Anything that needs signing up for can be found here. This should be the first place you go after being accepted.

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Do you want a job for your character at an established workplace in the city? This is where you sign up for this. Remember to check the list of jobs in the explanations section before you come here, to see what kind of jobs are available. Please note that if you're looking for a position as a gang-member, you have to go to the gangs sign-up. Canons will also have to sign up here! Although most of them are listed with professions, we will not add them to the list of occupations until they are being played.


Fill out the form below and reply in this thread in order to claim your occupation. This is only for established workplaces in the city; you're welcome to have any number of jobs outside of what we've listed. You don't have to sign up for these here, but if you want your character's job listed here even so, feel free to reply =)

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[*code][u]First Last Name[/u] - Work place - Position[/code*] 
Remember to remove the asterixes!
working boys and girls:

Alexander Atwood - BCPD - Chief of Police
Anna-Maria Jenner Carmichael - Winterdome - Stripper
Ardan Kennedy - Louie's Auto - Mechanic
Briar Vlaskinov - Haynes Demolition & co. - Demolisher
Charlee Westlake - Cessy's Diner - Waitress
Devon Chambers - Miller's Bar - Bartender
Forest Sanford - A line magazine - Editor in Chief
Ian Anderson - Bishop City Hall - Mayor
Jack Wilkins - BCPD - Homicide detective
Lanny Darling - Cessy's Diner - Daily manager
Linnea McCoy - BCPD - Police Officer
Luciano Fierro - BCPD - Police Officer
Mathieu van Outryve d'Ydewalle - A-Line Magazine - Assistant (to the Creative Director)
Ricardo Costa - Seguro Finance - Chairman, Lending Officer
Samuel Raines - Sacred Rose Hospital - resident
Victoria Pryce - BCPD - Lieutenant
Virginia Jenner - Bishop City College - Head of Comparitive Literature
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