of the city, as corruption wasn't very wide-spread until they came around. The position of leader passed from father to son for a few generations, and the syndicate reached its top position under the leadership of Leonid Goncharov. They had progressed to the North End, where they now did most of their business, but then, the Chois came along. They grew so quickly - faster than the Goncharovs could keep track of - and to put it mildly, it was a threatening growth. The Goncharovs responded in the only way they knew; they killed the Choi heir, hoping that this would encourage their competition to back down. It did the opposite. After years of intense struggle on the streets of Bishop City, the Goncharovs were forced out of the North End and West Side - the best markets - and returned to their old bounds; East Side, and some of the South End. Leonid, threatened by the Choi's strong position and desire to kill him, has gone into hiding, leaving the position of leadership in the hands of his eldest son, Pyotr. They are today being threatened in the South End, but although the East Side Red Light District is doing somewhat well, their grasp on East Side is still very firm, and they by all means rule the city section. The Goncharovs follow a hierarchy similar to the army.

The oldest drugs and prostitution operation.

Businesses owned: The Strip'n'tease (East Side), apartment building (East Side), several warehouses near the docks (East Side)
Known opposition: The Choi family
Known truces: The Fierro family (shaky), the Irish operation (Brennan's)

General [1:1]: Leonid Goncharov (in hiding)
Lieutenant General [1:1]: Pyotr Goncharov
Major General [1:1]: Vassilij Goncharov
Brigadier [1:1]: Nakia Goncharov
Colonels [1:10]: Michael "Snake" Miller, open for originals
[the colonels may each appoint lieutenant colones, majors, captains, etc. within their groups if they so desire.]
Other Associates [0:?]:

T H E . I R I S H . O P E R A T I O N

The Irish operation is a fairly new operation, which is not yet large enough to officially be known as a syndicate. Still, it is stronger based than a regular gang, and is second to none of the major syndicates. It was started by Josiah Brennan, a man from a very poor background, who was introduced to crime at a very early stage of his life. He wanted more from life that his simple background could give him, and with all the injustice, crime and corruption that surrounded him, he figured...what was preventing him from going with the flow? He started out in the minor leagues, when he was no more than eighteen, joining a team of bookies that were guilty of whitewashing and illegal gambling. He learned the ropes there, but would not settle for minor business. He wanted more; he wanted to challenge the leading syndicates! He'd grown up alongside Seamus Duffy and Jocelyn Hogan, members of families that had grown up in much the same way he had, seen their families slave away to make ends meet, while the unjust did not have pockets big enough to fit their money. He married Jocelyn, who encouraged his criminal activity, and along with Seamus, he founded his own prospective crime syndicate, known only as Brennan's, or the Irish Operation. They soon found support in the Irish community they'd grown up in, and little by little, their organization grew. Now, they are approaching the point where the hope of challenging the masters of crime in Bishop City might soon become a reality. As the operation is still of humble size, the hierarchy is still fairly simple, with Josiah on top. Only the Second-in-command and Sub report directly to him, however; the rest report to the Sub. The position of leader is here not inherited, but awarded.

The youngest operation, hoping to infiltrate the illegal gambling market.

Businesses owned: None
Known opposition: The Fierro family, the Choi family
Known truces: The Goncharov family

Leader [1:1]: Josiah Brennan (see canon list)
Second-in-command [1:1]: Seamus Duffy (see canon list)
Sub [1:1]: Eamon O'Dwyer (see canon list)
Assistant sub [1:1]: Declan Maher (see canon list)
Street members [1:?]: Mac Hogan (see canon list)
(Currently only accepting street members.)

If you are interested in any of the open positions listed here, go to sign-ups or PM an admin.

Explanation of ranks/terms:

Don/Capo Crimine/Capofamiglia = Crime Boss, the head of a crime family
Consigliere = Senior advisor
Capo Bastone = Underboss, second in command to the Don
Capo/Capodecina/Caporegime = Captain
Soldati/Soldato = Soldiers, always made men
Uomini D'onore = Made Man, fully initiated members (must have committed one contract killing)
Picciotti/Picciotto = Associates, not fully initiated members.
Contabile = Accountant
Decina = The crew each capodecina presides over. Each Capo is assigned a crew, which answers directly to the responsible Capo. The crews are often more loyal to their individual Capos than the other Capos, and sometimes even to the Don. Often, there is also a hierarchy within the crews, soldati being higher standing than picciotti, and within that, hierarchy is usually arranged by age/experience.

Kumicho = Supreme Boss
Saiko komon = Senior adviser
So-honbucho = Headquarters chief
Wakagashira = Number-two man, responsible for governing many gangs
Fuku-honbucho = Assists the Wakagashira, also responsible for several gangs
Shateigashira = A lesser regional boss
Shateigashira-hosa = Assists the Shateigashira
Wakashu = Junior Leaders
Shatei = Younger brothers
Kobun = The following party in a Oyabun-kobun (father-son) arrangement.
* note: uses Japanese terms, as the structuring is based off the Japanese Yakuza that the syndicate's founder was a member of before coming to BC.

General = Supreme Boss
Lieutenant General = Second in command, now acting boss
Major General = Senior Advisor
Brigadier = Responsible for governing the street gangs
Colonel = Gang leaders
Any further ranking would be decided within the gangs.

Leader = Supreme Boss; in the end, he calls all the shots.
Second-in-Command = Is more or less equal to the leader; doesn't just answer to him, he is his advisor, and all major decisions are made in participation with him.
Sub = The Leader's "man on the streets"; he leads the street members, and reports directly to the Leader and the Second-in-Command.
Assistant Sub = Assists the Sub in leading the street members. Often, he'll deliver messages/orders, but usually, he is there to be the brawn of the leadership. He does not personally contact the leader.
Street members = Members of the gang that work the streets. They have no official rank; they are merely foot soldiers. They answer to the Sub or Assistant Sub, and most do not even know their leader's identity.
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